27 March 2016

Najib still have the chance to do good for the country

Everyone wants life in solace especially towards the end of one’s life.  What are the essentials to have that kind of life? If one was once a leader he wants life with free from any negative outstanding and guilt to the society and the nation. A retired leader wants no part of the society and the people he used to lead to come out cursing for mistakes and gaffes he committed while in power.  

One wants to be respected and be given due regards for the services he used to contribute to the society he used to lead. This is what life we regard as ‘peace and security’. If possible we want good prayers from everyone especially our neighborhood and that will be a real life of ‘peace and security’ I just mentioned. Having achieved this life we are certain of living with full self-actualization, a life that prepares us to leave the world without having outstanding to the people and more so with our creator.

A good and spiritually insulated leader will never forget the aftermath of his tenure of leadership. He will have to resign and retires. This part of life is the actual period whether he has done respectable deeds to the nation while holding the fort of power. This is a very critical part of one’s life especially for a longtime politician. There have been cases when great leaders in the end went on hiding and on the run till the end of their lives. Marcos went on exile till his death in 1989. Iddi Amin went on exile in Saudi Arabia until the end of his life and there were scores other leaders known to the world who ended their lives in heinous.

To me we are now facing a leader who is somewhat similar to at least one of these leaders who end their life in this atrocious manner as there were repenting too a bit too late. Najib will still have the time to repent and just do one good thing that is to leave before he is listed in the list of these despised leaders of the world. The best that Najib can do now is to leave the country’s leadership to person or persons who can save the country from his plunders, pranks and shenanigans. He is not able and can never be able to do the restoration job for the country himself. We hope Najib will take lessons from the experiences by hated leaders of who end up their lives in shame and disgrace.

What Najib is in need now is to find all avenues to live in solace while he approaches the end of his live. The money and wealth he accumulates can’t give him life in comfort in retirement. How could one’s life be in the ‘peace and security’ if he is cursed by the people he used to lead unless he enjoys living in a long haul run till his death.

Najib must remember that history will write about him and historians will uncover all his blunders that he commits by himself and that will be read by our generations. We hope Najib does not waste any more time for his own good.

Conclusively Najib has failed but that does not deter him to do good for now. He should leave and just don’t commit another mistake by leaving the leadership to anyone who is within the same culture that UMNO and BN has been practicing. By leaving the leadership to anyone who can do the repair job and restoration of this damaged nation. The people will take you differently from then on.

After all Najib must realize that his own Cabinet who shout aloud in support of him are plotting to topple him quite instantaneously. Apparently the support from his own Cabinet is a faked support.

26 March 2016

Najib has to be dismounted from all his positions now

We can’t afford to allow one person to ruin the country and we can’t give in to a leader who plunders the country to an unrecognizable level like we are going through under Najib now.  We are not able to stomach the image of a PM who is looked upon like a criminal printed by international media houses as it damages the image of the nation to the world community very seriously.

We want a system where political leaders in the government just oversee the running of the country is done by the system appropriately and disallow any misappropriation by the implementers especially the civil servants who are paid handsomely to run and implement the system formulated by the politicians. It’s not ethically right to allow the political leads entrusted to oversee the running of the government themselves involved in the implementation as that is entirely wrong way of administrating the democratic system. The system should stay perpetually whichever party is mandated to rule the country even though there can be changes in policy when another party is mandated to govern.

This is the basic change that we need to see if there is another leader who takes over the current rotten government that is led by the globally badly perceived PM that we have at the moment. We used to get very near to that system of government but things changed since thirty years ago when the legislative have been encroaching the functions of the government and since then we have had not been able to correction to the spoilt and damaged system of running the government.

Consequently we are having been rotting the system where the legislative centralize the power in their hands. The chief of the Legislative, i.e. the PM has full power and all the democratic system and institutions are all totally impaired as if there is no more government that suits to the attribute of a democratic government that we falsely claim to have. It’s not wrong to say that the system that Najib runs the country is not much different than the system run by the communist.

Worse than the communist, Najib is taking charged on every movement and decision made by the government agencies and the implementer remain as the conduits of the crooked PM that we have ever had since independence. No system is running the country any longer and that contributes to far deviations of manners of ruling a government. Decisions are made on adhoc basis and we are oblivious of having a good and well implemented government.

These problems need to be mitigated as early and the only way is to oust the sitting PM and the whole Cabinet that rule the nation currently. Changing of a PM is very normal process in the democratic system of government. As I have mentioned time and again that Japan used to have her PM changed three times in one year not long ago but the government still stays. All the Japanese PMs ousted from office were all done by the fellow ruling party legislative but the system that runs the country makes the country and the government exists and remains one of the biggest economic powers of the world.

Now all the legislative members of the country are duty bound to save this country from the plundering done by the sitting PM and there is nothing wrong of doing it. Najib and the rest of the members are equal in parliament except that Najib is the first among equals. Every member of the legislative now has the moral obligations to oust Najib from his office or else they will be deemed to be acting in consort with Najib in ruining the country. Historian will read and write on them that way.

We want a true leader and not a pest to rule us. After all Najib was not elected by the people, but instead elected to the premiership by the members of the coalition of BN. Claiming that Najib was elected by the people is truly despicable and contemptible.

Najib may be in the situation of riding on the back of a tiger that makes him hard to dismount. But the grave situation that we face now warrants him to be dismounted instantaneously to save the country that we love.

23 March 2016

Deklarasi Rakyat perlu disokong oleh semua pihak, selamatkan negara, bukan nak selamatkan Dr Mahathir

Deklarasi Rakyat yang diwujudkan oleh rakyat untuk menjatuhkan Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri wajar mendapat sambutan dan diterima oleh semua pihak untuk menyelamatkan negara ini dari cengkaman Najib yang semakin hari semakin ganas meruntuhkan moral dan kebajikan negara tanpa hentinya itu. Semua pihak dari semua pihak yang berbeza pendapat dan kecenderungan politik serta NGO-NGO yang waras wajar memberikan sokongan kepada deklarasi rakyat itu. Ini sahaja caranya bagi menyelamatkan negara dari terus merudum ditangan seorang pemimpin yang telah gagal memikul tanggungjawab sebagai pemimpin utama negara.

Najib telah gagal dalam membawa obor kedaulatan negara kerana imej yang melekat dan terpahat di diri beliau itu terlalu buruk dan tidak dapat diperbetulkan dan dibersihkan lagi. Bukan tidak ada cara untuk beliau,membersihkan namanya dan negara, iaitu dengan menyaman semua akhbar dan majalah antarabangsa yang melibatkan dirinya dengan skandal terbesar yang pernah di saksikan oleh dunia, iaitu skandal 1MDB dan derma RM2.6 billion yang menghantui dirinya sejak isu-isu ini diketahui umum ‘globally’.

Tetapi beliau takut dan tidak mempunyai kudrat untuk melakukan saman itu kerana beliau tidak mempunyai kudrat dan moral untuk menghadapi isu ini di mahkamah antarabangsa. Tentulah kita boleh mengagak kenapa beliau mempunyai ketakutan itu. Beliau hanya memberikan reaksi yang ada konspirasi antarabangsa bersama pihak dalam negara ini untuk menjatuhkan beliau terutamanya Dr Mahathir Mohammed tetapi beliau tidak berani untuk kemuka ke mahkamah untuk memberikan bukti tentang konspirasi itu.

Beliau hanya bertindak menggagalkan jawatankuasa penyiasat tentang dua isu mega ini dan membuang serta menamatkan perkhidmatan setengah dari mereka kerana takut dengan keputusan penyiasatan itu. Beliau bertindak dengan mengugut mana-mana individu dan pihak yang cuba untuk melakukan tindakan bagi mencari kebenaran ini. Undang-undang baru digubal untuk menyekat rakyat dari mengetahui isu sebenar dan peranan yang beliau mainkan dalam isu beliau menjahanamkan negara ini. Beliau tetap mahu kekal berkuasa walaupun dalam keadaan beliau sudah hilang kelayakan untuk memegang apa-apa ‘public office’ dari segi moral dan etikanya.

Sekarang rakyat tertekan dengan kos kehidupan yang terlalu tinggi dan ‘standard of living’ yang semakin rendah. Tetapi disamping itu Najib masih petah berjanji untuk menjadikan negara ini sebagai negara maju dan berpendapatan tinggi menjelang tahun 2020. Tidak ada lagi kata-kata beliau sebagai pemimpin yang boleh diyakini. Beliau terus berbohong dan mengelirukan rakyat tanpa segan dan silu sedangkan rakyat ramai hanya mentertawakan apa-apa yang beliau kata serta janji-janji kosong yang beliau tidak akan mampu melaksanakannya. ‘Once a liar he will remain a liar’ bak kata perumpamaan Inggeris.

Oleh kerana itu semua pihak walaupun mempunyai perbezaan pandangan dan bemusuh-musuhan telah bersatu dengan deklarasi rakyat untuk bersama-sama menyelesaikan isu negara yang sangat kritikal untuk diselesaikan ini. Masing-masing pihak sedar yang mereka tidak akan dapat membantu membetulkan segala kepincangan yang dilakukan oleh Najib dan kabinetnya sekarang jika mereka terus dengan perbezaan dan perkelahian tentang isu politik masing-masing.

Kita memerlukan bersepaduan dalam menangani isu Najib dan skandalnya ini. Kita mahukan semua rakyat bersatu tidak kira mereka dari orang awam atau setiap individu dalam ‘uniform units’ dan pemimpin mereka untuk tampil bersama menyokong tindakan rakyat untuk memperbetulkan negara ini secara aman dan damai. Kita mahukan setiap Raja-Raja Melayu memainkan peranan untuk bersama rakyat tanpa takut kerana jika rakyat sengsara Raja-Raja Melayu pun akan hilang dari muka bumi Malaysia ini.

Kita mahukan sebuah negara baru yang dipimpin oleh orang yang berkemampuan untuk membina semula negara yang sudah hancur ini. Kita mahukan seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai ‘attribute’ sebagai seorang teknokrat dan mempunyai sisik dan kualiti yang tinggi semata-mata untuk membina semua dasar dan pelaksanaannya dengan betul dan tepat. Kita mahu kembalikan institusi demokrasi di berikan nafas baru dan kembali segar melaksanakan tugas-tugas yang ditetapkan kepada mereka. Kita mahukan negara ditadbir dengan bersistem yang boleh diguna pakai dalam jangka masa yang panjang.

Kita mahukan negara memberikan kembali peruntukan perubatan dan pelajaran yang sudah di potong oleh pimpinan Najib ini. Kita tidak mahu peruntukan untuk hospital awam di potong kerana itu adalah tanggungjawab asasi bagi semua rakyat dan manusia yang tinggal dalam negara yang berdaulat dan merdeka ini.

Kita mahukan pemimpin yang tegas dan bukannya pemipin-pemimpin yang garang. Kita mahukan seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai ‘passion’ yang kuat dalam membina rakyat baik dari segi ekonominya mahu pun dari segi ‘spiritual value’ mereka tanpa mengira perbezaan bangsa, agama dan cara hidup mereka.

Rakyat tidak mahu lagi hidup yang sentiasa dihantui oleh ugutan dari pihak polis dan Ketua Polis Negara lagi. Kita mahukan AG yang adil dan saksama sebagai orang yang mengetuai undang-undang negara. Kita tidak mahu lagi menyaksikan undang-undang disalah gunakan oleh perompak dan penyamun untuk menutupi dosa dan noda mereka.

Itu sebabnya rakyat mahukan semua pihak termasuk mereka dan individu dalam unit beruniform dan semua NGO serta parti politik untuk bergabung mengnyahkan hanya seorang pemimpin yang sudah melebihi imej bekas Presiden Filipina Ferdinand Marcos dahulu.

Inilah impian rakyat sebenarnya dan ia memerlukan sokongan dari segenap lapisan masyarakat yang tegas untuk melihat negara kita kembali segar dan diketahui oleh masyarakat antarabangsa yang rakyat Malaysia masih mempunyai maruah dan harga diri mereka, dan tidak seperti setengah pemimpin mereka.

Our leadership is nothing more and nothing less than a pest to the nation.

22 March 2016

Najib's government has achieved the no 2 spot as the world most corrupted nation?

Najib was in Pahang to deny his involvement in multi billion financial scandals that was read by the world freely from international media houses. Najib just deny his involvement without doing anything to suppress the issue against him. Many quarters have been insisting him to sue and take legal actions against those media houses, and that was the only way out for him to come out clean and continue on leading this country.

However his apprehension to sue and take legal actions against those media houses especially the WSJ is as good as admission of guilt leveled against him by most of the world leaders and civil organizations globally. Right now Najib is guilty unless he goes on to take drastic legal actions against those media houses. Somehow we know Najib has no way of defending the issue stigmatized on him.

That was why there were calls for him to resign as he is directly admitting guilt by keeping quiet without the courage of going to the court and bring WSJ to justice. By his sticking to power he is in actuality burdening his fellow cabinet members and the Supreme Council members of the party he leads.

However Najib can choose not to solve his problems but he shouldn’t bring the rakyat and the nation going down with him. He must face for his self-inflicting wrong doings and he must not be using force or his executive muscle to remain in power. Najib should take some pride for himself by resigning as he has no more time to think and work for the people. He is totally indecipherable to lead and he should resign instantaneously. His leadership has proven to be disastrous and he is a failed leader absolutely.

The rakyat want to see that all members of parliament to act against Najib for the sake of the country as the country is in dire need to be transformed and restarted. We need the nation anew. Stop blaming the citizen declaration as it’s the real voice of the rakyat irrespective of political inclinations, religions and way of live.

The members of parliament should have their pride as members of the Legislative which taking care and the safety of the nation are looked after inaptly. Najib deserves to be toppled as the nation is more important to the people. We need a country to be ruled by intact system that is workable adaptable for a long term.

The Japanese used to topple two PMs in a year not long ago, but the government still prevails strongly until today as the one that rule Japan was the appropriate system at work. A strong reminder to Najib’s supporters, you are actually the ones who encouraged Najib to bring the country to the number 2 spot as the world most corrupted nation, that rating was written by the Time Magazine in its recent issue.

Now the Legislative members should have no hesitation to act and put Najib to rest politically. As I have said umpteen of times, we need to have a new nation, that’s it.

13 March 2016

Menyokong Najib itu melemahkan UMNO sebenarnya

Pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sepatutnya mencari pemimpin gantian kepada kepimpinan Najib dan jalan yang terbaik ialah dengan memberikan sokongan kepada Deklarasi Rakyat yang di umumkan pada 4hb yang lepas. Kita bukan tidak tahu yang ramai dikalangan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO sekarang amat susah untuk mempertahankan Najib kerana Najib sekarang berada dalam keadaan yang tidak boleh dipulihkan lagi imej dan kredibilitinya sebagai pemimpin utama negara.

Mahu tidak mahu Najib wajar bersara untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia dan memilih untuk menentang Deklarasi Rakyat itu adalah penentang terhadap UMNO itu sendiri. Mereka yang menyokong Deklarasi Rakyat itu merupakan kumpulan yang berusaha hanya untuk menggulingkan Najib dan bukannya untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan seperti tuduhan ramai ahli-ahli kabinet dan pemimpin pemimpin yang berada dalam Majlis Tertinggi.

Tentulah jika berjaya Deklarasi Rakyat itu dan Najib dapat diketepikan tentulah penggantinya dari pemimpin UMNO yang berwibawa dan bukankah itu memudahkan UMNO untuk memulihkan imejnya dimata rakyat. UMNO itu tidak sepatutnya dipandang rendah tetapi oleh kerana parti itu dipimpin oleh seorang yang tidak boleh dipercayai maka UMNO itu sendiri menanggung beban keyakinan dimata rakyat.

Kita faham dalam kabinet itu sendiri ramai yang tidak berkeyakinan dengan Najib  tetapi oleh kerana takut usaha untuk menumbangkan Najib itu tidak berjaya mereka merasakan yang mereka akan terkorban dan hilang mata pencarian mereka, kerana memegang jawatan dalam kerajaan dan kabinet itu mereka anggap sebagai tempat mencari makan.

Dalam situasi sekarang sesiapa yang berani menentang Najib itulah yang akan menjadi pemimpin masa depan negara. Telah dibuktikan oleh sejarah pemimpin yang berani sahaja yang akan menjadi pemimpin yang baik dimasa depan sesebuah negara. Jika tidak mereka akan menjadi yang lemah fikiran seperti Najib Razak yang kita ada sekarang ini.

Tidak sepatutnya sesiapa menafikan yang kita wajar mempunyai politik baru dan pentadbiran yang baru dengan dasar-dasar yang baru yang realistik dan praktikal untuk rakyat dan negara. Pemimpin itu wajar mempunyai kualiti teknokrat dan telah menunjukkan bukti tentang kemampuan pemimpin itu.  Memilih pemimpin yang tepat dan betul adalah lebih penting dari menumbangkan Najib kerana jika pilihan tidak betul menumbangkan Najib itu tidak akan membawa apa-apa faedah.

Menggugurkan Mahathir dari jawatan penasihat Petronas tidak sepatutnya berlaku kerana jika perjuangan Mahathir dan penyokongnya berjaya yang akan beruntung ialah UMNO itu sendiri. Maka pada hakikatnya Mahathir dan sesiapa yang menyokong dan bersimpati dengan perjuangan beliau itu, ialah UMNO itu sendiri. Lain-lain perkataan Mahathir sebenarnya adalah dalam usaha menumbang untuk memperkuatkan UMNO dan menjadikan parti itu menjadi parti yang selayaknya memimpin negara.

Menyokong Najib itu merupakan tindakan meruntuhkan UMNO dan kerajaan. Maka hakikat disebaliknya menyokong dan mempertahankan Najib itu adalah adalah tindakan melemahkan UMNO.

Deklarasi Rakyat itu nampak jelas yang UMNO hanya boleh dipulihkan dan diperkuatkan dengan sokongan pihak-pihak lain seperti pihak pembangkang dan NGO-NGO yang sedar betapa pentingnya pimpinan UMNO itu di juarai oleh orang UMNO yang lain.