23 June 2008

SAPP's infectious move

The move by Yong Teck Lee and his party, SAPP to express the vote of no confidence to the leadership is nerve racking and throbbing.

Even though the party has only 2 representatives in the House of Parliament, the move can be contagious as the weaknesses in the leadership is continuously defective in all turfs and levels.

Even though there were shouting and wailing within UMNO top leadership and the reluctant expressions of support from the various BN components, the scratch done to Abdullah and Najib is irretrievable.

The credibility of Abdullah and Najib has vanished and no one can guess what the subsequent happenings to be are.

SAPP has been very cross with the federal leadership as the party feels that Sabah has been treated like an orphanage state despite of being the savior for BN in the last General Elections (GE).

Whatever the reasons are, the incident is the worst whipping on UMNO leadership whilst the party is looming to their annual General Assembly on December where party election at top level is in the offing.

Sabahans in reality are not too content with the representation in the federal government and other agencies in Kuala Lumpur and claim that they are not given what should be due to them.

Sabah leaders, whether SAPP, UPKO, LDP and UMNO are in discontent after the GE and have not been addressed amicably by the federal leaders in Kuala Lumpur as they do not have the necessary guts and wisdom to solve the untidy political environment over there.

We don’t have that kind of good leaders like those during the leadership of Tunku, Razak and Husein when animosities of this nature could have been solved almost instantaneously.

It takes a strong charactered leader coupled with wisdom to attend to this kind of quandary but most leaders of these days are too defective in every territory in leadership.

So far, Tengku Razaleigh (TR) is the only living leader with good attributes found during the leadership of Tunku, Razak and Husein, whom many feel can mend all fences and embark on changes for a better Malaysia.

Even though Razak and Husein left behind their biological sons in the current UMNO lineup, they desolately fail even to get near to their aptitude.

Other than TR, there is nobody whom we can think of: Perhaps we have to wait for the birth of another TR, maybe in one decade or so.

Meanwhile, every fretful citizen should be playing fine role in assisting UMNO to make up new respectable lineup in the party once and for all, to address the present hiccups in the Malay struggle.

Thanks………………………………………….Aspan Alias.


shahbandarmalakat said...

No doubt,TR is the best PM that Malaysian don't have...it is better that way...so that every Malaysia would remember TR when every time Malaysia face problems or economic turbulent...

I always admire TR, and how I wish God me the same qualities and talents that TR have ,then, I would say to the people ....I want to be PM ...I want to make really specticular change to business of government in Malaysian so that every rakyat can enjoy the fruits...especially today...I would say ,"I would make sure the petrol price is much lower and comparable to the other oil producing countries...I would make sure our currency is much stronger...I would make sure our economy is stronger than singapore, as singapore do not have what Malaysia have... "

I would 'walk' at every corners of the kampungs all over Malaysia to meet the people just what Tunku Abd Rahman did in 1956 to meet the rakyat... No body can stop me doing it...
That if I have the qualities of TR...Just a wish...

pakbelalang said...

The morale of Johor Umno members remains strong, despite the challenges faced by the party in the current political climate.

This was evident from a two-hour dialogue session held between the party's top leadership and an estimated 450 members from Johor Umno at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday evening.

State Umno liason chief Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman was present at the session which was chaired by Umno president and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Also present was Abdullah's deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"It was a fruitful session and those present had a chance to hear what the prime minister had to say on the economy and the current political scenario.

"And in return, he also listened to the views expressed by the ordinary members.

"We all know that Umno's strength lies in the grassroots and what was expressed by them at the session, reflects the stand they are taking.

"The good thing, as far as Johor Umno is concerned, is that our members spoke from the heart and with conviction, even when presenting dissenting views.

"It's a good sign which shows that morale is high among party members," said Abdul Ghani after declaring open a new extension to the Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association in Kulai, near here Monday.

Those who attended the session came from the branches of 13 out of the 26 divisions in Johor Umno.


What's your strategy?

Unknown said...

Salam saudara aspan

right now everyone knows that the weakest link in umno is the Pak Lah....just dont know why some of the top brass doesnt wanna listen to the grassroot....while the are fighting for power.....malay are still struggling economically.

UMNO r for elite;s.....elite club, for the rich to become richer
...feels like tht....tis got to change

the more times taken, it will only weekend the party dearly.


pakbelalang said...

Assalamua'laikum wr wb......... ..

Inilah dia rahsia as-solat, sebagai peringatan bagi yang dah tahu atau panduan bagi yang baru tahu......

1 - Niat Sembahyang :
Sebenarnya memeliharakan taubat kita dari dunia dan akhirat.

2 - Berdiri Betul :
Fadilatnya, ketika mati dapat meluaskan tempat kita di dalam kubur.

3 - Takbir-ratul Ihram :
Fadilatnya, sebagai pelita yang menerangi kita di dalam kubur.

4 - Fatihah :
Sebagai pakaian yang indah-indah di dalam kubur.

5 - Ruqu' :
Sebagai tikar kita di dalam kubur.

6 - I'tidal :
Akan memberi minuman air dari telaga al-kautsar ketika didalam kubur.

7 - Sujud :
Memagar kita ketika menyeberangi titian SIRATUL-MUSTAQIM.

8 - Duduk antara 2 Sujud :
Akan menaung panji-panji nabi kita didalam kubur

9 - Duduk antara 2 Sujud (akhir) :
Menjadi kenderaan ketika kita dipadang Mahsyar.

1 0 - Tahhiyat Akhir :
Sebagai penjawab bagi soalan yang dikemukakan oleh Munkar & Nankir di dalam kubur.

11 - Selawat Nabi :
Sebagai pendinding api neraka di dalam kubur.

12 - Salam :
Memelihara kita di dalam kubur.

13 - Tertib :
Akan pertemuan kita dengan Allah S. W. T.

Dari Abdullah bin 'Amr R. A., Rasulullah S. A. W.bersabda :

"Senarai di atas adalah sal ah satu sebab mengapa orang Yahudi /
Kafir tidak sukakan angka 13 dan juga Hari Jumaat. Itulah sebab mengapa mereka mencipta cerita yang begitu seram sekali iaitu " FRIDAY the 13th " jika ada di kalangan kamu yang perasan!!!"

Was sal am.

"Sampaikanlah pesanku biarpun satu ayat..." Sebaik-baik manusia itu adalah mereka yang memberi manafa'at kepada manusia lain...

pakbelalang said...

Below is what Bernama reported today:-

"The people are allowed to criticise and mock the government. We hope they will come forward so that we can reply."

Ahmad Shabery said the ministry's staff should be proud to be agents of change as the country move towards a more open system.

Since being appointed a minister, he had talked to some 20,000 people together with the Prime Minister directly, without any barrier.

"The Prime Minister wants this to continue as he wants to be informed, is prepared to be corrected, and willing to accept views" he said.

Question 1 :

Has the government really replied to all the criticisms against its policies?


There are a lot of criticisms level against the governmet and Pak Lah particularly in your blog, Tun. But I don't find the slightest indication to prove anything that they really bother to answer all those criticisms made by ordinary people at all. Cakap tak serupa bikin !!Or Pak Lah simply doesn't have all the answers because he is too lazy to "crack " his head to find the answers.

Question 2:

What open policy is he talking about? What agent of change?


There is nothing to be proud about this talk of open policy and agent of change as advocated by Pak Lah's government. JUST A PURE CHEAP POLITICAL SLOGAN AND GIMMICK to satisfy the oppositions and NGOs so that Pak Lah is in their good book. In actual fact, the existing policies and changes are becoming from bad to worse. The rakyat are suffering and struggling now to make ends meet.

Get back to BASIC instead of talking something academic which the rakyat do not appreciate at all. Talk about "bread and butter" things rather than to satisfy the NGOs especially the Bar Council who are trying indirectly to belittle the lame duck government of Pak Lah. It will be backfired! It is all FLIP FLOP open policy. What a joke !!!

Question 3:

He and Pak Lah had met and talked with some 20,000 people directly and are willing to listen to their views. What type of views they really want to hear?


I am very certain that the views expressed by those people they talked to are views that reflect Pak Lah's good side of the story just to make Pak Lah continues to FEEL GOOD, but deep inside their hearts they know that Pak Lah simply doesn't have the capacity to project himself as a smart Prime Minister. Just as haprak and HP6 and 2 x 5 as his Minister of Information.

pakbelalang said...

Perpaduan tidak mungkin akan berlaku dikalangan ahli-ahli UMNO khasnya dan seluruh masyarakat Melayu amnya jika sekiranya Pak Lah masih lagi kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri dan Presiden UMNO.Beliaulah yang menjadi penghalang utama. Beliau masih lagi didalam alam mimpinya, kononnya beliau akan membuat sesuatu untuk memulihkan UMNO yang telah dirosakannya. Pak Lah masih belum sedar lagi bahawa kemampuannya untuk menyelamatkan UMNO adalah sebagai angan-angan Pak Pandir.

Begitu juga dengan majoriti pemimpin UMNO yang lain dari peringkat MT, Bahagian dan cawangan masih lagi dalam "keadaan penafian". Mereka terpaksa berpaut kapada Pak Lah semata-mata kerana untuk menjaga kedudukan dan kepentingan diri mereka. Mereka ini semua adalah pengkhianat dan makhluk perosak yang tidak bermaruah.

Selagi pengkhianat didalam UMNO ini kekal berada di "comfort zone" dah tidak ada sesiapa yang berani bersuara lantang untuk "menendang", "menumbang" dan "menghalau" mereka keluar dari kelompok keselesaan maka akan berterusanlah UMNO dalam keadaan kegelapan, hanya menunggu masa sahaja untuk ditalkinkan.

Budaya pemimpin UMNO seperti diatas memang telah lama menular dan menjadi sebati dalam darah daging mereka. Ini adalah satu "penyakit" "kanser" yang memang susah untuk diubati sekiranya kita tidak dapat mencari "penawar" yang mujarab untuk mencegahnya dari merebak sehingga tidak dapat terkawal lagi. Jika ini berlaku maka akhirnya mereka akan " mati kejung" dan mengheret bersama parti yang dipimpin mereka. Penyakit ini adalah perbuatan mereka sendiri dan sepatutnya bolehlah dicegah jika mereka prihatin tentang " kemudharatan" kapada diri mereka.
Sekarang yang hanya boleh kita harapkan ialah supaya "mind set" ahli-ahli UMNO sendiri dapat berhijrah dan berubah nasib daripada keadaan jahil kapada keadaan yang "celek hati, celek mata dan celek pendengaran" supaya tidak lagi dianggap seperti ahli yang "pekak, buta dan bisu". Allah beri kita akal yang sempurna dan sebaik-baiknya supaya kita dapat menilai mana yang baik dan buruk sebagai panduan untuk kesejahteraan hidup kita khasnya dan seluruh ummah amnya.