01 August 2016

Waiting for the Royal interventions, would there be any?

If we perceptively follow Najib’s moves, we will conclude that he is in real desperation and pain to remain in power that he does not deserve any longer.  Some say that he may want to leave the office but he is fretful to his indeterminate destiny. He knows that he is not able to weather the predicaments that haunt him day and night ever since he was read by the world over his involvement in the biggest financial scandal that the world has ever recalled. 

He and his Cabinet are not spending time to manage the country anymore but instead spend all efforts and time to defend his depraved deeds that he commits since he became the Prime Minister almost seven years ago. It’s too expensive to maintain him as the leader of the nation and it costs the country heavily.

As I have said many times in my postings months ago he is in actuality riding on the back of a tiger that he can’t dismount. In short Najib is in real trouble. Najib is petrified to leave the office as he knows he is not in peace to leave his personal fate to the people as his dubious deeds were unprecedentedly huge of an unimaginable and unforgiving scale. It’s not at all mistaken to perceive that with his continuous existence as the PM, the country is undoubtedly crippling and fragmenting to pieces.

He is totally trapped in a thick web that he does not have the space to move on other than to turn himself to dictator-like moves with new laws legislated backed by his blind loyalists in the legislatures, both federal and state assemblies. He is now strangled and stalled politically. He has to flex his muscles to rule and the people are forbidden to say any right thing any longer but to support anything that he decides to do.

In reality with the legislated NSC he practically centered all powers to him and he will exercise totalitarian rule to the country. As from the 1st August (today) he will have all powers with him and laws are not to protect the people but to conceal all his misdeeds, pranks and shenanigans tightly while he will roam and scales every part of the nations with his bluffs and deceitful speeches.

UMNO members and leaders will be made to unashamedly clap their hands and applause thunderously after every sentence he utters. He is already the country’s first dictator that historians will not forget to write. Najib will be reminisced by our generation as the puniest and treacherous leader who turned dictator after he lost moral fitness to rule.

However the people are still hopeful that there will be a change of guard to save the country from further deteriorations and corrosions of the system of our government. Of late there have been growing pressures by the people on the Malay rulers to act and save the country. They insist that the Malay rulers should act firmly on the Prime Minister to save the country from his debauched moralities as the head of the government, failing which the royal institution itself will be in extinction in a predictable future.

This grave situation warrants the Malay Rulers to act and this is believed to be the only hope left for the people to take cover from the ruthlessness of the current leadership. We need the Malay Rulers to save themselves and the people urgently. The ordinary citizens have never troubled the Rulers and the Rulers have to come out and save Malaysians at all costs. The Rulers and the rakyat have never separated and if the rakyat are being mistreated it is also the mistreatment of the Rulers themselves.

As the slogan goes “Raja dan Rakyat berpisah tiada”. The current leadership is harassing the subjects of all the High Highnesses and it’s only proper for the Rulers to step in with their Royal Intervention instantaneously.  

As this humble blog has been saying umpteen of times we are in real need of total revamp of this country. We need to start afresh and we want to be in a totally new ambience of a sovereign nation.