15 July 2008

The shenanigans of state leaders

The culture of UMNO State Liaison Committee issuing statements in support of the incumbent President and his Deputy is deceptive and fallacious.

This tradition has made the party members very cross and this need to be checked as it annoys the members with civil minds.

The Shenanigans and pranks of the State Leadership has made the party very feeble and that reflects the real mentality of apple polishing, the very culture that became the sore point of watchful and thinking members all these while.

The statements have automatically disqualify Abdullah Badawi to contest the party President post and I hope that some of the responsible UMNO members should bring this to the Disciplinary Committee of the party instantaneously.

As it is now, ethically Abdullah himself should be the first casualty of the new Code of Ethics and should be discussed by the Supreme Council in their next monthly meeting.

Abdullah has been campaigning vigorously through programs organized by JASA the department under the Information Ministry and using massive public funds to campaign for his candidacy as party President.

The grass root leaders were cheaply bought with RM100 each and to me, they take it as an insult and were prepared to come to the fore with the notes they received as the proof of corrupt act of the party President.

Abdullah is trying through his last breath to survive and he is prepared to do anything at all cost to ensure his position unharmed and he is taking the post he holds now as the ultimate for his life.

Let us all be serious, as the code of ethics should be applied to everyone and does not function on selective people.

He is making use of government media lavishly for his personal political gains and he should now face the music himself.

We are tired of watching the leaders in power playing democratic game on an uneven playing field and subsequently celebrate the undemocratic success with the show of arrogance and callousness.

Let us move and do away this mockery and contempt in the party once and for all.

Come to think of it, I just can’t help admiring Tengku Razaleigh (TR) for his tireless efforts to change the party amid facing mountable hurdles ahead of him, just for the sake of the nation we love.

He personally won’t gain if he succeeded in getting the mandate but manifestations of aggravated Malays and Malaysians would be politically addressed and the final beneficiary to his success would be our current and future generation.

To all UMNO members and Malays as a whole, be vigilant and watchful of what current leaders are doing as they are not trustworthy ones and they are almost as good for nothing except for their families and relatives.

While waiting for the change to happen, don’t forget even a moment to pray for the future generation that they would inherit securely the kind we inherited from our ancestral leaders.

What we inherited was living in solace in this beautiful nation, which is now in aggravation because of vandalizing done by our crooked leadership we have now.

Let us rest our hope on TR for our country to regain the stature and consequential standing as the real democratic nation for the Malaysians to be proud of for the next decade and century.

Thanks…………………………………………………..Aspan Alias


shahbandarmalakat said...

Jangan tunggu lama lama..lapurkan saja perbuatan yang melanggar atika( code) buku merah tu...( Ingat buku Moisitong//komunis china dulu? Buku merah juga...)
Semalam den tenguk debat Anwar n Sabri Chik...Den tenguk mulut Sabri macam nak sebut nama TR ( Kuli) bila dia mengatakan bab penubuhan PETRONAS..TAPI MACAM TERSUMBAT TAK KELUAR NAMA TR...NAMA TUN RAZAK YO...lepas tu dia sebut Mahathir...Kuli jadi kuli lah je lah ...Sabri..performace nya dapat kalah Anwar..ada meterial jadi PM akan datang ...tapi sayang principle ada kurang sikit...

Unknown said...


dikatakan kini denominasi RM1,000 dan RM500 boleh ditebus di Bank Negara.
agaknya kenapa sekarang sapa yang luluskan dan pihak mana nak menebusnya

persoalannya untuk siapa

Aspan Alias said...

Joe, saya tak tahu pengaruh pihak mana yang luluskan penebusan itu.

Tapi kita boleh agak siapa yang berpengaruh itu.

Sama-sama tahu cukuplah

Aspan Alias said...

Shahbandarmalakat, Shabry takut nak sebut TR tentang penubuhan Petronas, takut hilang pula jawatannya.

Dia sedang shok jadi Menteri tu...biarkan....biarkan!

Shabery is no better dan the previous Minister of Information.