06 June 2008

Petrol price hike

The price of petrol and diesel has increased for almost 30% yesterday and this was not unexpected, as the spot price for crude oil has shot up to over USD135 per barrel.

You and me have to pay RM2.70 per liter if we still want to drive a car in town like we have habitually been doing for a long long time.

I would have to buy at least more than 3 liters for one way drive from Subang Jaya to Kuala Lumpur in my old Proton car, and gosh! I have to pay through my nose to be in the city daily.

We must also bear in mind that if I were to follow the KESAS highway I have to pay additional cost of RM4.20 for the toll charged by the highway concessionaire and to avoid the massive jam at the Sungei Besi stretch, Smart Tunnel will tax me for another RM2 if I choose to go through it.

The prices of every item would subsequently increase and we are at the mercy of businessmen who are all out to take advantage of the situation, enjoying whopping profits in their businesses.

I envisage the pain of the middle class, who suffer the most with the current situation, without any avenue to increase their disposal income to cover even half of the rocketing costs of living.

As it was, life has already been tough, and with the increase of petrol today it is going to bleed everyone’s life enormously.

The people are watching their leaders attentively, as to their behavior, attitude and their skill of administering the current heartache economic situation of the country.

The leaders of the nation are mostly from UMNO, and this will further weaken the party as they do not have leaders within its cabinet lineup who has the capacity of finding the conclusive solution to the problems faced by the people.

This is where we really need a strong and experienced leader and we just can’t be dependent on promises which the current leaders, as they have always failed miserably in their delivery of those promises.

For all intend and purposes, we Malaysian of all races have to be united and let us find one strong charactered and cultured Malay leader, in our quest to have a trusted and magnanimous Prime Minister.

Let us all put it to a stop having leaders who are the targets of gossips at public places on their personal issues linking to their wives, children and in-laws, as it is so irritating to bear.

Let us agree among ourselves that this would ultimately bring our nation to unmitigated economic, political and social calamities if these are not addressed promptly.

This responsibility does not only rest on UMNO members but it is also for the general public to assist in the struggle for change.

I agree to the judgment of many quarters that the most viable leader for Malaysian to lean on is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (TR) and it is hopeful that the efforts to inaugurate him as the PM should be shouldered by every Malaysian.

After all he can be handy and hands on with the function as he was the main man who structured the economy of the nation when he was in the government, before he was callously sidelined by his political adversaries.

TR has made various attempts suggesting to the government few proposals to mitigate the problems relating to the advent of oil prices increase.

In Parliament, he suggested to the government to build the ‘petroleum hub’ in Malaysia but was turned deaf ears by our weak ruling chiefs, because they failed to comprehend the urgency of the issue.

But those were all history: The nation needs leaders of his kind now! Let us look forward and forget the hurting events of the past. We know TR is handy and well equipped to do the repair job for these mountable hiccups the nation is facing.

I am very optimistic that he is ready to take on the mantle and the onset of new soothing political ambiance in the country can be felt by everybody very expeditiously under his leadership.

We would then see all our illusions become reality and our generations can be sure of meaningful inheritance of civil and harmonious life within wealthy, finely crafted and cultured Malaysian society.

So let us move from now on, and depart from the shenanigans of the current leadership.

Thanks……………………………………………… Aspan Alias.


pakbelalang said...

Sdra Aspan,
Tolong senaraikan 7 sifat TR yang terpuji dan 7 dalil mengapa mesti sokong TR jadi pengganti Pak Lah.

Dan senaraikan 77 dalil mengapa Pak Lah mesti berundur atau ditumbangkan.

shahbandarmalakat said...

Good linkage...from petrol to TR...memang tepat...siapa yang paling awal mengetahui pasal minyak di Malaysia ini, kalau bukan Tengku Razaleigh...dia yang mengasaskan dan menubuhkan Petronas...dia yang jadi CEO pertama Petronas...

Kalau dia jadi PM Malaysia, huru hara macam ini tak mungkin terjadi...tunggu lah kalau Tuhan kata TR jadi PM, PM lah dia...jangan risau Pan

Aspan Alias said...

Shahbandarmalakat, Saya tidak risau! Yang saya risau anak cucu kita tak dapat hidup sempurna kalau pemimpin hari ini terus mengekalkan jawatan mereka dan membawa negara ke arah kehancuran.

Tak salah berusaha kan?

Aspan Alias said...

Pak belalang, Tujuh sifat yang saudara minta itu sudah saya tulis dalam banyak tulisan saya sebelum ini. Malahan lebih dari 7 yang telah saya paparkan.

Yang 77 sifat Pak Lah tak boleh jadi pemimpin itu memang telah di ketahui umum, jadi saya tidak mahu mengulanginya.

Jika kita semua berusaha kearah kebaikkan dan kita bertawassul dan bertwajjuh dengan tuhan dan rasulnya saya yakin tuhan akan berikan kita kepimpinan yang di redhainya.

Saya 'appciate' response saudara dan tentunya saudara telah faham perjuangan yang sebenarnya yang perlu kita ikuti.