29 September 2015

There's a formula to get answers in leadership change, it's like maths

Where do we stand as a nation at international political arena of late? With all certainties many of us feel that we are not positioned like we used to be.  We used to be observed upon as the most progressing nation with fast and speedy development that was managed by astute leaders of yester years who did nothing more than just to see the nation keeping abreast with other developed or developing nations of the world. We were ahead of Korea and many other nations in the region as well as many others in the world but sadly in just over two decades we were far trailing behind Korea in all traits and facets of a truly well managed nation.

We are even trailing behind new emerging nations like Vietnam and to some hints that we were slowly overtaken by Myanmar and few other nations within the vicinity of the region. We were led by astute leaders with strong cabinet lineup who did not compromise their dignity with the love for money and wealth that were ill gotten. Leaders of those years were fully geared to see the nation was managed appropriately and they were all out sacrificing their souls for the nation right from the day we achieved our independence.

There was less rhetoric those days with highly charged slogans. As far as we can reminisce we only had a slogan, MUHIBBAH as national unity was the sole and ultimate eventual that were focused to arrive at. However since the eighties were impregnated endlessly with high sounded slogan which in the end did not materialize organic results for the nation and its people. We have been stuffed with unyielding slogans while the country was managed from already bad to an unacceptable level.

Corruptions become the culture and way of life of leaders with hefty slogans. Leaders with too much slogans are found out to be leaders with weak attributes just to cover-up their serious leadership deficiencies. While the clean and amazing slogans were heavily publicized through mainstream media, leaders were actively doing the opposite practices for their personal recompenses through huge ill-gotten money in unbelievable sum from tax payer’s money without qualms or guilt.

We know that leaders with the culture of corruption and abused of power will never make proper decisions and obviously we are deep in it currently. As I have said in my previous posting ousting Najib is one thing but to get proper replacement is another crucial issue that we are going to face. This blog have emphasized with strong assertions that changing leadership with the ones who was in the system and culture will never do any change but just prolonging the ungainly culture that has been ingrained in them. This is a natural consequence and if that happens we will be in perpetual problems with evil and harmful leaders for a long while that follow after that.

We can now smell that there are efforts by some parties to replace Najib with leaders that have been working hand-in-glove with the kinds with Najib for many years and still believe in changing leadership from within the UMNO highest body, the Supreme Council. They believe it is sufficient to change Najib with the ones who are within them and this will help us to have another unexceptional mediocre to lead us. That formula of leadership change has proven to be faulty and has never given us good answer. Problems persist through and true and we have to be drastic by having another formula of leadership exchange this time around.

This blog has said uninterruptedly that only a leader who is not within the current system and culture will give a good and correct answer to all the glitches that the nation has faced for past decades.

Like mathematics correct answers to the leadership problems can only be found with correct formula…and it’s nothing less.  

28 September 2015

Let's alternate Najib's leadership carefully and will have peace and security

Malaysians are just like any other nation’s nationality. They want life of peace and security and to secure that life the governing leaders must be of high dignity and free from ungainly perceptions from the public both national and internationally. Politic is a game of perception and any leader who loses the good and high propriety the nation he leads will normally tumbles eventually.

The nation with leaders of upright dignity will give good impulse for the nation to grow in all turfs and arenas.  We can assertively take words of dignified leader as a bond without many queries and one will be easy to deal with this kind or leaders as they are normally a gentleman and place his self-possession high above other things in life.

That was why we are now grasped in the situation that we are now facing with peculiarities for a democratic nation as we often claim. We have been fed with leaders oblivious of democratic morals and conned characters that put the country into a fertile ground for corruptions and misused of power to prosper unhindered. Who to be blamed for this to happen? Was it the mode and the manner selection of the PM that we usually practiced are already out-dated? Or what?

Since we achieved independence UMNO president has been the automatic choice of the PM and that creates heavy competition in the race to be the leaders of UMNO. As time passes the money politics became too overpowering as a result UMMO was laden with leaders who move up in the party’s hierarchy through money politics and that has gone unchecked until we face the current height of problems and if not checked it will bring the nation to kaput. UMNO has failed to produce leaders of self-respect and as such they become too questionable and doubted when he comes to power. 

Most of them were not there because of his or her dignified qualities but because of money politics and sycophantic moves to the top. If the self-dignity has been the consideration of leadership choices many would believe that Abdullah Badawi and especially the current sitting PM would not have been there in the first place. The culture of apple polishing and money politics compounded by personal inferiority complex feelings of the top leadership put away all the budding leaders to stay within the party’s top leadership echelon for the past almost three decades. In UMNO remains the sanctuary for uncouth and confused leaders spending all the time they have to create the culture of apple polishing for the top leadership.

This has been going on for decades and now the group of weak and deluded minded leaders are the once to inherit leadership of this country.

Now the question is will the ousting of Najib solves all the problems we now face? If Najib is alternated by wrong choice of leaders again, than we are on the way to another long haul of leadership problems that we are now fed up with. The choice of the alternative leadership of the country is accurately crucial material and issue.

As this blog have emphasized for a long while, alternating leaders by the manner and mode that we used to practice will in the end resulting in we getting another more mediocre to lead us. As it is we are now facing with the current most meritocratic PM that we have in our independent history.

Dr Mahathir has expressed regrets over his relentless efforts to put up the current sitting PM to the position he holds now. The question now, was his choice to put up Najib was the proper and appropriate move? Was his effort to put up Najib then was truly for the sake of the nation? Certainly it was not. So did his choice to put up Najib’s predecessor Abdullah Badawi.

The grand public knew that these two personalities do not hold the cut to lead the nation to face the current competitive world. It’s only Dr Mahathir who can answer this question even though we knew why he needed these two leaders to inherit his leadership.

We do hope that we especially Dr Mahathir now realized that a weak successor will only bring him disappointments and disillusions to him. But let’s us forget and be assured that our decision is not based on vengeance and revenge. Let us put aside our personal taste but instead get the feel of the public’s taste and flavor. Dr Mahathir knows the best person to lead the nation and he needs to own up his mistakes and be what a Malay fond of saying, ‘jadilah seorang yang berjiwa besar, hargai negara dahulu dari menghargai diri sendiri yang berlebihan’.

Then he will sleep well and die in peace. We will then sleep well too, and die to leave this country in peace and security for next generations to come. 

19 September 2015

Ultimately we will know who is the actual enemy of the state, Khairudin or Najib

To act responsibly for the nation does not mean you are good in the eyes of irresponsible leaders. That was exactly what has happened to Khairuddin Abu Hassan, the former Vice Chairman of Batu Kawan UMNO. He was arrested yesterday evening at his house in Mont Kiara after being barred from leaving for New York at 10.30 am yesterday. He was supposed to leave for New York to follow through on his report on the alleged money laundering committed by our PM Najib. The duo had made similar report in England, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore in the past months and weeks.

Khairuddin was arrested for alleged attempt to topple the government and that was not able to be digested to a right minded persons who follow all the sequences of Khairuddin's move in his attempt to get to the bottom of the truth that surrounds the 1MDB issues since a year ago. In actuality it's a political move taken by the Malaysian police and has been perceived widely as an attempt to circumvent Dr Mahathir in his attempt to get Najib removed from his premiership. The police is just focusing on protecting Najib from falling. 

Khairuddin and Matthias Chang have been trotting half the globe to make police reports as many perceive Khairuddin as a person who has in possessions all the documents that may prove Najib's involvements in massive financial scandal for the country, the worst in the nation's independent history. The total money involved is in tens of billions ringgit. If the allegations finally prove right at home or abroad, Najib is in real trouble as that will amount to committing treason  to the nation. He will then becomes the enemy of the state and not Khairuddin or Dr Mahathir. If there are proves to all or at least part of the allegations, then the whole line of Cabinet that support Najib are automatically the enemy of the state. 

To allege Khairudin to topple the government is too uncalled for. This former UMNO leader was trying hard to get to the bottom of the allegations against our Prime Minister and that is a noble act as it's an act of protecting the nation's wealth from continuously looted and plundered. In this issue it's much too easy to believe in Khairuddin than believing Najib. Najib has not come out with reasonable answers to all the allegations levelled against him. 

No one can digest all the answers given by many of his (Najib's) supporters especially on the RM 2.6 billion 'political donations' that was deposited in his personal account locally here. Big portion of the RM 2.6 billions were transferred to Singapore only to get it frozen by the Monetary Authority of the Island State. How could a clean and good money be frozened? Why was that money not deposited in the party's account? 

In the process of all these suspiciously dubious acts of corruptible activities it involves banks and financial institutions across the globe. That was why Khiruddin have been trotting the globe in search for the truth to what has happened to 1MDB. Arresting Khairuddin does not help to conceal all these dubious and debauched acts of Najib.

The truth will ultimately prevail. It will surface sooner or later. We will in the end know who is the real enemy of the state, Khairudin or Najib.  

18 September 2015

UMNO kehilangan identiti, Najib tak mungkin mampu mengembalikannya

Ralli baju Merah yang diadakan dua hari lepas sudah berlalu. Seramai 80,000 orang Melayu telah berhimpun dan masing-masing pemimpin berucap dalam nada perkauman yang menebal. Perhimpunan itu kononnya ialah reaksi terhadap ralli Bersih 4 yang diadakan pada 29hb dan 30 Ogos yang lalu. Jika ia benar merupakan reaksi terhadap perhimpunan Bersih 4 baru-baru ini, maka perhimpunan baju merah itu hanyalah untuk mempertahankan Najib yang kini berhadapan dengan tuntutan rakyat supaya Najib berundur dari jawatan yang beliau amat sayangi itu. 

Perhimpunan Baju Merah adalah perhimpunan orang Melayu sedangkan perhimpunan Bersih 4 ialah perhimpunan berbilang kaum bagi menuntut Najib berundur dari memimpin negara. Apapun sebabnya persoalan yang timbul sekarang adalah apakah faedah-faedah yang didapati dari perhimpunan orang Melayu yang dianjurkan dari belakang oleh UMNO itu? Ia membawa lebih banyak keburukan dari kebaikan. 

Yang terbaik ialah jika ada apa-apa tuntutan dari rakyat ia wajar diwakili oleh rakyat berbilang kaum kerana kumpulan yang berbilang kaum itu adalah elemen penting  bagi menampakkan yang rakyat berbilang kaum itu bersatu dan berpadu serta selenggang dan sehayun dalam apa sahaja yang dituntut itu. Elemen itu nampak jelas dalam perhimpunan Bersih 4 dan perhimpunan Bersih yang sebelumnya. Himpunan Baju Merah dua hari lepas yang menggambarkan orang Melayu sahaja yang bermasalah dan masalah yang ditampilkan tidak lain dari permainan isu perkauman yang menebal seolah-olah kaum Melayu itu boleh hidup tanpa adanya kaum lain di negara ini. 

Slogan dan kain rentang yang menyuburkan perasaan benci membenci di antara kaum sangat jelas di lihat dalam perhimpunan Melayu baju merah itu. Telah menjadi pengetahuan umum perhimpunan itu adalah perhimpunan anjuran UMNO dan diberikan bantuan kewangan dari UMNO. Perhimpunan anjuran UMNO itu amat mahal harganya kerana ramai-ramai yang datang itu dibayar elaun dan perjalanan percuma. Selain dari itu makan dan minum serta baju T percuma dan berbagai-bagai 'hand-outs' yang lain.

Tetapi sedarkah pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO ini yang perlakuan mereka ini telah menghilangkan kewibawaan mereka sebagai pemimpin parti yang memerintah? Tindakan mereka ini telah menghilangkan identiti UMNO itu sendiri serta kewibawaan pemimpin yang memimpin parti itu?

Hilang segala imej dan keyakinan ramai yang UMNO itu adalah parti yang memimpin semua kaum. UMNO kini hanya memimpin orang Melayu dan sifatnya kini hanyalah parti yang dipimpin oleh mereka yang chauvinis. Semakin terhakis kepercayaan rakyat yang UMNO tidak seperti dulu di mana parti itu adalah parti orang Melayu tetapi ia adalah juga parti yang menjaga semua rakyat yang lain.

Itulah sebab utama kenapa berlakunya perhimpunan Bersih 4. Bersih 4 itu kalau kita tinjau dari sudut yang betul, tidak ada siapa yang boleh menafikan yang ianya berlaku kerana mereka mahukan pimpinan yang memerintah bersifat pemimpin untuk semua kaum. Kalau kita ambil secara positif ianya adalah kumpulan yang bukan hendak membuang atau mengenepikan UMNO tetapi mereka mahukan pimpinan UMNO yang boleh diterima oleh semua masyarakat negara ini. Ia bermakna mereka tidak mahu pimpinan UMNO dibawah Najib kerana masalah ini tetapi mereka mahu pimpinan dari parti yang sama yang lebih diterima oleh semua kaum.

Itu sebabnya ramai dikalangan pemimpin UMNO yang sedar tentang keadaan ini mahukan Najib berundur bagi mengelak dari UMNO itu terbuang kerana pemimpin yang tidak baik dan kotor sedang menempel pada batang tubuh parti itu dan tidak mahu bercerai dari memimpinnya. Justeru itu seandainya pemimpin hari ini diganti dan dianjakkan kepada pemimpin Melayu yang diyakini oleh semua kaum, maka keadaan sekarang akan menjadi lebih baik bagi orang Melayu dan semua kaum di negara ini.

Rakyat tidak mahu lagi diminta untuk bersatu tetapi kesatuan kita di bawah ini diperguna untuk mereka melakukan kerja rasuah tanpa halangan dan tidak terbatas. Kita tidak mahu bersatu di bawah kepimpinan yang tidak jujur. Bagaimana kita untuk katakan pemimpin kita terutamanya yang dipucuk kepimpinan sekarang ini yang sarat dengan isu-isu rasuah dan keji ini. Bagaimana rakyat mahu mempertahankan kepimpinan yang tidak berjaya menjaga imej yang baik dan sentiasa dalam keadaan defensif dalam semua isu yang menakutkan rakyat itu? UMNO di bawah Najib tidak akan berjaya untuk mencapai matlamat UMNO yang 'ultimate' iaitu membentuk negara yang bersatu padu yang selalu disebut sebagai 'national unity' itu. Sesungguhnya UMNO sudah hilang segala identitinya.

Imej yang ada kepada mereka yang memimpin kerajaan pada hari ini bukannya imej UMNO yang sebenarnya. Kita rakyat yang ramai ini sentiasa cuba diperbodohkan setiap masa dan mereka menganggapkan yang rakyat ramai ini tidak mempunyai otak, sebaliknya penuh dengan pasir dalam kepala kami. Najib tidak boleh hidup tanpa berbohong dalam semua isu terhadap beliau. Seorang Perdana Menteri yang 'average' tidak akan berhadapan dengan isu panas seperti beliau.

Jika wang yang beliau simpan sebanyak RM 2billion di Singapura boleh dibekukan oleh 'monetary authority of Singapore' apa kah ini masih melayakkan beliau terus memimpin kita? Dari segi moral dan etikanya beliau sudah tidak layak untuk memimpin lagi. Di negara-negara maju orang seperti Najib ini sudah lama berhenti dan berehat dan buat kerja lain untuk membantu membina negara. Jika Najib benar-benar jujur mahu melihat negaranya maju beliau perlu berkorban dan bersara sahaja. 

Telah disebut oleh blog ini acapkali, ada pemimpin boleh menyumbang terhadap negara dengan memegang jawatan dan ada pemimpin hanya boleh menyumbang terhadap negara dengan meletakkan jawatan. Masing-masing ada cara dan peranan masing-masing untuk menyumbang kepada negara. Bagi Najib sumbangan beliau kepada negara ialah dengan melepaskan semua jawatan beliau dalam kerajaan dan parti dan bersara. Nescaya rakyat akhirnya akan menerima tindakan beliau itu sebagai sumbangan besar beliau kepada negara kita ini.

Najib patut sedar yang tidak ada tempat awam yang kita tidak mendengar soalan di antara satu dengan lain yang berbunyi, 'bila si Najib ini hendak berhenti hah?'. Bagaimanakah Najib hendak mendapatkan keberkatan dari kepimpinannya jika semua rakyat jelas tidak mahu beliau berada di tempatnya lagi? Yang tinggal menyokongnya hanya mereka yang menjaga kepentingan diri dan mereka adalah dari kumpulan elit UMNO itu sahaja. 

Di mana-mana rakyat sedang menunggu beliau bersara dan elok jika beliau memahami keadaan ini dan penuhi kehendak rakyat itu. Tidak berguna beliau mundar mandir ke Sabah dan Sarawak untuk mendapatkan sokongan dengan memberikan janji yang berbagai yang semua orang tahu beliau tidak akan mampu menguruskan nya. Tindakan membeli masa ini akan akhirnya menjatuhkan beliau sendiri. 

Janji-janji terhadap Sabah dan Sarawak itu dibuat di waktu yang genting, bak kata orang 'sudah hendak berak baru menggali lubang.'. 

16 September 2015

Najib, ikuti contoh-contoh yang baik, cari ketenangan dan bersara

Setiap negara mempunyai sistem pemerintahan termasuk sistem memilih dan mengganti pimpinan negara mereka. Bagi sebuah negara yang mengambil demokrasi mereka mengamalkan demokrasi yang berbeza di antara satu negara dengan negara yang lain walaupun asas demokrasi itu terbitnya dari sistem Westminster Abbey. Demokrasi itu adalah sebuah kerajaan pilihan rakyat, diperintah oleh rakyat untuk rakyat. Begitulah definisinya lebih kurang. Dalam sebuah demokrasi tulin seorang yang memimpin yang telah dapat mandat untuk memimpin selalunya akan membawa dan menerima semangat demokrasi itu sendiri.

Di Malaysia kita menggunakan demokrasi hanya untuk memilih tapi tidak menerima semangatnya sekali. Pemimpin yang dipilih melalui pilihanraya akan mengambil jalan populis dan populariti itulah yang membuatkan pemilih memilih seorang itu untuk menjadi pemimpin utama negara. Selalunya seorang yang memilih jalan populis itu tidak kekal lama. 

Apabila graf popularitinya menurun pemimpin itu akan melihat kebelakang samada dia masih patut meninggalkan jawatannya atau memilih untuk terus menduduki kedudukan yang beliau pegang itu. Di sinilah letaknya ujian seseorang pemimpin itu samada menerima semangat demokrasi apabila sampai di saat itu. Jika pemimpin itu menerima semangat demokrasi itu dengan jujur selalunya pemimpin itu akan mencari jalan keluar dan membiarkan partinya memilih pemimpin yang lain atau melalui pilihanraya awal dari waktu sepatutnya. 

Pemimpin seperti ini adalah pemimpin yang tulen dan keberadaan beliau diatas sebelumnya itu adalah untuk menabur bakti kepada negara dan rakyat yang telah memilih beliau dahulu. Beliau tidak akan kekal berkuasa kerana kehadirannya dalam jangka yang lebih lama akan menjejaskan parti dan kerajaan pimpinannya. 

Di negara kita pernah kita melihat contoh yang terbaik yang ditunjukkan oleh Hussein Onn, Perdana Menteri ketiga negara kita. Kita tidak mempunyai apa-apa kemusykilan terhadap Hussein Onn jika dikaji dari semangat mahu membina dan menjaga negara dengan baik mengikut susurgalur demokrasi yang benar. Apabila beliau ditentang oleh Sulaiman Palestin sebagai Presiden UMNO pada tahun 1978 dahulu beliau tahu sudah ada unsur-unsur yang boleh menjatuhkan sokongan rakyat terhadap beliau walaupun gulungan itu hanya segelintir jumlahnya. 

Sulaiman hanya mendapat 250 undi sedangkan selainnya dari seramai 1300 orang perwakilan UMNO itu menyokong beliau. Beliau boleh berbangga dengan kemenangan besar beliau, tetapi beliau memahami isu-isu seperti isu Dato Harun Idris dan sebagainya ini akan menyebabkan beliau tidak mendapat sokongan bulat dari partinya. Di sinilah Hussein Onn lulus ujian sebagai seorang pemimpin yang menghormati semangat kepada demokrasi itu dan beliau terus mengumumkan yang beliau tidak akan mempertahankan jawatan beliau dalam pemilihan parti dalam perhimpunan agung pada tahun 1981 dahulu.

Hussein tidak ada apa-apa untuk beliau pertahankan. Beliau menggalas tugas hanya untuk menyempurnakan misi menjaga negara dengan baik, Beliau tidak ada apa-apa kepentingan peribadi untuk dipertahankan. Beliau tidak mempunyai gagasan perniagaan yang memerlukan jawatan Perdana Menteri itu. Beliau tidak mempunyai kesalahan criminal dan moral untuk dilindungi masa persaraan beliau dan beliau boleh hidup dengan tenang semasa persaraannya. 

Beliau tidak perlu mengupah penulis-penulis upahan untuk menulis tentang kebaikan beliau kerana beliau adalah pemimpin yang mempunyai jiwa besar dan tidak perlu mempertahankan beliau melalui akhbar-akhbar dan menguasai 'editorial' akhbar-akhbar perdana dengan begitu ketat seperti yang berlaku sekarang. 

Begitu juga bagi negara-negara maju. Oleh kerana masing-masing pemimpin tidak mempunyai 'kerak' dan rekod jenayah dan kepentingan kewangan mereka tidak perlu membuat ucapan bergegar-gegar seperti 'at all costs I shall remain to be the PM of this country' dan sebagainya.

Sesungguhnya pemimpin seperti ini adalah pemimpin yang berjiwa besar dan tidak seperti ramai pemimpin selepas beliau mempunyai jiwa fakir yang memerlukan jawatan mereka dipertahankan 'at all costs' sehinggakan UMNO dan rakyat berbilang kaum menjadi berpecah belah. Kepimpinan Melayu sudah mula tidak dihormati oleh bangsa-bangsa lain kerana pemimpin Melayu gagal untuk menjadi pemimpin untuk semua kaum.

Apabila Melayu berpecah seluruh negara akan pecah. Melayu telah diletakkan dalam perlembagaan sebagai kaum yang diberikan keutamaan disamping mempastikan kaum-kaum lain dipertahankan dan dilindungi. Maka adalah sangat penting bagi Melayu itu mempunyai ciri kepimpinan yang 'magnanimous' bagi menjaga kepentingan semua kaum secara 'equitable' dan bersikap adil terhadap semua kaum yang mendiami negara 

Jika Melayu lupa yang negara ini telah dibina diatas usaha dan kerjasama rapat di antara semua kaum adalah tidak adil bagi kaum Melayu hanya memikirkan untuk bangsanya sendiri.

Najib dan rakan-rakan wajar berundur. Jangan kerana mabuk dengan kuasa dan wang ringgit yang bertimbun beliau mengorbankan negara dan kehidupan rakyat yang sangat dahagakan ketenangan. Terimalah semangat demokrasi itu dengan jujur. Ikut contoh Hussein Onn, pemimpin yang telah menunjukkan sikap kebertanggungjawaban yang unggul terhadap negara Malaysia yang beliau pimpin suatu ketika dahulu.

Jangan ikut contoh Iddi Amin dari Uganda atau Robert Mugabe dari Zimbabwe itu sebagai contoh. Ikutlah contoh-contoh yang baik. Najib wajar berpijak pada bumi yang nyata. Carilah ketenangan dalam persaraan. Akui kesalahan dan kesilapan dan serahkan negara ini kepada rakyat untuk menentukan masa depan

15 September 2015

What do we learn from Australian change of guard?

Australia has proven that if real democracy is at work there is no problem to the government and her population. The Liberal party changes their Prime Minister Tony Abbot with Malcolm Turnbill without much hoo haa. The government is in no trouble as the one that works for the government is the system. Malcolm Turnbill secured 54 votes among the Liberal party’s MPs while Tony Abbot secures ten less than that of Malcolm. So the new PM for Australia now is Malcolm.

Before that let us find out why Tony Abbot was sacked from the PM’s office? Did Tony Abbot involved or at least perceived to be corrupted? Did Tony Abbot involved with AUD 2.6 billion donation from the Middle East? OR did Tony Abbot’s aides and close friends being alleged to be involved with murder of a foreigner? We did not hear Tony Abbot sits as the advisor to the government companies by guarantee and stuck with debts to the amount of AUD 42 billion. No one hears that Tony Abbot trots the world like our PM.

So what was the problem with Abbot that makes him loose his job as the PM of the sub-continent?  The reason was not as serious as compared to our leadership here. The reason why Abbot was sidelined was just because of his failure to correct the economy of Australia.  There were no corruption issues against him. Abbott was not suspected of soliciting money from anyone home and abroad. Tony Abbot does not face the issue of political donation for the Liberal party that was deposited in his account and subsequently launders the money to Singapore just to get the money frozen by the monetary authority of Singapore.

What happened in Australia signifies how serious they are when come to managing a nation. The ethics of the government has never been questioned like what is happening here. Prime Minister comes and goes; the government is still there functioning as usual. Japan used to have her PM changed almost any other months but the Japanese government runs as usual. These countries are having strong system that runs their governments. The victor takes his position with commitment to improve the government while the loser extends his congratulation to his successor.

What do we learn from what happens in Australia? There were no personal interest and they were all meant to serve the nation. Abbot does not have any dubious acts that he needs to cover-up. They are drenched of any legal or moral problems. The systems just work accordingly and thus when faced with issues of changing Prime Minister the Australian does not need to organize red T-Shirts rally or any kind of that like.

After witnessing what happens to Australia now, shall we ask ourselves, do we have the chance to be a truly democratic nation at least fifty percent of Australian democracy? The answer is just at the lips of right minded men; not until Najib is replaced by someone more magnanimous, a planner and above all somebody who has the soul solely for the people he leads.

The replacement should then swiftly get to the drawing board to draw up solid and strong future plans for the country. 

13 September 2015

Najib breaks the country, if we want to make it worst let him fix it back

In reality Najib is already a political ‘vegetable’.  It’s only his ego and his individuality that keeps him clinging on to the position he holds. Some others say that it’s his worry about the repercussion that befalls on him if he was to retire gracefully or by force.  As has been said in my last few postings, Najib is now riding on the back of a tiger that makes him impossible to dismount. He can’t move forward and he can’t retreat either.

Maintaining him and to continue leading us is acutely expensive for the country. As up to now there were already huge billions of ringgit gone and evaporated through thin air from our kitty and God knows how much more wastage the country is going to incur if he still loiters around in Putrajaya.

PM Najib is the most famous Prime Minister of the world but for wrong imageries. The latest about him appears in Aljazeera deliberating his wrong and heinous doings and he reacts by telling us that the TV station was all out to rebuke him. Hence WSJ, Sarawak Reports and all international media are working against him. That’s all he could answer to all the allegations against him.

If all the allegations are all untrue and paralleled by spiteful intentions he still has avenues to defend his innocence by suing all those media houses in court of law. Why was that not done? He may even earn a lot of money which he is much in love with through his innocence verdict by the court. Najib is helplessly assaulted by one after the other allegations by the world biggest media houses and the latest by Al Jazeera TV that touches the issue of Altantuya’s murder. The report links the involvement of Najib and his colleague Razak Baginda to the murder.

Najib has been alleged for all kinds of wrong doings, from corruptions, misuse of power and involvement in murder. All these allegations are building up strong perception on him that he is a leader who does not deserve to be called a leader.  He has developed in him the image of a pest instead. His dubious acts have created massive problems for many quarters not only in Malaysia but to the world at large. Now Najib and corruption are already synonymous.

Some of the international senior bankers involved in giving 1MDB loans were fired from their jobs for carelessly giving out to 1MDB huge loans that 1MDB decrepitly presented. Scores of companies that deals with 1MDB are at risk of losing support and facilities from international banks they used to transact with.

I just wonder how Najib is getting to close the impregnated issues against him and his government. Certainly he is not the right person to resolve problems he creates. He can only make it worse.

This blog has been saying, let Najib breaks the country to pieces, and if we want to make it worst give him and any of his cabinet colleagues the job to fix it back.  

10 September 2015

Arrest TDM, it ends up with Mahathir questioning the police instead

Tun Mahathir told the media as he touched down from his overseas trip that he is okay if the police want to arrest him. He says that the police have the right to arrest and question him over his speeches at the Bersih 4 Rally on the 29th and 30th August. By all means Mahathir says arrest him and he is prepared to face the the questioning from the police.   

I am with the masses who are quite supportive if Mahathir be arrested as the police claims that they have a lot to question Dr Mahathir over the issue of his participation in the Bersih 4 rally. However if Mahathir is arrested there will be a tendency that the police will be questioned by Mahathir instead of the police questioning him.

I am sure Mahathir will question the police for acting as conduit to defend the indefensible wrong doings of Najib as the person in-charged of 1MDB deals at home and abroad. I am sure Dr Mahathir will have a lot to tell the police that the 1MDB issue has been made to be the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of Najib.

Dr Mahathir is cocksure that the donation of RM 2.6 billion deposited in Najib's personal account actually originates from 1MDB. Hence he can help the police with certainty where the RM 2.6 billion comes from and how it ends up in Najib personal account. Dr Mahathir can tell the police how a big portion of that ‘donation’ was transferred to a Singapore bank, only to be frozen by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

If the police do not know a lot of things let Dr Mahathir gives the police important inputs for the police to investigate on all the issues levied against Najib the PM.

Arresting Dr Mahathir is a good thing to happen as the police have a lot to know all the goings-on over all issues that the leadership is facing. Mahathir’s arrest will end up in Mahathir doing the questioning on the police instead and Mahathir is in actuality arresting the police for questioning then.

Now the police should answer all the issues surrounding the role of the police in defending the culprit that creates problems not only to Malaysians but also many quarters in the world.

Everywhere in the world, from Switzerland to Singapore and Hong Kong and subsequently crossing the pacific to the US investigations on Najib and his 1MDB is ongoing. So can one imagine the scale of dubious and murky involvements that our PM is involved in. 

Hence the police should arrest Dr Mahathir and help him (Mahathir) to get to the bottom of Najib’s scandalous deeds not only to Malaysia but to the world especially the financial and banking system.

09 September 2015

Najib perlu melakukan introspeksi diri secara intensif, insyaallah terjumpa penyelesaiannya

Keadaan negara masih belum dapat ditentukan keadaannya.  Setidak-tidaknya buat beberapa minggu dan bulan ini kita belum akan berjumpa dengan penyelesaiannya. Berbagai isu yang dihadapi oleh Najib dan kabinetnya tetapi belum satu pun persoalan yang ditimbulkan rakyat terhadap kepimpinan beliau telah dijawab dengan jujur dan tepat. Di sebaliknya Najib menyalahkan pihak yang mengkritik beliau yang menyebabkan keadaan menjadi sedemikian rupa. 

Berbagai cara dan permainan dilakukan oleh mereka yang memimpin hari ini untuk mengalihkan pandangan ramai terhadap isu sebenarnya yang rakyat mahu Najib menjawabnya. Najib tetap membisu tanpa memberikan jawapan yang betul dan tepat terhadap soalan yang diajukan terhadap beliau. Apabila disoal siapa yang menyuruh dan mengarahkan Sirul membunuh Altantuya Najib menjawab beliau tidak terlibat dalam pembunuhan itu dan beliau telah bersumpah didalam masjid untuk menafikannya.

Dalam isu 1MDB pula Najib menafikan yang beliau tidak mencuri wang 1MDB tetapi beliau tidak memberikan dalil-dalil dan bukti yang beliau tidak mengambil dan mencuri wang yang berbillion ringgit itu sedangkan dalam masa yang sama jugalah 1MDB menghadapi masalah kewangan yang sangat besar dengan bebanan hutang yang berbillion ringgit jumlahnya. Dalam masa itu jugalah sebanyak RM2.6 billion masuk dalam akaun peribadi beliau sebelum pilihanraya umum yang lalu.

Beliau memberikan jawapan kepada persoalan ini dengan menyatakan kepada kita yang wang sebanyak RM2.6 billion itu adalah derma politik dari seseorang dari Timur Tengah dan sampai ke hari ini beliau tidak menamakan sesiapa yang begitu baik untuk menderma tanpa mempunyai apa-apa 'string attached' terhadap derma itu.

Dua bulan lepas beliau telah secara terbuka berjanji yang isu 1MDB akan beliau selesaikan dengan sempurna. Sekarang sudah dua bulan berlalu, tetapi semakin hari semakin kabur keadaan 1MDB ini. Sama-samalah kita tunggu, kita akan dibohongi lagi. Isu 1MDB tidak akan selesai. Beliau berjanji selama enam bulan itu kerana orang Melayu terutamanya pada anggapan Najib akan lupa tentang semua isu setelah enam bulan berlalu.

Beliau yakin dengan 'Melayu mudah lupa' itu kerana tidak berapa tahun dahulu kita semua didedahkan dengan isu komisyen beratus juta ringgit dalam pembelian kapal selam scorpene yang pada suatu ketika dahulu tidak dapat menyelam itu. Rakyat hampir lupa dengan isu Felda yang sangat besar itu yang telah merosakkan kedudukan Felda sebagai agensi yang 'cash-laden' pada suatu ketika dahulu. tetapi setelah Najib membawa Felda keluar dari kementerian kemajuan tanah dan wilayah dan diletakkan dibawah ketiak beliau Felda semakin hari semakin pupus 'reserve' kewangannya.

Apa-apa sahaja yang dibawah kelolaan Najib tetap telah dan akan terus membawa masalah kepada agensi -agensi sentuhannya.  Apa malangnya tangan Najib ini Tuhan sahaja yang tahu dan kepada sesiapa yang mengetahuinya. 

Najib tahu dan merasakan yang beliau tidak lagi dihargai oleh rakyat kerana niat dan matlamat beliau memimpin itu sangat jauh menyimpang dari matlamat untuk membangunkan negara secara terancang dan membawa rakyat untuk membentuk perpaduan dikalangan mereka yang berbilang bangsa dan agama ini ketahap penyatuan yang unggul sebagai matlamat dan 'ultimate' kepada perjuangan kita. 

Malahan dalam keadaan beliau tertekan dengan orang melayu sendiri beliau dan kepimpinannya menggunakan isu perkauman yang serius untuk menyatukan orang melayu yang sudah berpecah belah sesama sendiri ini. 

Dalam pada itu beliau menggunakan kuasa kedudukan beliau untuk memujuk orang Cina menyokongnya dengan memberikan  bantuan kepada sekolah-sekolah Cina dalam ratusan juta ringgit sedangkan kaum Cina mahukan keamanan bagi mereka hidup berniaga dan bersama-sama hidup bahagia dalam keluarga besar Malaysia ini. Sekolah-sekolah Tamil walaupun tidak ada peringkat menengahnya telah mendapat bantuan jutaan ringgit tetapi itu semua bukan kemahuan mereka yang sebenarnya.

Tindakan-tindakan ini hanyalah diibaratkan sebagai menghilangkan sakit sementara sahaja. Itu hanyalah 'pain killer' yang tidak akan menyembuhkan penyakit sebenar kita. Apa yang perlu dilakukan ialah untuk menyembuhkan penyakit, bukannya menghilangkan sakit. Memakan panadol kerana sakit telinga dan tengkok acapkali hanya menghilangkan sakit buat seketika. Yang wajar disembuhkan ialah penyakit darah tinggi misalnya, maka kita tidak perlu makan panadol lagi apabila sakit telinga, mata atau tengkok kerana penyakit darah tinggi itu telah disembuhkan.

Dengan cara memberikan bantuan untuk mendapatkan sokongan sementara ini amat membebanklan rakyat kerana apa-apa bantuan yang diberikan tanpa membuat pertimbangan yang betul akan memaksa rakyat membayarnya.

Nyata Najib merupakan seorang Perdana Menteri yang sangat tinggi kos penyelenggaraannya. Najib berbelanjan wang negara tanpa had seolah-olah wang itu boleh dipetik dari pokok petai atau pokok ketapang. 

Ramai mempunyai keyakinan yang Najib tidak lagi berjumpa dengan kaedah untuk memulihkan ekonomi yang begitu teruk sekarang ini. Hanya ego dan kononnya maruahnya sahaja yang membuatkan beliau malu untuk mengakuinya. Beliau bukan orangnya yang mampu untuk memperkukuhkan ekonomi kerana beliau hanya ditafsirkan sebagai penjahanam kepada ekonomi itu. Hendak kehadapan beliau susah dan hendak berundur pun beliau tidak mampu.  

Hasilnya rakyat yang merasakan bahang kelemahan beliau dan kabinetnya itu. Tidak ada siapa di kalangan kepimpinan beliau yang boleh diyakini untuk membina negara selain dari merosakkannya. Oleh itu jika ada usaha untuk mengenepikan beliau usaha itu adalah satu usaha yang sangat 'noble' pada pandangan hakikatnya. 

Justeru wajar kita fahami, rakyat bukannya saja-saja untuk menolak beliau ke tepi tetapi ia terpaksa dan wajar dilakukan bagi menyelamatkan negara dari menjunam ke lembah yang lebih aib lagi. Tetapi yang lebih baik ialah bagi beliau sendiri berundur dari jawatannya itu. Ikut contoh yang baik, jangan ikut contoh yang buruk.

Hussein Onn dulu walaupun beliau masih kuat sokongan tetapi oleh kerana beliau telah terasa yang ada segelintiran rakyat yang mempersoalkan beliau, beliau telah berundur secara terhormat tanpa sebarang masalah yang besar. Beliau cintakan negara dari cintakan jawatan yang beliau sandang.

Itu sebabnya kita melihat betapa tenangnya kehidupan beliau semasa persaraannya. Ketenangan dalam kehidupan kita terutamanya semasa persaraan bergantung kepada pilihan kita sendiri. Kita boleh pilih untuk mengikuti bisikan khatir yang bathil atau pun bisikan elemen yang haq. 

Kalau kita memilih untuk mengikuti hasutan yang bathil maka susahlah kehidupan kita semasa tua kita. Jika kita sedar kehidupan di akhir-akhir hayat kita memerlukan ketenangan, kita tidak akan melakukan kerja dengan panduan dari bisikan khatir yang jahat itu tadi. 

Najib perlu melakukan introspeksi yang intensif dan bertindak dengan cara yang dihormati rakyat yang ramai-ramai ini.

08 September 2015

Did I hear Rosmah's presence in high profile government meeting at PMO?

We can safely say that this country is administratively out of control, as there is no real and set Standard Operation Procedures in dealing with the nation's urgent and confidential matters. I read the news from Malaysiakini that Rosmah was one of those present at the top level meeting together with her husband and  the newly minted Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. The meeting was called on the issue of unreasonable transfer of the Deputy Director of the Special Branch Datuk Hamid Bador to the PM's office. 

This is the only democratic country that I hear since the birth of Adam and Eve that a wife of the Prime Minister is involved in important government's decision making. This is a clear prove that this country is managed by one person who thinks that this country is owned by him and his wife. Najib has been the target of critics by many quarters but he never learned a lesson out of those critics and still allows his wife to meddle around with the nation's administration.

This is devilish act for certain and this happening is beyond comprehension of anyone with reasonable ability to think. If this alleged meeting with Rosmah's presence was true than it confirms and reaffirms the notion that the real Prime Minister of this country is Rosmah Mansor and Najib is just an 'office-boy' to the real PM. Hence here comes another question, how is Najib going to control the government when he can't even manage his wife appropriately. We are now ruled by a devilish couple and there can never be any proper government any longer.

Hence we are not wrong to perceive that we don't have a real government anymore. The country is managed like a sole proprietorship of Najib/Rosmah. So who is going to take accountability on this mad issue of this controversial couple?

First of all are we going to just keep quiet and let happening of this kind to recur perpetually? Certainly this has got to be addressed swiftly as it is endangering the country outrightly. This is a sovereign and independent federation. This is not managing persatuan sepak takraw, Pekan, Pahang. 

So can we disagree to any move to oust this leader? We have some democratic mechanisms to move Najib aside and any move to oust him should be strongly supported for the sake of the nation's future. This itchy Rosmah should just stay at home and cook for her husband and she should not interfere the country's administrative goings on. 

Her act of attending the high profile meeting with the Prime Minister is not digestible to any reasonable minded human being. 

However I hope the news is untrue as it is too 'gila' to comprehend to happen to this beloved country of ours.

06 September 2015

Najib can sack anybody, he still has to find the exit door

Many of my blog followers ask me to write on the coming September UMNO Supreme Council meeting as there are heavy rumors that Muhyiddin and few other leaders who are disloyal to UMNO be sacked or taken appropriate actions. Honestly I don't know how to comment as the party is in what people say at coffee shops as a 'carca marba' party. Judging from the statements issue by many current ruling leaders, UMNO is in serious terminal illness. A sickly person (like Najib) can never be right in any decision making as he is more focused on healing his illness. They can't even differentiate between their right and left hands. Najib and the Supreme Council are the ones who are disloyal to the party, not anyone else.

However if the rumors of sacking Muhyiddin and few others is true, then it is just a right thing for deficient leaders do. Najib wants everybody to support him especially in the Supreme Council and the Cabinet.That was why this blog did some comments on the day Muhyiddin was sacked from the Cabinet last month. I would have imagined that Najib should sack Muhyiddin from the party positions first before dismissing his government positions. But he did just the reverse. That was why Najib is still facing huge problems with the some of the Supreme Council members who are not together with him in his struggle cling to power.

When Mahathir was at odd with Anwar he sacked Anwar from the party and government simultaneously and that was why Mahathir had a little less problem in hanging to power then. Najib should have called for special UMNO General Assembly once he ostracized Muhyiddin from the DPM post because the person whom he sacked was the Deputy Prime Minister of his Cabinet. 

But Najib is unable to call for the General Assembly because Muhyiddin would have been still sitting next to him in the General Assembly and chances of the delegates calling for Muhyiddin to be reinstalled as Deputy PM would have taken place. If that happens that would have been the termination from his job as the PM because the voice and decision of General UMNO Assembly is an official decision of the party. General Assembly is the highest decision making for the party, higher than the decision by the Supreme Council.

Muhyiddin dreams to be the PM as his position was just a step for the premiership. But when he was sacked he was dreaming and didn't wake up to react by calling a special general assembly. At that point of time he would have the chance to dislodge Najib if he had called for the special general assembly. The party doesn't need to have one hundred percent of the divisions to call for the Special Assembly. I would have reckoned that the constitution just needs 30 percent of the divisions to call for the special assembly.  The situation could have been different had he made the move for the special general assembly. However it's too late to initiate the special assembly. He is missing the chance forever.

Hence there is not much comments from me on this issue. If he is sacked by the party on the 9th September meeting, just accept it. Muhyiddin should realized that UMNO is not a party of consequence anymore. UMNO is already experiencing a 'brain-death'. It is not functional as the ruling party anymore.

While waiting for Najib to be ousted the civil servant should be responsible on the government. The only chance for Muhyiddin to stay relevant in politics is by working hand-in-glove with the responsible Federal Legislative Members to oust Najib in Parliament. Muhyiddin will be politically in oblivion if he does not know how to take care of his own self.

I think it's fair to remind Muhyiddin that he should not trust anyone or leaders in UMNO coming to him saying. "Tan Sri, I support you undividedly!". If he does, he is going to be very frustrated and disillusioned man. He will be licking his own wounds all alone. Tan Sri, am I saying a right thing? Remember, this is UMNO!!!

04 September 2015

Legislative members, be responsible reps, initiate vote of no confidence

The rakyat want the issues on Najib to be settled by vote of no confidence in Parliament. It was not just Dr Mahathir who wants the vote of no confidence to be tabled in the next Parliament sitting. Mahathir was just telling the members of Parliament to be sensitive to the issue as the people at large want Najib to be voted out as soon as possible to relieve the nation from further pain and distress. Where do the people want to lean their heads on if not on the shoulders of the members of Parliament that they voted in during the General Election.

If the members of Parliament are not voting out Najib, then there will be another new question that will crop up from the rakyat. The situation will worsen as the rakyat now have two parties that are going at odds with. One party is Najib and the Cabinet members and the other party is the insensitive and self serving members of Parliament who are not fulfilling the wishes of the people. In this situation then there will be automatic risk of losing the General Election for the current party in  power.

We must accept and resign to the fact that majority of the ordinary Malaysians want Najib and his Cabinet lineup to go, if possible instantaneously. The people just do not want those stubborn and obstinate leaders that lead the current government to loiter around in Putrajaya any longer. Enough is enough, the rakyat have the right to live in acceptable political ambience which they have not felt for a long time. 

They want new leadership that can steer the nation to a greater height and cease listening to foolish statements and court-jester like acts of our top leadership that lead us at the current moment. They don't have ethics. finesse and basic decorum when they dispose themselves to the alert Malaysians. The perceptions on the current leaders are too low and the people are hesitant to offer due regards and respect for the lineup. We have to accept the reality that politics is the game of perceptions. 

The people are now leaning their hopes on the Legislative Members to offer some hopes i.e to dislodge and vote out the Prime Minster. Ousting the Prime Minister also means ousting the whole Cabinet as the Cabinet members are chosen by the ousted PM. If the members of Parliament refuse to vote out Najib, then we shall be perpetually ruined by hoards of irresponsible leaders headed by Najib. 

Consequentially the people will then face the ruling party in the forth coming General Election. If we come to that situation BN and UMNO should be prepared to loose grip of political power for ever. Zahid should not spend time and efforts to regain Selangor. On the other hand there are few other states as well as the Federal government will change hands.

So in essence the vote of no confidence on Najib is to save the government from changing hands. Now let us ask the members of Parliament, do you all still believe that Najib can hold the forts if he still lingers around Putrajaya? Are you happy to be the agent of failures for BN especially UMNO? Or do you want a new vibrant government with national correction plans set up by planning experts to bring the country to greater height in future? Are you not eager to feel the sweetness of national unity and grow old  with it?

OR what do you want ? Bring these questions to sleep...

02 September 2015

Najib is riding on the tiger and unable to dismount

PM Najib is stuck and caught in a tough web that he is now immobilized and unable to move forward. He is unable to retreat either. Nobody is responsible for what he is now but he has himself to be blamed. It was his greed and foolishness that make him to be perceived as the most undignified PM in the six decades of independent Malaysia. He is now in angry mode. 

That completes his attribute as the most unholy leader of the country and by world standard he is a Prime Minister who leads the most corrupt-laden government (some say) in the world. He has all attributes of a devilish leader i.e greed. anger and foolishness. He can do no good to the nation anymore. The world is watching him and every bit he says and everything he does is under close watch of the world-wide community. 

Conclusively PM Najib succumbs to what a Chinese idiom that goes in Mandarin, 'Jin Tui Liang Nan' that describes him as not being able to advance or to retreat. He is in real tight spot that makes him trapped in a very tough web and he is completely immobilized. He is not able to back out even if he wants to do so.

Right now he is forced to ride on a tiger's back and too dangerous to dismount. He has to continue on riding on the tiger's back and has to bear with whatever consequences that befalls on him. Najib is in actuality in this situation and he is riding continuously on the back of the tiger and the early indication shows that he is standing on a thin ice at the moment.

Najib has to choose between himself or the nation. He chooses to side his personal self, hence he has to go on riding on the tiger and the situation has become irreversible. Another known Chinese idiom in Mandarin to deliberate on this situation is 'Qi Hu Nan Xia'. Najib has to continue pursuing on riding on the back of the tiger and live with whatever impending consequences that follow. Najib is not thinking anything for the country as he has his massive personal problems that he is still trying to solve.  

The question now is who will tame the tiger that Najib rides on as the country is in desperation for Najib to go. Najib can't be staying on as the longer Najib stays in power the country will go to an nonredeemable situation. The country needs mitigation as soon as possible.