26 July 2008

Security of the nation or personal security

Changing a new set of leadership is not an option for us. It is obligatory, as the peoples’ confidence in the present leadership is at its lowest ebb.

The problem we are facing now is beyond politics of UMNO or the BN. This is about the nation and we can’t risk our future by living in denial any further.

The confidence in the leadership is in total devastation and there is no way the current set of leaders can address the wreckage done by them.

We can’t bear to see these kinds of leaders still loitering around as their impoverished leadership that may even risk the security in this nation.

We have seen many great nations lost their sovereignty in oblivion because of weak leadership and subsequently mislaid their independence to dubious foreign elements and finally became the victim of Neo colonialism.

Abdullah and Najib should just surrender to the people and resign unconditionally with fullest understanding and accept accountability for the nasty experiences of the people and nation under their administration.

To relinquish all positions in the party and public offices is the only option available for Abdullah and Najib so as to allow their successors assume responsibility consolidating the nation from the current feverish political ambience.

This move is very fundamental as they are the ones who fail to administer the great nation, the worst history can record since her independence in 1957.

Abdullah and Najib can live without encumbrances in repentance and allow the people to choose their successors through pure democratic system that we claim to subscribe.

We are failing in all turfs. We fail to barricade inflation which now has gone up to 8.2% for the month of August and the figure is rising with high magnitude.

The people have sacrificed to the optimum for this weak government by tolerating uncharacteristic and sinful leaders.

Conversely, the government and their leaders want the people to sacrifice their lives in return for their bluffs and lies to the public.

Highway concessionaires, for instance, are still milking us without mercy as all their agreements with the government was kept away from public knowledge by the Official Secret Act (OSA).

These concessionaires have not shown any clue of wanting to share the burden of the people who have been milked by them by reducing their toll rates.

The whole economy has gone kaput, and without proper leadership can certainly drive the nation to unmitigated calamities.

With the advent of world economic recession, we are going to suffer immensely, as our economy has not been properly managed by stable leaders with good technocratic quality and wisdom in politics.

We are at the mercy of our own faulty choices all the while so much so the defective political culture has been accepted as a median in our political system.

It is too undignified to tolerate careless leaders like Najib who does not even know how to care for his own self to the extent the public were made to believe that his wife was involved in Altantuya murder case, the hottest issue gossiped at the market place.

We just cannot comprehend how he is going to manage the whole nation if he does not even succeeded in managing his own domestic affairs.

Abdullah’s failure in managing the nation coupled with Najib’s scandalous image warrants not only UMNO’s attention but the rest of the component parties and other institutions with constitutionally provided power and the people as a whole.

We are now talking about security of our nation and Malaysian as truly independent and well regarded by international community.

The dependability of repairing the damages now rests on everybody without exception.

Allow the move be led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Let us have a bit of courage, and we shall not regret.

Let us all do it! ‘LET’S CHANGE!!’

Thanks………………………………………………..Aspan Alias.

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Anonymous said...

salam pan,

Pada 18hb Julai lepas, genaplah 14 tahun Haji Tahir majid meninggalkan kito. Sedokahlah AlFatihah kek dia, Pan.