26 April 2010

Congratulations Kamalanathan - You won the 'buy election'

Firstly I wish to congratulate Kamalanathan for his win in this hard and strenuous fight in Hulu Selangor ‘buy election’.

The one thousand over vote’s majority is considered to be the most expensive votes in the history of any election that one can reminisce.

All in all there were about more than 200 million spent and pledged to gain this a thousand over majority, among which 35 million ringgit just for one Chinese School; and that swung 20 percent of the Chinese votes in the whole of Hulu Selangor.

The hefty cash offer of fifty thousand ringgit each family to Sg Buaya settlers came up to be the most effective strategy for BN and it was an obvious and serious encroachment of the election printed regulations.

By that unethical election conduct, BN won with just over a thousand votes that makes up to be the most expensive vote purchase in our by or buy election in this country.

Now as Zaid Ibrahim has been saying in the past days he is fighting on uneven playing field, but what can we do? This is our democratic recipe in Malaysia.

Where can we go? We can’t be fleeing the country, just because there is an unfair election process. We stay and die here and from now on just let everything happens as it likes.

That is already an accepted practice in Malaysian politics; money, money and money.

Soon there will be another ‘buy election’ in Kota Damansara state seat with the demise of Dr Nasir Hashim yesterday, and it is expected to be another expensive buy-out in order to make a win.

This state constituency is an urban constituency which BN has to put effort to find what to purchase and what to promise…. Maybe another big allocation for Chinese schools around the area…or what.

We can’t think of anything but don’t worry; they are experts in creating election technology.

They know what and how to do the magic through big funds and they know exactly how to play that magic.

I hope Zaid and his followers won’t be disheartened by this well designed defeat and just accept it in good spirit even though you and everybody know why you lost; You went through a genuine by election while your opposing party went through ‘buy election’.

That is the summery from the long answer.

Thanks……………………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

To Datuk Zaid, I wish him luck and all the best. You are indeed the better candidate.

Yes, indeed Zaid is a better candidate but he lost. What a pity!
Maybe he lost not in a by-election but in a buy-election as what you claim. That is the best excuse to put forward by a strong supporter like you.

What if Zaid were to win, I wonder what will be your comment? Full of praise up to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Kalah 'betting' ke Aspan, sedih aje nampak.

Kau cakap ni macamlah PKR ni parti malaikat.. biasalah adat pertandingan kalah & menang.. yang kalah akan bersedih dan yang menang akan bergumbira

Anonymous said...

anyway congratulation kamalanathan, yang penting dia dah menang. banyak duit dah terbang, mahathir dan najib pun datang. Ok lepas sibu ada lagi PKR kat mana tadi... hehehe... maybe there will be another election after that until GE13. So BN boleh keluarkan duit lagi dan lagi dan lagi.. untuk "buy election"... hmmm macam nak bagi free jerr... ala kasi la hundred fifty thousand per family baru cun... di atas garis kemiskinan bandar.. hehehe... anyway tahniah pada yang berjaya, kepada yang tak berjaya.. GE13 just around the corner.. prepared yourself. That all pals


farapink said...

thank u for a bright opinion.. i love ur writings..

danial said...

I think, what BN did to win is too unbearable.
BN flouted all rules and regulation of democracy.
I remember the court disqualified Tengku Ibrahim's S46 at Ajil state constituency just because of RM 50.
What a shame to Najib and BN.

umno Ulu Langat said...


I e-mailed you that BN is winning cos of money.
We must admit that flouting the rules and regulation is only the privilege of ruling BN.
That is how weak leadership can maintain power.
Our country is Zimbabwe or Congo in different name.

umno, Ulu Langat

bakaq said...

Saya tak taulah nak komen apa. Hanya saya berdoa agar negara kita selamat dan rakyat selamat.
Orang Melayu diHulu Selangor mengundi kerana sessi makan nasi lemak aje.
Kita org Melayu ni beri nasi lemak dia pun sokong kita.
Tidak macam kawan kita bangsa tionghua.
Dia orang dapat 35 juta untuk sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina maka hanya 25 peratus yang kembali menyokong BN.
Selebihnya masih sokong PKR.

Satu persoalan yang mengerikan, mampu kah Najib menjaga bangsanya dan negara. Saya khuatir.

Aspan Alias said...

Thanks a lot for visiting me. AND also thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...


It was a reflection of corrupt minds of BN leaders.

They can't get support without money Mr Aspan.

This is a reject mentality Mr Aspan.


Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan, It's frankie again.

I have been following yr writing for the past ..say almost a year now.

I like yr upright opinion and I shud salute for expressing views and argument without any fear.
I know u don't accept gullible. You use nice and ethical language.
Just maintain as quite a number of friends say that they gain some values in yr write up.
Keep it up Mr Aspan.


Aspan Alias said...

Hi frankie,

How are you bro. How's the whether in in scotland bro. Are you in Sterling or Galssgow. OR are you in Ipoh?

Call me...kita makan-makan if you are here.

frankie said...

Sorry Aspan,

I am in Scotland bro. Not in Sterling and I am not in glassgow.

I shifted to a place somewhere 10 miles from Calender. I have been staying here for 3 months now.

Staying far bro..cari makan. I sent my address through yr e-mail.

Come by bro. Stay in my house here. We shall be a good host for you bro.


vinnan said...

Isn't it good that the government is literally pouring money on the Malays just like what they do with the NEP?

Anonymous said...

Hi man.....government of this kind won't last long.
They weak with no back bone and they pay for the support.
Read bro...read...read more history. Can you tell me which government last when they hold power with money?
Najib will be the last PM from UMNO if this line up is not changed.

sylvester alan.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aaspan,

PM DS Najib telah menafikan BN membeli undi tetapi menyatakan tindakan meluluskan pelbagai projek yg bernilai berpuloh-puloh juta RM itu ialah untuk menyelesaikan masalah rakyat yg telah lama terbangkalai.Persoalaannya kenapa penyelesain itu baru dibuat sekarang sedangkan ianya telah terbangkalai sejak berpuloh tahun lalu.Disamping itu,kelulusan projek-projek itu dikaitkan pulah dengan kalah atau meneng pilihanraya kecil itu.Bukankah kaedah "penyelesaian" masalah rakyat semacam itu dan disertai pula dengan pemberian wang tunai oleh PM sendiri secara langsong,walau atas nama apa sekali pun,tergulong dan termasuk dalam bab rasuah.

Penafian PM DS Najib itu membawa impilikasi yg amat serious.Pertamanya, ianya menampakkan keperibadian beliau yg memandang remeh bahkan ada kencenderongan kepada amalan rasuah.Kedua nya beliau seolah-olah mengamalkan prinsip " matlamat menghalalkan cara".Prinsip ini amat merbahaya kerana apabila terdesak semuanya halal dan boleh.Ketiga,PM DS Najib semacam menggapkan rakyat sekarang masih bodoh dan tidak dapat menilai tentang apa yg berlaku atau yg dilakukan beliau itu.Jika beliau gagal menilai kemampuan dan perasaan rakyat sudah tentunya beliau akan menghadapi masalah yg cukup rumit untuk menangani dan memenuhi masalah dan kehandak rakyat nanti.

Kemenangan BN didalam PK parlimen HS itu bukanlah satu kemenangan yg boleh dibanggakan oleh para pemimpin BN ,dan ianya bukanlah dapat disifatkan sebagai satu pertanda bahawa rakyat meyakini kepimpinana PM DS Najib atau rakyat telah mula kembali menyokong BN.Dengan membuat sedikit kajian dan analisa yg bersifat objektif dan menyeluroh kita akan dapat membuktikan tentang kebenaran kenyataan di atas.

Askar Tua

vinnan said...

Mengapa orang Melayu yang bagi komen tak senang dengan kemenangan BN. kan habuan yang dibagi oada PR kecil HS ni sama dengan DEB? Sebenarnya DEB ni ada kebaikannya. Tapi oang Melayu telah di tipu UMNO untuk memoercayai bahawa DEB adalah untuk 30% UMNOputra dan bukan untuk menolong semua rakyat Malaysia yang lemah.