14 July 2008

'Touch n Go' for UMNO

What UMNO needs is an anti-aging formula to avoid sudden death risk.

The formula is to keep leaders with questionable image at sideline to ensure that those who aspire to lead the party are of clean disposition.

The bad image leader can also contribute to the enhancement of the party by voluntarily keeping away and live in retirement with their family members and spend the residue of their live in repentance.

The future of the party depends solely on understanding of members and leaders to exercise colossal soul searching and act accordingly to what the party needs one to do.

If we feel that we contribute to the decadence of the party, then it would be noble to resign and be good and loyal followers.

We should open the party to allow any interested leader to offer his candidacy for any position without having to face encumbering rules and regulations.

The current reigning leaders must maintain high ethical standard and be gentleman enough to accept that we are in a democratic party, which is now in essence too undemocratically managed.

Obviously the newly introduced Code of Ethics is meant to curtail the accesses of certain leaders to the voting members in the coming General Assembly.

It is too remorseful to see that the party which has been the main component of BN is still not civil enough to accept the freedom of competing among members as they take offence to anyone offering positions held by the reigning leaders.

The leaders ought to give regards to the members to choose their favorites without fear or favor as every registered member is free to choose or be chosen.

The efforts to isolate a candidate with potential support nationwide like Tengku Razaleigh are latently seen lately and huge efforts were put up to weigh down his move to be the candidate as Party President.

We can’t afford to put up dubious and faked leaders at the expense of good and doable leader as it would ultimately risks the future of the party and the government.

The coming party election will be an opportunity for members and delegates to chart the future of our nation as the person elected to lead us in UMNO would be of paramount importance as he would be consequential to the fate of the party.

If the person to take the driver’s seat is still the same or within the same group, then let us call it a day for UMNO and just be at the sideline witnessing the party dilapidating in speedy magnitude.
If the delegates are decisive enough in the search for a bright and better future, throwing support for Tengku Razaleigh is not optional, but obligatory.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias

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