21 December 2008

Happy New Year! Hoping for new scenes

The year is ending with multihued happenings. We are just at the foyer of the New Year both for the Muslim calendar and the lunar calendar month with lofty hopes for better future for the nation and Malaysian as a whole.

To the politicians the year has been very colorful with copious misadventures by committing loads and piles of mistakes through their foolhardiness that create vulnerable political environment for the country.

No one seems to be able to display good and convincing leadership dispositions for the people to lean on for good future of the nation.

Leaders, especially from the ruling party are the main contributory essentials for the spiteful experience the country has gone through and that became the strength and potency of the oppositions.

It is also the year that witnessed the total decay of inter racial unity which New Economic Policy (NEP) has developed and God knows who can do the repair job as the decomposition is almost irremediable.

The recklessness of governing leaders over the past 2 decades were ostensible as they went head on against the very policy of UMNO and BN which accepted the NEP as the basic principle of achieving the National Unity.

All the efforts by the NEP as the ultimate motive to achieve national unity have been displaced and anyone who is given the task to build it again would need another 3 decades to visualize the initial progress.

Even before disbanding the NEP in 1990 the Malays were openly criticized by their own UMNO leaders and the leaders themselves, and that was done unshielded in front of the naked eyes of the non-Malays.

Thus the 2008 is the year of when the interracial disintegration is at the lowest ebb that worries every thinking soul. The situation seems to be worst than the environment before 13 May of 1969 as I clearly remember.

By and large we have to agree that apart from inter-racial and inter party disintegrations; there are obvious problems in intra party and intra racial animosities within the other races.

MCA is cut to 2 halves and this would lead to unstable political circumstances that in the end would tax the credibility of BN in facing the next General Election.

GERAKAN is confronting internal problems and has made calls for their position in BN be reviewed as the party has blamed UMNO for the fall out in the last GE.

SAPP has unceremoniously left BN and that caused a big blow for the coalitions and seeing other component leaving the coalition is not something to be surprised at.

The international financial crisis is at the worst after 1930’s and there has not been any solid and affirmative planning to face the crisis which has slowly crept at our shore other than just listening to promises that the situation is being monitored but with no preemptive action to justify the ability of those leaders in circumventing the economic downturn.

The congregation of the G20 in Washington last month has not really shown any indication that the financial crisis can be solved in short due as the calls for the reinventing the BrettonWood 2 does not seem to materialize.

All these have very direct effect on the nation’s economy as our country is by far the most active trading nation in the region.

Those are among the many bad stories but the people are waiting for a new regime that can launch aggressive and drastic transformation for the country and that need a real and truly effective leader which we can’t find within the line-up of today.

May be we have to find solution to exercise and invent new mode of administration and that have to do something which we have not seen in our lifetime as yet.

The Malay rulers, leaders of the old and recent time have to come up with these invention as the country have to be insulated from any danger that may come from within and outside the country.

The total mindset has got to be change and only persons with the ability to accept new shape of thinking should qualify to be within the new administration.

For more than 2 decades I have been seeing that the only person of that stature with sound and quantitative leadership is Tengku Razaleih Hamzah as this man has never having to carry personal baggage with him.

Depending on UMNO delegates’ choice does not make anything good as the delegate system have proven everyone as defective for the future of the country.

The delegate system has invited massive corrupt practices in the election and it only rots the country to destitute.

Can we or can we not see any good changes within this period as time is running too short for the change?

I perpetually pray that God with grace us all and let see that we can witness the changes within this New Year.

Please remember on the 29th we Muslim will be celebrating the New Year with the month of Muharram.

I have no scientific explanation but my intuition says that changes are imminent for the sake of our great nation and for the purpose of guaranteeing the good fate of our generation.


Thanks………………………………..Aspan Alias.

22 November 2008

UMNO - A Destitute Party

UMNO has already at the point of desolation and it seems to be irreparable.

There are a few members who are valiant enough to submit reports and prove to Disciplinary Committee and the Anti Corruption Agency (BPR) over the issue.

1000 complains so far…small but too big for a ruling party that is entrusted to rule the country to bear…and please believe me that it is just at the tip of the iceberg.

God knows how long it is going to take to settle the issue, and as a long time member, I must insist that all these complains must be attended to and settle the issue amicably.

Judging from the number of complains, it is more than fair to conclude that the party is at the terminal stage as the people is now aware of the mischievous affair the ruling party is facing…it is unforgiving!

As Dr Mahathir has rightly said at Putra Jaya 3 days ago, the whole leadership should be replaced in order to face next General Election.

The party image just can’t make the party acceptable to them any longer.

“Don’t just address the pain, we should address the real disease!” said one party veteran at coffee table yesterday.

“Corruption and misuse of power is just the pain, the disease is the kind of leaders sitting at all levels in the party. It is their attitude, how they perceive issues and whether they know why they are there,” he continued.

“How do you think the problems can be possible?” I asked.

He said, "Start the nation all over again! The constitution has provided all the mean and medium of change. Start UMNO all over again and reconstitute it."

"MCA and MIC should follow suit! If it is not done the country is going to be devastated. Just find that somebody who is trustworthy enough to handle the issue and reconstruct the nation again."

“This is not the first time that the country is reconstructed, Tun Razak did it in 1974,…and it lasts until today. We see no reason not to do it if we really eager to see our nation is save with solid National Unity.” He kept on talking.

I know what he meant; even if the people vote in PAS or any other party ruling the country, the nation would still face problems as the inter-racial interaction is at critical stage.

We can’t afford the bloody happening anymore…we want to live in solace within the boundary of harmonious nation.

It is not just UMNO problem or PAS or PR problem; it is the national problem in totality.

BN, PR or any other party ruling this nation would not be the same anymore if the total national rectification is not done.

To conclude I must say starting anew is the answer to the current acrimony in the country.

Just think about it! If it need be we can do the deliberation anytime when it is needed.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias

12 November 2008

Ex-gratia hakim diperbesarkan, orang politik belasah ribuan juta tidak dihiraukan

Isu pembayaran ex-gratia hakim-hakim yang dipecat dan digantung dalam isu Tun Salleh Abas kembali menjadi bahan polimik di banyak tempat dan suasana sekarang ini dan tentunya ada politik di sebaliknya.

Bagi saya, isu ini sepatutnya tidak diperbesarkan, kerana jumlahnya hanyalah RM10.5 juta sahaja, tidaklah sebanyak jumlah bailout syarikat seorang anak kepada bekas Perdana Menteri pada tahun 90-an dahulu yang melibatkan setengah billion ringgit.

Jumlah itu dibahagi-bahagikan antara 6 orang hakim yang telah dipecat dan digantung tugas dengan cara yang tidak baik.

Jika hakim-hakim ini dibayar RM10 juta setiap bulan sekalipun, ianya akan memakan masa 500 bulan pembayaran untuk menyamai belanja yang ralyat bayar untuk bailout syarikat seorang anak bekas Perdana Menteri itu.

Itu baru kos pembiayaan seorang anak pemimpin UMNO, sedangkan rakyat tahu ramai lagi pemimpin-pemimpin yang merobek dan melakukan rasuah dalam jumlah ribuan juta ringgit kalau dicampur-campurkan rasuah yang dilakukan oleh semua pemimpin yang terlibat.

Apa kita sudah lupa bagaimana seorang pemimpin yang berkuasa yang terlibat dengan isu right issue UMBC yang melibatkan RM200 juta pada tahun 80-an yang akhirnya rakyat yang membayarnya?

Masihkah kita ingat bagaimana Fleet Group dirobek oleh pemimpin yang rakus dan ini merupakan syarikat kepunyaan kita ahli-ahli UMNO?

Sudahkah kita lupa kerugian RM600 juta dalam kes Maminco dalam tahun 80-an dahulu?

Jangan kita lupa apabila Bank Negara rugi lebih daripada RM35 billion dalam kes pasaran wang antarabangsa, yang akhirnya diisytiharkan rugi cuma RM9 billion setelah menjual banyak harta Bank Negara.

Tanya Menteri Kewangan Kedua kita sekarang ini tentang isu ini, kerana beliau adalah Ketua Bahagian, Treasury Bank Negara semasa kejadian itu berlaku. Kalau dia ikhlas memberitahu, kita akan dapat tahu cerita yang sebenarnya.

Allaahai……banyak lagi orang muda yang bercakap politik hari ini tidak tahu dan memahami perkara-perkara dahsyat yang berlaku dalam pentadbiran yang lalu.

Elok kita tidak membesarkan isu ex-gratia hakim-hakim ini kerana Tun Salleh dan rakan-rakannya dalam badan Kehakiman memang dipecat kerana keputusannya untuk memanggil kesemua 9 Hakim Mahkamah Agung dalam kes rayuan sebahagian ahli UMNO untuk menghidupkan kembali UMNO lama yang tidak disenangi oleh pucuk pimpinan semasa itu. Pucuk pimpinan masa itu mahukan UMNO lama terus berkubur kerana mahukan UMNO yang baru dengan pendaftaran yang baru. Bukankah ini hakikat yang tidak boleh disangkal?

Pencorobohan Badan Eksekutif terhadap Badan Kehakiman semasa itu adalah tidak wajar, kerana Tun Salleh hanya cuba mempertahankan kebebasan Badan Kehakiman yang diketuainya sebagai badan bebas yang sepatutnya dikekalkan seperti badan-badan kehakiman lain di mana-mana negara yang demokratik.

Kalau dah Perdana Menteri yang nak menentukan siapa Hakim yang patut mendengar kes rayuan ahli UMNO untuk menghidupkan parti mereka, apa kejadahnya ada Ketua Hakim Negara?

Saya telah pun menulis dalam blog saya ini tentang mengapa Tun Salleh dibuang atau dipecat. Orang lama seperti saya melihat dan mendengar dengan mata kepala saya semasa itu, hanya kita tidak mahu mengungkit perkara yang sudah lama berlaku itu.

Sesungguhnya Hakim-Hakim ini terkorban oleh politik kotor beberapa individu dalam UMNO ketika itu. Selepas pemecatan Tun Salleh, Badan Kehakiman kita menjadi bahan ejekan dunia kerana tiada lagi kebebasan untuk melaksanakan tugas secara bebas dan professional sampai ke hari ini.

Saya menyarankan kepada sesiapa yang tidak tahu cerita sebenar bagaimana Hakim-Hakim itu terpecat elok jangan sambung polimik ini. Jangan kita berbincang perkara yang kita tidak tahu, nanti malu sebab nanti orang yang memperbodohkan kita akan ketawa.

Jika ada di kalangan orang ramai hendak mengetahui cerita sebenarnya, elok kita adakan forum terbuka dan saya sanggup untuk menjadi salah seorang daripada ahli panelnya, walaupun saya tidak ada latar belakang undang-undang.

Jika kita sentuh isu ini mahu tidak mahu ia akan melibatkan Presiden UMNO dan PM ketika itu.

Nanti ramai yang merah-merah muka pula. Kalau hendak juga tahu apa sebenarnya berlaku ‘yang tersurat dan yang tersirat’, saya ulangi kita adakan debat terbuka tentang isu ini…itu yang paling adil.

Sekian…………………………Aspan Alias

Catatan: Buku ‘Time For Change’ tulisan Puan Marina Yusoff patut dibaca oleh semua yang berminat untuk mengetahui segala-galanya tentang kes Tun Mohd Salleh Abas ini.

10 November 2008

Muhyiddin yang menjolok buah, Ali Rustam yang menyambut

Sewaktu kecil dahulu, saya selalu mengambil galah untuk menjolok atau mengait buah mangga dan setiap kali saya menjolok mangga itu saya akan meminta kawan-kawan saya untuk menyambut buah itu supaya tidak jatuh pecah ke tanah.

Selalunya yang menyambut itu tidak perlu bersusah-payah menerjah galah ke dahan-dahan; kerjanya hanya menyambut dan menerima buah-buah jolokan saya itu dengan mudah.

Peristiwa ini mengingatkan saya kepada seorang pemimpin yang nasibnya sama seperti saya menjolok buah dahulu.

Pemimpin yang saya maksudkan ialah Muhyiddin Yassin yang telah menerjah galah kepada Abdullah Badawi dan apabila Perdana Menteri itu turun yang pasti mendapat buah yang lemak itu ialah Najib, suami Rosmah Mansor merangkap Timbalan Perdana Menteri sekarang.

Sekarang Najib selesa dengan pencalonan yang penuh sedangkan Muhyiddin pula terpaksa berhadapan dengan Ali Rustam yang mendapat sokongan Abdullah dan juga mendapat doa restu daripada Najib untuk menang jawatan Timbalan Presiden.

Kata orang, tuah ayam nampak dikaki, tuah manusia siapa yang tahu? Ali sememangnya menjadi idaman Najib untuk menduduki kerusi Timbalan Presiden kerana Ali tidak akan banyak karenah jika menjadi timbalannya.

Di samping itu, puak yang bersimpati dengan Abdullah pula akan memberi sokongan kepada Ali atas sebab-sebab yang orang ramai tahu iaitu untuk mengenepikan Muhyiddin yang mulut celupar yang menyebabkan Abdullah terpaksa berundur.

Yang menariknya lagi Najib pula berkata, “The more the merrier” apabila jawatan Timbalan Presiden itu ditandingi oleh 3 orang calon apabila Muhammad Taib juga layak untuk bertanding.

Najib mampu bercakap seperti itu kerana dia sudah selamat dan boleh tidur nyenyak sampai ke pagi, tetapi Muhyiddin masih terjaga tengah malam berkali-kali untuk menunggu hari nak siang.

Ternyata usaha Muhyiddin untuk menumpang kekuatan Najib dengan meminta supaya semua bahagian mencalonkan Najib sebagai presiden, sebagai satu usaha yang sia-sia.

Najib seperti sifatnya yang semulajadi tidak mahu memberi komitmen terhadap Muhyiddin yang bertanggungjawab menjatuhkan Abdullah untuk kepentingannya tidak mahu memberi komitmen untuk menyokong Muhyiddin secara terbuka.

Adalah natural bagi Najib untuk berasa selesa jika Ali Rustam menjadi Timbalan Presiden kerana Ali akan mudah untuk dikendalikan.

Ali akan sokong Najib tanpa belah bagi selaku Perdana Menteri.

Ali memang menyokong taat kepada sesiapa sahaja yang menjadi PM, malah keputusan beliau untuk bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden ini adalah tanda taat setianya kepada Perdana Menteri, Abdullah Badawi.

Jika Ali berjaya menjadi Timbalan Presiden, ramai yang berpendapat bahawa sepupu Najib, Hishamuddin Husein akan menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri kerana Ali hanyalah seorang Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Melaka.

Itulah sebabnya kumpulan Najib berusaha sepenuhnya untuk memenangkan Hishamuddin sebagai Naib Presiden.

Intuition saya berat mengatakan bahawa Muhyiddin akan mengusap jari seperti cucu saya yang berumur 10 bulan itu.

Kalau suatu ketika dahulu Tun Abdul Razak memilih birasnya Tun Husein Onn sebagai Timbalannya, tidak beberapa lama lagi Najib Tun Razak akan melantik sepupunya untuk menjadi Timbalannya.

Akhirnya kita semua dalam UMNO hanya menjadi hulubalang untuk keluarga yang sama buat selama-lamanya.

Kadang-kadang kesian juga saya tengok nasib Muhyiddin ini, tetapi apakan daya nasibnya itu adalah ditempahnya sendiri.

Sebelum sampai tarikh pertandingan itu saya cadangkan jenguk-jenguklah orang-orang Johor sendiri.

Muhyiddin tidak boleh salahkan sesiapa jika dikorbankan oleh orang yang berjaya disebabkan oleh pengorbanannya.

Muhyiddin mungkin orang pandai tetapi kebijaksanaannya kurang.

Sekian…………………………………Aspan Alias

07 November 2008

UMNO, the detestable party

I have been trying to bring to a halt talking and writing about this loathsome and detestable party, called UMNO, but I am in vain.

The deterioration of the party has become too unambiguous and it’s already a pain in the ass to everybody, men and women, Malays,, Chinese, Indians, businessmen and unemployed and everybody who at least have an unclothed grey matter who can think.

I have also heard some calling UMNO as a pest to the country.

Malaysians are watching very closely all the shenanigans and the pranks of top leaders and quite frankly the subsequent comings and goings of the party and the government is very predictable.

Everybody knows that UMNO is despicable in the eyes of the voting population as the party is ruled and managed by corrupt, untrustworthy, criminal prone, compulsive and impulsive liars, and clownish who are under the watchfulness of the people.

All the leaders are caught in a tight web of top leaders who in turn have unseen influence from dubious foreign power or even from their influential spouses which may endanger the national security.

No one among us should stomach this dangerous state of affairs as we are the ones who are going to suffer if not mitigated in one way or another swiftly.

Mohd Najib can’t even handle his own race or at least one of his family members and one can envisage how he is going to manage other races other than to concede blindly all their demands and quests at the expense of his or our own struggles.

Weak and playful leader like Najib would certainly not have the ability to strike the conciliatory balance on matters pertaining to the intertwining interracial complication which is now at a critical stage.

Parallel to this local political impurity we are already facing mountable international economic and financial crisis and his brief enrolment in the Nottingham University would not help him (Najib) to address this gigantic scale crisis.

The finance ministers of the European Union just concluded their emergency meeting in Brussels and they are serious in finding solutions to the financial crisis and to prepare cohesively for summit meeting of the G20 when they congregate in Washington next week for real serious meeting.

Conversely we are still talking about trivial matters centering on uncharacteristic images of our top leaders and the wickedly perceived future first lady of the country, the subject that is widely gossiped at every corner of the nation.

This has got to be stopped, and if need be Najib should morally resign to keep the mind of all Malaysian at peace to focus on rehabilitating the nation to the level we used to enjoy with
We are not interested in listening to personal matters of anyone, as the economic stimulus actions by every nation, big and small in facing the economic upheaval, do not receive positive response.

The well received election results in the US fail to be the stimulus for economic recovery and stock markets in American continent and Europe are tumbling with no positive signs of improvement.

Lowering of interest rates which usually boost the stock market does not strengthen he industry and so far the application of the entire conventional economic correction formula do not auger recovery even at marginal rate.

The crisis of this range has not been experienced by our generation and we need real technocrat and expert to handle this sickening environment.

It is too unfair to think that Najib can handle this unimaginable scale of economic meltdown and this opinion may offend his lieutenants, but a fact remains a fact and let us all accept this basic truth.

We have no time and space to amuse anyone as our generation is at stake. If UMNO cannot come up with viable and trustworthy leaders to lead the party, it will be an exhibit in the National Museum, at Jalan Travers in just few years.

It is enough for the day…and before I pen off can I have just one person to agree with me?

Thanks………………………..Aspan Alias

06 November 2008

UMNO cracks beyond recognition

The cracking in UMNO is far and wide and the party is beyond recognition, hence it has ceased to be the protector of the Malays and the nation as why it was put in existence.

The nearer Najib to the Premiership the more apprehensive we are as we are going to be in another long haul of enmity in politics trying to mend the wreckages he inflicted.

Najib through money and executive power with him can make every UMNO Division to nominate him as the party president, and become the Prime Minister but the rakyat at large do not see him to be a viable successor to Abdullah.

Najib can promise us the moon but we know UMNO will fling under his administration if ever he ascends to the premiership.

Najib is crashing even before he takes off, as the respect and regards for his ability to be irrefutable leader to keep the nation intact is zero and many wonder how he is going to lead the nation through next General Election.

In advance democracies anywhere in the world, image like Najib would not make him the Prime Minister. He has negative image centering on him and his wife who is talked about everywhere and every corner of the country.

Talks about JJ dishing out huge amount of cash for the purpose of nominating Najib are widespread and it is an open secret. We are bought through by our own money and resources through irresponsible delegates.

It’s all money…money…money! UMNO leaders are selling their souls!!

We can’t recognize UMNO anymore…..it’s beyond recognition!! Let us imagine how we are going to defend UMNO in next General Election with the screwed up image of the new party president?

It is reproachful! UMNO is too unfaithful to the Malays, to the rakyat and to the nation.

The line of leadership that we see are too adulterous to the nation and something has got to be done before it is too late.

UMNO has lost all bearings and it is moving towards disaster in swift velocity and they can’t bear to see their party destroyed.

Quite frankly the Malays are all at the crossroad and tendency for them to find alternative to unfaithful and traitorous UMNO is imminent as they already conclusive about the uncharacteristic leaders taking over the weak Abdullah.

The Malays are truly losing hope and the non Malays are having no regards to UMNO any longer and please tell me how UMNO is going to survive as dominant party.

The 2 alternative parties available for the disgruntled Malays are of course PAS or Pakatan Rakyat, and the consequent of the shift of support for alternative parties will be mammoth and palpable.

Having this background of politics is there any suggestion from any quarter as how to address the treacherous doings of UMNO to the people and to the nation?

What are the components doing about this? What are the Malay rulers doing? What are the constitutional experts doing?

Are we here just to look around helplessly witnessing the leaders of UMNO milking this nation?...looting and stealing the wealth of our nation?

Do we have at least a bit of sense of belonging for the country? OR are we just deaf and dumb?

Can we afford to be apathetic and unconcerned about what is happening around politics of this country?

If we want to see UMNO crumples, than Najib would be the best candidate to be the president for the party…and let us support him fully…after all he has been nominated to the position…and from now on just wait for the high fall.

It’s coming soon.

Thanks………………………………………Aspan Alias

01 November 2008

You pay me, I'll make you my leader

Money politics has been the odious culture UMNO has crafted to an extent that this Malay political party is decomposing up to the core.

UMNO is already a junk and debris that would be blown out of power by disillusioned voting public, and we don’t have to wait too long to see that to happen.

UMNO is no more a political party; it is already a business entity. Politically UMNO is a defunct and now it functions as a tool for businesses of politicians who have no business to be in business.

Some youth leaders at Divisional level are enjoying hard cash received in advance for their votes in the coming assembly and some have great tendency to sell their votes revealingly to all the aspirants for the youth chiefs.

I asked one of the delegates whether he has the sense of right and wrong when taking money from agents of the aspirants, and he spontaneously answered, “Uncle, that money they spend are all our money - tax payers money which they corruptly stole from us. I don’t have the guilt, no guilt at all!! At least this money can help to settle a bit of my bills.”

“If I don’t take it everyone else is taking it! It does not help the situation if I were to reject the offer,”
he said casually.

I could not answer it as I know that it is already an entrenched culture in UMNO and I know UMNO is already at the edge of high and slippery cliff just waiting for moments of high fall.

UMNO is over, and done with, and morally is already destroyed. I am helplessly witnessing the final dilapidation of the party and like many others, can do nothing other than biting my fingers in anguish….UMNO is in destitute.

I can’t help, but to conclude that this is what we inherit from Dr Mahathir…weak, corrupt, criminal-infested, unMalay, crooked and wicked leaders while he was focusing all his efforts for personal glories, profiles and legacies when he was in power for 22 years.

The history of this corrupt and untrustworthy party and government did not develop in 4 or 5 years; it started at least in 2 decades before this situation to come to this abhorring level.

Dr M has been condoning the corrupt practices by his people while he was in power and during Abdullah’s administration that practices just follow through expediently.

Dr M didn’t bring anyone to face the law, but wanted Abdullah to charge a few, who committed the offence during his (Dr M) administration.

Just to mention the obvious, Mohd Najib, JJ, Muhammad Taib, Annuar Musa, Shahidan, Rafidah, Daim, Khalil (who is now working in Malacca) and many others who are in the same category of image are all the products of Dr Mahathir.

Do we fancy to recognize that this as the success of Dr Mahathir?...Think and answer it to your ownself.

I am at the risk of being bashed by Dr M’s blind supporters but I have to come to term that the truth is always very pain to consume.

I must also admit that a good deceiver always win the heart of unthinking public.

But as a 57 year old citizen of this country, life is long enough to understand the real characters of leaders who are in the forefront. As Malay saying goes, “sudah boleh menyelam air di dalam tunggak”.

Everyone has the right to disagree with me now, but I prefer to get recognition of truth at the later stage, as ‘I want to smile last but the sweetest and laugh last, but the biggest’.

Thanks……………………………………….Aspan Alias.

30 October 2008

UMNO dan Parti Komunis Malaya senasib

Dalam sejarah negara, ada 2 buah parti politik yang diharamkan; yang pertamanya Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) yang dipimpin oleh Chin Peng, dan yang keduanya ialah parti UMNO yang semasa itu dipimpin oleh Dr Mahathir Mohammed.

Kedua-dua Chin Peng dan Dr Mahathir mempunyai pengalaman yang sama; parti yang dipimpin mereka diharamkan.

PKM diharamkan kerana Chin Peng dan parti itu cuba untuk berjuang melalui gerakan bersenjata maka kerajaan Malaya semasa itu mengharamkan parti itu daripada berfungsi di negara ini.

Walaupun parti pimpinan mereka sama-sama diharamkan, tetapi asas pengharamannya adalah berbeza.

Chin Peng lari ke hutan apabila PKM diharamkan kerana tidak bersetuju dengan pengharaman yang diputuskan oleh kerajaan sedangkan Dr Mahathir sengaja tidak mahu menghidupkan kembali UMNO yang telah dibatalkan pendaftarannya oleh Mahkamah Tinggi.

Dr Mahathir gembira dengan kematian UMNO kerana beliau boleh menyambung karier politik beliau dan berjaya menafikan keputusan Hakim Harun Hashim Mahkamah Tinggi untuk mengadakan pemilihan sekali lagi bagi jawatan Presiden dan Majlis Tertinggi.

Seksyen 70 Akta Pertubuhan 1965 memperuntukkan mana-mana pertubuhan yang diharamkan oleh Mahkamah boleh dihidupkan kembali oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri yang secara kebetulan ketika itu merupakan Dr Mahathir sendiri.

Beliau enggan menggunakan kuasa untuk menghidupkan UMNO itu kerana beliau sudah merancang untuk menubuhkan UMNO (Baru) yang kita semua anggotai ini, dengan mewujudkan Jawatankuasa Penaja di semua peringkat.

Dengan bertindak demikian Dr Mahathir dapat mengenepikan musuh-musuh politik beliau. Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Husien Onn, Tengku Razaleiegh Hamzah dan ramai lagi pemimpin UMNO semasa itu dicegah daripada menyertai parti ini.

Saya sendiri di Kuala Pilah tidak dipilih untuk menganggotai Jawatan Penaja walaupun anggota jawatankuasa penyandang yang lain di seluruh negara dilantik menganggotai Jawatankuasa Penaja parti yang baru ditaja itu.

Bermula saat inilah UMNO mula retak walaupun Dr Mahathir begitu berjaya menyusun ekonomi negara, dan saham Dr Mahathir yang bercakap banyak pada hari ini, tidak kurang besarnya dalam memecahbelahkan orang Melayu dalam UMNO ini.

Maka tidak hairanlah retak-retak itu akhirnya membawa belah apabila lahir pemimpin-pemimpin lemah dan tidak jujur seperti yang ada pada hari ini, dan ramai yang bercakap besar pada hari ini hanya bergiat dalam UMNO yang baru ditaja ini.

Perjuangan Chin Peng ialah untuk menjadikan negara ini sebuah negara komunis dan asasnya ialah untuk memperjuangkan bangsa Cina yang chauvinistic.

Rakan-rakan kita daripada bangsa Cina berjuang berpanjangan dan kalau kita kaji secara halus kita nampak kejayaan mereka membina bangsanya ketahap kemajuan yang begitu tinggi dan mereka tetap satu bangsa yang bersatu.

Sebaliknya, UMNO masih terkial-kial untuk membina bangsa yang sepatutnya dibelanya kerana kekurangan komitmen untuk menjayakan perjuangannya.

Pemimpin Melayu dalam UMNO tidak sanggup berkorban untuk bangsanya kerana mereka mementingkan kedudukan dan kebahagiaan diri dan keluarga mereka sendiri.

Pemimpin Melayu sanggup membiarkan keburukan berlaku di hadapan mata mereka kerana takut kepada risiko yang mungkin mereka hadapi.

Perjuangan bangsa Cina adalah perjuangan global tetapi perjuangan kita Melayu adalah untuk keluarga sendiri, atau dalam bahasa yang lain ‘perjuangan cari makan’.

Siapa di kalangan kita yang sanggup berjuang dan menghadapi risiko, sedangkan orang Melayu tidak ada elemen perjungan di dalam jiwa mereka.

“The Malays walk on their stomach” itulah bunyinya satu perbilangan bahasa Inggeris yang digunakan untuk mendefinasikan orang Melayu dalam hal perjuangan.

Saya amat percaya pada perbilangan itu. Saya yakin orang yang berfikir tentu menerima pandangan ini.

Akhir kata saya ingin mengingati semua; baik Dr Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, Najib, Muhyiddin dan yang lain-lain dalam team itu semuanya berkira-kira business dengan bertopengkan perjuangan Melayu.

Percayalah! Semuanya akan terbukti dan kita semua akan berasa bahawa kita diperbodohkan mereka ini sekali lagi.

Jika panjang umur kita, kita akan sama-sama mengalaminya. Jangan disia-siakan pandangan saya yang kerdil ini.

Sekian…………………………………..Aspan Alias

28 October 2008

UMNO ulat tahi

“UMNO akan ‘bungkus’ dan berkecai!” kata ramai kawan-kawan yang bercakap di mana-mana. Sebagai ahli kepada parti ini saya berasa seram sejuk mendengar komen kawan-kawan yang begitu tegas.

Di setiap peringkat, pemimpinnya sudah hilang arah dan tujuan. UMNO dan ahli-ahlinya sudah terlalu jauh sesat dan kesesatan ini tidak mungkin terjumpa pedoman yang tepat untuk mencari jalan keluar.

Politik UMNO terlalu kotor dan saya pernah menulis tentang ‘ulat tahi’ di dalam UMNO sehinggakan UMNO itu menjadi parti untuk ‘ulat-ulat tahi’.

Pemimpin dan ahlinya suka kepada keadaan kotor dan tidak suka parti ini bersih sampai ke tahap UMNO itu macam tahi dan ahlinya macam ulat tahi.

Ulat tahi ini memang suka kepada tahi kerana tahi itu adalah dunianya dan tidak boleh hidup tanpa tahi.

Jika kita ambil dengan penyepit seekor dua ulat dalam tahi itu dan kita bersihkannya, ulat-ulat ini tidak akan merasa senang hidup dalam keadaan bersih.

Ulat-ulat ini akan merasa resah gelisah jika kita keluarkan dari tahi itu tadi. Tetapi apabila kita letakkan ulat-ulat ini ke dalam tahi kembali ulat-ulat ini akan merasa selesa kerana tempatnya memang di dalam tahi.

Kalau begitu keadaannya tentulah benar kata-kata orang bijak pandai, “The good is for the good and the bad is for the bad”.

Kalau UMNO sudah jadi tahi dan pemimpimpin-pemimpinnya sudah jadi ulat tahi, maka tidak syak lagi parti ini akan jadi parti sejarah bagi orang Melayu.

Kita sudah jemu dengan sikap para pemimpin UMNO yang sanggup menyalahkan ahli-ahli dan sementara mereka terus melakukan kemungkaran politik dan ekonomi serta budaya tetapi memaksa orang Melayu menyokong mereka membabi buta.

Rupa-rupanya apa yang diajar oleh rakyat baru-baru ini masih belum cukup untuk mereka ini. Kita tidak faham kenapa susah sangat kita mendapat pelajaran daripada apa yang berlaku ini.

Semasa kecil, saya pernah menjaga beruk kepunyaan datuk saya dan tugas saya ialah untuk mengajar beruk itu memanjat kelapa.

Saya mengajar beruk ini untuk memilih yang mana satu kelapa masak dan yang mana satu kelapa muda supaya kami boleh menyuruh beruk itu memetik mana-mana kelapa yang kami mahukan.

Beruk itu dapat belajar dengan cepat dan dalam tempoh satu bulan saya boleh mengarahkan beruk itu untuk memetik biji-biji kelapa yang saya mahukan.

Tetapi malangnya ahli-ahli UMNO tidak berkemampuan memilih yang mana pemimpin baik dan yang mana pemimpin buruk laku.

Selalunya mereka akan memilih pemimpin yang tidak senonoh yang terlibat dengan berbagai-bagai kesalahan yang tidak boleh dimaafkan, semata-mata kerana upahan wang ringgit dan menjaga kedudukan yang tidak kekal itu.

Saya mungkin dibenci apabila berkata sedemikian tetapi apakan daya; kebenaran itu sememangnya amat pahit untuk diterima.

Saya rela dicemuh oleh sesiapa yang rasa terkilan dengan apa yang saya perkatakan ini, tetapi saya tiada pilhan selain daripada mengibaratkan keadaan ini dengan perkara yang begitu pedas dan menjijikkan.

Apabila UMNO terkorban oleh pemimpin pilihan yang salah ini, masa itulah mungkin orang ramai akan mengakui kebenaran yang saya perkatakan ini.

Masanya akan sampai untuk saya membuktikan kebenarannya. Tunggu sahaja.

Sekian……………………………….Aspan Alias

27 October 2008

UMNO - Barang tiruan yang tidak tahan lama

Kita orang Melayu sudah patut membuat persediaan berpolitik tanpa kekuasaan UMNO dalam jangka masa yang terdekat ini.

Mahu tidak mahu kita wajib menerima hakikat bahawa UMNO sudah sampai ke penghujung hayatnya dan ramai berpendapat bahawa UMNO akan akhirnya mati dalam era pentadbiran Najib dan Muhyiddin sekiranya mereka ini benar-benar akan menjadi pemimpin kita Mac ini.

Orang tua-tua selalu bercakap, “kalau nak makan apa-apa pun sekaranglah masanya, kerana jika kita dah mati kita tak akan dapat lagi makan-makan seperti ini”.

Begitulah juga dalam UMNO, jika kita nak puas berpolitik dalam UMNO sekaranglah masanya. Kalau nak ambil kesempatan untuk membolot segala kepunyaan kami itu, bolotlah sekarang, sebab UMNO akan ditalkinkan dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Secara moralnya UMNO memang sudah tiada lagi; yang ada hanyalah sebuah parti yang menggunakan nama keramat UMNO itu yang sedang menempa sejarah kehancuran dalam keadaan hina sekali.

UMNO yang sebenarnya tidak seperti apa yang kita lihat sekarang ini. Betullah kata ramai pemimpin veteran yang sudah pergi yang berbunyi, “barang tiruan memang tidak tahan lama.”

Bagi mereka UMNO ini adalah UMNO tiruan. Dalam UMNO asal, ahli yang pertamanya ialah Onn Jaafar bukannya Dr Mahathir Mohammed.

Sejarah pun sudah diubahnya, dan janganlah kita marahkan Singapura memulakan sejarahnya dari tahun 1819 semasa Sir Stamford Raffles menemui Singapura.

UMNO yang ‘ori’ itu pendaftarannya adalah pada tahun 1946 tetapi UMNO tiruan ini pendaftarannya adalah Februari 1988 sahaja.

Penubuhan UMNO asal adalah diasaskan atas penyatuan persatuan dan kelompok Melayu yang pelbagai untuk bersatu mencapai perjuangan Melayu sedangkan UMNO tiruan ini diwujudkan bagi menyelamatkan seorang dua yang ingin kekal rakus berkuasa.

UMNO asal bertegas mempertahankan Islam, kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu dan keluhuran Perlembagaan sedangkan UMNO tiruan ini mencabul kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu dan meletakkan Raja-Raja Melayu di pinggiran.

Dalam UMNO tiruan ini perlembagaan diubah dan ditukar seperti menukar seluar dalam untuk disesuaikan bagi kepentingan pemimpin-pemimpinnya dan bukannya untuk menjaga kepentingan parti.

UMNO asal dihormati oleh rakyat berbilang kaum kerana maruah dan martabat pemimpin mereka dijaga rapi sedangkan UMNO tiruan ini dipimpin oleh manusia yang tidak dapat sanjungan rakyat malahan menjadi bahan cacian di merata tempat.

Saya pernah menulis dalam blog ini yang perbezaan antara UMNO asal dengan UMNO tiruan ini adalah seperti perbezaan antara Ziela yang pelakon itu dengan Ziela, maskot Tahun Melawat Malaysia yang diperkenalkan oleh Sabaruddin Cik dahulu.

Ziela, orang utan yang menjadi maskot itu berbulu seluruh badannya sedangkan Ziela yang asal hanya berbulu di tempat-tempat tertentu sahaja.

Walaubagaimanapun, kedua-duanya bernama Ziela dan tentu kita tahu dan faham bahawa kita sekarang bersama Ziela yang asal atau Ziela yang maskot itu.

Sekarang Ziela maskot itu sudah mati di Zoo Negara. Persoalannya sekarang ialah samada UMNO tiruan ini akan mati menuruti Ziela maskot itu ataupun tidak. Nampaknya potensinya besar.

Kalau masih tidak dapat membezakan kedua-duanya nasib perjuangan kita akan terkubur.

Kita patut mula berfikir bagaimana kita hendak berpolitik tanpa UMNO yang akan kalah dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Sekian……………………………………..Aspan Alias

24 October 2008

Musa wants new maladies

Tun Musa Hitam (TMH) came up with too general a statement saying that UMNO should be led by the young and do away old leaders who are still singing old maladies which misfit the current politics.

In actual fact, TMH was one of the main person who contributed to the initial destruction of UMNO culture but let us not read so much of his dubious history in UMNO. It’s sickening.

Let us just let us flick through the statement he made yesterday but promise not to take his opinion seriously.

What does he mean by young leaders? Young at age or young on ideas and political inventions or anybody as long he or she is young? Or does he mean young at heart as he is reputed to be?

To my mind, the person justified to lead is person who does not have any negative public perceptions, Malay at heart as well as a person who is magnanimous.

Even before he ascend to the premiership that person must be free from allegations of misconduct like corruption, murder, abuse of power and a good image of close family members which are cardinal to ethics of good and sound leadership.

Further to that, the person must have experience in a strong government and has gone through and overcome big National Crisis and have passed through all the mills of politics.

He must be a chap who has the experience in performing social, political and economic engineering which is the basic tenet of our multi-racial, multi-religions and multi-cultural like Malaysia.

He should be a technocrat in capacity and a person who is able to come up with strong and long term policy which is applicable in long decades of time.

Now I am asking TMH a direct but very simple question to answer; can anyone in line for leadership like Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishammudin Husein, Ali Rustam, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Muhammad Taib suit to the cap?

Do they really up to the mark and can they comprehend what all that mean? To them it’s either language of Greek or French and too risky for the country to have them as leaders.

TMH must resign to the fact that it is the young who are the group who do not appreciate the workings of UMNO because of the misconduct of the set of leaders who are now at the top in the party and the government.

That is the main reason why I always emphasize that it is not the work of Pak Lah alone but also the work of Najib and the rest; so it is too uncharacteristic to get Najib to succeed Pak Lah as Najib should withdraw together with him (Pak Lah).

One does not need to be a genius to answer; they do just not know the clue of what leadership is all about.

They just know how to solicit votes through dubious means in order to be up in the hierarchy.

You may not like my guts but shortly I shall emerge with prove that what I am now saying is full of truth and wisdom.

I suggest TMH just enjoy life as he normally does as he is not updated with real needs and wants of the people.

To those who know him well will admit that he is forever young and he does not intend to be old.

Thanks………………………………Aspan Alias

18 October 2008

The Special Court on Malay Rulers

The Special Court on the Malay Rulers, which was set up soon after the constitutional crisis in 1993, made its maiden conviction on a Malay ruler on the 14th Oct and this is a real history.

DYMM The Yang Di Pertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan, Tuanku Jaafar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abd Rahman was convicted and ordered to pay USD 1,000,000 to Standard Chartered Bank on a credit facility given to him quite a number of years ago.

Many, including me, take this as the beginning of the bereavement of the Royal Institution and the losing of a Malay identity which in decades to come would be an accomplished mission of anti Islamic group to dismantle the Malays as a race.

So, the immunity for a Malay ruler was then taken away for this purpose while UMNO leaders especially the top ones were enjoying immunity from litigation on offences they commit.

UMNO just went against the very institution they are supposed to protect for the leader’s personal politics and gains.

Out of 213 countries with governments we are the only race that is defined by the constitution of a country and unfortunately we are not proud of that provision.

Malay is always with a Ruler as defined by the Federal Constitution and the encroachment on the immunity of Malay rulers may only dent and place the identity of a Malay race in cavity.

Let us be reminded that UMNO is supposed to protect the Malays and not to prostitute them.

Putting a Malay ruler in court is also putting the whole Malay in court, and in this case putting all Malays in Negri Sembilan to court of Law.

The whole Malay community in Negri Sembilan is convicted and just do a little bit of thinking would prove what Dr Mahathir, Ghaffar Baba and the rest of the leaders then were all out to embarrass the Malays in totality.

We were never against any action on Malay rulers but it was not done in proper perspective as it was legislated based on vengeance and ill intended reason.

We were in the opinion that it is not proper to charge the Malay ruler with the Institution as the immunity has to be protected.

In this particular case Tuanku Jaafar should be temporarily abdicated and be sent to court as an ordinary citizen and in this case as Tunku Jaafar Tunku Abdul Rahman, not as DYMM Tuanku Jaafar.

Tuanku Jaafar was tried while he is still on the throne which is too heartache to stomach seeing the throne under litigation.

Every Head of State has the immunity. The President of United States has to be impeached first before he can be brought to court.

I dare say this in the open even there may be people who are displeased with my guts.

I am saying it for my personal record as time will tell the truth of what I am saying.

I am Malay and I want to remain so, even though many Malays are not with their race at heart anymore for their personal gains and glories.

I hope I live long enough to see at close range those Malays who believe they can go with their Rulers without immunity.

From now on they can enjoy seeing irresponsible politicians and leaders with immunity instead; where the corruptors, murderers, deceivers and other disorderly characters are well insulated from litigations with solid immunity with them.

I am saying all these not just for the sake of saying it; I am saying it because I am deadly worried about my race and my generation.

Yesterday the voices of the MCA youth Assembly wanting a Chinese to be the Deputy Chairman of BN is another clear manifestation of contempt for the Malays and the Federal Constitution.

This wouldn’t have happen if the Malay leadership is respected and well regarded by the fellow component parties.

UMNO leaders have been bent by the demands that are contemptuous to our pride and as a race by our united friends in the coalition.

As Malay adage goes, 'Lembutnya kita untuk disudu, kerasnya kita untuk ditakek'.

If I am no more living by the time the truth of what I am saying surfaces just recite for me ‘Al-Fatihah' once and I shall rest in peace ever after.

Thanks…………………………………………Aspan Alias

16 October 2008

Can we or can we not weather this economic recession

The economic slump that fractures the basic fabrics of world financial system, witnesses the falling and cracking of big world economies like the US and the Western nations.

This global collapse of economy is like what the world experienced in the 1939 recessions and the consequences to nations and their people were exceedingly grave.

Malaysia is no exception as we are in the top 20 trading nations and the effect to us is unimaginable and that needs a real leadership capacity to contain the spiraling economic uncertainties.

The magnitude of the downturn is so huge that it destroys the fundamental of economic and financial premises and that may need new and entirely fresh system in place of the current one.

The current system has proven to be obsolete and is not able to insulate the economy of the world and I am beginning to believe that with this environment would speedily brings the US to cease as the world power in next 2 decades or so.

This depression would change the political landscape of the world to a new appearance and we can see emergence of other nations to be the leader and the pointer to new world order.

Businesses in the US and other western nations in Europe are collapsing witnessing big corporations and giant conglomerates go bankrupt and the effect is global.

No one has ever imagine Lehman Bros and other banks go on a run and the bailouts by the US government on the financial institutions is very uncharacteristic move as the US has been criticizing many other governments which bail out corporations in financial trouble.

The question is, which system that can be viable alternative to the current failing one?

Who among us is able to formulate new and strong mechanism to solve the problem?

In the first place have our leaders done anything even at embryonic stage to face the advent of this great slump?

The highly propped Najib is the man who heads the economic administration of this country and everyone says that he has done nothing in the face of the current bleak situation except saying “we are monitoring the situation” whenever asked by the media.

Is he or is he not doing anything organic as preemptive move to face the imminent economic and financial crisis which is already at our shore?

He has been the finance minister, now already in the third week and till now he has not uttered anything comprehensive on his plan of economic reappearance for the country.

He does not have the privilege of having to go on probation for the job he newly acquired.

He should be hands on over issues surrounding economic affairs of the world and create confidence among the people.

Najib has to prove that the public perception on his inability to improve the economic and political situation to be wrong.

Please bear in mind that the rakyat just can’t stomach the pranks and shenanigans of fake and deceitful leaders any longer.

A few or many may not agree with me but it won’t take too long a time to prove that all my intuitions to come true.

Thanks……………………………….Aspan Alias

12 October 2008

Abdullah in oblivion

At last Abdullah has made an ultimate decision not to defend his position as UMNO President in the forthcoming party election and insiders whispered to me that he did it with disinclination.

He has a lot of reasons for him to feel so; all the blame for the failures in his administration was lumped on him alone and subsequently has to leave the party leadership and finally the government alone…may be in destitute.

He knew the accountability has to be collective; but he was maneuvered cunningly by Najib and many others who were supposed to resign together with him instead of replacing him.

He (Pak Lah) was too weak and reckless in his decision and that cost him his pride and he is going without any face saving device.

The lickers are leaving him right from the moment of his announcement and as I have forecasted umpteen of times that he would in oblivion politically soon.

There are some whom I personally know, who are jostling with joy with Pak Lah’s withdrawal and I quickly reminded them not to be too happy…too early.

The subsequent events that follow would determine whether we have anymore future as I see the advent of dangerous trend which eventually points for catastrophic sequence.

Grand vote sales and shopping is well underway and I see shifting the leadership from Pak Lah to Najib is building stronger fortress for corruption and power abuse.

The lickers are now loitering around Mohd Najib as many think that he is the heir to the world’s highest paid position, if we include the corrupt and ill-gotten monies and material in the pay packet.

He (Pak Lah) has been surrounded by double and triple faces around him. He knows all that pressure which comes from every corner was an act of insubordination by leaders close to him in the party and the government.

Somebody was in a rush to be the PM as a slight delay may make him miss the premiership due to personal liability he is now facing…and the difficulty is not small.

He (Pak Lah) was promised by Najib that the transition plan would be honored in the discussions but simultaneously Najib encouraged his supporters at the branches and divisions to call for the PM to quit instantaneously.

If it’s not an act of insubordination, then what is it called?

Pak Lah was intrigued by his deputy and few others around him and in the end we have to admit that the better deceiver wins.

I am just perplexed and mystified that big names with numerous decorations accorded to them can’t comprehend the fact that changing leadership from Pak Lah to Najib is no change.

UMNO would be certain of its demise as soon as next General Election is called. We must bear in mind that Najib was nakedly responsible for the poor showing of BN in the last General Election as he was the Director of the election then.

Why Najib was not held accountable as the Director of General Election?

Now the grassroots are solely responsible for the future of the party, and if they decide to take Najib to be the successor no one is to be blamed but the members themselves.

How is he (Najib) going to institute changes when he himself is in the system and culture which brought the party to almost total destruction?

Having Pak Lah or Najib to lead does not make any difference. They are all in one and one in all.

So please agree with me that the Malays are going through another lease of bleak and uncertain future as UMNO can be a real pest for the country and the people.

All of us have got to suffer once the truth surfaces.

UMNO is at the last lap of its existence if nothing is done seriously.

Tengku Razaleigh has been at the sideline for ages but he can become the savior for the race and the party, if the members get together and install him as the new party leader.

Let us see that he can be elected not for any other reason than to ensure the Malays survive this trying episode.

He can surely be able to exercise total National Correction to make up lots of other slip shots in this promisingly great nation.

Tengku Razaleigh has no personal baggage to carry and that is the cardinal prerequisite for this big task ahead.

Thanks……………………………….Aspan Alias.

01 October 2008

Sunyinya Aidilfitri kali ini

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri saya tujukan kepada semua umat Islam khususnya kepada semua yang berjaya melakukan ibadah secara intensif di bulan Ramadhan dengan jayanya.

Ucapan ini lebih khusus kepada mereka yang mengikuti blog saya ini dan saya tidak dapat menghulurkan tangan kemaafan kepada setiap seorang yang melayari blog saya ini.

Dalam bulan yang mubarak ini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk memohon sebanyak-banyak kemaafan jika terdapat kesilapan yang saya lakukan kerana saya seperti juga manusia lain ada banyak kelemahan dan kekurangan yang membawa kesilapan.

Saya banyak mendapat undangan daripada rakan-rakan yang menjemput saya ke rumah terbuka mereka dan saya akan cuba dan berusaha untuk hadir di mana yang saya sempat menghadirinya.

Walaupun saya bersama-sama menyambut hari yang mulia ini, kali ini merupakan Hari Raya yang pertama saya dan adik-adik serta keluarga menyambutnya tanpa ibu kesayangan kami yang telah kembali ke Arash menghadap Tuhan semesta alam yang Maha Esa.

Hari ini genap 2 bulan ibu meninggalkan kami, dan kadangkala tidak upaya untuk menahan air mata mengingatinya.

Saya dan adik-adik amat merasakan kesunyian tanpa ibu yang telah membesarkan kami dalam keadaan yang sangat sederhana kerana kami telah kehilangan ayah yang telah kembal keRahmattullah dan meninggalkan kami lebih dari 42 tahun yng lalu.

Saya memahami perasaan insan yang hidup piatu tanpa ibu bapa. Buat tahun ini saya tidak bercadang untuk merayakan lebaran ini seperti tahun-tahun yang lalu kerana kesedihan yang masih menyelubungi kami sekeluarga.

Jika ibu kami masih berada bersama pada Hari Raya seperti ini,ibulah yang paling sibuk menguruskan kami walaupun kami sudah dewasa dan sudah pun masuk ke dalam umur bersara.

Bagi ibu kami, anak-anaknya tetap kecil di kaca matanya walaupun kami sudah berusia.

Di Hari Raya seperti ini selalunya kami tidak payah melakukan apa-apa kerana ibulah yang mengatur segala jenis makanan dan juadah raya untuk anak-anak dan cucu-cucunya.

Kasihnya ibu tiada bandingan, luhur dan sentiasa berdoa untuk kami anak-anak agar hidup sempurna sebagai insan yang dirahmati Tuhan.

Saya rindukan leterannya yang sentiasa memberikan perhatian terhadap tingkah laku kami lebih-lebih lagi dalam isu perpaduan adik-beradik.

Baginya jika adik-beradik tidak bersatu maka hilanglah pandangan masyarakat terhadap keluarga dan kita tidak lagi berguna menjadi ahli sesuatu masyarakat.

Jika masyarakat membenci kita didunia ini maka itulah dalil jelas yang kita dibenci tuhan dan sia-sialah segala ibadah dan ubudiah semasa hayat kita.

Sayalah orang yang selalu mendapat leterannya kerana baginya saya mempunyai tanggungjawab besar sebagai anaknya yang sulung.

“Sakit pening adik-beradik mesti kau ambil berat, susah-payah bapa dan ibu saudara kau jangan kau biarkan begitu sahaja,” ibu mengingati saya acap kali.

Ibu sentiasa mengingatkan saya agar benar-benar menjadi abang sulung yang sebenar-benarnya sulung agar dihormati adik-adik serta sentiasa menyayangi adik-adik dengan sepenuh hati sebagaimana saya menyayangi anak-anak dan isteri saya.

“Hidup jangan melepaskan pucuk masing-masing sahaja,” katanya selalu kepada anak-anak. “Jika berpangkat dan banyak rezeki jauhi diri daripada sifat kufur kepada nikmat tuhan” dan berbagai-bagai lagi nasihat sehinggalah ke akhir hayatnya.

Dengan semua nasihat ini saya sangat merasai kehilangannya di hari lebaran ini. Saya tahu saya tidak akan dapat lagi merasakan keindahan berhari raya dengan ibu yang sangat saya sayangi.

Sekarang insan yang telah membina keluarga yang besar dengan kekuatan sendiri yang dianugerah tuhan ini sudah tiada bersama kami, walaupun mata hati ini sentiasa melihatnya, dan telinga ini masih terdengar segala-gala yang diperkatannya.

Hanya saya berdoa agar rohnya sentiasa berada di barisan roh-roh yang diampuni dan dirahmati Allah swt.

Yang pergi tetap pergi dan ini adalah hukum Tuhan yang Qadim yang tidak boleh dianjak dan dialih oleh kita yang bersifat Baharu ini.

Kepada semua saya ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri mohon ampun dan maaf atas segala kekhilafan dan keterlajuran kata-kata dan perbuatan saya selama ini.

Sekian……………………………Aspan Alias

23 September 2008

Power transition : Facts and Fallacies

The harsh global economic crisis has already reached our shore and that will be another occurrence that would be destructive to our political subsistence if not appropriately mitigated.

As it is now we are already in ruthless situation struggling vainly to manage life with the increase in prices of essential items needed for basic living.

So, to this point there are loads of ideas that come from everyone and I am sure it takes nothing to find the reconciliatory approach towards solving this disastrous economic quandary.

Right in front of us, the political situation seems very much unsettled; it is going to be terminal for this oldest party.

It’s not just being an economic graduates, one can guaranty and can claim having the capacity to decipher this massive and testing economic disorder.

What this country needs is a real and quantifiable planner, a technocrat and has solid political will with vast experience in using economy to re-engineer national unity which is the ultimate struggle of this nation.

I am not hating or attempting to sideline any aspiring leader to rise as alleged by few of my readers but telling the truth is an evident ingredient to achieve ultimate struggle.

Certainly a baggage carrier is an automatic disqualifier to ascend to power house. There are many among the aspiring individuals who should disqualify themselves and they themselves know why they should do so.

All the negative elements have percolated the leadership line-up and UMNO with the current bunch of leaders up there have to resign to help in mitigating the mountable tribulations UMNO is facing.

Many do not understand as to why the accountability only have to be held by Abdullah; in actual fact the whole line-up have to be responsible for the defeat of BN in many states in the last General Elections.

Najib was then the Director of the Elections and surely he is equally accountable for the defeat.

I am far from supporting Abdullah, and have never been, but for all fairness why just blame him when the faults were committed by everybody up there?

This is the basic moral of democracy, joint accountability.

Let us all ask one blunt question: Why was Najib not sharing the blame, as he was the Director of the GE?...and worst of it all he is now made to be the automatic successor in the transition plan!....it is totally ridiculous.

Najib should resign together with Abdullah instead of replacing him, and please respect this cardinal rule and ethics of democracy.

Let us emphasize that once a Prime Minister resigns due to catastrophic election results, the whole cabinet line-up should resign.

What transition plan are they talking about? What kind of invention is this? They should face the grassroot members and allow them to elect whoever they feel suitable.

Everyone is talking about democracy, but they adulterate the basic principle of democracy with wild fallacies.

It’s hard to say this but what choice do you and me have. Our nation is at stake. Let us all open up our minds and do the needful.

Please remember, our generation depends on our wisdom and sacrifices.

Thanks………………………………………Aspan Alias

21 September 2008

Serba tidak kena

Isu peralihan kuasa samada dilakukan sekarang atau bila-bila pun tidak releven lagi.

Samada Abdullah ditentang oleh Najib ataupun Abdullah serta Najib mendapat cukup pencalonan bukan lagi penting untuk keselamatan orang Melayu dan keselesaan bangsa-bangsa lain di negara ini.

Jika Najib berjaya menewaskan Abdullah ataupun Abdullah berjaya mengekalkan jawatan tidak akan dapat menyelesaikan masalah pokok yang kita semua hadapi sekarang.

Masalah kepimpinan dalam UMNO walaupun besar, tetapi ianya hanyalah cebisan daripada masalah yang amat besar yang kini dihadapi oleh rakyat dan negara.

Jika bersatu pun setiap orang di dalam Majlis Tertinggi UMNO itu keruncingan kedudukan orang Melayu tetap tidak dapat diselesaikan dan keresahan rakyat antara kaum tetap akan menjadi masalah yang tidak akan kunjung selesai.

Masalah yang kita hadapi hari ini adalah jauh lebih besar daripada masalah pemilihan di dalam parti ataupun masalah pemindahan kuasa daripada Abdullah kepada Najib atau kepada sesiapa sekalipun.

Masalah kita terlalu besar dan tidak boleh diselesaikan hanya dengan Abdullah bersalaman dengan Najib, Muhyiddin atau sesiapa sahaja di antara mereka yang duduk dalam koridor kuasa.

Masalah hubungan antara kaum (inter-racial) dan masalah sesama kaum (intra-racial) di dalam negara ini sudah terlalu membimbangkan sesiapa yang selalu berfikir jauh ke hadapan.

Tahap ekonomi yang kian luntur dan pembahagian kekayaan yang tidak seimbang (equitable distribution of wealth) samada di antara kaum dan intra kaum sudah menjadi barah yang berada di peringkat terminal.

Orang Melayu dan pribumi sudah terlalu tertekan dan tidak lagi berasa selamat kerana mereka sudah mula bimbang identiti bangsa mereka akan terkubur.

Orang Melayu sudah mula bimbang jika keadaan ini tidak diubati segera mereka akan lenyap kehilangan dunia mereka dan akan hilang Raja-Raja Melayu dan institusi yang mereka pertahankan selama ini.

Generasi ketiga daripada bangsa-bangsa lain tidak mampu untuk menerima beberapa perenggan di dalam perlembagaan yang memberikan keistimewaan kepada pribumi Melayu kerana mereka tidak diberikan kefahaman oleh pemerintah sejak dua dekad yang lalu.

Pemimpin-pemimpin daripada bangsa-bangsa ini tidak pula mahu berkerja keras untuk meyakinkan kaum yang mereka pimpin tentang pentingnya bangsa yang mundur diberikan keistimewaan untuk memberi jaminan kepada keselamatan negara dalam jangka masa panjang.

Keadaan ini diburukkan lagi oleh isu rasuah yang begitu berleluasa yang banyak diantara kes-kes ini dilindungi oleh Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA) yang menjadi duri dalam daging kepada rakyat.

Bagaimana kita hendak menyelesaikan masalah besar ini? Siapa yang hendak diberikan tanggungjawab untuk mencari penyelesaian ini?

Itu sebabnya dari awal tadi saya katakan UMNO atau parti mana sekali pun tidak akan mampu untuk mencari penyelesaian jangka panjang terhadap isu-isu negara yang begini besar walaupun berlaku peralihan kuasa dengan aman antara pemimpin-pemimpinnya.

Pencarian kita tidak akan ke mana jika dengan hanya Abdullah, Najib, Muhyiddin dan pemimpin-pemimpin lain bercium mulut antara mereka dari pagi hingga ke malam sekalipun.

Kita memerlukan pengorbanan yang sejati setiap pihak yang berani berfikir dan bertindak di luar kotak demi keselamatan bangsa kita Melayu dan keselesaan rakan-rakan bangsa-bangsa senegara kita.

Mungkin dengan melakukan pembaharuan drastik dan berani kepada sistem pentadbiran, pemilihan kepimpinan dan pindaan sebahagian daripada Perlembagaan Negara samada besar atau kecil adalah satu perkara yang tidak boleh tidak, mesti dilakukan dengan segera.

Perlembagan Negara kita mempunyai cukup peruntukan untuk memberi sokongan terhadap usaha membaik pulih keadaan dan kedaulatan negara kecintaan kita ini.

Kita perlu pastikan negara Malaysia kembali pulih sebagai sanctuary kepada kehidupan rakyat berbilang kaum yang berada di dalamnya.

Yang pastinya tidak seorang pun yang berada dalam barisan kepimpinan hari ini mampu melakukannya kerana tidak terdapat di antara mereka yang memiliki attribute-attribute yang istimewa untuk menjana perubahan ini.

Kebenaran itu selalunya sangat pedih dan susah untuk diterima…Percayalah.

Sekian………………………………………Aspan Alias.

19 September 2008

UMNO and BN on life support

The incidences that happened since 3 days ago make us more disquieting, and the demise of UMNO and BN be disbanded may become a reality.

The dissipation of BN is evident but our leaders are still in denial. The intricate meeting of Abdullah and Najib 3 days ago still centered on personal survival and the switching of portfolios between them was clear evidence to this claim.

They are still not convinced that the unparallel feelings are real and they are avoiding the truth of the whole political risk our country would face, if they were to still manage this nation.

The resignation of a cabinet member 3 days ago and the decisive move by a component party of BN to quit the front did not make them feel threatened and they still claim that we are still okay.

Nothing can trigger their grey matter to work and exercise soul searching for the party and the government but spent hours just to find an understanding for each other to save their personal politics and glory.

It is so costly to maintain them up there as it may cost the whole party and the government and the people.

The titanic UMNO is sinking while the captains are still soiled with greed of power and glamour.

They still believe that UMNO is unsinkable while leakages are irretrievable.

At the public places not one think the current government would survive and even ordinary men and women who are apolitical say and think this government is waiting for the fall in a matter of weeks or even in days.

Conversely Abdulah and Najib who are the captains still say we are going on sailing and shall not sink.

I am trying hard to believe them but to this second I am still not persuaded.

I am praying someone to be around to save us from being deserted by the people.

Honestly, I have never had this experience of discomfort, anxiety, uneasiness and apprehension politically in my 56 years of living in this world.

I am agitated to see that Abdullah and Najib are still having the audacity to spend a lot of time discussing things centering on their personal matters while the people outside there are in unmitigated suffering…politically and economically in life-support.

To Abdullah and Najib, please leave us! Let us manage the nation ourselves.

Thanks…………………………Aspan Alias.

16 September 2008

Muhyiddin: Credibility at stake

We are going to get trapped to another moral issue in Malay and Malaysian politics; the leaders are not acquainted as yet to the moral and ethical values of real and true democracy.

I am again touching on Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s recent call for Abdullah to exercise the handing over the baton to Najib instantaneously, and that was as good as a vote of no confidence to his weak boss, Abdullah.

“I have not done anything wrong to Pak Lah! I am not resigning!” he said shamelessly.

For all intent and purposes, what he said were all perfectly alright, and I wish to share his views on Abdullah’s incapability to revive the political, economic and social and so on and so forth for the nation.

We are not talking about right or wrong, but we are talking about ethics of a democratic leader, as his reluctance to accept the fact he is morally and ethically obliged to resign.

Muhyiddin has not done anything wrong but he must resign.

Many quarters have been criticizing Zaid Ibrahim over lots of issues but he is a true democrat as he criticized the use of ISA on Raja Petra and Theresa Kok with his resignation letter.

Whether the PM accepts the resignation is a different issue but one who criticizes the PM must resign…that’s it.

As for Najib he was very unambiguous that he would want to see the understanding between him and Abdullah on the succession plan to be rescinded and now he wanted UMNO divisions to decide.

He is apparently changing his earlier stand calling everyone to support the June 2010 succession plan.

Najib sounded very diplomatic but in essence he was saying fuck off with the agreement and let the grass root members decide, and surely he was very confident that the members would tilt to his side against Abdullah.

Both the verbal and body languages of these 2 leaders were obviously and latently understood by everyone and Abdullah, if not careful in his calculations of politics will soon become an orphanage leader.

BUT whoever wants to be seen as leaders with basic finesse should instantly make quick and appropriate decision, which is in line with pure democratic essence.

Muhyiddin’s language is too telling that he now does not respect the Prime Minister which I equally share with him.

Once said in that disposition, he should have delivered his resignation letter parallel with his stern statement on Abdullah. It is a very basic moral of democracy.

I am far from disagreeing with Muhyiddin and I accept his reasons for saying it, but what bothers me is his moral obligation to resign is not observed.

He was actually not obliged to say what he has said, if clinging to the position he currently holds is his ultimate.

Had he observed the moral obligation and be accountable to what he said he would have been the hero and he may be able to be in a better position in just transitorily future.

As till now Muhyiddin is another Abdullah who does not see democracy from the genuine angle; they are just one and the same.

Anyway that is his own funeral and he can still stick to his value…after all it is not at all uncommon value to leaders of today.

For that very reason, I have wanted to see Tengku Razaleigh be the next leader in order to prove the difference….and let us all rejoice the new feeling in Malaysian politics.

Just get our finger crossed.

Thanks…………………………Aspan Alias.

13 September 2008

Muhyiddin patut letak jawatan

Beberapa orang pemimpin UMNO telah menyarankan supaya Muhyiddin meletakkan jawatan daripada kabinet ekoran saranan beliau supaya Abdullah melaksanakan pelan peralihan kuasa cepat-cepat.

Ada pihak-pihak yang marah kerana meminta Muhyiddin berhenti.

Dalam hal ini kita mesti membuat keputusan dengan betul supaya selari dengan kehendak demokrasi dan moralnya.

Bagi saya, saya amat bersetuju agar Muhyiddin meletakkan jawatan kabinet dan jangan tunggu dipecat dan sebagainya.

Apabila Muhyiddin meminta seorang Perdana Menteri berundur, itu merupakan satu tindakan yang menunjukkan ketidakyakinan beliau terhadapnya (PM) dan itu bukan kesalahan kerana dia berhak untuk berbuat demikian terhadap PM.

Tetapi apabila kita tunjukkan kepada umum bahawa beliau tidak yakin kepada PM, dari segi moral dan etikanya, Muhyiddin wajib berundur.

Ini penting kerana ianya adalah berkaitan dengan moral dan semangat demokrasi beliau.

Muhyiddin memang tidak boleh tunggu lagi dan mesti meletakkan jawatan; bukan kita benci pada dia, tetapi itu adalah amalan demokrasi yang betul.

Mana mungkin Muhyiddin masih duduk dalam kabinet orang yang beliau sendiri tidak yakini. Beliau patut letak jawatan.

Jawatan yang beliau tidak perlu letakkan, hanyalah jawatan parti beliau kerana ianya dipilih oleh perwakilan UMNO dan bukan seperti jawatan dalam kerajaan yang dilantik oleh Perdana Menteri.

Malahan sekarang ini semua Ahli Jemaah Kabinet patut meletakkan jawatan jika sudah hilang keyakinan terhadap Abdullah Badawi.

Kita kena adil; saya sendiri sebenarnya masih tertunggu-tunggu bila Muhyiddin hendak letak jawatan.

“Muhyiddin! you tidak boleh lagi duduk dalam kabinet Pak Lah! Takut-takut apa yang benar yang you kata tentang Abdullah itu akan jadi terbalik kerana selepas you kritik dia you masih berada dalam kabinetnya. Ini tidak boleh!”

Dalam etika demokrasinya Muhyiddin patut sudah hantar surat letak jawatan.

Fikir-fikirkanlah Tan Sri! Jangan buat malu…berjuang! berjuang!

Sekian…………………………Aspan Alias.

11 September 2008

ORANG MELAYU: Lembutnya untuk disudu, kerasnya untuk ditakek

Ahmad Ismail sudah dapat apa yang dijangkakan oleh orang ramai.

Ketua Bahagian Bukit Bendera ini digantung keahlian beliau selama 3 tahun dan hilang semua jawatan dalam parti.

Saya sedih menerima berita ini dan saya sudah mula untuk melupakan saya sebagai seorang Melayu.

Saya sudah mula takut untuk berjuang untuk kebenaran dan ramai merasakan begitu, kerana rupa-rupanya adalah salah untuk bercakap tentang latar belakang sejarah apa-apa bangsa di negara ini.

Sekarang ini kita tidak boleh mengambil tindakan ke atas bangsa asing jika kita dihina dan kita hanya perlu duduk diam dan pekakkan telinga dan butakan mata kita.

Tetapi bangsa asing boleh mengambil tindakan ke atas kita walaupun hanya bercakap tentang fakta sejarah yang benar.

Rupa-rupanya itu cara kita hendak menjaga keharmonian kaum di negara yang kita menjadi penghuni asalnya.

Tindakan Abdullah dan Najib ini adalah satu tindakan orang yang kesuntukan akal fikiran…tiada kebijaksanaan dan jauh sekali daripada menunjukkan sifat kepimpinan yang sepatutnya ada pada mereka.

Kalaulah saya dalam keadaan Abdullah saya akan panggil Koh Tsu Koon dan pemimpin lain bersemuka dengan Ahmad Ismail dan kedua-dua pihak meminta maaf atas kesilapan masing-masing, kerana kedua-dua pihak ada kesalahan mereka berkenaan hal ini.

Panggil sahaja mereka di hadapan kamera TV untuk rakyat menonton upacara silaturrahim itu supaya rakyat nampak kepimpinan sedikit sebanyak ke atas Abdullah dan Najib.

Tidak payahlah kita hendak mengorbankan rakan kita sendiri. Apa yang diperlukan hanyalah sedikit kebijaksanaan kedua-dua pemimpin kita.

Jangan disalahkan jika ramai ahli UMNO marah dan menunjukkan sikap menyampah kepada kepimpinan kita.

Jangan dikatakan ahli-ahli UMNO tidak hormat kepada kepimpinan lagi, kerana kepimpinan yang meminta-minta kebencian daripada ahli-ahli parti mereka.

Akhbar berbahasa Cina yang mensensasikan isu ini terus terlepas daripada tindakan pihak kerajaan dan yang terkorban hanyalah Ahmad Ismail.

Apa punya baghal kepimpinan kita ini sehinggakan sanggup mengorbankan sahabat seperjuangan semata-mata untuk mengambil hati pihak-pihak yang sama-sama membuat kesalahan?!

Kalau begitulah sikap kepimpinan kita elok dilupakan sahaja perjuangan orang Melayu ini dan Abdullah jangan lagi bercakap fasal orang Melayu bermula dari saat ini.

Barulah saya faham, rupa-rupanya ‘lembut kita untuk disudu, keras kita untuk ditakek’.

Sekian…………………….Aspan Alias.

08 September 2008

Suami jadi Menteri, Isteri jadi Raja

Kadang-kadang kita terfikir kenapa seorang pemimpin besar boleh melakukan perkara yang terlarang dan diketahui umum pula.

Apabila umum mempersoalkan tindakan mereka maka berlindung pula di sebalik kuasa dan undang-undang ciptaan manusia yang boleh disesuaikan mengikut kehendak nafsu mereka kerana ada kuasa.

Kadang-kadang ada pula masalah isteri yang terlalu glamour hinggakan sesetengah pemimpin itu hanya boleh membuat sesuatu keputusan jika isteri mereka suka.

Ada pemimpin kita yang terlalu banyak membuat bed-side briefing semata-mata hendak impress isteri masing-masing dan ini membahayakan negara.

Isteri pula satu macam punya perangai…suami jadi Menteri isteri naik pula jadi Raja. Letih kita melihatnya.

Saya pernah berucap memberitahu ramai yang mendengar bahawa suami itu merupakan General, dan isteri menjadi Major dalam sesebuah keluarga.

Mungkin itulah sebabnya ada pemimpin kita hanya mengambil General Decisions sedangkan isterinya mengambil Major Decisions.

Bayangkan seorang Perdana Menteri yang memiliki seorang isteri yang terlalu glamour dan termasyhur tentang menguasai suami, maka PM itu sudah pasti tidak akan dapat mengambil keputusan penting dengan baik.

Ramai pemimpin dalam sejarah dunia telah jatuh bergelimpangan kerana pengaruh isteri yang terlalu kuat di belakangnya.

Saya menulis isu ini bukan kerana apa; sekadar hendak mengingatkan para pemimpin dan sesiapa sahaja yang ingin menjadi pemimpin bahawa isteri boleh menyumbang satu di antara dua perkara.

Pertamanya, isteri boleh menyumbang kepada ketinggian martabat pemimpin, dan keduanya isteri juga boleh menyumbang kepada kejatuhan seseorang ke lembah yang hina.

Dalam kita sibuk menentukan kepimpinan tidak lama lagi, faktor ini mungkin boleh menjadi faktor penting dalam penentuan masa depan parti dan negara kita.

Orang yang paling berkesempatan untuk memusnahkan kita dan masyarakat kita adalah orang yang paling hampir dengan kita.

Sekian………………………Aspan Alias

06 September 2008

Najib berbohong di bulan Ramadhan

Najib hari ini mengakui yang ahli-ahli BNBBC akan ke luar negara untuk lawatan sambil belajar kononnya.

Saya telah mendengar berita ini 2 hari yang lepas dan berita yang saya dengar ialah untuk mengalihkan pandangan ahli-ahli Parlimen daripada direbut oleh pihak pembangkang khususnya PKR.

Kenyataan Najib itu amat membuatkan kita rasa terhina seolah-olah kita ini bodoh macam kambing atau macam lembu.

Kalau benar itu merupakan lawatan sambil belajar, kenapa ahli-ahli Parlimen hanya diberitahu pada hari Rabu di sebelah malam sahaja.

Seperkara lagi yang meragukan ialah, hingga ke saat saya menulis ini belum pun tahu ke negara mana lawatan sambil belajar itu diadakan.

Apakah itinerary lawatan tersebut dan yang lebih membuatkan kita rasa diperbodohkan ialah kenapalah lawatan tersebut diadakan pada bulan Ramadhan.

Tidak ada waktu lainkah hendak mengadakan lawatan tersebut? Tidak bolehkah lawatan itu diadakan pada bulan lain selain daripada bulan Ramadhan?

Kenapa lawatan itu ditetapkan pada 7hb hingga 16hb sahaja? Bagaimana boleh ditentukan jumlah hari lawatan sedangkan isi kandungan lawatan itu belum pun dilengkapkan?

Kalau inilah rupanya cara mereka membelanjakan wang rakyat maka tidaklah boleh disalahkan rakyat lagi jika tidak mahu menyokong UMNO.

Dengar perkhabaran yang terakhir lawatan ini adalah wajib disertai oleh ahli-ahli Parlimen.

Apa pun alasan yang diberikan oleh pucuk pimpinan ianya tetap tidak dapat diterima oleh rakyat.

Mahal sungguh harganya untuk kekal berkuasa dan semuanya adalah tanggungan rakyat yang rata-rata hidup dalam keadaan tertekan.

Kita tidak habis-habis dibohongi oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kita sendiri.

Kalau hendak berbohong pun janganlah nampak sangat…elok dibentuk sifat malu sikit-sikit Dato’ Seri! Jangan bikin malu pada diri sendirilah…cukup-cukuplah berbohong tu!

Di bawah ini ramai yang ketawa kerana bohong Dato' Seri itu sangat melucukan.

Inikah cara Dato’ Seri kalau nak berbohong dengan Datin Seri? Kalau inilah caranya mudah Datin Seri tangkap nanti! Gagap nanti! Hehehe! Lawak betul! Kelakar!!!

Macam lawak Hamid Gurkha! Jangan bohong Dato’ Seri…nanti batal puasa!!

Sekian…………………………Aspan Alias

05 September 2008

UMNO keseorangan?

Angin bertiup kencang tentang kemungkinan ada parti komponen akan bertindak meninggalkan BN yang sudah berusia 24 tahun ini.

Kalau benar ini berlaku adakah ianya mengejutkan kita semua? Jawapannya tentulah TIDAK.

Jika ahli-ahli UMNO sendiri tidak ada segan silu untuk mengundi dan menyokong parti-parti pembangkang terang-terangan masakan manusia yang tidak menganggotai UMNO berasa serba-salah untuk meninggalkan gagasan kita.

Jika orang-orang Melayu sendiri tidak mahu lagi menyokong kita bagaimana kita hendak mendapat sokongan daripada orang Cina dan India?

Mereka nampak yang pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sendiri sanggup melihat partinya tergolek masakan bisa kita harapkan bangsa lain untuk menyelamatkan kita.

Ramai berpendapat yang UMNO akan hancur lebur dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang dan ini adalah juga pendapat rakan-rakan kita daripada bangsa asing dalam komponen BN.

Jika itu keadaannya masakan mereka ingin melihat parti mereka turut hancur oleh kerana kelemahan UMNO, dan malahan mereka telah pun membuat kenyataan bahawa UMNOlah yang bertanggungjawab atas kekalahan BN dalam banyak kawasan.

Mereka telah lama melihat sikap dan perangai kita yang tidak dihormati oleh banyak pihak, tentulah mereka mahu menyelamatkan parti mereka daripada terhumban jauh bersama kita.

Abdullah dan Najib telah puluhan kali membuat kenyataan untuk memperkasakan parti kita, tetapi bagaimana ianya boleh dilakukan kerana yang berjanji itu adalah mereka yang telah hilang kredibiliti mereka secara total.

Hanya mereka yang kekurangan kemampuan untuk berfikir sahaja boleh menerima dan percaya pada janji-janji yang mereka sendiri tidak faham tentang perjuangan mereka.

Mahu tidak mahu kita wajib menolak Abdullah dan Najib kerana mereka inilah yang membawa masalah kepada negara.

Parti-parti komponen melihat kepimpinan UMNO tidak mempunyai kredibiliti dan menganggap pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sebagai liability sedangkan mereka menyertai BN dahulu adalah kerana kekuatan UMNO dan perjuangan Melayu yang begitu kuat semasa itu.

Percayalah, selagi UMNO dipimpin oleh mereka berdua ini, selagi itulah usaha untuk memperkuatkan UMNO dan mengekalkan kerjasama antara parti-parti komponen tidak akan dapat dilakukan.

Kalau Abdullah dan Najib terus kekal dalam pimpinan kita, ada dua badai yang akan melanda kita: Pertamanya kita akan kalah dalam PU13 nanti dan kita akan menjadi parti pembangkang yang lemah.

Keduanya, bangsa Melayu akan hilang identitinya. Apabila kita hilang identiti maka kita akan hilang segalanya.

Kita akan hilang Raja-raja Melayu, kita akan hilang negara kita dan kita tidak akan dipandang lagi oleh mana-mana bangsa di dunia ini.

Walaupun Melayu tidak akan hilang di dunia ini, tetapi saya khuatir MELAYU AKAN HILANG DUNIANYA.

Sekian……………………………Aspan Alias

04 September 2008

Khabar angin subur, kerajaan bertambah lemah

Isu 16 September yang dikatakan hari Anwar akan membentuk kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di peringkat pusat, kencang bertiup di mana-mana di seluruh negara.

Kita tidak putus-putus diselubungi oleh berita-berita yang belum tentu kesahihannya dan ini melumpuhkan semangat rakyat yang sudah mual dengan cerita-cerita politik yang tidak keruan…dan ini benar-benar membawa ketidakstabilan kepada negara.

Orang ramai tidak mempersoalkan samada cerita Anwar ini betul atau tidak; yang saya persoalkan ialah khabar angin ini hanya bertiup kencang jika tahap keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan itu terlalu rendah.

Sebaliknya jika kerajaan itu diyakini sepenuhnya oleh rakyatnya maka khabar-khabar angin seperti ini tidak akan begitu mudah merebak ke seluruh negara.

Orang ramai percaya banyak lagi cerita yang tidak tentu salah benarnya akan tersebar dan ini akan meruntuhkan kerajaan dengan kadar yang sangat cepat.

Contohnya jika seorang anak gadis kelihatan selalu memakai pakaian yang membuka auratnya dan selalu pula berpoya-poya dengan lelaki maka khabar angin yang mengatakan gadis ini dirogol sangat mudah dipercayai.

Itulah sebabnya jutaan rakyat termasuk saya sendiri telah meleter supaya Abdullah dan Najib berundur secara terhormat supaya tidak mudah elemen-elemen yang buruk boleh masuk ke dalam pemikiran rakyat.

Tetapi malangnya kedua-dua pemimpin yang lemah ini telah berpakat untuk mengadakan pelan peralihan kuasa yang karut-marut itu.

Bagaimana rakyat dapat memberikan keyakinan jika kuasa dipindahkan daripada seorang yang lemah kepada seorang yang fasik.

Lagi pula, bila pula masanya ahli-ahli UMNO dapat menggunakan kuasa yang ada pada mereka untuk memilih pemimpin yang mereka yakini?

Pemimpin-pemimpin hari ini tidak ada tugas lain, selain daripada mengelirukan rakyat yang sudah begitu jemu melihat pemimpin-pemimpin yang jumud dan tidak mendatangkan apa-apa hasil kepada rakyat yang mereka pimpin.

Saya hanya dapat memadankan muka-muka mereka yang mengangkat dan menyokong pemimpin-pemimpin ini sehingga mereka menjadi pemimpin-pemimpin yang tidak pernah layak untuk duduk di tempat yang sangat panas itu.

Selagi pemimpin-pemimpin kita tidak faham tentang masalah yang dihadapi, selagi itulah masalah tidak akan dapat diselesaikan.

Bagaimana Abdullah dan Najib hendak menyelesaikan masalah sedangkan mereka tidak tahu apa masalah yang ada di hadapan mereka.

Itu sebabnya mereka mesti meletakkan jawatan…jika boleh hari ini juga.

Sekian……………………Aspan Alias

02 September 2008

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Today is the second day of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, the holiest month for us Muslims.

It’s the month of sacrifice; to sacrifice all our unreligious obsessions and greeds for the sake of Allah and the month where Muslims are urged to intensify their prayers and submissions to God the Almighty.

Ramadhan is also the month when all Muslims like us are encouraged to work out introspections to ourselves and to repent, for all misdeeds we commit especially towards fellow human beings irrespective of race and religious faith.

To the fortunate this is also the month to pay tithes to the poor as we Muslims believe what we earn and secure are not necessarily all for us.

We believe we are just the medium of God to dispense some to the needy and those who within the Asnaf, who are fit to receive assistance.

I hope the sense of sacrifice should be inspired and practiced by our big UMNO leaders and do the sacrifices, may be by resigning and withdrawing from positions which have been their important tools to vandalize our beloved party.

Conversely, some may have to be brave enough to go head on with these obstinate leaders for the sake of the country and the people and this is also part of the sacrifices a good Muslim can do in this month of Ramadhan.

The War of Uhud and many other wars in Islam happened in this month of Ramadhan and there were many and numerous incidences in history of our religion where important going-ons were in this holy month.

Changing for the better would be done in this month of mubarak as the long history of Islam have proven to everyone that drastic changes happened in the month of Ramadhan.

I do hope and pray that the actual changes in our leadership should at least start to move within this holy month and we can joyously celebrate the Hari Raya Aidilfitri…hopefully and God willing.

Thanks …………………….Aspan Alias

30 August 2008

UMNO bleeds

It’s so remorseful and apologetic to bear seeing UMNO and BN being ostracized to this extent at Permatang Pauh on the 26th August by-election.

The humiliation is too excruciating and God knows what would happen next as UMNO is still in denial to the actuality that the people are just unbending to reject the ruling party.

Paralleling to UMNO’s serious injury is the uncomforting statements by the component parties which indicated their displeasure towards us and this can drive us crazy.

The component is blaming us and the sense of insecurity expressed by Muhyiddin Yassin should be taken seriously by everybody and everyone in UMNO irrespective whether one holds positions in the party.

I am convinced that Muhyiddin has the clue as to what is going to happen to UMNO if changes do not happen in UMNO.

To simplistic mind of the young group of UMNO members they don’t compute how significant it is to survive UMNO as it has close correlation to the survival of their race and religion as well as to their generations.

If Muhyiddin is able to comprehend and compute the seriousness of the disease faced by UMNO he should put his personal interest behind him and come forward to find solutions with few other leaders who have the influence to change.

We must resign to the fact that the disease UMNO is facing right now is at a terminal stage.

Let me tell everyone, and that includes Muhyiddin; whoever is brave to go through this rough political storm will be the leader for the very near future.

It wouldn’t take a long time from now on, as God would only bequeath its blessing to someone who is brave enough to assist Tengku Razaleigh in weathering the storm.

UMNO needs a real fighter with truthful personality. UMNO needs a few brave leaders to fight head on with leaders who vandalize the party.

Rakyat is looking at us at close-up distance and they can see very clearly to what we do; bad or good.

The rakyat want security; they are in dire need to be ruled by sincere and magnanimous leaders and strong government.

They want leaders with clean image with no moral issues running against them.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin! Just stop wailing! Buck up and come with us to change UMNO back to preeminent status which we used to enjoy with.

Just stretch a bit of your muscle………the agony will be over.

God blessings are around us except that they come in disguise.

Thanks……………………Aspan Alias

28 August 2008

Who fits the cap?

UMNO is now facing real trouble after almost 3 decades of carelessness of its leaders by playing dirty and deceiving games.

To leaders especially the big ones who are now in retirement must see the result of your misendeaver and mischievous acts while you were in power.

At least there are still a few still living and by all means be happy to see what is going on now and enjoy it to the fullest.

You see it for yourself the consequent of your act of betrayal and it has become the norms in UMNO politics of today.

You were the ones who sidelined good and potential leaders created by Tun Razak and leaders before that.

You ‘divide and rule’ the party and the government as you wanted to be at the wheel far too long with clear image of selfishness.

Now you are the ones who are making noise all over the country and blamed the weak leaders of the country for not being able to manage the nation fittingly.

Along the way one by one good and viable leaders were sidelined and you enjoyed for long years without any qualm watching and witnessing good leaders crashed and subsequently went into oblivion.

You enjoyed your time in power immensely, and overlooked the potential negative sequence of events which drive us to this critical situation.

If you can retire in bed happily every night than it confirms that you have no heart for the party and your race and Malaysians as a whole.

Many may ask, whom do I mean?

My answer is simple, “Whoever suits the cap, just put it on”.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias.

Permatang Pauh: Bad Omen for BN

We have lost humiliatingly in the Permatang Pauh by election; now with even bigger majority of 15,671 votes…it’s grievous.

This by-election was the mother of elections as it will chart a new political landscape of the country and has proved a lot of idiosyncrasies of current political behavior of the people and the nation.

The result was in fact unsurprising as our BN and UMNO leaders were outpaced by the opposition party in all turfs right from day one as BN was so focused on personal issues and nothing was talked about other pressing issues pertaining to the rakyat.

The rakyat is again sending strong message that they are giving vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister and his deputy who was the commander in charge of the by-election.

Despite of unrelenting efforts by the ruling party to ridicule Anwar the voters still say “Fuck off” to our party and leaders without qualm.

What do we learn out of this upsetting defeat? Surely we learn at least little stuff of politics with this expensive lesson.

At the very least Najib who headed the by-election campaign has to admit that he has failed wretchedly as how he had failed miserably in the last General Election.

Through this by election, Najib earned disrespect, mockery and circumvention of support from the very own UMNO members in Permatang Pauh as well as from the neighboring constituencies.

They just abhorred the presence of Najib in the election as he himself was negatively perceived by the people with too many personal issues running against him.

He should now resign as a matter of principle as he is totally rejected and he is of no significance to the eyes of the people anymore…in fact he is a yoke to the party.

He should withdraw himself from all responsibilities in the party and government as the spirit of democracy warrants him to do so.

He should discuss seriously with Abdullah to resign together and leave everything to us and the rest of the party members to decide on their successors.

They shouldn’t be taking too much time to arrive at this decision as the matter is too serious that needs instantaneous attention from Abdullah and Najib.

The people are waiting anxiously for their retirements and they have signaled the top leadership to do so through the last General Election and the just wrapped up by-election in Permatang Pauh.

Staying put at their respective positions would eventually destroy UMNO and the government, and we do not want to be the grieving recipients to their misadventures any longer.

I am no supporter of Anwar, and never will be, but Anwar’s victory in Permatang Pauh is a very sharp and perfect yardstick to gauge the acceptability of BN by the general voting public.

Anwar wouldn’t be this important if their nauseating feelings towards the leadership and the government were addressed fittingly.

Through and through our leaders were harping only on sodomy issues and were hiding behind Saiful’s ass, and that created and built up massive hatred towards BN.

Let us not discuss on the reasons of the defeat; it has been done too extensively.

UMNO must change, the current leaders must sacrifice, the members must look at suitable angle of struggles and it has to be done without wasting much time anymore.

Abdullah, Najib and the rest of the present line-up must face UMNO members and just surrender and admit mistakes they have committed.

They must allow somebody else to lead, and that is the only choice available to save the party from going through total oblivion.

We are still fortunate that we have a leader like Tengku Razaleigh who has been sidelined by his political competitors for 3 decades and that he is still around to mend the fences from further annihilation.

What is needed is just an understanding of the grassroot members and the willingness of the leaders at all levels to accept this very simple fact that the party needs a new environment of politics…and Tengku Razaleigh is the only life line available.

That would save the party from falling apart.

Thanks……………………………Aspan Alias

23 August 2008

Apa itu 'pengorbanan'?

Sejak saya menyertai UMNO saya selalu mendengar istilah ‘pengorbanan’ yang diucapkan oleh para pemimpin.

Ungkapan ini juga selalu disebut oleh Abdullah Badawi dan Najib, tetapi apa dia pengorbanan mereka sampai ke hari ini masih tidak nampak dipandang dan tidak didengar oleh telinga.

Selalunya pengorbanan itu difahamkan sebagai tindakan untuk menidakkan kehendak diri kita walaupun kita gemar dan berkehendakkan sesuatu itu, semata-mata untuk kebaikan seseorang atau kumpulan dan pihak-pihak lain.

‘Pengorbanan’ juga difahamkan sebagai tindakan memisahkan kita daripada apa yang ada pada pihak yang lain semata-mata untuk kebaikan umum, dan ianya boleh datang dalam bentuk wang ringgit, harta benda bahkan nyawa sekalipun.

‘Berkorban apa saja, harta atau pun nyawa’ kata P.Ramlee dalam sebuah lagunya yang sangat popular dari dahulu hingga sekarang.

Untuk mencapai sesuatu yang baik mesti ada pengorbanan. Jika kita datang daripada keluarga yang miskin kita wajib berkorban untuk keluarga jika kita sudah keluar daripada kepompong kemiskinan itu.

Kita perlu korbankan sebahagian daripada harta atau wang ringgit kita untuk menaikkan taraf kehidupan ahli keluarga seperti adik-beradik, bapa atau ibu saudara, anak-anak saudara atau sesiapa yang hampir dengan kita.

Itulah didikan yang diberikan oleh ibu saya kepada saya dan adik-beradik yang lain. Ibu saya mengingatkan saya bahawa orang yang tidak mahu berkorban itu adalah manusia yang ‘berjiwa mati'.

Dalam konteks yang lebih besar jika kita seorang pemimpin perlu ada pengorbanan untuk kebaikan negara dan rakyat yang kita pimpin.

Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman pernah berkorban dengan menjual harta benda yang beliau ada semata-mata untuk menjayakan misi mencapai kemerdekaan negara.

Rumah dan ladang-ladang beliau terjual kerana hendak membiayai usaha mencapai kemerdekaan negara kita ini. Orang ramai pula berkorban dengan menjual emas dan mengisi tabungan mengikut tahap kemampuan pengorbanan mereka.

Onn Jaafar, Ghaffar Baba, Khir Johari, Senu A Rahman, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Abd Razak dan yang lain-lain semuanya berkorban untuk negara Malaya dan Malaysia mengikut cara masing-masing untuk Negara.

Tengku Razaleigh (TR) mengorbankan jiwa raga beliau untuk negara sebaik sahaja kembali ke tanah air selepas menamatkan pengajian beliau di United Kingdom dengan desakan pemimpin-pemimpin semasa itu seperti Tunku A Rahman, Tun Razak dan Tun Dr Ismail.

Beliau diminta mengusahakan sesuatu bagi membina asas ekonomi orang Melayu yang begitu dhaif semasa itu yang rata-ratanya miskin dan tidak ramai yang berpelajaran.

TR terus sahaja menerima tanggungjawab yang sangat besar itu dan telah berjaya merubah kedudukan dan martabat bangsa Melayu ke tahap yang dihormati oleh masyarakat asing.

Bank Bumiputra, Pernas, KUB, Bank Islam, PETRONAS, PNB, ASNB telah dijayakan oleh beliau dan hingga ke hari ini orang Melayu telah dilihat sebagai bangsa yang telah keluar daripada kopompong kemiskinan seperti yang diidamkan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin besar negara semasa itu.

TR melaksanakan tugas atas tuntutan Negara dan beliau tidak dibayar imbuhan seperti gaji dan kemudahan-kemudahan yang lain semata-mata untuk berkhidmat kepada bangsanya yang sedang memerlukan pengorbanan beliau.

Ramai ahli-ahli UMNO yang masih muda tidak tahu bahawa TR telah bekerja untuk generasinya ‘free of charge’ dan tidak pun menghebohkannya kerana sifat beliau yang tulus untuk negara dan bangsanya.

Pengorbanan beliau bukan setakat itu sahaja, kerana beliau telah mengorbankan juga harta beliau untuk kepentingan UMNO.

Beliau memberikan tanah milik beliau kepada UMNO untuk membangunkan Bangunan UMNO (Putra World Trade Centre) yang dilihat megah dan gagah di kotaraya Kuala Lumpur yang kita banggakan hari ini.

Bagi pemimpin-pemimpin sekarang pengorbanan boleh diberikan dengan bermacam-macam cara untuk kebaikan parti, orang Melayu dan rakyat jelata amnya.

Untuk kebaikan negara dan rakyat amnya cara pengorbanan yang mampu dilakukan oleh Abdullah dan Najib ialah dengan mengundurkan diri daripada bergiat dalam parti kerana kegagalan mereka dalam memberikan pentadbiran yang baik kepada negara.

Berkorbanlah Abdullah, berkorbanlah Najib dengan meletakkan jawatan masing-masing supaya kami boleh membina kembali parti dan negara untuk generasi kita di hari muka.

Inilah waktunya Abdullah, Najib dan yang lain-lain untuk membuktikan bahawa mereka mampu berkorban untuk negara, dan bukannya setakat ‘menanam tebu di bibir sahaja’.

Janganlah perjudikan masa depan negara dan rakyat.

Sekian……………………….Aspan Alias