24 July 2008

Contest for Youth Head - Hotbeds for Corruption

UMNO youth wing is soon becoming the hotspot with the imminent contest for the top position with the departure of Hishamuddin Husein from the helm of the movement.

Meetings with the aspiring contenders or their agents are exciting, action-packed and enthralling.

Khairy Jamaluddin is obviously going to be at the fore front in securing nominations for the youth head because of his father-in-law/son-in-law relationship with the Prime Minister.

Some came to me claiming that the cash and notes have dripped down to the divisional youth heads and his agents and the fight for the youth head can be the hotbed for seriously corrupt money politics.

It’s so advantaged to be married to the Prime Minister’s daughter as it so smooth to get what we want to have.

I am too old to think of having another wife and to be married to the PM’s daughter, but even if I try to propose the PM does not have any other daughter than the one married to Khairy.

Even if he has another one to propose, it is very odd for me to have a father-in-law who is just fractionally older then me.

Khairy is good in investing for his future and the investment so far earns him good dividends and sharp rise in the ‘stock’ he holds.

Among the competitors for Khairy are Datuk Zahidi, Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir and Dato’ Seri Mohd Khir Toyo who don’t have father-in-laws who were the Prime Minister of the country.

Other than Mukhriz, the other 2 come from an ordinary family who crafted their names in politic by themselves without resting their laurels through the names and status of their parents or their in-laws.

I am more tending to choose a youth leader who comes from an ordinary family as he is easy to be with and understands the problems and idiosyncrasies of the younger generations.

The biological sons of our great leaders has proven to be ineffective and contribute too tiny to the party as they were not used to going through rough life.

They tend to be relatively aloof and understand too little about what sufferings mean.

We can see living example of these kind of leaders:- Najib, Hishamuddin, Taufek Ismail and quite a number more who are all ineffectual and crash before taking off.

They were lifted to high positions because of the names and decorations of their fathers and had never had the actual feel of the people on the ground.

Hishamuddin has not performed well as the head of youth wings as he has not been able to appreciate the problems of the younger generation who face mountable tribulations in life especially so in time of economic recessions.

I trust Mukhriz is a potential failure if he becomes the successor to Hishamuddin.

We will be able to assess Mukhriz ability to lead once his father is no more living as he is seen just as the spokesman for his father.

Khir Toyo has to do a lot of refining job as he has a stigma of being a vulnerable MB for Selangor which I hate to elaborate.

As for Khairy, he does not even know what UMNO is all about as he was not even bred in this country. This boy became ‘well-known’ only after he ‘courted’ the PM’s daughter whom he finally wed.

I was convinced by many in Rembau that he has called for the committee meeting only once since he became the youth head for that division.

He would be accompanied by large group of big bikers and fleet of flashy cars and please agree with me that is too ‘unMalay’ to be fitted within UMNO.

This culture is definitely a new ethnicity which we generally called as ‘Mat Rempit’ cultural revolution.

So now we are left with Datuk Zahidi, who hails from tiny state of Perlis, a self-made and budding politician who is very casual in his interactions with friends and foes in politics.

He has brief experience in the government and long occurrence with UMNO politics and surely he is a very forgiving character for the old and the young.

I have strong basis to say that he is relatively the most reconciliatory candidate among the four aspirants that the youth should consider to lead the movement.

In a day or two I may have the time and space to write a bit of elaboration on this likeable man who has everything averaged down and lead relatively simple life.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Say "No" to Khairy Jamalludin

pakbelalang said...

Pak Lah dan Zaid masih lagi tidak mahu kemukakan jumlah pembayaran ex-gratia kapada umum kerana masih lagi hendak menghormati kehendak bekas hakim-hakim yang telah di pecat dan didapati bersalah oleh Tribunal yang telah dilantik oleh Agong.

Sungguh ganjil sekali sikap kerajaan haprak Pak Lah yang kononnya hendak buat reformasi sistem kehakiman, badan rasuah, keterbukaan, akauntabiliti dll. tapi hak rakyat untuk mendapatkan maklumat tentang pembayaran "HARAM" ini dinafikan. Mana lojiknya? Wang ex-gratia itu adalah hak rakyat dan ianya mesti diistiharkan kapada umum. Janganlah hendak berdalih lagi dengan kedegilan untuk menyebelahi bekas-bekas hakim yang telah terang dan nyata di hukum bersalah. Mengapa harus kerajaan mempertahankan mereka seolah-olah mereka ini macam "wali".

pakbelalang said...

Why Pak Lah is reluctant to step down is because he has not enjoyed enough at Seri Perdana with his family. To him 5 years staying at Seri Perdana is too short a time to live a luxurious life. He and his family are actually suffering from cultural shock. That is why for the first few years as Prime Minister he was travelling overseas most of the time trying to get exposure and to be recognised as statesman. But what has he achieved so far? Nothing at all. He came back learning nothing from his numerous trips overseas except just making standard diplomatic speeches prepared by government officers during his state visit to various countries. The rest of the activities were actually free holdays for him and his family at the expense of taxpayers money.

Pak Lah is actually being spoilt by his pampered family expecially KJ, Nori and Kamaludin. Added to this,the haprak and HP6 officers in the 4th floor also play a major role in "brainwashing" Pak Lah in every decision making process. Pak Lah seems to behave like "dungus" and that is why a lot of his decisions were "flip flop"!!

So you can safely say Pak Lah does not have a mind of his own. He is not an intelligent person. He is so dependent on others to feed him with ideas but unfortunately he could not absorb all the raw ideas put forward to him and apply them into effective use.At the end of the day, he became a confused Prime Minister and everything he said all topsy turvy and became the laughing stock of the rakyat.

Pak Lah should realise by now that the rakyat had made their decision known during the last election by rejecting his leadership. Having lost control of 5 states has shown clearly that he is a weak Prime Minister who is unable to move the country forward. He has not proven himself to be a "cemerlang, gemilang and terbilang" Prime Minister, a slogan he himself created but nothing has been achieved even by himself.

Now it looks like he is more or less not shy at all begging discreetly with all the UMNO Supreme Council members and all the Division Heads to give him a chance to stay on by mid-2010. What a shame to beg !! This is what we can call Pak Lah with an old Malay saying " hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong".

For UMNO leaders to agree to his "begging" to stay on is understandable. It is a reflection how these leaders are so desperate and would insist that the situation remain status quo, reason being if there is an immediate changing of the guard some of them might lose their position and disgracefully would have to follow the footstep of his boss, Pak Lah. I am very sure the new Prime Minister would reshuffle the cabinet. All this future scenario is in the mind of these leaders who are thinking more of their personal interest rather than the interest of the future of UMNO.

The latest news I heard that Pak Lah has told MB Mat Said not to allocate the 14 Mercedes to the Excos but to keep them for guests use only. That is a very stupid decision. Do they need to keep all the 14 Mercedes for guests use? I can bet you these 14 Mercedes will be misused and become rotten for sure, in due course. They will make use of these Mercedes as "pool" vehicles and use them arbitarily "24 hours on call" at their whims and fancy. Nobody will have control over the whereabout of the vehicles.Pak Lah's decision is just like " melepaskan batuk di tangga". I am very sure he is very embarrassed to have his MB acting like a "bad boy" which he could not control!!If I were Pak Lah what I will do is to negotiate with Daimler Benz to take back all the 14 Mercedes and treat those vehicles as their "demonstrators". They don't lose money at all. They can sell the vehicles after 6 months and treat the depreciation as part of their advertising and promotion expense. It is a matter of goodwill and understanding. Being a responsible corporate citizen the government could compensate Daimler in another form,for example, if there is a future need like requirement for fleet of vehicles for Heads of State coming here for international conference, the government could give them priority to buy Mercedes exclusively and later sell them off to the public.

I believe UMNO would not be able to stand tall anymore and will never ever get the respect from other component parties.UMNO is like "hidup segan, mati tak mau" .The stinking smell is intolerable. UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya .........is just a daydream !! Meluat !! (disgusting,indeed)

Anonymous said...

Umum telah tahu bahawa bekas hakim-hakim ini telah ditindas dan dipecat semasa zaman pemerintahan Dr. M dan apa yang umum tidak tahu ialah bekas hakim-hakim ini sebenarnya telah pun diiktiraf dengan pemberian wang pencen semasa khidmat mereka ditamatkan. oleh itu tiada sebab mereka ini harus diberi wang "angpau" seistimewa ini. Pengiktirafan dan wang ini diberikan semata-mata hanya untuk mengkaburi mata rakyat seolah-olah "keadilan" telah ditegakkan di zaman pemerintahan Pak Lah bagi menidakkan suara diktaktor Dr. M yang acapkali mengkritik pemerintahan Pak Lah.

Pembayaran wang ex-gratia adalah satu keputusan yang hanya menjaga kepentingan politik semasa tanpa melihat implikasi jangka panjang terhadap badan kehakiman dan perundangan Malaysia di mata pihak luar.

pakbelalang said...

Najib Hopes His Leadership Will Get Support Of New And Old Leaders

KUALA TERENGGANU, July 26 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Friday night said he hoped the country's leadership transition process in 2010 would go smoothly with the new administration in place receiving the support of all quarters, including new and old leaders.

The Deputy Prime Minister said if Umno was not supported by both old and new leaders, the party would have a bleak future.

He said the support of all quarters, including Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also president of Umno, was important after the transition so that he could lead the country well and continue the agenda to bring development to the people.


The above statement made by Najib was a very stupid one. It is not a matter whether he will get support from all quarters. Does he realise that this transition of power between Pak Lah and him does not get full support from the grassroot UMNO members.So how can he expect to get full support when the time comes for him to take over from Pak Lah by mid 2010.I am sure he will not be able to get the support that he desires. He will face a lot of criticisms from the grassroot and his fate will also be like Pak Lah. Haprak and HP6 !! Make no mistake about it. All the bloggers will monitor his performance and attack his administration from the day he takes over the premiership.He will face his life as a Prime Minister to be miserable and not smooth sailing. He has got a lot of political enemies waiting to find the slightest fault in his administration and grill him like "kambing panggang".

So in order for him to administer comfortably and be confident, he has no choice but to get a full mandate from the grassroot members in this coming UMNO election by asking the lame duck Pak Lah to step down immediately and fight for the Presidency post to make his position "morally legitimate" to the eyes of the rakyat. Becoming a Prime Minister through backdoor is undemocratic and not healthy. You must earn it through grassroot election, period. This is the best way out if Najib wants his position to be recognised and secured.

Najib must be conscious that people are observing all his statements with a "microscope". He must not make HP6 statements and behave like an idiot. His personal credibility together with Rosmah have being questioned and they are both very vulnerable to political attack. Whether Najib can survive in the next few moonths is yet to be seen. Pleaselah Najib, don't say the party future is bleak but in actual fact your future is BLEAK !!

Anonymous said...

Saya sebenarnya tak termakan dengan kempen saudara. Syarat untuk meletakkan mereka-mereka yang hanya humble background tak logik.

Kalau anak atau menantu PM tak boleh jadi KP, anak raja pun tak boleh jadi Presiden atau PM.

Kadang2 masaalah pemimpin dari class economy yang bawah, gullible kepada lupa diri dan mudah dirasuah. Ada juga anak raja yang gullible pun. Tak usah cerita. Benda lama.

Ia sepatut terpulang kepada individu itu.

Kalau UMNO hendak berubah, penting sekali pemimpin perlu berani, berbudi pekerti mulia yang disenangi dan boleh dipercayai dan meyakinkan.

Pada saya, Zahidi tak boleh berapa dipercayai. Mungkin dia cekap hingga dapat jadi Ketua Bahagian. Tapi politik Zahidi politik lalang.

Dulu dia marah pasal Pak Lah lebihkan Khairy. Kalau dari awal nak lawan Khairy, kekalkanlah. Tiba2 diam.

Dengar2 melobi untuk jawatan sana sini. Hingga sedang cuba untuk jadi Secpol di Kementerian2 AAB. Dah tak dapat, baru nak cuba.

Khairy terlalu banyak kontroversi dan tidak disenagi ramai. Khir Toyo ada imej problem. Dia fail pertahan Selangor.

Pada saya, anda seharusnya lebih ikhlas dalam assessment jika betul2 sayangkan UMNO sebagaimana yang saudara dok katakan.

Mukhriz lebih menunjukkan keikhlasan dan kejujuran dari yang lain. INi yang menyebabkan dia sering dikatakan tidak berdaya kepimpinan. Ini masaalah UMNO, seorang dikatakan hebat kepimpinan bila dia boleh berbelit2 dan bertipu helah.

Sebagaimana Ku Li boleh nyatakan pendirian, Mukhriz pun jelas dgn pendiriannya. BUkan seperti yg lain berubah2 pendirian (macam Zahidi?)

Satu lagi sifat Mukhriz yg boleh mencairkan hati orang balik kepada UMNO adalah sifatnya yang mempunyai budi pekerti dan sifat simple yang disenangi ramai.

Jangan lupa dia bergiat dalam masyarakat lagi lama dari semua yg bertanding dalam KP. Dia menunjukkan keikhlasan berbanding lain yg telah lama bertarung mengejar pangkat dan wang untuk meningkatkan pengaruh.

Sila baca temuramahnya dengan Sinar harian semalam JUmaat.

Mukhriz ada menunjukkan keberanian. Bila TDM tak ada pun, rasa dia masih kekal begitu.

Kalau sifat individu itu murni, insya allah, kepimpinannnya pun murni.

P/S Harap tuan berani siarkan komen ini.

pakbelalang said...

Ini pilihan saya, pemimpin yang boleh memimpin UMNO:-

Presiden - Tengku Razaleigh atau Najib

Timb Presiden - Mahyuddin

Naib-Presiden - Rais Yatim
Syed Hamid

The rest of Supreme Council members can be anybody except the folowing leaders who have expired their "tarikh luput kegunaan".

Muhammad son of Muhammad,
Tengku Adnan
Khir Toyo
Rahim Thamby Cik,
Isa Samad
Mat Said.

Ketua Wanita

Rafidah pun dan lama expired "tarikh luput kegunaan".Dah basi habis !!!

Ketua Pemuda

Mukhriz is the right candidate and should not be contested.

Ngairy (Jawa ke dia)or Khairy must be challenged for the Deputy Pemuda.

pakbelalang said...

Saudara Aspan,

I respect your view about Zahidi but I beg to differ on your glowing support for Zahidi.

I think Mukhriz is a better bet to lead UMNO youth. Make no mistake about it. Mukhriz is a rounded person and has the attributes to be a good future leader.

With regard to KJ, yes, I would agree with you that he should not be considered at all to go further up the ladder. What a mess he had done to UMNO !! If UMNO youth still have high regard on this "budak hitam", I think all of them are rather naive and gullible.

Hopefully, these young UMNO members will not make a blunder that can cause the future of UMNO falling like "Humpty Dumpty".

One point I would like to stress here is that I think you are contradicting yourself about biological sons of our great UMNO leaders. This is what you said:-

"I am more tending to choose a youth leader who comes from an ordinary family as he is easy to be with and understands the problems and idiosyncrasies of the younger generations.

The biological sons of our great leaders has proven to be ineffective and contribute too tiny to the party as they were not used to going through rough life.

They tend to be relatively aloof and understand too little about what sufferings mean."

So my question is how about Tengku Razaleigh whom you have been strongly projecting him to be the President of UMNO. !!

Does he know what sufferings mean or you might say that he is a very exceptional royalty who understands what sufferings are all about!!

In this case I think you are a bit bias!!

Jom we take a trip to Parit Bulat, Muar,kita makan mee bandung Muar !! Aku belanja kau, of course!!

Anonymous said...

Pemimpin yang harus memimpin UMNO:

PM - Tengku Razaliegh
TPM - Mahyuddin

Naib Presiden - Khalid Nordin
Naib Presiden - Rais Yatim
Naib Presiden - (tiada calon yang sesuai)

Ketua Pemuda - Mukhriz
Ketua Wanita - Shahrizat

Puteri UMNO - (tiada calon yang sesuai)*Harus dibubarkan pergerakan ini sentiasa memberi imej buruk semasa pilihanraya kecil atau pusat.