31 October 2015

Najib is born to create misfortune for the country

There is no more politics of sanity in this country. What remains is just politicking of individual leaders of both sides of the divide.  There are no more workings for the good of the country and the people they lead but just to concentrate efforts to care for each other among the weak, corrupt, contemptible and looters like leaders that presently pulls the nation soon to ashes.

The country seems to be lawlessly ruled by the exclusive leaders and members within the corridor of power and they are unmindful for their shameful and undignified acts that they commit. The mandate given by the BN parties (not the rakyat) to rule is abused mercilessly and now no one should be irritable against all the nauseating acts they openly commit. They are kings and the chief is the Grand Maharajah with his consort in his palace called Sri Perdana.

They are free to take corruption money as that money is now rebranded as ‘donation’ and it is in huge sum that runs up to RM billions. If there are groups or individuals who try to uncover their dubious deals they will be arrested and charged under SOSMA or whatever the act by Parliament to suppress the moves. Najib is ruling the country like he is ruling his own kingdom where all revenues of the country are his income and he dishes a bit some to all families with household income of less than RM3000 and he wants everyone to be thankful (tauhid) to him and praise him like we praise the almighty GOD.

He even goes fiercely against his mentor (Dr Mahathir) who made him to be the PM just because his mentor asks him to retire and leave Putrajaya because of his mischiefs. Instead he calls his mentor a thankless person who forgets his favor he offered his mentor when his mentor was in trouble. He wants his mentor to be continuing returning his favor by allowing him to pull the nation down to ashes. He wants to do everything without interruptions however scandalous and heinous his acts can be.

He does not go against the fugitives Nik Faizal and Datuk Subuh and Jho Lo as these are the personalities who were his conduits for the money launderings done in all parts of the world but instead he foils all the investigation team at work. He just does not want the investigation team to unearth the truth on all the allegations against him.

He compounds his heinous acts by putting even the unhappy UMNO leaders under his microscope and soon these leaders will be taken actions against them. As Tengku Razalegh rightly puts it, the ruling leaders are ruling the country like the rule of communist. He suspects everybody and trusts no one who is fully informed about his dubious deals that are against the law and ethics of good leadership.

However a right minded being will know that he knows of his guilts. His involvements in all the mischievous deals are so deep that he is unable to find the way out.  As I have mentioned in my postings months ago he is now riding on the back of a tiger and unable to dismount.

Seriously Najib is in deep trouble. He doesn’t know how to mitigate his own huge self inflicted problems. In the mean while he will turn himself to become a dictator. I heard there are more arrests and moves to suppress his critics before the annual general assembly of UMNO. Let’s see what's next to come.

If possible Najib wants to see the innocences be suppressed and all the wrong doers to go scott free. That is the only way to save his skin.

29 October 2015

Rahman Dahlan is talking about dignity? It doesn't sound like him

Najib's strongest foot soldier, Rahman Dahalan advices Dr Mahathir to have a bit of dignity. He says Mahathir's criticism should not come from Dr Mahathir as he was a retired Prime Minister. He should leave with dignity and stop criticising Najib and to ask him to quit. The problem in UMNO he says, is lack of discipline and the retiring PM does not have dignity.

Wow, it's surprising that a man like him (Rahman) is now talking about dignity. It doesn't sound like him.  Mr Rahman, what is dignity? Do you know what dignity is? If Najib is having that dignity Rahman is talking about, why was he involved in laundering RM 2 billion from Kuala Lumpur to a neighbouring city state just to get the money be frozen by Singapore Monetary Authority? What dignity is that? That was an act of money laundering and no man involved with such an act can qualify him to continue to be a Prime Minister. If Rahman himself is having that dignity why is he continuously defending Najib. Does he know that this issue is indefensible and Najib should leave if he has the residual dignity that Rahman is talking about.

A Prime Minister should be clean and must seen to be a clean leader. The Prime Minister is getting involved with huge money laundering and he does not know that the act is wrong and can be litigated for money laundering. In actual fact we do not need to talk about other issues at all. Just talk about this money laundering issue of RM 2 billion and that instantenously disqualifies Najib to continue on as Prime Minister. That's it.

I, like many others, is strongly supporting the call for Najib to retire is because Najib lacks dignity that Rahman Dahalan is talking about. Najib is now perceived by the people and the international community as a leader who is doing harm for his country and the people he leads. Najib must realize that he must leave voluntarily and must show some respect for the concerned Malaysian and international community.

Malaysians are in urgent need to be led by a dignified leader. Mr Rahman Dahlan, tell Najib that the only way for him to show some dignity is just to retire from the current office. We need a leader to revamp this devastated nation supported by new crop of potential and budding leaders to ensure some sanity in the government. We need a leader who strives to build up pool of budding leaders to avoid future vacuum of leadership in the country like what we are experiencing now. We do not need any more Pak Lah and Najib like. These two leaders were ascended to be the PMs because of leadership vacuum when Dr Mahathir retired in 2003.

Right now the situation is worsening as none of those who sit in the UMNO Supreme Council can fit in for massive transformations of the country. They are purely and crudely leaders who spend all the time politicking among themselves for personal gains.

27 October 2015

Kita tidak memberikan perhatian kepada etika dan moral dalam kepimpinan

UMNO dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya sedang sibuk bercakap tentang perpaduan dalam UMNO. Khairy Jamaluddin diantara yang bercakap tentang perpaduan bagi menghadapi pilihanraya yang akan datang. Tetapi pemimpin-pemimpin ini tidak mahu mengakui yang perpecahan dalam parti itu adalah hasil dari kelemahan pimpinan yang ada hari ini. Jika pimpinan sekarang ini berkepimpinan parti itu tidak akan menghadapi perpecahan.

Masalah dalam UMNO itu adalah masalah yang ditimbulkan oleh pemimpin-pemimpinnya terutamanya pemimpin utama nya. UMNO dulu-dulunya bersatu dan padu sehinggakan tiada mana-mana parti pun boleh mengatasinya. Ia menjadi tonggak kerajaan Malaysia dan UMNO memerintah sejak kita mencapai kemerdekaan. Tetapi sokongan kian terhakis dan dalam dua pilihan raya yang lalu UMNO sudah mulai pudar dan kian hari kian merudum.

Tentu ada sebabnya kenapa dulu UMNO itu kuat dan sekarang dia sudah lemah dan hampir tersungkur dihadapan rakyat. Jawapannya mudah. Kuat atau lemahnya UMNO itu berpunca dari pucuk pimpinannya. Keyakinan terhadap pucuk pimpinan itu merupakan elemen terbesar dalam kepimpinan negara. Itu sebabnya di negara maju sebelum seseorang yang ingin menjadi pemimpin seperti Perdana Menteri dia mesti seseorang yang bersih dari persepsi buruk rakyat yang mahu dipimpinnya.

Di barat seperti di AS kita telah menyaksikan betapa persepsi buruk seseorang pemimpin itu tidak membenarkan diri mereka menjadi calon atau bercita-cita untuk menjadi pemimpin. Garry Hart misalnya merupakan seorang calon yang berpontensi untuk menjadi calon parti Democrat dalam tahun 1988 dahulu. Selepas Walter Mondale calon Democrat kalah kepada calon  Republican (Ronald Reagan) dalam pilihanraya Presiden pada tahun 1984 dahulu, Garry Hart merupakan seorang calon Democrat yang terbaik untuk menghadapi pilihan raya Presiden pada tahun 1988 dahulu.

Tetapi setelah beliau dipersepsikan sebagai seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai skandal seks walaupun tidak disabitkan oleh mahkamah, Garry yang begitu berpotensi telah terpaksa dan memaksa dirinya berundur dari menjadi calon Democrat kerana hendak menjaga imej Democrat yang sangat-sangat memerlukan kuasa dan memenangi pilihanraya Presiden AS. Maka Micheal Dukakis telah menjadi pilihan Democrat yang menggantikan Garry Hart dalam pilihanraya Presiden pada tahun 1988 itu. Walau bagaimana pun Dukakis telah kalah kepada Bush (Republican) dengan hanya mendapat 45% undian sedangkan Bush mendapat 53%.

Kenapa nilai dan persepsi rakyat itu penting kepada sesiapa yang ingin menjadi pemimpin atau yang mahu terus menjadi pemimpin? Politik itu adalah 'game of perception' pada hakikatnya. Ramai pemimpin di Barat terlibat dengan budaya seks tetapi apabila sampai saat memilih pemimpin mereka yang berjaya menjauhkan persepsi buruk itu dimata rakyat mereka terus mencari kuasa kepimpinan. Tetapi apabila diketahui umum dan persepsi rakyat percaya tentang perlakuan yang disebarkan oleh media itu mereka dengan sendiri memahami apa yang perlu mereka lakukan. Mereka menarik diri dari perlumbaan mendapatkan kuasa itu. Mereka tidak mahu peribadi beliau menyusahkan rakyat dan kerajaan yang bakal dipimpin mereka.

Sebaliknya disini isu ini tidak dijadikan isu penting walaupun kita beragama Islam yang dilaungkan kesana dan kemari. Skandal Scorpene misalnya sepatutnya tidak melayakkan Najib untuk terus menjadi pemimpin kerana skandal itu berlaku dibawah dagunya semasa beliau menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri yang juga menjaga kementerian pertahanan. tetapi beliau tetap dengan usahanya untuk menjadi pemimpin dan ramai 'warlords' UMNO memberikan beliau lampu hijau dan membantu beliau untuk naik lebih tinggi dan menjadi Perdana Menteri. Oleh yang demikian kenapa kita begitu terperanjat dengan perlakuan Najib sesudah menjadi Perdana Menteri? Bukankah skandal di bawah kementerian yang dijaga nya itu sudah menjadi biasa?

Sepatutnya Najib atau sesiapa yang berhadapan dengan skandal kewangan dan sebagainya itu tidak boleh diberikan lagi peluang untuk memimpin kita. Kita wajar serius dalam memilih pemimpin ini semata-mata untuk memastikan negara kita terjamin kebersihan kepimpinan itu.

Apa yang berlaku sekarang ini dan seperti yang saya sebutkan dalam posting yang lepas mesti dijadikan pelajaran dan mengakui bahawa kebersihan moral dan etika itu mesti di utamakan dalam memilih pemimpin dimasa-masa yang akan datang.

Jangan kita anggap apa yang diperkatakan ini satu isu baru. Cara pemilihan pemimpin dari mereka yang bersih dan bebas dari persepsi buruk ini sudah dibudidayakan di kebanyakan negara maju. Hanya kita sahaja yang ketinggalan kerana kita lebih mementingkan kepentingan peribadi dan itu jugalah sebabnya di negara kita ini politik itu adalah 'dynastic politics' dalam mana politik itu dikuasai oleh beberapa keluarga sahaja.

Kita harus mengorak langkah untuk kearah memilih pemimpin yang tinggi etika kepimpinannya dan tinggi moral kemaknusiaannya. Jika budaya ini dijadikan budaya politik negara maka tidak timbul isu pemimpin menyalahgunakan kuasa dengan memanipulasikan sumber kewangan negara dengan bebas dan tidak terkawal ini. Kepada sesiapa yang berpengaruh di kalangan 'warlords' kepimpinan wajar mengambil langkah permulaan untuk mempraktikkan amalan etika dan moral yang tinggi dalam pemilihan pemimpin itu.

Kita sudah jemu mendengar retorik buruk dari pemimpin yang menggunakan agama, bangsa dan berbagai-bagai isu yang remeh semata-mata untuk mengelirukan rakyat untuk kuasa. Kita sekarang berada dalam millennium yang baru yang sangat memerlukan perubahan sikap yang sejajar dengan kehendak moral, agama dan etika kepimpinan untuk menjadikan negara kita setanding dengan negara-negara maju dalam isu kepimpinan ini.

Kita terpaksa bermula dari awal bagi menyemai benih kebersihan kepimpinan sesebuah negara yang merdeka seperti negara kita ini. Jika kita gagal kita akan memindahkan segala kesusahan dan keburukan oleh perlakuan kita kepada generasi kita yang akan datang. Bolehkah kita mengakui  sebagai generasi yang berjaya untuk mewariskan sebuah negara yang baik untuk mereka di masa yang akan datang?

Bawalah berfikir barang sejenak dalam hal ini setiap hari. Kata ramai ulamak yang muktabar, berfikir sejenak itu lebih baik dari beramal sepanjang malam.

24 October 2015

Najib telah hilang kelayakan sebelum beliau menjadi Perdana Menteri lagi

Jika negara kita dan kepimpinannya mengambil etika dan moral sebagai penentu kepada kewibawaannya untuk terus memimpin atau bersara, negara kita tidak akan berada dalam situasi yang kita alami sekarang. Sesungguhnya Najib dan ramai lagi yang berada dipesada kepimpinan negara kita sekarang sepatutnya tidak berada diatas itu dari dahulu lagi.

Menjadi pemimpin bukannya perkara mudah terutamanya bagi sebuah negara yang berdaulat dan maju. Seseorang yang hendak menjadi pemimpin mesti bersih dari isu peribadi yang buruk kerana peribadinya itu akan membuahkan persepsi samada baik atau buruk bagi seseorang yang memimpin itu. Persepsi buruk terhadap pemimpin utama itu akan membuatkan negara tidak dihormati oleh masyarakat antarabangsa dan ia juga akan membawa padah yang tidak baik bagi negara dan rakyat di dalamnya.

Di sini kita telah lalai dan tidak mengambil perhatian tentang etika dan moral ini walhal negara kita lah yang paling hampir kepada moral dan etika yang tinggi semasa kita mula-mula mendapat kemerdekaan dahulu. Kita telah menjadi negara utama bagi Asia dan Asia Timur. Kita lebih maju dari Korea pada suatu ketika dahulu tetapi sekarang kita telah diletakkan di belakang Vietnam dan banyak negara membangun yang lain.

Najib terpalit dengan isu-isu mungkar lama sebelum beliau dijadikan Perdana Menteri dan ramai yang berfikir kenapa Najib lepas dari halangan untuk menjadi pemimpin utama walaupun beliau telah dipersepsikan sebagai seorang pemimpin yang tidak bersih yang diperlukan untuk memimpin sebuah negara berdaulat yang sedang berada dalam proses membangun yang pesat suatu ketika dahulu.

Isu besar yang dipalitkan terhadap beliau sepatutnya tidak melayakkan beliau memanjat tangga kepimpinan negara kerana itulah etika sebenarnya yang perlu kita semua terima untuk memimpin. Isu pembunuhan Altantuya, isu Scorpene dan berbagai-bagai lagi telah melekat kepada batang tubuh Najib dan menjadi stigma yang payah untuk di hilangkan. Tetapi ramai pemimpin UMNO terutamanya 'warlords' UMNO tidak mengindahkan etika dan moral seseorang yang hendak dijadikan pemimpin itu. 'Warlords' UMNO yang berpengaruh tidak menggunakan pengaruh mereka untuk memilih pemimpin yang bersih tetapi memilih untuk menaikkan pemimpin yang boleh bersama dan selari dengan kemahuan peribadi mereka sendiri.

Akhirnya inilah yang kita hadapi. Kita telah mendapat pemimpin yang tidak langsung memahami perasaan rakyat. Muka-muka tebal mereka tidak mempedulikan moral dan etika-etika penting bagi seseorang pemimpin yang baik untuk sesebuah negara. Apa yang berlaku dalam kepimpinan Najib ini sebenarnya bukan perkara yang 'unpredictable'. 

Najib telah dipersepsikan sebagai pemimpin yang lalai dan tidak menjadikan moral dan etika itu isu penting untuk menjadi pemimpin. Kalau beliau mempunyai moral dan etika kepimpinan yang baik dari dahulu lagi beliau tidak akan berusaha untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri, dan 'warlords' yang menaikkan beliau ketahap kepimpinan tertinggi itu tidak akan menyokong untuk menaikkan Najib ini.

Dengan sikap yang ditunjukkan oleh Najib dan barisan kepimpinan beliau sekarang ini, sepatutnya menjadi pelajaran kepada semua mereka yang berpengaruh dan bertanggungjawab menaikkan pemimpin seperti Najib ini. Kita perlu serius dan jangan bermain-main dalam memilih dan menaikkan pemimpin ini. Kita tidak boleh memilih hanya orang yang boleh bersesuaian dengan kita sahaja. Pemimpin perlu dipilih dari mereka yang berkemampuan untuk membina negara dan rakyat dan bukannya pemimpin yang kita rasakan boleh kita pengaruhi semasa mereka memimpin. 

Jika kita memilih pemimpin yang kita rasakan boleh mendengar cakap kita sahaja maka negara akan menjadi kucar kacir kerana pemimpin seperti ini selalunya adalah pemimpin yang lemah dan tidak boleh dipercayai. Akhirnya apa yang kita hajati itu pun tidak akan tercapai kerana mereka akan lebih menumpukan kepada keseronokan menjadi pemimpin yang beliau tidak pernah layak untuk memegangnya. Contohnya Mahathir sekarang menjadi buruan oleh 'protege' nya yang beliau didik dan jadikan Perdana Menteri sekarang ini.

Akhirnya Dr Mahathir di siasat oleh pihak berkuasa dengan berbagai-bagai tuduhan sedangkan semua orang tahu apa yang dilakukan oleh Dr Mahathir untuk mengenepikan Najib itu adalah usaha yang sepatutnya mendapat sokongan kerana lagi lama Najib bergayut kepada kuasa lagi besar musibah yang akan rakyat rasakan nanti.

Najib sebaliknya menuduh pemimpin yang ingin beliau berundur itu sebagai 'api dalam sekam,' dan 'gunting dalam lipatan' seperti yang beliau sebut semasa membentangkan bajet 2016 semalam.

Bagi saya sebelum Najib melemparkan tuduhan seperti itu beliau kena sedar yang beliau telah sebenarnya 'api dalam sekam' atau 'gunting dalam lipatan' itu. Beliau telah di amanahkan memimpin negara dengan baik tetapi beliau menggunting dalam lipatan dengan mengambil kesempatan dengan kuasa untuk menjadi kaya raya dan tidak mempedulikan parti dan kerajaan yang beliau pimpin.

Beliau terus dan terus menggunting dalam lipatan. Akhirnya kita rasakan sekarang musibah kepimpinan beliau ini dan beliau masih menebalkan muka untuk terus memerintah walaupun beliau sendiri tahu beliau sudah hilang segala kelayakan jika dipandang dari sudut etika dan moral kepimpinan.

Najib sepatutnya terus meletakkan jawatan beliau setelah beliau didapati memasukkan RM2.6 billion ke dalam akaun peribadi beliau kerana ia tidak bermoral dan beretika dan sekali gus menghilangkan kelayakan dari segi moralnya untuk menjadi pemimpin.

Etika dan moral seperti ini sememangnya di guna pakai di mana-mana negara yang maju. Negara ini adalah rakyat yang punya dan penyandang jawatan Perdana Menteri itu tidak perlu bersungut apabila di desak untuk meletakkan jawatan setelah beliau tidak dapat menafikan jumlah wang yang begitu besar itu di dapati dengan cara yang tidak bermoral apatah lagi wang itu di sitar oleh Singapura sebaik sahaja beliau memindahkan wang itu ke negara tersebut. Sebenarnya tidak payah sesiapa menggunakan isu lain untuk memaksa Najib meletakkan jawatan.

Perlakuannya sememangnya tidak meletakkan beliau memimpin kita lagi. Membiarkan Najib meneruskan mentadbir negara ini adalah tindakan mendayuskan kita rakyat Malaysia yang berdaulat ini.

22 October 2015

A real 'Pendekar' or just 'Pendekar Silat Pulut'?

It's disgusting to hear that the Speaker of Parliament is staging a comical show time in the house. The Speaker wants the opposition to submit the names of MPs who are against the PM Najib that want to vote of no-confidence to the rattling PM.  If the opposition can show enough votes to oust Najib there was no necessity to vote of no-confidence and Najib must go even before the votes were countered. 

The Speaker must accept the proposal by the oppositions and after sufficient debate the MPs in attendance will cast their votes and only then we know the numbers that were against Najib. The numbers will be determined after sufficient debates have been done and whoever were convinced that Najib should go can vote in support of the motion of no-confidence. The debates on the motion must be done first before we know the numbers and the counter proposal by the Speaker is truly silly and indigestible. 

In actual truth the Speaker of the House was taking side and he is the stooge of the ailing PM. He is not performing as a legitimate Speaker and this should be another issue that the new government must address when they take over from the current deluded government. The present Speaker thinks that all others in the country were stupid and moron as such he can have the free will to put up his own rules and regulations.  He equates his minds with the rest of the concerned Malaysians. I think it's time for the motion of no confidence to be tabled against the Speaker himself to ensure some sanity prevail in the House of Parliament for this sovereign state.  

Pandikar is seen to be too defensive on the indefensible government leaders in the House including the Prime Minister.  

Now quite a number of readers of this blog ask me who this Speaker of the House is in person. Is he a real 'pendekar' or just a 'Pendekar Silat Pulut' that we often see in traditional Malay wedding ceremonies? 

18 October 2015

Najib is putting the people at ransom

Najib is putting the rakyat at ransom. He says that if there is no toll hike there will be less BRiM. This is sickening statement to me as he is telling us 'if you don't want this i am not going to give you that'. This statement also means that the government has no money and to get it he has to burden the rakyat who are already saddled with spiralling cost of living. Everybody is doing calculations on their remaining disposable income after being taxed left and right by the government.

Mr PM, just take your calculator and start calculating the value of BRIM to a family. BRIM is given only to the head of the family with household income of three thousand ringgit and less, meaning it is only one member of the family that is eligible for BRIM. Now the head of the families who are receiving BRIM will not make it good for the family as they are paying more for the toll than the amount of BRIM that they receive three times a year. The head of the family will have to subsidize their family members who cross the toll gate everyday. Hence the BRIM received are not sufficient to cover the inflationary increase of their daily costs of living.

Let's choose not to have the BRIM and please do not increase the toll rate. The rakyat know that the government treasury is drying up and please do not burden the people further. Down here we are already in distraught to make ends meet. We need to enjoy at least two meals a day  like we used to have before you lead us. Do not raise the toll rate anymore and give the concessionaires good reasoning why there should not be anymore toll rate increase.

You are suppressing and take this excuse expediently to stop paying BRIM to the people. This kind of statement was not unexpected. We are also knowledgeable that the government is desperate for funds as there have been too much wastage done by the administration. Do not come back this time to the rakyat if the government's kitty is drying up. The leaders like Najib must be more resourceful to solve these problems. If he feels that he is not resourceful enough, the exit door is wide open for him to leave. The PM must come to reality, that if he has been good in spending our money lavishly he must be more resourceful to replenish the amount that he has wasted.

A careless leader like Najib shouldn't be leading us in the first place. Najib is just like a useless son of a family who only knows how to burden his parents by asking money every day of the month. We down here are suffering enough with your taxes. We don't pluck money from trees you know? We don't have 1MDB, we don't have SRC and we don't have scorpene deal to get part time money. We don't have commissions and kick backs to keep money in our Tabung Haji account. We don't have all those Mr PM. Don't equate your capacity to find 'duit luar' with us down here.

Please understand us Mr PM.. 

Are we ruled by pests? We are isn't it?

In my last posting I wrote with clarity that Najib will soon leading a deserted party as the exodus of UMNO members leaving the party is set to continue. UMNO will be a party with much less members as in essence more than half of UMNO members are supporting the oppositions. The party will in the end becomes an exclusive club meant for those the uniformed individuals who do not know how their leaders led by Najib. Najib is firmly perceived to be heading an administration that endlessly milks the country dry.

The concerned leaders outside the party and the government have been advising the PM with the do's and the don'ts if he wants to lead the country without pain, but all those advices were not receptive to this most controversial leader of the world. He just wants everyone to support him without queries and accepts every thing he does unconditionally. He thinks he has the privilege to commit corruption and misuse of power without hindrances and our duty is just to support him blindly and unequivocally.

Now he is tearing the nation to pieces and the country apart just within five years of his administration.. The dysfunctional government led by Najib seems to have lost all plots of managing the country with purified purposes and intents. He says he is doing the best for the country but the issue of 1MDB alone is enough to erase all the claims of his good intentions of developing the country. He is accountable to all the pranks and shenanigans of both the law makers and the implementers. The law makers and the implementers are working hand-in-glove to dilute the country to a failed state, and that will be certainly be proven if the current lines of leadership still shamelessly loiter around in Putrajaya.

The country is suffering from heavy external debts that currently has mounted to RM 800 billions. More than fifty percents of the debt amount was accumulated within Najib's five years administration and there is no sight or indication that it will be resolved under Najib's premiership. The crude truth is the country is not being managed at all. All financial shortfalls of the government are given to the rakyat to cover as leaders led by Najib are not resourceful enough to resolve any kind of financial hiccups. Najib's led government only knows how to tax (GST) the people who has already taken away from them the subsidies the people have been rejoicing all the years. Najib's administration is taking everything from the people.

So what is left with us now? We have lost what we used to have and now we are paying high costs of living and it's ever rising without constrain. The God blessed country is now doomed with scandalous doings of the leaders who are now turning back to the people for undivided support for them. Technically we are without a government as this country is now ruled by Najib personally and the IGP with strong support from the new Attorney General, Apandi Ali. It looks like this country is a kingdom ruled by an individual  named Najib with his IGP. The income of the nation is his personal income and no one should be saying anything other than to support him unequivocally, and don't ask anything on what he does.

Malaysia achieved its independence from the British some six decades ago but we are back to the colonisation by our own blood and flesh. The British left the indigenous Malay with more than 3 million acres of land, known as Malay reserve land but the Malays are left with much less than 2 million acres after the reserve land were plundered by our own governing leaders in the name of nation's development. We are left with irresponsible, indignified and clownish leaders with no soul of the people.

Are they not a pest? They are isn't it?

16 October 2015

Never go against the rule and law of nature

UMNO will soon be a deserted party as it has already been disowned by many of its members. As it is now the leaders high ups in UMNO have not taken pain to get to the grassroots and appreciate the feelings of disgust among the members of the ruling party. Many well respected moderates in UMNO are leaving and the latest was Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah a member of the Supreme Council leaving the party to be a member of PKR. 

Saifuddin's action to leave the party was a big news especially for UMNO with sour grape reaction from its leaders. Adnan Mansor the Secretary General says that UMNO should celebrate Saifuddin's departure from the party as he is a rubbish in UMNO. Adnan's arrogant reaction on Saifuddin's departure is the true representative of UMNO leaders attitude in general. Zainal Osman, Penang UMNO chief says that the departure of Saifuddin will take away one UMNO enemy. Both Adnan Mansor and Zainal Osman are representatives of deluded UMNO led by leaders with too little soul of UMNO.

The issue of Saifuddin's leaving the party is not an isolated issue as in the last general elections more than one million UMNO members turned coat in the voting centers and it's going to happen again in bigger numbers in the next general election. There were some constituencies where UMNO secured less votes than the number of UMNO members in those constituencies. Rubbishing Saifuddin by Adnan is also rubbishing UMNO members who were already prepared to turn their coats at the voting centers in the forth coming General Election just like they did in the last election.

The situation is expected to worsen as the issue of 1MDB which handles the huge sum of state funds was deviating wayward that results in heavy losses and debt accumulated by the 1MDB. However leaders of UMNO still believe that UMNO is going to remain in power after the next general election. While UMNO are in a day dream the secondary issues that surface lately are issues that will immediate cause for the ultimate demise of UMNO.

Ordinary Malaysian are burdened with heavy and high cost of living. They feel that their lives are being vandalized by their own leaders. The latest additional burden was the increase on twelve highways and motorways in the Klang Valley. The periodical review and increase of the toll rate was one of the terms of the contract when the government awarded the concessionaires the contract. The government fails to bring along the highway concessionaires to get together to share the burden of the spiralling cost of living of the people.

The concessionaires have to be paid the huge sum of compensations if the government disallows them to increase the rate as stipulated in the contract. The concessionaires give the high cost of maintaining the highway and their commitments to their bankers that necessitate the increase on the rate. Many wonder why the ever increasing traffic on all these highways cannot cover the cost of maintaining the concessions. This issue will be another main issue that the new government repossesses power from the current incapacitated sitting PM. The toll issue is not small issue especially to the suffering middle class Malaysians especially.

The toll increase comes in just months after Malaysian were heavily taxed through the introduction of Good and Services Tax (GST). Just months before the introductions of GST all kinds of subsidies were taken away. All happens within few years after Najib came to power. Najib's administration only knows how to tax the rakyat. He was unable to raise the income of the ordinary people and the ultimate of changing Malaysia to higher income nation is mere rhetoric impregnated with hypocrisy and deceits.

A commentator of this blog says that Najib is not going to be a leader of any better than he is now as he has a problem of getting everyone to believe him. None of the words he utters is believable to everybody. No one trusts every word he says. How is he going to continue on leading the people?

There are indications that he is now a loner at international political arena. He is Robert Mugabe in the making and the country is just like Zimbabwe in different name. If that is the situation we are not going to progress any further and in fact we are digressing speedily towards disastrous nation.

I believe that all devilish and evil acts of the leadership will end and let that determined by the law of nature that we human being ruled by. As I have said repeatedly if great evil occurs great good will follow suit. Do not go against the rule and law of nature.

15 October 2015

Ucapan Najib sempena Ma'al Hijrah itu adalah nasihat untuk beliau sendiri, bukan orang lain

Najib telah menasihati kita semua supaya mengenal apa itu Islam yang sebenar agar kita tidak terpedaya dengan segala gejala yang menentang Islam itu sendiri. Saya amat tertarik dengan ucapan beliau semasa menyambut kedatangan tahun baru hijriah 1437 semalam. Saya sangat merasa bingung dengan apa yang diucapkan beliau kerana apa yang diucapkan beliau itu adalah benar belaka tetapi persoalannya adakah beliau sendiri telah melaksanakan tuntutan Islam itu sendiri.

Beliau menyeru supaya kita orang Islam tidak membenarkan tersebarnya pengaruh tempatan dan antarabangsa untuk memecahkan Islam dan beliau berjanji untuk memajukan negara berlandaskan islam sebagai nadi pentadbiran beliau. Ucapan itu adalah ucapan yang telah disediakan tetapi beliau patut menyedarkan diri beliau sendiri yang beliau lah yang sangat perlu membuat 'soul searching' dan menilai diri sendiri samada segala elemen dalam pentadbiran beliau itu semuanya berlandaskan Islam. Adalah tidak mencukupi jika beliau hanya membaca teks yang telah tersedia tetapi segala isi kandungan teks ucapan beliau itu sesungguhnya diarah dan ditujukan kepada beliau sendiri.

Setahu saya yang tidak begitu mahir tentang agama ini ingin juga bertanya kepada Najib, adakah membazirkan wang rakyat dan tidak berusaha untuk memperbaiki keadaan pentadbiran negara itu adalah unsur agama kita yang suci? Adakah menyalahgunakan kedudukan dan mempermainkan rakyat dengan berbagai tipu helah sebagaimana yang dipersepsikan oleh rakyat terhadap beliau itu merupakan satu unsur Islam?

Adakah menggunakan pengaruh sebagai Perdana Menteri dengan menjadi orang yang penting dalam syarikat kerajaan dengan mengambil keputusan dalam semua hal perniagaan dan kewangan 1MDB itu berunsurkan agama Islam suci kita?

Adakah dengan mengubah dan melakukan 'displacement' terhadap jawatankuasa penyiasat terhadap 1MDB itu satu dari tuntutan agama kita? Menggagalkan usaha penyiasatan kerana untuk menutupi kesalahan diri sendiri itu adalah sangat bertentangan dengan kehendak Islam itu sendiri.

Melakukan tindakan untuk mencari kebenaran dengan menukar serta menganjak dan mengalih pegawai penyiasat itu tidak perlu mendengar nasihat pakar agama kerana orang yang begitu tidak begitu mengerti dan memahami agama dengan mendalam ini pun tahu tindakan itu salah dan bertentangan dengan agama kita. Orang yang tidak mendalami ilmu agama pun tahu yang makan rasuah itu adalah kerja yang lebih hina dari memakan daging saudaranya sendiri.

Kita hendak menyebut ini kerana beliau adalah pemimpin. Jika orang percaya dengan kata-kata beliau ini maka orang ramai akan beranggapan yang Islam membenarkan dan bebas menyalahgunakan wang rakyat tanpa had. Kita khuatir orang ramai akan terpedaya dengan kata-kata beliau yang membuang pegawai kerajaan kerana takut rakyat mengetahui segala dosa dan noda kepimpinan itu dibenarkan oleh Islam.

Kita tidak mahu Islam itu dianggap sebagai agama yang mempertahankan kesalahan dan menjunjung kegagalan. Kita juga tidak mahu Islam itu dianggap sebagai agama yang menekan sesiapa yang ingin mencari kebenaran dan menangkap dan membawa mereka di depan penghakiman dan berniat untuk menutupi kesalahan sendiri.

Perpecahan yang disentuh oleh Najib itu juga merupakan perkara yang benar, tetapi Najib perlu tahu yang salah satu dari penyebab perpecahan itu berpunca dari ketidak yakinan rakyat terhadap kepimpinan beliau. Rakyat jelas mahu beliau berhenti sahaja dari memikul tanggungjawab negara tetapi beliau bertindak membelakangkan tekanan rakyat ini. Di sebaliknya beliau menggunakan pemimpin-pemimpin yang sudah tertutup hijab mereka untuk menyokong beliau walaupun itu bukannya sokongan rakyat.

Sempena kedatangan tahun baru hijriah ini elok kita ingatkan Najib dan penyokong beliau seperti Shahrir Samad dan lain-lain yang mereka perlu melakukan sesuatu untuk kebaikan diri mereka sendiri yang salah satu tuntutan ketuhanan ialah untuk kita berjaya membuka hijab kita agar kita akan mampu menentukan dan menilai yang mana yang hak dan mana yang batil. Jika kita berjaya membuka hijab kita maka kita tidak akan mendengar Shahrir Samad mengalihkan isu dari berusaha menyelesaikan masalah kepada membuat tuduhan terhadap pengkritik Najib itu sebagai kumpulan yang mempunyai agenda peribadi.

Jika hijab mereka terbuka mereka akan memberikan tumpuan yang lebih bagi mencari penyelesaian dengan meneliti tentang isu 1MDB dan isu 'derma' yang berbillion yang masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri. Pengerusi Kelab Backbencher parlimen Malaysia itu sepatutnya membuat penyelidikan kenapa wang 'derma' yang dipindahkan ke Singapura itu di sitar oleh pihak penguasa negara itu. Selidiklah isu ini dengan teliti sebagai seorang ahli legislatif yang bertanggungjawab, bukannya menurunkan darjat beliau setahap dengan Ahmad Maslan, Salleh Said Keruak, Rahman Dahlan dan Adnan Mansor serta Ismail Sabri.

Najib perlu memberikan penjelasan kenapa beberapa orang individu yang terlibat dalam pemindahan wang secara haram seperti Nik Faizal dan Datuk Subuh sekarang sudah menjadi 'fugitive' negara. Sharir sepatutnya bantu rakyat untuk mencari mereka ini dan memberikan penjelasan kenapa mereka perlu melarikan diri jika tidak terlibat melakukan kesalahan seperti yang dituduh rakyat itu? Kenapa perlu lari keluar negara jika tidak bersalah?

Pendeknya apa yang disebut oleh Najib dalam ucapan beliau itu semuanya benar, tetapi seluruh ucapan dan nasihat yang terkandung dalam ucapan beliau itu sesungguhnya adalah nasihat untuk beliau sendiri.

Sementara itu ramai yang memberikan pandangan yang ucapan beliau itu meloyakan. Setengah yang lain berpendapat ia seperti ketam menyuruh anak berjalan dengan betul. Terpulanglah, timbang-timbanglah sendiri.

12 October 2015

1MDB or Najib should be charged, not Khairudin or Matthias

We are deeply in a police state. The police are protecting the wrong doers. The government is putting the rightful and the concerned Malaysians to trial without qualms and guilt. No one in the country should fight and struggle for the truth as the police and lawlessness of this country will pin one down with Sosma, the draconian law meant to protect the plunderers and the pillagers. The devilish leaders that we have presently are running amok on anyone who attempts to disclose all their wrong doings of leaders that rule the country led by Najib.

How could Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Matthias Chang be charged for sabotaging the banking system and nation's economy? To right minded beings the tireless efforts of many including Khairudin and Matthias should be supported as they are the ones who are courageous enough to get to the bottom of the dubious acts of 1MDB. The alleged money laundering committed by the sovereign funds is known to everyone in the world. This notorious 1MDB has been on headlines of most of the printed and electronic media worldwide and they never fail to print the photos of our Prime Minister in every edition of their printed and electronic media.

Charging the duo to sabotage the banking system and our nation's economy is not digestible as the one which is more likely to sabotage the economy and the banking system of the country is 1MDB itself. Bank Negara Malaysia has ordered 1MDB to repatriate all the money immediately from the permits it gets from BNM. 1MDB were furnishing the central bank with incorrect and insufficient informations at the points of application of the permits. The Governor of BNM herself have instructed the money to the tune of $1.83 billions or RM 7.5 be called back after realizing the informations given to the central bank were insufficient and deceitful..

Based on the statements by the BNM's Governor is putting 1MDB as the acts of sabotaging the nation's economy and the banking system, not Khairuddin or Matthias Chang. The person who should be charged is Najib himself as he's the main person who makes major decisions on business and financial actions of the company. It is not hard to believe that the transfer of the money for investment abroad and furnishing the incorrect informations to BNM was Najib's decision himself.

Hence Najib has more reason to be charged for sabotaging the economy as his involvement in the 1MDB's decision is more glaring. We have witness how the ringgit falls and the movements of equity investors away from the country in billions of ringgit in the past months. The situation that derives from the mishandling of 1MDB has pulled down the economy of the nation and it's only right for Najib and the executives of 1MDB be charged for sabotaging the economy of the nation.

The press conference attended by Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh and Muhyiddin this morning will ultimately results in the ousting this low moral and stubborn leader. Let's start the nation afresh.

11 October 2015

All treasonous acts on the land must be stopped at all cost

The statement made by the newly minted Attorney General was laughable and at the same time an insult to anyone who has a little bit of grey matter. His action purely disregards the the call by the Council of Malay Rulers for the 1MDB investigation be completed as soon as possible. The questionable AG responded from the call of the Rulers Council that there is nothing wrong with the running of the government sovereign funds managed by 1MDB, the company that Najib makes all important business and financial decisions for the company.

He fronted all dysfunctional board members and executives and they were there just do what Najib wants them to do. The rest of other matters of the company rest on Najib the defacto CEO of the company who is also the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. He was believed to decide on how and where the money to be transferred. He decides on how much money to move and to be deposited in whose accounts. It was believed that part of the money to the tune of USD 700 million went straight to his AmBank account in Kuala Lumpur. Najib told the easily deceived Malaysians that the money was a 'donation' to UMNO and BN and he has the right to deposit it into any account.

Subsequently the USD 700 millions were transferred into Najib's personal account in AMBank passing through the monetary regulations without hindrances. Now the BNM Governor stands in  contradiction with the AG by disclosing to the public that 1MDB has done another serious offence against the land. 1MDB was requesting permission to invest $1.8 billion (RM7.5 billions) abroad by furnishing deceitful and inaccurate or false informations to BNM on submission of the request and BNM approved the application by granting 1MDB three permits to invest that huge sum abroad. Knowing that they were deceived BNM has revoked the three permits and ordered the money to repatriated to Malaysia instantaneously.

1MDB should be charged for deceiving informations to the BNM in process of securing the permits to invest abroad and this is the duty of the AG to initiate such move to put 1MDB for its wrong doings. AG should stop treating the AG departments like a subsidiary of UMNO for heaven sake. If we can charge a 'mata-mata' who receives a RM 100 corruption money, there is no reason for this huge corruption involving billions of ringgit to go scotts free.

The 1MDB issue has been too serious and it has caught the attention of the Council of Malay Rulers and the Malay Rulers are in the opinion that there are too many serious hiccups in the 1MDB that need immediate settlement on the issues. The culprits must face the law and if found to be implicated they must be brought in the open and face the law. If 1MDB refuses to send back the money because all have been spent I am very sure that Bank Negara can take legal charges against 1MDB without the the involvement of the AG. Maybe one or a few have to go behind bars if BNM takes serious action against the perpetrators of our financial system.

These treasonous acts have got to cease. Everyone that commits treason must face the law of the land without fear or favor. If it is committed by the PM or the AG and the IGP they should face the law. No one has immunity and ought to face the law if it is necessary. 

08 October 2015

Budaya kepimpinan kita masih budaya kepimpinan dunia ketiga

Najib seorang pemimpin yang keliru. Beliau tidak memahami yang seorang pemimpin yang baik tidak akan ada banyak perancangan yang tidak dapat dilaksanakan. Sekarang Najib telah menunjukkan yang beliau seorang pemimpin yang lemah dari awal lagi dan beliau tidak sepatutnya menjadi Perdana Menteri. Tetapi tidak tahu mengapa Dr Mahathir beriya-iya benar hendak melihat Najib menjadi Perdana Menteri walaupun hakikatnya barisan kepimpinan UMNO sudah kekosongan kepimpinan. Malahan sesiapa sahaja di antara mereka yang ada dalam badan pentadbiran UMNO yang tertinggi tiada siapa yang berkemampuan untuk melakukan sesuatu yang boleh dianggap tindakan yang berkepimpinan.

Sesungguhnya kita semua boleh belajar dari kelemahan dan ketidak-mampuan Najib memimpin negara sekarang ini. Ada juga hikmahnya dengan sikap dan kelemahan Najib itu. Hikmahnya kita dapat belajar untuk membetulkan pandangan kita terhadap seorang yang kita anggap berkepimpinan tetapi sesungguhnya ia hanyalah nilai yang sangat 'superficial' sahaja.

Di negara-negara maju etika kepimpinan itu amat ketat dan tinggi nilainya. Seseorang itu tidak akan diangkat menjadi pemimpin dan Perdana Menteri jika sebelum menjadi Perdana Menteri itu terdapat dan kedengaran isu-isu yang boleh memalitkan nama baik kepimpinan dan negara. Di Britain pada tahun 2006, David Blunkett, Menteri dalam Negerinya telah hilang jawatannya hanya kerana kesalahan etika dan bukan pun kesalahan yang kriminal. Blunkett telah mempercepatkan proses permohonan permit kerja bagi amah kepada teman wanitanya dalam masa yang singkat. Setelah dipersoalkan maka Blunkett telah meletakkan jawatan dari Menteri Dalam Negeri negara itu.

Seorang lagi ahli parlimen di utara London telah dipotong gajinya kerana kesalahannya menggunakan setem kelas satu apabila menghantar surat kepada ramai pengundinya. Setem kelas pertama di London itu ialah setem yang membolehkan surat yang kita kirim itu sampai pada hari yang sama sedangkan seorang ahli parlimen hanya dibenarkan menggunakan setem kelas dua sahaja. Itu pun menjadi kesalahan etika yang besar dan ahli parlimen tersebut telah diambil tindakan disiplin parlimen dan beliau telah didenda dengan memotong elaun dan gaji beliau melebihi dari jumlah nilai setem kelas pertama yang digunakan beliau.

Kenapa negara-negara maju seperti ini mempunyai taraf etka yang tinggi seperti ini? Jawapannya mudah. Ia disebabkan sifat tanggungjawab terhadap wang rakyat dan kedudukan yang mereka pegang itu adalah kedudukan dan jawatan untuk memberi khidmat kepada rakyat tanpa mencuri dan mengambil kesempatan terhadap wang rakyat itu. Kereta resmi seorang Menteri tidak digunakan untuk pergi ke upacara-upacara yang tidak resmi seperti acara politik dan sebagainya tetapi jika lihat di sini seorang Menteri itu menggunakan kereta resmi untuk pergi ke acara-acara anjuran parti seperti mesyuarat cawangan UMNO dan sebagainya.

Di negara kita usaha mendidik kepimpinan kita dengan etika yang sangat bersih ini untuk dijadikan budaya dalam kepimpinan tidak pernah dilakukan atau pun dimulakan. Kebanyakan kepimpinan kita tidak tahu membezakan tugas politik dan tugas parti. Tugasan dan jawatan dalam kerajaan itu dijadikan sebagai hiasan diri untuk menunjukkan keangkuhan dan kebesaran diri sendiri dari melaksanakan tanggungjawab terhadap negara dengan rendah diri dan jujur. Kebanyakan pemimpin kita bukan memegang jawatan itu diatas rasa tanggungjawab dan melaksanakan amanah negara tetapi hanya sebagai memenuhi impian besar sebagai 'social climbers' yang berjaya semata-mata.

'Ultimate' mereka hanyalah untuk berpuas hati dengan kejayaan 'social climbing' mereka sahaja.

07 October 2015

Please Malaysia Chronicles, I didn't mean Muhyiddin, I meant Tengku Razaleigh

I am always thankful to Malaysia Chronicle for supporting my articles for a long while by uploading them in the portal. But I was astonished that my latest article's meaning was way wide diverted to different meaning to what I actually wanted to say.

I have never mentioned Muhyiddin as the leader who is fit to replace Najib as being put up by Malaysia Chronicle on my latest article that the portal uploaded. I have never meant Muhyiddin and I didn't mention any name as I am understood my many as the person who wants Tengku Razaleigh to lead, not anyone among the current members of Majlis Tertinggi.who have been cultured the way they are now.

I do hope that Malaysia Chronicles will adjust my article that it uploaded in the portal as I do not want what my struggles to be misconstrued by anyone. I never mention Muhyiddin as the likely and the viable candidate for the direct election as the Prime Minister. Not a word of that. I can't be giving support to a person who is within the same culture and mould with Najib and the rest. If we are serious we must look far forward and please avoid taking wrong decision time and again over the issue of alternating ousted or an outgoing leader.

I have mentioned this many times ousting Najib is one thing but choosing a right candidate for the transformation of the nation is another thing. Choosing a right alternative is more crucial than ousting the sitting PM. Choosing Muhyiddin will only prolong the problems that we currently face.

I hope everyone who reads my latest article in Malaysia Chronicle will be informed about this as I do not want to be construed as supporting a leader that I never support. My wish is for Tengku Razaleigh to lead and do the repair job for this devastated politics and government.

Royal intervention, nearing the dawn after long dark nights

The 1MDB issue has reached the Council of Malay Rulers. Yesterday the Council of Malay rulers issued a strong statement urging the 1MDB issue to be resolved now and without delay. The Keeper of the Malay Rulers Seal, Dato Syed Danial, issued the statement on behalf of the Malay Rulers insisting the 1MDB issue to be settled as soon as possible and all parties must give full cooperation to the investigating party with full transparency. 

The Malay Rulers want action to be taken on everyone that is found implicated and responsible to the fall of 1MDB that was laden with hefty debts to the tune of RM tens of billions. This is the first time a company of government sovereign fund being discussed at Malay Rulers conference. It signifies how serious the negative goings-on in the company are and the seriousness of the repercussions to the government of the Federations. Thus, whoever displaced the investigating team or instructed the investigating officers for interdepartmental transfer with the intention to obstruct the investigation should be fired, whoever they are.

As it involves massive public funds, the Malay Rulers want the issue to be resolved soon in order to avoid the leadership crisis of no confidence in the government and put the nation to shame. The Rulers want everyone involves with the scandalous acts in 1MDB to be booked by law.

This issue was so serious because the PM himself was alleged to have involved in the daily runnings of the company and make most of the important business and financial decisions in the government sovereign funds. It was believed that the executives of the company do not have any decision making power. 1MDB since then has been in big trouble of paying its RM40 odd billions.

While the issue of this debt laden company was hotly debated, Prime Minister Najib was also facing the issue of massive personal 'donation' of RM 2.6 billion deposited in his account which he later transferred big portion of the amount to a bank in Singapore only to get the money frozen by the Singapore Monetary Authority. This 'donation' issue comes in handy with the suspected  siphoning of huge funds from 1MDB. These are the madly issue which should not have happened to a Prime Minister of a sovereign nation like ours.

We cannot deny the fact that the concern of the Malay Rulers create immediate perception of both local and international community that Najib is the main person in the suspicious dealings of the company. Najib has not been able to give right answers to all the right questions levied on him. There were too many kinds of answers to one question that come from him and his supporters. There were also many questions and queries remain unanswered until to this moment.

Hence the suspected involvement of the Prime Minister makes the issue now being brought to the attention of the Council of Malay Rulers. If the wrong doing is committed by the officials of the government it does not need the issue to be brought up to the Council of Malay Rulers meeting. Since the issue surrounds the PM the decision of the Malay Rulers to bring it to the council is aptly appropriate.

If it has not involved the Prime Minister in the scandalous and debauched deals of 1MDB the acts of displacements of the investigations team officers and the obvious break-up in the police over this issue wouldn't have happened. There have been questionable acts by the governments where investigations officers on the 1MDB being immediately transferred within twenty four hours obviously to avoid the truth of the matter to prevails.

I am with the rest of the Malaysian public. We want to see this serious and scandalous issue to come to an end as early as it's too unbearable to withstand the pressure to see the truth to prevail. I hope the intervention by the Council of Malay Rulers will ultimately brings the issue to rest.

Daulat Tuanku.

05 October 2015

Directly elected Prime Minister will do more good to the country

I am conclusively convinced and consumed by the notion that a Prime Minister of this country should be directly elected by the people in a general election. The present system of electing a Prime Minister by the Parliament through the consensus of the ruling coalition parties  is already obsolete as it results more harm than good to the country. The present conventional system is too prone to abuse by any leader who becomes the PM just through the consensus of the Legislative members who control the Parliament without being voted in by the people.

What we are facing now is the negative consequence of the current system. The current system was only good in a situation when the leaders of the ruling party were truly responsible and upright leaders  like The Tunku, Tun Razak and Hussein Onn. The three leaders were leaders with utmost credibility as they were purely serving the people without any quench to show personal differences with other leaders for personal glory and legacies. These three leaders had only one legacy, leaving the country safe and sound for the leaders who inherited their positions and power.   

To alternate the BN with Pakatan Rakyat will be equally at risk as the Pakatan Rakyat too will choose the Prime Minister on the consensus of parties within the Pakatan Rakyat. At the current moment Pakatan itself is facing huge problems on inter-party issues even before assuming power. Pakatan Rakyat does not even have any candidate for the post as they are warring each other among the members of its coalition. The risk of the elected representatives not being sensitive to the pulses of the people has been the main apprehension in getting a proper and appropriate leader to lead. 

If we were to practise direct election, a leader like Najib and Abdullah Badawi  or their likes couldn't have been elected in the first place.  Only the best perceived person with sterling records of contributions to the country could have the gut to to be nominated and run for the position for the Chief Executive of the country. Najib's credibility have been in suspicion even before he became the Prime Minister. Najib was chosen through the influence of Dr Mahathir's taste buds who presently is his number one enemy. Let's not ask Dr Mahathir why he chose Najib to be ascended to power. Let him keep the reasons to himself.

We have to change and keep abreast with the need of time. To maintain the current system will only benefit the elite, rent seeking leaders and those group within the corridors of the ruling party. This situation has been there for a long while. There is no more possibility of getting any good and appropriate leader if this system persist. It will remain as a fertile soil for unscrupulous and debauched leaders to hijack the leadership of this country and serve their own gullible needs.

If the election of the Prime Minister is done through direct election by the people there will be a serious and genuine competitions among the aspiring candidates to prove their worth as a leader. Only the fittest will be assuming the position of the Prime Minister. Every one of them will serve at their best of their capabilities and usually these kinds of leaders would not be in the hoards of corrupt and self serving leaders like we have now. They will be of more dignified as maintaining one's dignity is their main concerned.

It is exceedingly important for this to happen as we truly need a new system of alternating leaders if we are serious in efforts to circumvent undeserving leaders to lead the country in future. Malaysian should not resist this manner of alternating the Prime Minister especially the Malays. Malaysian have accepted and come to term that we have to have a Malay to lead. We may legislate that a Prime Minister must be a Malay and by that it means we accept any good and legitimately truthful and astute Malay leaders to be nominated as PM's candidates. Let us all think outside the box as the change is needed to keep abreast with the demands of the competitive and changing world.

The Malays should not have any apprehension in accepting this suggestion or any other proposal that bring into effect the directly elected Prime Minister by the voting public. By this we have a truly representative choice of the PM and the rakyat can take accountability to their choice. Right now the rakyat is suffering by the PM's rule who was not chosen by them.

All the while our PMs were chosen among the members of the winning coalition (BN) and endorsed by the Legislative controlled by the ruling coalition, usually from UMNO. In other words no non Malays are involved in electing the PM. Right from the day we achieved independence and not even UMNO members have had their say in electing the PM other than much less than ten percent of members were given the chance to vote and decide who should lead the nation in a general assembly of the party.

A Malay leader who becomes the victor in the direct election as the PM will be truly a leader who is rounded and well accepted by the true and genuine choice of the general voting public.He will be the real leader of all Malaysians and not the choice of only few thousands Malay UMNO delegates.

It would then leave a minimal risk of playing politics along racial line as the choice is the choice of every Malaysian. This is because the winning Malay candidate will be a person who is magnanimous and with utmost credibility who will manage the country fairly and equitably among the diverse racial, tradition and ways of life that we have.

In short direct election for the post of the PM will result in having a Malay leader who is well accepted by Malaysian from all races who believe and have confidence in him. This blog have been repeatedly emphasizing the need to achieve the nation's ultimate, the national unity.

04 October 2015

Dr Mahathir says it again, Najib is afraid of criminal charges

Dr Mahathir said it again yesterday at a packed hi-tea function in De Palma hotel that Najib is afraid of criminal litigations against him if he quits  his position as a Prime Minister. So what do we do? Are we going to keep quiet and allow the pillaging and plundering of the state wealth and keep on the centralising of power to the PM's office?  Why are we allowing him and his wife (as perceived by the public) to become toll collectors on all big and gigantic and massive projects the government undertake? 

Of course Najib will be clinging to power to avoid all possible criminal charges against him. The best for him to do is to stay in power until his death to disallow any kind of litigations against him. He has to stay in power and die while in office. 

So what are those laws and the existence of democratic institutions for? If we have mandated him to manage the nation wisely we are also provided with institutions that can pull away the mandate from him for his failure to manage the nation with reasonably high moral standards. 

What is the Legislatives doing about this? Are they dumb and deaf? Can't they hear and see what the pranks and shenanigans shamelessly commited by Najib and his cabinet in the open? Can't the members of the Legislatives feel the pulses of the people who are desperately wanting to see that Najib to go and retire and disallow him to get near to vicinity of  the government especially the government treasury? 

What Dr Mahathir mentioned yesterday was the true and actual reason why Najib wants to cling to power. As I have said few times in this blog, Najib is riding on the back of the tiger and not able to dismount. He hopes to ride on the tiger until the tiger dies. Dismounting from the back of the tiger will endanger him and may cause him life. 

He has no time to think about the people he leads as he is fully focused in saving his own funeral. He knows that the world is shying away from him but he doesn't care what the world think about him. He has only one thing to concentrate on, i.e. his own life. He is expediently using the residue of power that he has to barricade any move to oust him as he has only power to save him from criminal charges against him for his wrong doings to the nation. 

He has to keep on lying to cover all the previous lies. He does not only tell lies in his country but he tell lies up until the United Nation in front of almost empty hall. No one believes on what he says any longer but he doesn't care a hoot about it. He is now a known orphanage leader in the world. 

He will keep on ruling the country with the IGP and may be with the AG. He will keep on forcing his Cabinet members and the Mentris Besar to support him and will displace all leaders and civil servants that he distrusts. 

His life is always in fear and that is why we see him going around town with dozens of body guards. He has only himself to guard and he does not care to guard for the safety of the nation. He has a slogan to guard for the people, that his 'rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan'. In practise the slogan results the reverse, 'aku didahulukan pencapaian aku diutamakan'. 

Now let us take care of ourselves. We have democratic institutions that can resolve and mitigate the leadership problems if we have the courage to work on it. We have the members of the Legislatures and the constitution has provided the Malay rulers to sack and to replace the Prime Minister. 

Najib has to go and let him retire together with his staunch supporters like Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Keruak, IGP and the rest like Zahid Hamidi and the AG. Let the rest of Malaysians take care of this nation and rebuild it from the disaster that Najib has done to the country. It's not too late if the change is done now. It's better late than never as the adage goes. 

We need an astute and a technocratically abled leader to formulate strong planning and transformation of the country. We must remember that as long as we are divided along racial line, this nation can never be called a nation. Racial issue have been polarized without hindrance and this is due to poor leadership under present leaders without leadership. We want a strong system to administer the nation and not ruled by the whim and fancies of the sitting leaders. 

I have a suggestion if we succeed in our efforts to find an astute and technocratically abled leader takes over this devastated leadership. Do away with all the useless and ungainly slogans that have sprouted since three decades ago. Let us go back to our old slogan which have been long forgotten, i.e. MUHIBBAH. That is our ultimate for our multiracial nation with diverse ways of life.  

01 October 2015

We don't know how it happens, but changes will soon be a reality

The unusual happenings in Malaysian politics will hopefully results in new environments and situation in Malaysian political facets. As much believed by people with high thoughts and believes the worst of situation that we are in now should be followed with huge blessings. It should end with promising closure and that situation would be the best premise for good planning and building the nation for the future of the country with new and leader who is more familiar with plannings, thus subsequently restart the nation anew. Nothing good can be achieved without going through rough and tribulations. That rough and tribulation will usually results in good happenings that we can subsequently rejoice.

As I have repeatedly been saying that we are now truly in the darkest part of the night and the darker the night is the nearer we are to the dawn. I strongly believe that we are already near to the dawn and let us all rejoice and count all the blessings that God bestows upon us then. 

Going true the rough and tribulations will build maturity in us especially for our leaders, the past, the current and the future. As fondly believed  by people with high spiritual value in their inner selves, every great evil that occurs, great good follows. The period of tribulations is the time when everyone does his own soul searching and that was the period when good fortune will emerge for the country as everyone has learnt his lessons which sometimes may be an expensive one. 

We may not be able to know how the good things going to happen but somehow it will happen as God works mystically and mysteriously which most of the time beyond our comprehension and computation of our mind..

We are not short of leaders who can act swiftly to  transform for the country that set to put us in new political ambiance . However these leaders or at least one of them have been on the side line for many years due to personal political game by leaders for the past two decades or more.

The carelessness of our leadership by not developing budding leaders to inherit leadership for this country was the main reason why we are stuffed with undependable leaders who are all out for their personal politics who are self serving and do not take the interest of the nation above everything. Now we have learnt enough that to depend on self serving leaders that we have now is damaging for the country. If not mitigated instantaneously will bring the country to devastation.

As I have said in my earlier posting the ousting of the sitting PM is one issue, but more crucial than that is replacing the outgoing PM with untainted leader with sterling records of contributions to the nation is of utmost importance. The crucial decision is to decide on who is the fittest to lead and exercise the much needed national correction. The conventional manner of alternating leaders have proven to be futile when the ungainly cultures that have been ingrained among the top governing leaders are already not beneficial to the nation any longer. It will only perpetuate our pains and disillusionment towards the government.

One thing for sure the ordinary rakyat are waiting impatiently to see and witness the needed change if possible instantaneously.