14 June 2008

UMNO disrupts UMNO

It is excruciating to see UMNO and its leaders are still in the state of denial that UMNO is already in the verge of devastation.

Efforts made by some UMNO leaders to organize functions for good sake of the party have been taken offence by some meager leaders in power.

The latest of the happenings was in LBJ Negeri Sembilan where a group of UMNO leaders were not allowed to hold the function scheduled to be held at the Dewan Orang Ramai LBJ on the 25th of June.

These groups of branch leaders were set to invite Tengku Razaleigh for a short pep talk on the latest development in UMNO and to assist the grassroots as to what to do when facing the crisis of confidence on the current leadership.

The village head told the organizer, that he was instructed by ‘upstairs’ not to allow the function to happen in the premise and to incapacitate any discussion relating to the party by this group.

This is a real appalling and horrendous state of affair, and whoever the person ‘upstairs’ who gave the instruction is a real man of unspeakable character.

I am not alleging anybody by his or their names but as a man who hails from Negeri Sembilan it is not tough for me to guess who the culprit is.

However the organizer is now trying to secure an alternative venue even if it has to be done under the woods and trees.

These groups of organizers are people of strong characters who are all out to make the intended function a success.

The culprit I refer to is the person with weak and mind-numbing like character who is always compulsively and impulsively saying things which he won’t fulfill.

His aspiration to gain control of UMNO in the state is falling apart as he only trusts weak leaders who are lavish in amusing him and enjoy apple polishing.

He would sideline any budding leader with independent mind whom he feels would be the potential competitor and assures everyone he chose to be his ‘yes men’.

He will be forever weak and I can bet my life for what I foresee, as he is not the material of a magnanimous leader of any level, let alone as the Vice President of the party he is eyeing for.

However he is the trusted man of the current President of the party and he enjoys being in the group and feel proud being the ‘Khairy’s’ man.

This person thinks he is the ‘Man of the State’ and conceitedly claims to be the best leader that God have blessed this beautiful Adat state of Negeri Sembilan.

Let us watch this guy closely and let us guess how he would end his political career.

Okay guys, that’s all for the day and I would always pray for the function intended to be held on the 25th June would be successfully organized with no further encumbrances.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias

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pakbelalang said...

UMNO dah palat, Pan. Dah bodoh stupid. Kito duduk jo lah kat kodai kopi minum teh tarik sampai boncit perut. UMNO memang dah "tak senonoh" cakap orang Johor. Dah loghat. UMNO dah jadi TAIK KUCING!

Kawan dah meluat, sepatah kata arwah Che Gu Kahar. Kalau dia hidup lagi dan lihat keadaan UMNO sekarang, kawan rasa botol minyak CAK KAPAK berdozen digunakannya. Poning kapala Che Gu Kahar.