11 April 2020

I am back

I am coming back to blogging after almost 3 years of silence, as so many of my readers insist me to come back to blogging. I stopped blogging since my late wife was ill and subsequently passed away in August 2017.
Ever since I was just focusing on my fb and after so many friends encourage me to go back to blogging, I have decided to enjoy to blog again.
As usual I shall be touching on issues that prevail around us, politics, social, maybe economics which I know a little and many other current life and nerve touching issues that are felt necessary to be written for the purpose of record and my self-actualization.
So guys, I shall be back in matter of days. Some may like my guts and some may not. Let us enjoy the varieties of opinion through comments and counter opinion. For tonight, it’s just a preamble.
So long! Good night.