13 October 2010

Tengku Razaleigh, Galas and the nation politics.

TR met the party President Najib in the Parliament on Monday and officially received the appointment as the Director of Galas by-election and he has accepted the heavy but manageable responsibility that comes together with the appointment. TR is supposed to give BN a thumping win which is reasonably within reach (God willing).

TR is TR. He will be focused with the responsibilities given to him and god willing his chosen candidate will be the victor. Some political pundits who called me for the past few days think that the conquering BN candidate is due to TR’s personal influence in the constituency.

BUT that has been well accepted fact and does not need repetitive reassurance. What is of huge importance to note is the merit that UMNO/BN would garner with his assuring success in this important by election. We must admit that Kelantan is an opposition based state but Gua Musang has been the only Division that UMNO has proud flag bearers.

Gua Musang could have been like any other parts of Kelantan where PAS and other opposing groups to make up their base if not because of TR’s personal political existence and is in the biggest constituency of the peninsular. In essence TR personal subsistence is the fortress and bastion for UMNO and not because of the acceptance of UMNO as a party by voters in this scantly populated district. It is the acceptance of TR in person.

In situation like what UMNO is facing today TR can be the binding factor for all warring parties and he is all above politics. With his long experience and massive contributions to the country and government he is left to be the only leader with needed attributes to unite all the diversities of races, religions and cultures that this country desires.

Politics in Malaysia is not just about winning or losing mandates. It is about viable and sustainable inter racial, inter ethnicity and getting together all human beings who live within the border of this wealthy nation in perpetuity. Politic is also about having a nation with great opportunities for everybody to earn legitimate livelihood from the abundant wealth that God have graced on us.

For all intent and purposes TR is certainly a manly leader who does not need to play racial sentiments to rally and bring togetherness among all races to be looked relevant as he’s above all that narrow-minded politics that have brought the current political despondency to prevail.

Hence the likelihood of Galas to be back to UMNO’s fold is doable and TR is delivering it without much exertion (God willing). As for the opposing PAS there are some kinds of apprehensions of them being hard against TR in the campaign trails. TR has been persistent in wanting to see PETRONAS to pay the state government the Oil Royalty that both parties has inked on the 9th of May 1975.

There some reasonable views within PAS and PR leaders and members that with the win that Galas voters are going to give to TR or his chosen candidate, it is going to be stronger probability of Kelantanese to enjoy the Oil Royalty from PETRONAS through politics. Right now the issue is in the custodian of the court and to thrash out it in the open would be sub judicial and legally inappropriate campaign strategy for both sides of the divide.

We are not insisting PAS to give free passage for TR’s chosen candidate but we will be the first to congratulate if the party does that. By doing so PAS will be respected for the matured move as it will enhance the opportunity for the state to get nearer to what the party desires (oil royalty) besides taking this opportunity for the Unity Government that the party used to talk at length.

While the Chinese are almost realizing their wish for their unity within their race by tilting towards ultimate togetherness within DAP, the Malays can take this opportunity to be in togetherness by serious understandings between PAS and UMNO through TR. There is no harm done if we are to try for unity at this point. The most important thing that matters now we Malays can exhibit our ability to unite and slowly but surely erase the image of disunited and fractious race as it has been perceived by others since for centuries.

TR is still in the best bill of health and he is always ready if needed to play vital role beyond Kelantan politics to take up the responsibility to transform political structure that this country is in dire need. He plays no role in putting up the party in this current deteriorating state.

UMNO is in desperate need of having a leader who does not have to apply strong exertion to be readily accepted by the multiracial population. UMNO is having TR to fulfill much more than the basic features and constituents of an outstanding organizer and planner and that has been a proven testimonial when he was given by the government and party before he was unceremoniously by leaders within the party for their personal quench for power.

He has numerous other exceptional and incomparable testimonials attested to him that many of the young Malaysian is not aware. He was an elected Chairman of the World Bank, IMF Chairman, Islamic Development Bank and Asian Development Bank; all at the same time. To head these 4 international financial institutions with 4 different functions experienced by TR is a world record that is personal-to-holder to him.

I wish there is somebody else in this country having that similar records to make the country proud when TR is no more living. At the moment let us all proud of those records even though some leaders with inferiority feelings tried hard to obliterate and annihilate from the knowledge Malaysian.

But all those ill efforts do not disturb TR at all as he is complete man by birth.


Red Alfa said...

Saudara Aspan

I had initial misgivings but when it was reported he wished more debate on the ETP, I can see that he will be using that "humbling platform" as Operations Director for PRK Galas but to give voice to key issues ignored/dared not touched by MSMs. If that's going to be the case Welcome Tengku! and let's see how much you have been missed!

Anonymous said...

PAS should give TR the seat provided TR himself is the candidate and TR can give the assurance that he will work for the oil royalty from within UMNO. PRU13 is the dateline for him to deliver the oil royalty otherwise it will be the last of him to be MP of Gua Musang.
I guess the court case over the oil royalty will drag on for perpetuity as long as UMNO is in power.
Pak Tua

mo said...

Asalam saudara aspan,,,TR sendiri mempunyai kekuatan peribadi,, rakyat terbanyak masih menhormati beliau,,,oleh suara yg masih mementingkan suara dan kehendak rakyat. Tr harus teruskan suara yg mementingkan rakyat, mungkin umno tidak akan suka perkara ini. Namun secara peribadi tr masih mendapat dokong rakyat,, namun landasan yg di guna kini, umno, tidak menyakinkan rakyatkini. Persoalan apakah galas akan menjadi milik umno atau pas,?? Najib dan mohiden tidak ada keyakinan untuk mendapat kemenang di galas, hanya gdn bersanda kpd TR mungkin dapat memberi kemenangan ??? Pendokong tr mungkin akan menjadi berbelah bagi ??? Adakah akan mengundi umno ?? Mungkin jua terjadi undi protes, di mana umno najib , selama ini telah tidak mepadulikan tr ??? mMungkin inilah masa yg sesuai untuk memberi pengajaran kepada najib umno??? TR dulu berkeingkinan untuk menjadi calon dalam umno, dgn bloking yg cukup kuat oleh kepimpinan umno, maka kelayakan tr tidak mencukupi ??? Tr sendiri lebih arif mainan umno ??? Sekiara galas mendapat kemenangan sudaha tentu TR menjadi hero sekatika, selepas itu segalanya kan menjadi bahan sejarah.

yat said...

i'm supporter of both mahathir and TR ...u might be an ardent critics of TDM, but for me it's just because in one ship, they can only be 1 captain, and unfortunately, one has to go and that person is TR...i understand mahathir is not perfect, but so does TR...

ok going back to the topics..at the moment, i can't see any of the VP is qualified or has what it's to be the PM...i support TR during UMNO nomination, but god has rule that Najib become the PM..but my prediction said taht najib will fall, not because of his character, but because of 'lady puaka' beside him....forget muhyidin, but i guess he will be slightly better than najib

at the moment, from UMNO, i can only see TR and Tok Pa that have the qualities to be PM....but we can only pray to god...i blame the Pak Lah with all the messy thing happens in our country today...hopefully god willings that the right person will lead our country, insyaallah...