16 July 2008

Ahmad Shabery - Wasteful debate

Putting partisan views aside, Ahmad Shabery has failed in dejection at the debate moderated by agendadaily.com at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka on Tuesday night.

He failed in desolation to protect Abdullah’s so called open economy in the well publicized debate by focusing on personal attacks on the PKR de factor leader Anwar Ibrahim, digressing way out of topic.

Anwar on the other hand was more composed and he still has the feel of the job he used to undertake as the Minister of Finance to remain on track set for the debate.

I have too tiny knowledge on economy but big enough to see the huge difference of performances between the two leaders in front of 200 audience by invitation and was viewed ‘live’ through TV9.

Anwar was a clear winner if there were prizes and awards for the debate and Shabery has a lot more sharpening job to do in order to get somewhere near to him (Anwar).

Ahmad Shabery took the stage by hurling sharp personal attacks on Anwar, obviously to cover the scanty and non-consequential points he had and that is typical for our weak UMNO leaders.

He was visibly ill-prepared, and if not because of his bit of wittiness in words he would have been embarrassed to the optimum scale in front of eager viewers through TV9 nationwide.

For Anwar, the debate was a very comfortable premise for his additional political mileage while he is struggling to go through tough, thorny and messy sodomy issue against him.

Somehow he outclassed Ahmad Shabery in the debate but that is not a surprise as he is known to be communicative and eloquent debater since his younger days in his school and university campus.

Shabery was in a total lost right from the very beginning and could not comprehend the difference between money due to the government through taxes and dividends from Petronas.

Shabery was too slow to realize that he was drowned by Anwar through figures of dollar and cents which was very vague, and Shabery could have casually capitalize and add a bit more points for him from the losing debate.

Shabery was more interested in amusing Abdullah Badawi and resisted to give a breath of tribute to the creator of PETRONAS, Tengku Razaleigh, an MP of BN whom he has served for almost 2 decades.

Whether we like it or not, Anwar did a splendid job of convincing the audience and the viewers of TV9 that he was more quantitative in his arguments with regards to the debated issue as it has a lot to do with figures and numbers.

Shabery has failed to the optimal point to invalidate Anwar’s proposal that securitizing the cash and assets of Petronas, to reduce the price of petrol and diesel as not viable.

This is due to the fact that he himself does not have the cut to talk about economy, the subject he knows too tiny and I proudly say that he is not much better than my miserable self.

The only point that he made good was on wasteful emotional attacks on Anwar which was too far away from the topic of the debate and holds no relevance to the stage for the night.

After what we saw and heard last night, do we blame the people for flirting around with the opposition?

Answer it yourself and I believe you will give a perfect one.


Thanks……………………………………………Aspan Alias.


Unknown said...


Datuk Ahmad Shabery bukan lah lawan anwar,banyak jawapan beliau menyimpang dari soalan asal, sebagaimana ahli panel dari siasah menanyakan soalan kepadanya...

bila ditanya kenapa RM800 juta sahaja dibelanjakan dari penjimamatan sebanyak RM4 bilion yang dibuat...pada akhir jawapannya adalah beras kita adalah lebih murah dari thailand

kita semua ingin dengar 'justification' mengapa harga minyak perlu dinaikkan...
beliau menggunakannya sebagai medan untuk menyerang peribadi anwar...

walau macamana pun taniah pada menteri penerangan yang berani berdebat dengan dato sri anwar,

Dan yang patut meletakkan jawatan adalah Dr Nordin Kadri, mantan Ketua Pengarah Biro Tata Negara dan kini Naib-Canselor Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)kerana beliau telah berjaya menjatuhkan nilai dan
kredibiliti institusi UUM dan para akademik.

p/s..nasib baik bukan Pak LAH


pakbelalang said...

Some people ask me to comment on last night debate. Personally, I feel it is not worth to comment. The debate had no substance at all except to promote both side hidden agenda. The debate was indeed belittling our intelligence. It looked like a "JOM HEBOH" TV programme.Nothing great!!

pakbelalang said...

First Round Anwar dah menang. TKO !! Bolehlah Shabery resign. Kualiti perdebatan berbeza sekali seperti langit dengan bumi. Hujah Shabery nyata meleset!

Yes, it is unanimous Anwar has got the edge in the debate. Rakyat have given Anwar thumbs up. The debate backfired on Pak Lah's haprak and HP6 policy. Anwar got free publicity. kah,kah,kah !! Memang haprak and HP6 budak budak Pak Lah !!

uban_janggut@yahoo.com.my said...

Kenapa mulut Ahmad Shabry tu bebuih macam ustaz ashari dulu masa aku tengok tv. Geli aku... dia tak pandai jaga penampilan diri... Bab tu je dia dah fail belum semak fakta yg dia cakap.