28 June 2008

Malicious code of ethics

I am writing again on the new code of ethics for UMNO elections as this issue steals the interest of UMNO members and the general public with great curiosity.

The strict rules are only meant well for the incumbents, with the intention of stealing a win in the party elections without morality.

They take the positions they are holding now as their personal suitcases that nobody should attempt to seize it away: in fact the whole country should be theirs if they can.

They are totally out of numeral as how this democracy should work and the Malay proverb ‘macam si kudung dapat cincin’ is appropriate depiction for them.

Their multifaceted mind set made them too apprehensive to apply a grain of democracy in the party elections as they realized that they are nowhere to the eyes of thinking members of UMNO.

The campaigns by Tengku Razaleigh and few others really bother their mind and they are not too sure whether they can manage to sustain their positions given the current political surroundings in the country.

Their apprehension on any political move by the nonconforming UMNO members is very obtrusive and they can’t avoid searching and finding ways to keep the move at bay.

The new set of election rules inflict feeling of abhorrence among many except from groups who enjoy personal gains from the existing leadership.

The rules are new to people living in this modern time and this was imaginary of our top leaders in the party and they are proud of their ‘inventions’.

Changing of rules is just like changing under wears. They deceive their very own party members and the populations as a whole without conscience.

They don’t have the audacity to refer any change of rule and regulations with the ordinary members of the party to earn legitimacy for their move.

They treat the 3 million odd members of UMNO like the dumb and the mute, and show no respect and regards for human intelligence and dignity.

Muhyiddin is the man who is in charge for the party’s constitution made many people think a lot different for him since the announcement of the new code a few days ago.

People on the street perceived Muhyiddin as another example of leaders who are prepared to sacrifice his soul and dignity for the sake of ensuring his ascendance to Premiership.

Muhyiddin bent so low in his thirst for power and he was seen as a man who is playing double and triple face game in politics of current days and his play may bring quandary to the party.

He is seen as a leader who is experiencing massive corrosion and erosion of personal dignity for the sake of power and glamour and stops at nothing to achieve his goal.

Muhyiddin and all the committee members for the new code of ethics are prostituting the democracy that we claim to practice all the years and be pleased to read history of his mischievous act to UMNO in decades to come.

He may now shake hands with Najib, Muhammad Taib, Zain Mohammad, and the rest of politically ill bred leaders who want to be great at the expanse of their own race.

However, the truth is not always veiled by the shadow of these roguish leaders in power.

It will emerge as nature will take its course. These leaders would be of no corollary once the truth prevails and believe that the Almighty’s greatness will be seen at great length and stride.

These big leaders of UMNO have beaten every strong opposing group and they have no one to fight anymore as they claim that they are unassailable by anyone.

They have at their disposal money and power. They are backed by the giants of the corporate players who are all out to make gains if they win.

Let us see whether they apply the unyielding code of ethics to themselves.

But the last group of branch leaders was ferried down to the Kuala Lumpur on the 21st of June with hotels and cash of RM100 dispensed to the branch heads by the ‘inventor’ of the code of ethics themselves.

Some of the branch leaders are prepared to come to the fore to proof that code of ethics were latently encroached by the ruling heads of the party.

Let us wait for the attestation that the codes of ethics are all fallacy of crooked leaders with spiteful intentions.

Thanks……………………………………….Aspan Alias.


pakbelalang said...


I think you should write this particular article in Bahasa Melayu instead of bahasa "mat salleh" or bahasa "orang putih". I think your article is directed at UMNO grassroot members. Not all could digest the message that you are conveying in this article in English. They will struggle to read and understand it. Let all the 3 million members be given the chance to appreciate your ideas and be very clear what really is your message is in Bahasa Melayu.
I expect you to translate it for the convenience of UMNO members who do not have understanding of basic English language. Tak payah syok sendiri. The idea is to make them comfortable and easy to absorb your ideas.

yang benar,

pakbelalang said...

Sdra Aspan,

Minta maaf banyak banyak. Rupanya dah ada translation. Tak perasan lah. My thousand apolgy. OK.