21 December 2008

Happy New Year! Hoping for new scenes

The year is ending with multihued happenings. We are just at the foyer of the New Year both for the Muslim calendar and the lunar calendar month with lofty hopes for better future for the nation and Malaysian as a whole.

To the politicians the year has been very colorful with copious misadventures by committing loads and piles of mistakes through their foolhardiness that create vulnerable political environment for the country.

No one seems to be able to display good and convincing leadership dispositions for the people to lean on for good future of the nation.

Leaders, especially from the ruling party are the main contributory essentials for the spiteful experience the country has gone through and that became the strength and potency of the oppositions.

It is also the year that witnessed the total decay of inter racial unity which New Economic Policy (NEP) has developed and God knows who can do the repair job as the decomposition is almost irremediable.

The recklessness of governing leaders over the past 2 decades were ostensible as they went head on against the very policy of UMNO and BN which accepted the NEP as the basic principle of achieving the National Unity.

All the efforts by the NEP as the ultimate motive to achieve national unity have been displaced and anyone who is given the task to build it again would need another 3 decades to visualize the initial progress.

Even before disbanding the NEP in 1990 the Malays were openly criticized by their own UMNO leaders and the leaders themselves, and that was done unshielded in front of the naked eyes of the non-Malays.

Thus the 2008 is the year of when the interracial disintegration is at the lowest ebb that worries every thinking soul. The situation seems to be worst than the environment before 13 May of 1969 as I clearly remember.

By and large we have to agree that apart from inter-racial and inter party disintegrations; there are obvious problems in intra party and intra racial animosities within the other races.

MCA is cut to 2 halves and this would lead to unstable political circumstances that in the end would tax the credibility of BN in facing the next General Election.

GERAKAN is confronting internal problems and has made calls for their position in BN be reviewed as the party has blamed UMNO for the fall out in the last GE.

SAPP has unceremoniously left BN and that caused a big blow for the coalitions and seeing other component leaving the coalition is not something to be surprised at.

The international financial crisis is at the worst after 1930’s and there has not been any solid and affirmative planning to face the crisis which has slowly crept at our shore other than just listening to promises that the situation is being monitored but with no preemptive action to justify the ability of those leaders in circumventing the economic downturn.

The congregation of the G20 in Washington last month has not really shown any indication that the financial crisis can be solved in short due as the calls for the reinventing the BrettonWood 2 does not seem to materialize.

All these have very direct effect on the nation’s economy as our country is by far the most active trading nation in the region.

Those are among the many bad stories but the people are waiting for a new regime that can launch aggressive and drastic transformation for the country and that need a real and truly effective leader which we can’t find within the line-up of today.

May be we have to find solution to exercise and invent new mode of administration and that have to do something which we have not seen in our lifetime as yet.

The Malay rulers, leaders of the old and recent time have to come up with these invention as the country have to be insulated from any danger that may come from within and outside the country.

The total mindset has got to be change and only persons with the ability to accept new shape of thinking should qualify to be within the new administration.

For more than 2 decades I have been seeing that the only person of that stature with sound and quantitative leadership is Tengku Razaleih Hamzah as this man has never having to carry personal baggage with him.

Depending on UMNO delegates’ choice does not make anything good as the delegate system have proven everyone as defective for the future of the country.

The delegate system has invited massive corrupt practices in the election and it only rots the country to destitute.

Can we or can we not see any good changes within this period as time is running too short for the change?

I perpetually pray that God with grace us all and let see that we can witness the changes within this New Year.

Please remember on the 29th we Muslim will be celebrating the New Year with the month of Muharram.

I have no scientific explanation but my intuition says that changes are imminent for the sake of our great nation and for the purpose of guaranteeing the good fate of our generation.


Thanks………………………………..Aspan Alias.