10 October 2010

MCA youth and wanita Annual assembly - Another 'dalil' of BN's imminent fall

The low turnout of both MCA Youth and the Wanita Wings annual assembly is very vulnerable happening which had not happened in any of the previous assemblies in the history of the party. It was noted that the Youth Wings attendance was just lightly above 50% while the Wanita Wing was just about 56% of their total expected delegates.

It’s a clear clue of unsettled issues that surround the party of late. We have heard and saw how the MCA leaders worked to get their members to rally firmly behind its leadership for the past months by raising racial sentiments and parochial issues and it certainly works to disunite and disrupt inter-racial harmony.

There must be some serious tribulations that resulted in low attendance of the party’s youth and wanita annual assemblies on Saturday which was officially opened by the party’s Deputy President, Liow Tiong Lai.

It’s evident that the Chinese and that includes the MCA members are flirting around with DAP and PKR and they are just waiting to prove that they means business that they have low regards for MCA. Quite a number of friends from MCA are disgruntled with their leadership lineups and that is also a very familiar situation in UMNO, BN’s main component member.

It is apparent that the Chua’s video sex issue is not settled as that issue was discussed at length at the Wanita annual assembly and that unambiguously pulls down the party’s credential as the 2nd biggest component of BN.

The youth wind annual Assembly was running on racial issue again and this is what all the component party leaders are clinging on. All issues taken up by Wee Ka Siong are racially perverted and he seems to be the danger man for the country.

Everyone who wants to be seen as a leader is trapped by racial issue as there is no one in the component leadership lineup has the magnanimity to be a leader earning respect form the multiracial component of the nation’s population.

GERAKKAN is technically disbanded by their members and if both MCA and GERAKKAN are jilted by the Chinese, it simply means that DAP is going singularly going to be the main political organ for the Chinese both in the Peninsula and in East Malaysian states.

What about the Malays? The answer is simple; they are still in soul searching. This time around no leaders in the current lineup can decide anything as the million of individual Malays are going to make decision. The patronizing leaders in UMNO are now loosing clutch of the traditional support they used to get pleasure from. The awakening Malays are on the alert of what the government and political leaders do.

They perceive their leaders as bunch of untrustworthy, uncharacteristic and corrupted lots except for a few. One of the fractional few Malay leaders is the one given to be in charged of BN machinery in Galas by-election. He has all the attributes of a magnanimous leader and he is the only living soul who still maintains the respect from the cosmopolitan and multi ethnicity composition for this country's populations. If he can make a win for the Galas by-election than he should be given the job to be the director of the coming General Election to avoid embarrassment for the weak ruling BN.

Let us all not deny the fact that BN is at the tip of a high cliff waiting for a deadly fall if there is no revolutionized alteration in the ruling party’s lineup. There is an urgent need for a new make up to the BN's disposition. That’s it.


Anonymous said...

Bro, Ku Li is moving against his own conscience. How to help him?

penyokong oil roylty

amerudin amir, Pahang. said...

Apa sebab saya katakan KU LI menempah maut politik?

1) UMNO is falling in the next GE. How is he going to rise?
2) Even if BN wins in Galas, he is still an outsider in UMNO.

What he should have done bro?

He should leave UMNO now. He has more friends on the other side of the Divide.

My question is;

why is he always making mistakes at final lap before he succeeds. Opportunities have always with him, but he always want to fail himself. Why bro? why?

jerry liew said...

How can we take Soi Lek as a better man than Guan Eng bro Aspan?

I hope there is no hypocritical view on this this.

Just can't bear to see some Chinese to see Guan Eng as an inferior being than Soi Lek.

MCA is led by immoral leader. Please get away from MCA.

jerry liew

Anonymous said...

UMNO should no longger put MCA , Gerakan and MIC at the fore front line ,if not outside.

Buttercup said...

What a stupid move Uncle Zorro!
She's too raw to go for number two.
This will further damage PKR which is already practising nepotism.
Don't fall into Zaid's trap.
Hidup UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Umno/Bn tactics

By Umno to Malay, If PR rules, DAP will lead the pact and thus malay will be losing grip and control of the country.

By MCA to the chinese, If PR rules, PAS will lead the pact and hence chinese will force into muslim-style rule where chinese will suffer under such rules.

What a stupid tactic.

whackthembugger said...

Why shouldn’t MCA run on sensitive racial issues? Such same racial issues just put them at par with the DAP vis a vis LKS. Our politics thrive on racial issues, the more sensitive they are the better as bring out forth such issues will be responded from various perspectives and their explanation, within both the Main and Alternative media. At the end of the day, the Silent Majority will make a reasonable assessment of the perceived truth because being matured and making a living to survive in our multi-racial society; they know who the real threats to peace, tranquility and economic development.

This Silent Majority know the true racists and dangerously religious “born again” talking “cock” but do nothing, merely demonstrate and sensationalize any issues to the disgust of the majority and are indeed not exemplary leaders but mere political opportunists (more like animals) out to sensationalize issues in tapping emotions and misleading the rakyat and voters.

For the Silent Majority, they know that national integration does not lay on mere words or isolated incidents as they acknowledge that “action speaks louder than words”.

Let’s not go too far into Ku Li’s ambitions and unique capabilities. Appointing Ku Li amongst others was to unite the Malays via UMNO. Ku Li is and always has been an UMNO member and has clout in the area.

God willing, the Malays will survive into the next millennium via UMNO's leadership . Let’s not due to our bias and emotions fail to arrest the potential threats, chaos and anarchy created and being created by the Opposition and their psychotic war machinery.

Anonymous said...

Monkey see, monkey do.
If they do it, why we cannot ?
This kind of mentality is moving us backwards in civilization, in everything we do. From breaking road driving rules to throwing rubbish anywhere and everywhere to plain old courtesy....giving up a seat to those who needs it.How often do you hear someone saying "thank you" or "terima kasih ".Malaysians education, civility and courtesy is just going "south". Integrity and honesty also an all time low.
What do we teach our Malaysian children ?