09 July 2008

UMNO, a personal belonging

I have been receiving numerous calls from many leaders of branches in many UMNO divisions in Negeri Sembilan lately requesting me to meet them to discuss on current issues surrounding UMNO.

Many of those calls come from concerned grassroot leaders who are not pleased with the way UMNO is faring after the General Election on the 8th of March.

One of the calls came from Tampin division who was so crossed by the code of ethics that governs the coming party election which he considers a dreadful act of desperados.

Another call came from Rembau division who fiercely complained about the Division Head whom he thinks is not a material of a good political leader because he treats the party as his personal belonging.

Rembau UMNO Head of Division coincidentally is the Menteri Besar for the state and Khairy Jamaluddin is the Divisional Youth Head who also holds the position of National Youth Deputy Head.

I have been having the impression that Division is headed by an impregnable person whom I know very personal long before he ascended to the current position.

He is a person who is blessed by wealth and rubs shoulders only with the rich and famous and he used to impress upon me of his unassailable leadership strength in the state.

I was always a friend of his but only until he became the chief of the state after which I heard nothing about him until the recent dismal performance of BN in the state during the last General Elections when the state government he led was almost flattened by the opposition party.

Obviously he has to take accountability for the pitiable performance in the General Election as the issues surrounding his family’s interference in the state administration were widely gossiped by everybody in the state.

I was told that he is changed man. He does not conceal his ego and looks down on everybody except to the rich and famous and enjoys the benefit of being amused by the circle of weak and non-consequential political apple polishers around him.

Some sent me e-mails telling me that he respects nobody and suspects everybody, hence that explains why he chose to trust only his family members and in particular his eldest brother whom he appointed to be the Secretary of the State UMNO Liaison committee.

Parallel to this issue many UMNO members in the state are conclusively in the opinion that his inferior feeling is too obvious when he selected only weak and unviable individuals to be UMNO’s candidates in the last General Election.

Obviously, the choice of misfit candidates was one of the main contributing factors to the disparaging losses of BN candidates in the General Elections.

I took this discontentment with no revelation. The irritations of UMNO members are heard and found at every corner and the gossip about leaders is just like breakfast and soup of the day.

Quite frankly Mohammad is too little a politician but trying to be like one, and along the way he continuously fumbles himself with his sharp witty answers to problematic constituents and that was too hurting for anyone to bear.

His mannerism to the old has got to be improved instantaneously, never allow his wealth and richness drives his ego too far to the extent of rubbishing everyone else’s opinion.

He has to abide to the fact that he is not the first MB of the state and don’t allow people to compare his skill in managing human beings to his predecessors.

His promise to be an MB with unassailable and indisputable person in charge over his predecessors has not been seen to live and this made him very vulnerable to the eyes of the voting public.

He must stop being a proud man. In few of his speeches he courageously said that he chose to become an MB not for wealth, but he came in for this position purely to incessantly serving the people.

He told the audience that the wealth he personally has can last for more than 4 generations, and sincerely that was the first time in the whole of my life hearing a person claiming him with bundles of wealth and richness.

That kind of wordings in a speech at a formal function is too unbecoming and made the people listening it taken aback as they don’t expect that kind of cheap ‘self-promo’ to come from an MB.

That was too crude to come from the mouth of the chief executive of a state and I was so depressed when I heard it.

All these little things make vast differences between persons and individuals and it tells whether one has the basic finesse to become an impregnable leader.

Lastly, from what we see and hear, let us come to conclusive opinion that Mohammad is still way behind what he aspires to become.

I wish to talk to him hoping that he could lend his ears, but I was impressed by many that man like me is no more within his wavelength to make up a conversation.

However I believe he will be back to his real self once he starts believing that ‘God works mysteriously' on everyone and being.

That is all for the day.

Thanks…………………………………………………..Aspan Alias.


pakbelalang said...

Pak Lah must be honest to himself that he is just not capable to lead the country, period. He does not have the quality of a Prime Minister.The rakyat have made up their mind and have come to a solid conclusion that after 5 years of running the government he has failed miserably to move the country forward. I think it is enough for him to taste the position of a Prime Minister. What is the point of holding to power when he is not able to deliver and has lost the respect. Respect is to be earned and he could not get that respect anymore. He should not continue to be in a state of denial. He is cheating himself. So it is better for him to resign gracefully rather than being ridiculed by the rakyat. He should be ashamed of himself knowing very well he could not be an effective Prime Minister. Why must he wait any longer? He does not deserve to stay on anymore. The writing is clearly written on the wall.

UMNO members must do somthing to tell Pak Lah loud and clear that he has overstayed his welcome and must go gracefully.It is not fair for the rakyat to continue depending on him knowing very well he will lead the country to NOWHERE !!

Anonymous said...

Kudos sir on your latest no holds barred comments with regards to the ALL Hassan administration in our beloved home state ..

His arrogance will be his downfall and to think that he is just a proxy or machai to the late Tan Sri says it all ...

He is just bloody nothing who is just desperate to be in the inner circle of the political masters ..

Lets just wait as see him make a bigger fool of himself in the days to come ...with the help of Azman of course ...


Unknown said...

Salam Saudara aspan,

''Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god.'' -
Jean Rostand, Thoughts of a Biologist (1939)

Some people just like to be the ultimate..kadang2 pengecut selalu berkelakuan sebegitu, takut akan hilang segalanya sehingga semua orang tidak dipercayainya..dan akan mula menindas....

tidakkah mereka tahu sepertimana saudara katakan "God works mysteriously' on everyone and being.Saya percaya bahawa "Mahkota kemanusiaan ialah rendah hati".

Pemimpin yang sedemikian bongkak,sombong dan takabur tidak diperlukan dan tidak akan membawa kebaikan pada masyarakat kecuali pada "golongan tertentu " kerana Barangsiapa memusuhi orang yang di bawahnya, hilang kewibawaannya.


P/s..minggu depan kita kena teh, klu saudara aspan sudi...banyak ingin saya pelajari dari saudara aspan

mamak teh tarik stu ,gelas kosong dua, royi canai kasi potong dua

Aspan Alias said...

Joe, u can see me anytime. I am actually waiting for your date. Kita pekena teh tarik satu gelaih.

Aspan Alias said...

Arcadia, N Sembilan is beatiful state of Adat but being ruined by leaders of tidak beradat.

I suggest u come forward and help us to do the massive repair job on the state.

I wish to see you in due course

Aspan Alias said...

Pak belalang, You are indeed having an active mind and you have shared a lot of crude and refine input to the problems facing us and the manner the repair job should be done.

I am of the opinion that we shoul meet anddicuss matters pertaining to the current situation.