30 August 2008

UMNO bleeds

It’s so remorseful and apologetic to bear seeing UMNO and BN being ostracized to this extent at Permatang Pauh on the 26th August by-election.

The humiliation is too excruciating and God knows what would happen next as UMNO is still in denial to the actuality that the people are just unbending to reject the ruling party.

Paralleling to UMNO’s serious injury is the uncomforting statements by the component parties which indicated their displeasure towards us and this can drive us crazy.

The component is blaming us and the sense of insecurity expressed by Muhyiddin Yassin should be taken seriously by everybody and everyone in UMNO irrespective whether one holds positions in the party.

I am convinced that Muhyiddin has the clue as to what is going to happen to UMNO if changes do not happen in UMNO.

To simplistic mind of the young group of UMNO members they don’t compute how significant it is to survive UMNO as it has close correlation to the survival of their race and religion as well as to their generations.

If Muhyiddin is able to comprehend and compute the seriousness of the disease faced by UMNO he should put his personal interest behind him and come forward to find solutions with few other leaders who have the influence to change.

We must resign to the fact that the disease UMNO is facing right now is at a terminal stage.

Let me tell everyone, and that includes Muhyiddin; whoever is brave to go through this rough political storm will be the leader for the very near future.

It wouldn’t take a long time from now on, as God would only bequeath its blessing to someone who is brave enough to assist Tengku Razaleigh in weathering the storm.

UMNO needs a real fighter with truthful personality. UMNO needs a few brave leaders to fight head on with leaders who vandalize the party.

Rakyat is looking at us at close-up distance and they can see very clearly to what we do; bad or good.

The rakyat want security; they are in dire need to be ruled by sincere and magnanimous leaders and strong government.

They want leaders with clean image with no moral issues running against them.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin! Just stop wailing! Buck up and come with us to change UMNO back to preeminent status which we used to enjoy with.

Just stretch a bit of your muscle………the agony will be over.

God blessings are around us except that they come in disguise.

Thanks……………………Aspan Alias

28 August 2008

Who fits the cap?

UMNO is now facing real trouble after almost 3 decades of carelessness of its leaders by playing dirty and deceiving games.

To leaders especially the big ones who are now in retirement must see the result of your misendeaver and mischievous acts while you were in power.

At least there are still a few still living and by all means be happy to see what is going on now and enjoy it to the fullest.

You see it for yourself the consequent of your act of betrayal and it has become the norms in UMNO politics of today.

You were the ones who sidelined good and potential leaders created by Tun Razak and leaders before that.

You ‘divide and rule’ the party and the government as you wanted to be at the wheel far too long with clear image of selfishness.

Now you are the ones who are making noise all over the country and blamed the weak leaders of the country for not being able to manage the nation fittingly.

Along the way one by one good and viable leaders were sidelined and you enjoyed for long years without any qualm watching and witnessing good leaders crashed and subsequently went into oblivion.

You enjoyed your time in power immensely, and overlooked the potential negative sequence of events which drive us to this critical situation.

If you can retire in bed happily every night than it confirms that you have no heart for the party and your race and Malaysians as a whole.

Many may ask, whom do I mean?

My answer is simple, “Whoever suits the cap, just put it on”.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias.

Permatang Pauh: Bad Omen for BN

We have lost humiliatingly in the Permatang Pauh by election; now with even bigger majority of 15,671 votes…it’s grievous.

This by-election was the mother of elections as it will chart a new political landscape of the country and has proved a lot of idiosyncrasies of current political behavior of the people and the nation.

The result was in fact unsurprising as our BN and UMNO leaders were outpaced by the opposition party in all turfs right from day one as BN was so focused on personal issues and nothing was talked about other pressing issues pertaining to the rakyat.

The rakyat is again sending strong message that they are giving vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister and his deputy who was the commander in charge of the by-election.

Despite of unrelenting efforts by the ruling party to ridicule Anwar the voters still say “Fuck off” to our party and leaders without qualm.

What do we learn out of this upsetting defeat? Surely we learn at least little stuff of politics with this expensive lesson.

At the very least Najib who headed the by-election campaign has to admit that he has failed wretchedly as how he had failed miserably in the last General Election.

Through this by election, Najib earned disrespect, mockery and circumvention of support from the very own UMNO members in Permatang Pauh as well as from the neighboring constituencies.

They just abhorred the presence of Najib in the election as he himself was negatively perceived by the people with too many personal issues running against him.

He should now resign as a matter of principle as he is totally rejected and he is of no significance to the eyes of the people anymore…in fact he is a yoke to the party.

He should withdraw himself from all responsibilities in the party and government as the spirit of democracy warrants him to do so.

He should discuss seriously with Abdullah to resign together and leave everything to us and the rest of the party members to decide on their successors.

They shouldn’t be taking too much time to arrive at this decision as the matter is too serious that needs instantaneous attention from Abdullah and Najib.

The people are waiting anxiously for their retirements and they have signaled the top leadership to do so through the last General Election and the just wrapped up by-election in Permatang Pauh.

Staying put at their respective positions would eventually destroy UMNO and the government, and we do not want to be the grieving recipients to their misadventures any longer.

I am no supporter of Anwar, and never will be, but Anwar’s victory in Permatang Pauh is a very sharp and perfect yardstick to gauge the acceptability of BN by the general voting public.

Anwar wouldn’t be this important if their nauseating feelings towards the leadership and the government were addressed fittingly.

Through and through our leaders were harping only on sodomy issues and were hiding behind Saiful’s ass, and that created and built up massive hatred towards BN.

Let us not discuss on the reasons of the defeat; it has been done too extensively.

UMNO must change, the current leaders must sacrifice, the members must look at suitable angle of struggles and it has to be done without wasting much time anymore.

Abdullah, Najib and the rest of the present line-up must face UMNO members and just surrender and admit mistakes they have committed.

They must allow somebody else to lead, and that is the only choice available to save the party from going through total oblivion.

We are still fortunate that we have a leader like Tengku Razaleigh who has been sidelined by his political competitors for 3 decades and that he is still around to mend the fences from further annihilation.

What is needed is just an understanding of the grassroot members and the willingness of the leaders at all levels to accept this very simple fact that the party needs a new environment of politics…and Tengku Razaleigh is the only life line available.

That would save the party from falling apart.

Thanks……………………………Aspan Alias

23 August 2008

Apa itu 'pengorbanan'?

Sejak saya menyertai UMNO saya selalu mendengar istilah ‘pengorbanan’ yang diucapkan oleh para pemimpin.

Ungkapan ini juga selalu disebut oleh Abdullah Badawi dan Najib, tetapi apa dia pengorbanan mereka sampai ke hari ini masih tidak nampak dipandang dan tidak didengar oleh telinga.

Selalunya pengorbanan itu difahamkan sebagai tindakan untuk menidakkan kehendak diri kita walaupun kita gemar dan berkehendakkan sesuatu itu, semata-mata untuk kebaikan seseorang atau kumpulan dan pihak-pihak lain.

‘Pengorbanan’ juga difahamkan sebagai tindakan memisahkan kita daripada apa yang ada pada pihak yang lain semata-mata untuk kebaikan umum, dan ianya boleh datang dalam bentuk wang ringgit, harta benda bahkan nyawa sekalipun.

‘Berkorban apa saja, harta atau pun nyawa’ kata P.Ramlee dalam sebuah lagunya yang sangat popular dari dahulu hingga sekarang.

Untuk mencapai sesuatu yang baik mesti ada pengorbanan. Jika kita datang daripada keluarga yang miskin kita wajib berkorban untuk keluarga jika kita sudah keluar daripada kepompong kemiskinan itu.

Kita perlu korbankan sebahagian daripada harta atau wang ringgit kita untuk menaikkan taraf kehidupan ahli keluarga seperti adik-beradik, bapa atau ibu saudara, anak-anak saudara atau sesiapa yang hampir dengan kita.

Itulah didikan yang diberikan oleh ibu saya kepada saya dan adik-beradik yang lain. Ibu saya mengingatkan saya bahawa orang yang tidak mahu berkorban itu adalah manusia yang ‘berjiwa mati'.

Dalam konteks yang lebih besar jika kita seorang pemimpin perlu ada pengorbanan untuk kebaikan negara dan rakyat yang kita pimpin.

Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman pernah berkorban dengan menjual harta benda yang beliau ada semata-mata untuk menjayakan misi mencapai kemerdekaan negara.

Rumah dan ladang-ladang beliau terjual kerana hendak membiayai usaha mencapai kemerdekaan negara kita ini. Orang ramai pula berkorban dengan menjual emas dan mengisi tabungan mengikut tahap kemampuan pengorbanan mereka.

Onn Jaafar, Ghaffar Baba, Khir Johari, Senu A Rahman, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Abd Razak dan yang lain-lain semuanya berkorban untuk negara Malaya dan Malaysia mengikut cara masing-masing untuk Negara.

Tengku Razaleigh (TR) mengorbankan jiwa raga beliau untuk negara sebaik sahaja kembali ke tanah air selepas menamatkan pengajian beliau di United Kingdom dengan desakan pemimpin-pemimpin semasa itu seperti Tunku A Rahman, Tun Razak dan Tun Dr Ismail.

Beliau diminta mengusahakan sesuatu bagi membina asas ekonomi orang Melayu yang begitu dhaif semasa itu yang rata-ratanya miskin dan tidak ramai yang berpelajaran.

TR terus sahaja menerima tanggungjawab yang sangat besar itu dan telah berjaya merubah kedudukan dan martabat bangsa Melayu ke tahap yang dihormati oleh masyarakat asing.

Bank Bumiputra, Pernas, KUB, Bank Islam, PETRONAS, PNB, ASNB telah dijayakan oleh beliau dan hingga ke hari ini orang Melayu telah dilihat sebagai bangsa yang telah keluar daripada kopompong kemiskinan seperti yang diidamkan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin besar negara semasa itu.

TR melaksanakan tugas atas tuntutan Negara dan beliau tidak dibayar imbuhan seperti gaji dan kemudahan-kemudahan yang lain semata-mata untuk berkhidmat kepada bangsanya yang sedang memerlukan pengorbanan beliau.

Ramai ahli-ahli UMNO yang masih muda tidak tahu bahawa TR telah bekerja untuk generasinya ‘free of charge’ dan tidak pun menghebohkannya kerana sifat beliau yang tulus untuk negara dan bangsanya.

Pengorbanan beliau bukan setakat itu sahaja, kerana beliau telah mengorbankan juga harta beliau untuk kepentingan UMNO.

Beliau memberikan tanah milik beliau kepada UMNO untuk membangunkan Bangunan UMNO (Putra World Trade Centre) yang dilihat megah dan gagah di kotaraya Kuala Lumpur yang kita banggakan hari ini.

Bagi pemimpin-pemimpin sekarang pengorbanan boleh diberikan dengan bermacam-macam cara untuk kebaikan parti, orang Melayu dan rakyat jelata amnya.

Untuk kebaikan negara dan rakyat amnya cara pengorbanan yang mampu dilakukan oleh Abdullah dan Najib ialah dengan mengundurkan diri daripada bergiat dalam parti kerana kegagalan mereka dalam memberikan pentadbiran yang baik kepada negara.

Berkorbanlah Abdullah, berkorbanlah Najib dengan meletakkan jawatan masing-masing supaya kami boleh membina kembali parti dan negara untuk generasi kita di hari muka.

Inilah waktunya Abdullah, Najib dan yang lain-lain untuk membuktikan bahawa mereka mampu berkorban untuk negara, dan bukannya setakat ‘menanam tebu di bibir sahaja’.

Janganlah perjudikan masa depan negara dan rakyat.

Sekian……………………….Aspan Alias

20 August 2008

Pemimpin buntutkan rakyat, Anwar dituduh buntutkan Saiful

Sudah banyak hari saya tidak menonton TV untuk mengelak daripada mendengar cerita liwat yang tidak habis-habis.

Sudah banyak hari juga saya tidak membaca akhbar kerana takut terbaca cerita liwat dan sumpah Quran si budak Saiful ini.

Akhirnya terpaksalah saya membaca akhbar luar negara dan saya berasa senang sekali kerana tidak ada cerita liwat yang menjadi tajuk utama akhbar-akhbar.

Sudah terlalu banyak mendengar dan membaca cerita liwat ini, sehinggakan apa sahaja yang nampak dipandang akan mengingatkan saya kepada buntut si budak Saiful ini yang sedang menjaja dan ingin memberitahu seluruh dunia bahawa dia telah dibuntutkan oleh orang lain.

Si budak Saiful ini diikuti oleh lensa-lensa kamera TV3, RTM, Astro dan banyak lagi yang membuat liputan mengenai buntutnya.

Macam manalah negara nak berkat jika kita asyik bercerita tentang lubang tahi ke sana ke mari…kadang-kadang terpaksa berhenti makan kerana berasa jijik.

Bilakah masanya media dan kepimpinan kita nak buat cerita bagaimana hendak menyelesaikan isu kemiskinan rakyat yang bertambah tenat?

Saya tidak dapat menerima hakikat bahawa cerita ini disebut-sebut oleh pemimpin-pemimpin besar negara. Ini sangat menampakkan bahawa mereka tidak membuat kerja yang baik kerana terlalu banyak masa dihabiskan untuk menguruskan isu buntut si budak Saiful ini.

Cukup-cukuplah…isu ini sudah sampai ke mahkamah…apa yang hendak disebut siang dan malam tentang isu buntut budak yang masih kencing bercabang ini.

Tak payahlah paksa Anwar untuk bersumpah kerana bukan semua orang menerima bersumpah menggunakan Quran ini sebagai cara yang sesuai…masih ramai yang ragu-ragu.

Tunggu sajalah keputusan mahkamah…jangan diheboh-hebohkan lagi.

Kalau pun Anwar benar melakukan kerja buruk ini biarlah mahkamah yang membuat penghakimannya, dan saya ingin sekali mendengar keputusan mahkamah nanti.

Kalau Anwar benar-benar melakukan perkara sekeji ini, maka akan tampak hinalah dia.

Kenapa cerita Anwar membuntutkan Saiful ini diisukan begitu menggila?

Kenapa tidak dihebohkan cerita pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang telah ‘membuntutkan’ rakyat jelata dengan mengikis harta rakyat melalui rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa?

Apakah bezanya dosa Anwar meliwat Saiful dengan dosa pemimpin-pemimpin rasuah yang merugikan 27 juta rakyat negara ini? Bukankah itu juga tindakan ‘membuntutkan’ rakyat?

Bukankah melakukan rasuah yang menjahanamkan negara itu sama seperti ‘membuntutkan’ rakyat?

Malahan dosanya lebih besar lagi kerana ianya melibatkan berpuluh juta rakyat yang telah ‘dibuntutkan’ oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang membawa kesusahan kepada mereka.

Jika tuduhan terhadap Anwar ini benar, ia hanya akan menyusahkan Saiful seorang sahaja. Tetapi pemimpin-pemimpin kita telah ‘membuntutkan’ seluruh rakyat, khususnya kita ahli-ahli UMNO.

Sekian………………………Aspan Alias

17 August 2008

Living in vacuum

I am like many other Malaysians of all races, is in grave concern about the leadership crisis we are now facing, which certainly gambles our very own future.

This great nation has been going through long history of existence with trustworthy leadership and government until recently when we feel that there exist huge leadership vacuities and this is the worst political ill will this country has ever experienced.

We somehow feel there are some unseen and invincible current that moves towards foreseeable destructions of identity of the nation and her population.

We can unmistakably see and feel that we are not anymore in the country we used to take pleasure living in.

The crisis of confidence are as obtrusive as such we believe that everything the government does is fallacious and subsequently add on to the currently unbearable feelings towards the leadership and the government as a whole.

Malaysians are just unable to appreciate happenings around them and find themselves at odd with everything that surrounds them.

Politicians are morally doomed and can do almost anything, however heinous it can be just for the sake of uncharacteristic political culture of the day.

The most recent happening was when the Quran was debased as a lying detector, when Saiful went to the mosque to swear that he was sodomized by Anwar just a day before the nomination of Permatang Pauh by-election.

I am no saint but I know that was done with bad tastes and intent…it was purely and crudely a political move.

One can even take his own ass for political expediency and worst still it was for the advantage of another desperate politician who is trying to survive his political existence.

I am not protecting anyone who commits this heinous act of sodomy but I am against the ill-intended action of Saiful as he was with somebody high-ups before going to the police to make a report on the sodomy.

His action must be driven by a predictable politician who is in dire need to see Anwar flops politically.

The police have ceased to be an agency to protect the safety of the people as they are just a little bit soiled than the criminals they apprehend.

The crime rate is rising to an appalling state and shamelessly our leaders are claiming that this is the safest nation that one can live in.

The police and the Minister in charge have not given the public the reasons as to why there are too numerous murder cases unsolved, and many robbers were unable to be apprehended.

The underworld seems to rule the nation, while the police seem to be more focus on attending to the political activities of the oppositions.

The racial unity is at the lowest ebb under the current leadership and there are parties who dare enough to question of Malay privileges provided by the constitution which has been agreed between races.

Corruption is already in the blood system of politicians and the government implementers, and only God knows how these inept leaders are going to mitigate this severe problem.

Corruptors are apprehended and charged selectively, as some who commit that offence are guarded by the Official Secret Act (OSA).

Corrupt leaders with huge followers are put at ransom, and forced to support weak and shoddy top leader in the wake of party election in December.

Everything is going to go bust and the current leaders are still dreaming and do nothing of consequence to address all these serious hiccups the nation is facing.

Abdullah and Najib don’t even realize that we are all in danger and the total system of workings in the government is in jeopardy.

What do ordinary Malaysians like us do to mitigate these unwarranted problems? Are we doing enough to help? Do we really realize that our current leaders are not doing anything to save us and the nation?

Let us all once and for all wake up and change these leaders. The efforts should come from everybody and from all quarters.

It should come from all component parties, oppositions and Ngo’s. The Malay rulers are not spared from these noble duties as well.

Let us all Malaysian work towards change and subsequently live happily ever after.

We have missed life in solace far too long, with prudent and magnanimous leaders like we used to enjoy decades ago. After all we still have at least one leader with courage to offer his irrefutable self as an alternative to the current moronic set.

You don’t need to guess who. You know him.

Thanks……………………….Aspan Alias

15 August 2008

Zahid Hamidi berang

Himpunan Pelajar Melayu Merdeka anjuran GPMS yang diadakan di Dewan Intekma, UiTM Khamis lalu melihat ucapan panas Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yang memberi amaran jangan diajak orang Melayu mengamuk.

Saya mengetahui program ini diadakan melalui laman web agenda daily yang saya baca.

Zahid berucap di hadapan para pelajar UiTM berhubung dengan isu yang dicetuskan oleh Khalid Ibrahim yang meminta UiTM memberikan 10% tempat di universiti itu kepada pelajar-pelajar bukan Melayu.

Isu ini memang satu isu yang sangat membebankan pemikiran ramai termasuk saya sendiri, sebagai seorang bekas penghuni dan pelajar di kampus UiTM itu.

UiTM memang tidak boleh dipersoalkan oleh mana-mana pihak tentang keunikan kedudukannya kerana ianya wujud atas premis Hak Keistimewaan Orang-Orang Melayu dan Bumiputra sebagaimana yang termaktub di dalam Pelembagaan Persekutuan.

Perasaan marah kepada pihak-pihak yang cuba untuk melacuri keistimewaan UiTM memang kuat dan cadangan Khalid Ibrahim itu patut ditolak dengan apa cara sekalipun, 'waimma' dengan amuk yang disebut-sebut oleh Zahid itu.

Tetapi kenapakah orang bangsa asing serta orang yang bersekutu dengan pemikiran kumpulan yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini berani menimbulkan isu-isu seperti ini secara terbuka?

Kenapa dahulu tidak timbul isu ini? Kenapa dulu orang bangsa asing sendiri menerima kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu di dalam negara ini?

Kenapa dulu Samy Velu menerima hakikat bahawa orang Melayu begitu bersopan-santun dan bertoleransi yang tinggi?

Kenapa sekarang mereka bercakap secara terbuka mempersoalkan hak keistemewaan orang Melayu?

Tentu ada sebabnya…yang kita sendiri wajib membuat introspeksi diri serta memandang ke dalam diri kita sendiri dahulu sebelum kita nak ajak orang mengamuk.

Saya telah banyak menulis tentang isu ini di dalam blog saya setahun yang lalu.

Sebab yang nyata ialah kerana kelemahan kita yang mempunyai pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang tidak dihormati oleh rakan-rakan daripada bangsa asing seperti Zahid itu sendiri.

Pemimpin UMNO tidak dipandang tinggi lagi kerana imej mereka yang rendah disebabkan rasuah dan salahguna kuasa dan banyak lagi yang telah kita semua sebutkan acap kali.

Apabila nampak sahaja pemimpin UMNO terbayang imej rasuah, lemah pemikiran, mudah diajak berunding untuk kontrak-kontrak besar.

Pemimpin-pemimpin ini akan menerima habuan wang ringgit sebagai persediaan untuk bertanding jawatan naib presiden UMNO dan sebagainya.

Nampak lagi seorang pemimpin UMNO terpampang pula imej berkereta besar yang ansuran bulananannya dibayar oleh taukeh-taukeh Cina dan India.

Pemimpin UMNO dilihat sebagai pemimpin yang boleh berbuat apa jua kesalahan sekalipun tetapi terlepas daripada hukuman kerana semuanya boleh ‘disettlekan’ dengan kuasa yang ada pada mereka.

Pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu kini adalah pemimpin yang boleh dibeli dengan wang ringgit.

Kalau nak dengar pemimpin yang berpidato panas tentang isu UiTM dan sebagainya carilah pemimpin lain…bukannya Zahid Hamidi, Reezal Marican, Nanaaaa Merican dan orang-orang sejenis ini.

Orang ramai akan ketawa besar…kerana mereka ini adalah daripada kumpulan pemimpin UMNO yang sekarang dianggap sebagai barangan ‘reject’. Siapa yang nak dengar?

Kalau tidak masakan UMNO hilang banyak kerusi dalam pilihanraya baru-baru ini.

Itulah sebabnya ramai ahli UMNO termasuk diri saya meminta semua pihak untuk perkuatkan UMNO dengan mencari pemimpin dan barisan baru yang boleh dihormati oleh rakyat agar tidak timbul isu-isu seperti ini lagi.

Ambillah kesempatan ini untuk memilih batang tubuh yang baru untuk memimpin kita dalam pemilihan parti pada bulan Disember yang akan datang…insya-Allah kita akan dihormati.

Tak payah kita menyelesaikan isu UiTM ini dengan mengajak sesiapa untuk mengamuk…itu adalah tindakan bodoh…kita yang salah, kita pula yang mengamuk…

Silly isn’t it?

Sekian……………………………..Aspan Alias.

13 August 2008

UMNO Bandar Tun Razak keluar parti

Naib ketua UMNO Bahagian Bandar Tun Razak, Norasidi Salim telah mengambil keputusan untuk meninggalkan UMNO bersama 151 orang ahli dalam Bahagian itu pada 11hb Ogos lalu.

Beliau dan pengikut-pengikutnya mengambil tindakan ‘decisive’ ini kerana sudah kurang yakin UMNO akan dapat memperbetulkan keadaan untuk menjadi terus releven.

Tindakan ini akan disusuli dengan sekumpulan lebih 200 orang lagi dalam masa yang terdekat ini dan kesemuanya akan menyertai PKR pimpinan Dr Wan Azizah.

Saya sempat bertanya kepada beberapa kenalan yang telah mengambil tindakan itu mengapa mereka begitu ‘decisive’ dalam tindakan mereka.

Jawapan mereka adalah ‘standard’; kerana UMNO tidak mungkin dapat memperbetulkan keadaan dan tidak lagi perlu bersusah-payah mempertahankannya.

Salah saorang memberitahu saya, “Pemimpin-pemimpin masih dengan sikap lama mereka, dengan menekan dan memaksa orang bawah untuk menerima sahaja apa yang mereka lakukan di peringkat atas,” katanya keras.

“Kalau setakat Pak Lah yang lemah boleh lagi dibendung, tetapi yang nak mengambil alih mengikut pelan peralihan kuasa itu ialah orang yang terlalu kontroversial dan kami tidak nampak kita akan memerintah lagi! Jadi buat apa nak tunggu?" sambungnya.

Rakyat kawasan Bandar Tun Razak diwakili oleh Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, daripada PKR di Parlimen, dan tentulah mereka yang merasakan perbezaan yang dialami rakyat di sana.

Kalau tidak masakan mereka meninggalkan parti dengan begitu mudah dan tidak merasa bersalah, kerana sekarang ini mereka dipimpin oleh barisan Abdullah dan Najib yang sangat tidak meyakinkan.

Sesungguhnya PKR bukanlah parti yang kuat dan segar tetapi oleh kerana kelemahan pimpinan UMNO membuatkan PKR ini terus menjadi pilihan ramai.

Kata orang tua-tua, “lulus jarum lulus kelindan”. Oleh kerana PKR sudah mampu memberikan pilihan maka kita yang mempunyai kepimpinan yang lemah ini mudah akan ditinggalkan oleh ahli-ahli yang berfikir.

Saya tidak terkejut jika ada lagi pemimpin-pemimpin Bahagian akan turut mengikut langkah Norasidi Salim untuk bertindak keluar parti.

Jika keadaan ini berterusan maka telahan saya yang UMNO akan hanya mampu bertahan sehingga tengah malam pada hari mengundi PU13 akan menjadi kenyataan.

UMNO terlalu banyak penyakit, tetapi apa yang dilakukan oleh pimpinan ialah hanya untuk menghilangkan sakit, tetapi tidak berusaha memulihkan penyakitnya.

Perlu kita ingat, sakit dan penyakit itu adalah dua perkara yang berbeza.

Jika UMNO masih bernafsu untuk meneruskan pemerintahan ramai-ramailah kita bertindak menukar Abdullah Badawi dengan seorang pemimpin yang lain yang telah pun menawarkan diri beliau untuk menjadi Presiden UMNO.

Jika tidak dilakukan maka UMNO dan lambangnya bolehlah bersedia untuk ditempatkan di dalam Muzium Negara di Jalan Travers.

Mungkin saya dan rakan-rakan akan ke Muzium Negara sehari dua ini untuk menengok-nengokkan jika ada ruang untuk letakkan lambang UMNO kita di sana nanti.

Jika benar perkara ini berlaku saya cadangkan lambang UMNO yang bakal diletakkan di dalam muzium itu mestilah diapitkan dengan gambar Abdullah Badawi dan Najib.

Jika ada ruang yang lebih kita letakkan gambar Rosmah, Khairy, Kalimullah, Kamal Badawi, Muhammad Taib dan lain-lain sekali.

Ini penting untuk dijadikan tatapan generasi yang akan datang bagi mengenali petualang-petualang bangsanya.

Sekian……………………………Aspan Alias

08 August 2008

Leadership in perennial troubles

Our leadership is perennially in trouble, and if there is no permanent solution to these endless tribulations as fast, our nation is going to be doomed.

I don’t believe we are destined to be in this political situation. The situation was self-inflicted by dishonest, dubious and higgledy-piggledy leaders.

I, for once, and until today never waived my stand and believe that this quandary was not unexpected to happen.

I sniffed the advent to these chaotic and disastrous politics way back in the late 70’s and I am proud to see that what I have been forecasting has become the order for these days.

There had to be a cause to the cause of us facing this unkind political ambience….just know a bit of history, it will help one to decisively make a proper stand on the leadership issues of today.

The new and uncharacteristic culture of UMNO set in since the era after Hussein Onn and we now became the grieving recipients to it.

There is no way that the controversial Najib can be a quantifiable successor to the dubious Abdullah, and so do with Muhyiddin and all the top brass UMNO leaders.

The once ‘looked upon’ Muhyiddin has ceased to qualify as the successor as he now bows to the current anomalous top leadership after months of cry for the leadership change….people have now perceived him as unimpressive leader.

Muhyiddin shamelessly is now returning to the fold of Abdullah and Najib and he is swallowing his own noisy words without qualms and he may be alone after this, like an injured dog licking its own wound.

I think he wants to save his position as a Minister, hoping that the rumors of his impending sacking from the cabinet won’t finally happen….as Cabinet position is his ultimate.

So I deduce we should not rest our hope in Muhyiddin and just bid him goodbye, as he has crashed even before taking off.

Now Muhyiddin has to struggle to maintain his VP post of the party, as there are many new aspirants for that position, most of whom are the loveable candidates for Abdullah.

So, whom do we think should offer the alternative leader other than Tengku Razaleigh?

There is none! It is only Tengku Razaleigh who has the standing to meet head-on with the disparaging and perennial hiccups in UMNO, BN and the nation as a whole.

To members who have a basic knowledge of UMNO’s history would be thankful to god that this man (TR) is still alive and kicking, and we are blessed for having him to be the savior of the nation from further obliteration.

He has the experience and has a very high personal profile nationally and internationally that makes him an automatic alternative leader for the country.

What all of us should come to term is that Abdullah has got to go and just live in repentance with his family members who are already in the high bracket economic standing.

No matter what, the responsibility of returning the nation to the preeminent standing is in our account.

Just bear that in our mind.

Thanks……………………………………….Aspan Alias

06 August 2008

Politik kurap dan kurap politik

Saya pernah menulis dalam blog saya ini beberapa lama dahulu tentang politik ‘ala pesakit kurap’ yang berleluasa dalam UMNO sekarang ini.

Politik kurap ini telah memaksa UMNO menjadi parti yang tidak diyakini rakyat lagi.

Penyakit kurap ini memang penyakit yang selalu dihidapi oleh masyarakat di kampung-kampung suatu ketika dahulu, tetapi dengan kemajuan kesihatan yang nyata penyakit ini sudah tidak lagi kelihatan sekarang ini.

Kurap selalunya terbit di belakang tubuh atau pun di punggung kita. Penyakit ini pantang terkena tiupan angin kerana angin akan membuatkan kurap kita itu menjadi sangat sakit dan pedih-pedih.

Itulah sebabnya jika angin bertiup ke timur pesakit kurap ini akan menghadap ke barat untuk mengelakkan kurap di belakang mereka terkena angin tersebut.

Saya faham sangat dengan penyakit ini kerana ramai orang-orang kampung dahulu kala menghidap penyakit ini, dan sebagai anak kampung saya selalu nampak penyakit ini.

Bagi sesiapa yang ada kurap di belakang tubuhnya, ke mana angin bertiup ke situlah dia akan menghadap.

Walaupun penyakit itu sudah tidak ada lagi tetapi virusnya masih begitu jelas kehadirannya, terutamanya di kalangan pemimpin dan ahli UMNO.

Ada pemimpin yang tidak berpuas hati dengan pucuk pimpinan dan mendapat sokongan untuk menawarkan diri mengambil alih jawatan itu, tetapi tidak bermaya untuk bertindak kerana penyakit ‘kurap’ tadi.

Maka terpaksalah pemimpin-pemimpin ini menghadap angin yang bertiup. Itulah sebabnya ada peribahasa Melayu yang berbunyi, ‘di mana angin bertiup di situlah tempat menghadap'.

Itulah sebabnya budaya ‘di mana angin bertiup di situ kita menghadap’ sangat kuat di dalam UMNO.

Pak Lah sekarang sudah nampak kurap-kurap yang bertepek di belakang ramai pemimpin di bawahnya, maka beliau menggunakannya sebagai senjata untuk mendapatkan sokongan daripada mereka yang berkurap itu tadi.

Ada seorang pemimpin yang tidak ada kurap untuk berhadapan dengan kemelut politik UMNO dan tanah air sekarang ini dengan menawarkan diri untuk menjadi pemimpin negara.

Pak Lah dijangka akan menggunakan ‘pesakit-pesakit kurap’ di dalam parti untuk membantunya kekal di jawatannya pada hari ini.

Akhirnya jika ahli-ahli UMNO gagal untuk menaikkan pemimpin yang tidak berkurap ini, maka kita akan ditenggelamkan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin yang berkurap sampai bila-bila.

Sekarang ini kita lihat pemimpin-pemimpin besar yang kita jangkakan akan mengambil sikap tegas dan menawarkan diri mereka untuk bertanding kerusi yang tertinggi ini, akhirnya terlentuk dan mengambil sikap menyokong sahaja.

Mereka terpaksa mengambil sikap ini untuk mengelakkan belakang mereka ditiupi angin kerana kurap tertepek lebar di belakang mereka.

Itulah sebabnya untuk menjadi pemimpin yang baik seseorang itu mesti bersih daripada virus kurap ini, supaya senang mengambil sesuatu keputusan penting untuk rakyat dan negara.

Sekarang ini hanya ada seorang sahaja pemimpin yang berani berhadapan dengan angin ini, tak kiralah angin itu datang dari depan atau belakang, beliau tetap akan bertanding jika dapat cukup pencalonan.

Nampaknya yang lain tidak boleh diharap kerana ramai antara mereka adalah ‘pesakit-pesakit kurap’.

Tidak payahlah saya sebut nama pemimpin yang tidak berkurap itu, kerana sudah selalu sangat saya sebut nama beliau dalam tulisan-tulisan saya.

Pilihlah yang tiada kurap, supaya politik kita tidak akan jadi korap.

Sekian………………………………..Aspan Alias.

Just learning to live without a mother

I am just starting to do things which I habitually do everyday after more than a week in grief.

Eight days have gone since my mother’s demise and I was not really in my usual self, as the feel of losing her is extremely painful.

Until this morning, I was still receiving condolence messages from friends everywhere, local and abroad and all gave me strong words of encouragement for me to learn how to live without a mother.

After all I am used to live without a father since my age of 14.

I now admit that losing our love ones is very normal and one has to accept it as a simple fact of life.

Through death one may lose their loves ones like mother, father, wives and children or anybody and no one is spared from those experiences in life.

The only thing that I find it tough to forget is my mum’s extra endurance in bringing us all up single-handedly until all six of us became adults.

She labored herself at length as though there were no more tomorrow merely to ensure that I and all my siblings could live like other children with complete parents.

Now that she is gone, I am not sure whether I had done enough to return her mammoth deeds and sacrifices for us.

Few of my friends reminded me that there is no way that a son can repay all his mother’s sacrifices and no mother wants to make any claim for what she has done for their children…and that is why we call them mother.

The amount of sacrifices of any mother is immeasurably huge and the only way to repay a mother is the demonstrations of an unremitting, unrelenting and inexorable love for her throughout her life.

I hope and pray that I have not done anything to her displeasure while she was living.

I accept the opinion of my close friends that if I really want to express my infinite love for her, I just need to heed all her advice and do what she loved me to do.

That’s all for today and I shall be back to regular writing in just days from now…hopefully.

Thanks…………………………………….Aspan Alias

01 August 2008

I have lost a great MUM and a GURU

It has been 3 days since I lost my mother whom I loved dearly, and since then this is the first time that I touch this writing machine.

She was not just a great mum, but also a great GURU to me and my 5 other siblings as well as to my uncles and aunties.

She died in peace at Putrajaya hospital in the arms of my brother Kamal, at 8am but was officially pronounced at 9.05am on the 29th July after the paramedic team was working hard to survive her.

My mother was no ordinary woman. She had gone through rough and tribulations of life with unmatched determination and fought uncomprehendingly to bring up all of us, and she did it all alone.

She was our single mother since she was 34 as we lost our father when I was just over 14 years of age.

The youngest of my sibling Kamarulzaman was born just 36 hours before his last breath in February 1966.

In between me and Kamarulzaman there are four others, Faridah, Hisham, Kamal and Fuad.

Six of us were brought up in a very pressing environment but my mother was all out working and toiling her sweat and tears in the paddy fields and small plot of rubber plantations that was left for her by my grandfather, Haji Kasim.

She was both the man and woman for the family living in a very remote village in Kuala Pilah and she heroically made sure that we were in school to match up with the basic needs of educations.

Until just hours before her death she was still giving me advice of a mother to a son and I cherished that moment exceedingly.

She reminded me not to forget my uncles and aunties as long as they are living, be alert and get united among siblings.

“Aspan, kau tu anak mak yang tua sekali. Tanggungjawab kau besar. Jaga adik-adik dan bersatu. Anak-anak saudara kau ramai, jangan tak pedulikan dia orang. Itu darah daging kau.”

“Kau jengok-jengok Pak Lang kau, Induk kau, Mak Cik kau, Ochu kau. Dia orang adik-beradik mak. Itu pesan mak, jangan lupa,”
she told me softly but clearly.

She also reminded me not to take the 5 daily prayers lightly as that differentiates between good human and other beings.

She said that she was happy to see her children grew up well and she was blessed with 33 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Three of her six great-grandchildren are my grandsons.

Being a semi-literate lady she outclassed the mentality of those of her peers and age.

She used to tell me that going to a university was her ultimate for her children but what worried her was whether the children can think learnedly like a good graduate.

She often scolded us when we failed to think well and made proper decisions over simple issues despite spending long years in campus.

“Baca buku tebal-tebal tapi bodoh!” she yelled at me once and I never answered her word since I knew she was right.

I knew she reprimanded me because of her love for me. Other siblings too were not spared from her watchfulness.

To her, enrolling oneself into universities is to learn how to think straight and appropriate, while the scroll received on the graduation day was just to certify that you have undergone the training.

This kind of philosophical word by and large comes from a well-to-do, educated and well rounded up person and not from an old lady who was brought up in extraordinarily remote village who could meagerly read and write.

Time and space prohibit me to write longer than this, as I am in grieved of her demise.

What I am sure now is that there is nobody who is going to advise and scold me anymore.

All the 56 years having her as a mum, her scolding and advices made me strong and lively.

The more dressing-downs I had from her the more I loved her as she was straight and magnanimous to all her children and children-in-laws.

I am going to miss all those from now on. God have graced me immensely for having a mum that not everybody has.

“I promise not to stop praying for you mum. We know that you have loved us exceedingly and all your sacrifices made us all human!”

I love and miss you dearly Mum! Al-Fatihah!

Thanks………………………………………..Aspan Alias