28 May 2010

BN keluarkan lesen judi - DAP, PAS dan PKR cegah operasinya

Kerajaan Pulau Pinang telah mengambil ketetapan yang pemegang lessen judi sukan yang baru mendapat kelulusan kerajaan pusat tidak akan dibenarkan beroperasi dinegeri tersebut.

Lim Guan Eng (LGE) telah menyatakan dengan jelas bahawa ianya selaras dengan pendirian DAP tidak bersetuju kegiatan perjudian menjadi budaya berluas luasa dinegeri tersebut.

DAP memang selama ini memang tidak bersetuju dengan kegiatan berjudi dinegara ini.

PAS tidak payah dipersoalkan lagi; parti ini memang menentang perjudian semesekali kerana itu adalah salah satu dosa syariat yang terbesar.

Dengan keputusan itu rakyat menganggapnya sebagai satu keadaan pelik kerana kerajaan BN pimpinan UMNO yang mengeluarkan lesennya tetapi DAP pula yang tidak berpuas hati dan menolaknya mentah-mentah permohonan syarikat pemegang lessen judi itu untuk beroperasi dinegeri yang ditadbir DAP itu.

PAS telah membuat keputusan untuk memprotest tindakkan pengeluaran lessen judi sukan itu dari Kelantan keKuala Lumpur.

Kerajaan PKR Selangor setakat ini telah mengarahkan untuk membekukan permohonan dari pemegang lessen judi sukan ini untuk beroperasi di Petaling Jaya, Selayang dan semalam Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya telah melakukan tindakkan sama.

Apakah tindakkan DAP, PAS dan PKR itu merupakan tindakkan yang salah? Jika ianya dianggap salah berilah alasan-alasannya.

Saya dan ramai lagi ingin mendengar alasan-alasan itu dari mereka yang tidak bersetuju dengan tindakkan DAP dan PAS itu.

Orang ramai juga ingin mendengar pandangan mufti-mufti seluruh negara. Kita setakat ini hanya mendengar bantahan terbuka dari mufti Negeri Perak sahaja.

Jika mufti-mufti dan majlis fatwa tidak memberikan pandangan saya rasa tindakkan PAS dan DAP itu sudah cukup untuk kita mendapatkan nasihat dan pandangan.

Rasanya sudah terlalu lama menunggu untuk mendapatkan pandangan Sahibul Samahah Mufti-Mufti kerajaan-keraajan negeri yang lain.

Bagi saya, saya tidak payah mendapatkan pandangan Mufti-Mufti dan Majlis Fatwa kerana saya tahu berjudi itu adalah salah untuk dibenarkan oleh sebuah kerajaan yang mengaku mentadbir sebuah negara Islam contoh ini.

Kepada DAP dan PAS serta PKR, saya mewakili sesiapa yang tidak bersetuju dengan operasi judi sukan ini, mengucapkan berbanyak-banyak terima kasih kerana berusaha menyekat perkembangan budaya judi setidak-tidaknya dalam negeri-negeri yang ditadbir oleh saudara sekelian.

Setidak-tidaknya ada juga tempat hendak berlindung dari budaya berjudi yang boleh meruntuhkan moral masyarakat dan generasi itu.

Kepada kerajaan-kerajaan negeri yang lain, ikutlah contoh kerajaan Pulau Pinang, Kelantan, Kedah dan Selangor agar usaha memerangi kegiatan berjudi sukan ini dapat kita jayakan bersama.

Marilah kita selamatkan generasi kita dari terjurumus kedalam kegiatan judi yang telah dihalalkan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan ini.

Sekian…………………………………….Aspan Alias

27 May 2010

Do you trust anybody?....and problems solved?

If most of the BN component parties are drenched and soaked with nebulous and indefinable internal problems, what would be the natural consequent that follows?

This is the question that many people are asking and so far there is no sign of improvement but instead they are facing more compounding tribulations.

There have been intense polemics on various issues in the cyber sphere and in other forms of media but none so far has succeeded in getting to identify the actual problems faced by each and individual party.

Every member of every party feels the problems but no one really knows what is troubling them. We must appreciate the fact that we have to understand the problems to the fullest first even before thinking of solving it.

This has been the problem that our UMNO leadership has failed to detect and to mend the rift in the party at all levels. Everyone is interested to see the party getting stronger to face the mountable issues faced by the country in this modern era.

The leaderships have been doing all they can to address hanging issues surrounding the Malays and UMNO as well as issues relating to our friends from other races and their political parties.

BUT they don’t understand which of the many issues is in urgent need to be solved first. Is it the leaders themselves that make the party like UMNO in shamble?

If that is the case then the subject is the crisis of confidence of the leaders and let democracy works on a truly even playing field for the members to choose which leader or group of leaders they are comfortable with.

That was the actual reason why democracy came into being; that is to choose which leader they think best to lead and which leader they want to put aside in retirement.

BUT the actual working of democracy have been squarely prostituted by elements of suppression by the power house and the media as well as the system of administration that make democracy apprehensively impossible to work within its legitimate frame work.

This is evidently happening in UMNO, MIC and the PBB of Sarawak when democracy is guided by the current ruling leaders with all the might of the executive provisions with them.

Just take the issue that MIC is plaguing with at the moment. For all intent and purposes Samy Velu should have already planned for an Emergency General Assembly of MIC to legitimized his position in the party.

If the delegates choose to preserve him in the EGM then it would stabilized his leadership as he is endorsed by a special meeting of its delegates from all over.

If the EGM decides to oust him than there would be a new leader to replace him with the endorsement of the delegates and that new leader will be the new hope for MIC and there will be a long period of unruffled MIC until such time when the successor decides to stay too long like his predecessor Samy did.

The issue now is not who has stronger and bigger muscle to wrest. It is whether we are prepared to do the right thing to the party even to the extent of relinquishing all positions and our pips on our shoulders. This is what we called as SACRIFICE which many leaders of these days dread to do.

Every component leader does not take legitimacy as of profound and prime importance in any leadership of organization with democratic zest and keenness like all our political parties in this country.

In my last posting, I concluded my article by asking, ‘is any one who can tell every one which party in BN component is not in difficulty?’

Nobody could give me one, as UMNO itself as the trunk of BN has huge and colossal problems plaguing the party.

The party’s enormous number of branches are not functioning like those of yester years and their members are hopelessly apathetic as the branches activities are almost unheard of.

The branches annual general meetings are more often than not are held without enough quorum and the young members are not interested in UMNO activities.

SO how do we expect the party to be strong as the members are not keen even to attend the branches annual general meeting?

The Divisional Heads are not able to move their branches to organize political activities as the branches heads are too parasitic on the Divisional Heads for money and other kinds of monetary assistances. If there is no money provided there will be no activity.

The sense of volunteering has long been spent and disappeared as the soul of the party’s struggles is already in the cavity.

I was told that even Najib has to push the branches in his Pekan Division with money in order to get the Division to complete all the branches annual general meetings for this year, and that has been the practice for donkey years.

Most of the Divisional Head are not leaders as they paid the branches delegates in the Division Annual General meetings to be the heads.

Their good leaders are booted out by money and political corruption by the eager businessmen and corporate names who attend the annual meeting once a year just to secure positions as the branches and Divisions' chiefs.

This is practiced at all level of the party. This deadly habit is now obviously out of control as it is also done in recent by-elections where mojavascript:void(0)ney was seen as the only mean for UMNO and BN to secure support from the voters.

Can we survive with this conduct and manner of politics? Can we? Even if we can survive for another decade, the question is where do we source the money from?

Can we blame anybody if they allege us that the gambling football license is the source of that needed fund to pay the votes? After all Vincent Tan is known to the public that he is very involved with UMNO for the sake of his gigantic business empire.

In fact I was made to believe and I believe it, that Vincent Tan knows more about UMNO than we members do. He has a very friendly connection in the Supreme Council especially in the UMNO HQ secretariat.

So how do we solve the problems which I mentioned in the preamble of this article? Can we trust everybody to find out the details of what I have just mentioned?

Give an honest answer to yourself.

Thanks……………………………………….Aspan Alias

26 May 2010

Vell Paari bin Samy - too crossed with UMNO

Vell Paari, the son of Samy Velu and MIC CWC member made an exploit by openly blaming UMNO for the unambiguous split in MIC.

Vell blames UMNO top leadership for creating animosity in MIC with clear intention of getting Samy Velu to quit his position as President of the party which he holds for last 3 decades.

Samy Velu and Taib Mahmud are the 2 remaining Presidents of 2 component parties of BN who hold their positions tightly for 3 long decades.

The statement made by Vell Paari is the most unbecoming and offensive act done by a son of a long reigning President of a BN component Party,MIC, blaming leaders of fellow component party UMNO, for the dwindling support of its members for his president father.

Paari is also blaming UMNO for the birth of an organized group led by former national MIC Deputy Youth Head Mugilan called GAS (Gerakan Anti Samy) after he was sacked from the party by Samy Velu days ago.

Vell is alleging that UMNO is conspiring with Mugilan to humiliate Samy Velu and to see him to withdraw once and for all from MIC leadership for good.

GAS is planning to organize mass rallies among the MIC members to put up strong pressure for Samy to resign as the party President as he is perceived to be the main liability to the already sickly party.

“Samy is ruling with his leg and not by his head” says an MIC member who is quite a neighbor to me in USJ 2.

The spat between Samy Velu and UMNO apparently started with candidature issue for the recent Hulu Selangor by election when UMNO was not in favor of Palani as the candidate.

Najib as BN chairman in his speech in Hulu Selangor announced that the tradition that MIC to contest in that constituency remained but he would be the one to choose the candidate.

Najib’s statement was a direct indication that he was not in favor of G Palani, the President’s choice, currently the party Deputy President who was eyeing incessantly to be named as candidate for the by election but he was not likened both by the BN leaders and the MIC members in Hulu Selangor.

BN wanted to name Mugilan as the favored candidate as he is the local boy and he then was the national Deputy Youth Chief and this move subsequently created a serious head-on bickering between Mugilan and Samy.

The decision created a big tug-of-war between MIC and the BN and eventually Kamalanathan was taken as a compromised candidate and stood to win a razor thin majority of 1700 votes in the hard fought election.

To my humble opinion Vell Paari cannot blame any of the UMNO leaders as these leaders were in desperation to take a win in Hulu Selangor, and as Hulu Selangor is a Malay majority, it is always fair for UMNO leaders to seek the views of the Malay electorates in the constituency.

With the outburst of Paari, it would naturally reaffirms that there are wrinkles and wobbling within the component parties in the BN and that is of course a bad taste for the ruling coalition.

Vell must accept that his father has been over staying at the helm of the party and he should not be loitering around any longer as the leader. He should now learn how to be a follower of whoever succeeds him.

No one is invincible and the dwindling support that Samy is experiencing at the moment is a very natural act of nature.

Vell Paari's offensive assault on UMNO is believed to have the blessing of his father and it is a clear reflection of Samy’s discontent and disgruntlement towards BN leadership in particular towards Najib and Muhyiddin.

Across the South China Sea we also take notice of some unkind comments on the Federal leadership by SUPP leaders and unspoken disgruntlements of the PBRS leaders towards the BN leadership.

Now can anyone tell with utmost honesty which party within component is not in difficulty?

I hate to say what I have said.

Thanks………………………………………..Aspan Alias.

25 May 2010

Dilemma Melayu : Pemimpin yg terang hatinya sahaja mampu membawa penyelesaian

Melayu sesungguhnya sedang dalam dilemma yang paling serius dan mencabar. Melayu tercari-cari identiti mereka yang sebenarnya dan di sinilah situasi yang paling menekan untuk membuat keputusan dan pendirian untuk memastikan masa depan bangsanya.

Melayu sejak lebih 2 dekad telah melalui zaman kealpaan apabila mereka dibawa ke dimensi penghidupan yang lain daripada yang pernah mereka tempuhi dengan menyuburkan nilai baru iaitu menumpukan pada kehidupan materialistik yang keterlaluan.

Tentunya nilai ini bukan terbit dengan sendirinya; ianya disemai dan dibaja oleh kepimpinan yang terlalu obsess untuk membawa pembangunan pesat dalam jangka masa yang singkat dan dengan pembangunan material yang besar menggunung.

Pimpinan Dr Mahathir hanya memberi fokus terhadap pembangunan fizikal yang radikal tanpa menggalas sekali pembangunan moral dan nilai kehidupan sempurna yang serba sederhana.

Bagi Dr Mahathir, jika negara mempunyai bangunan tertinggi di dunia itulah kemajuan. Jika negara mempunyai tiang bendera yang tertinggi itulah kemajuan dan jika kita mempunyai jambatan yang ketiga terpanjang, itu jugalah lambang kemajuan yang membawa kepuasan kepada kepimpinannya.

Kesebelasan negara-negara Scandinavia merupakan negara yang lebih maju dari negara G8 sendiri tetapi jika kita ke negara-negara tersebut kita tidak jumpa bangunan yang tinggi-tinggi dan tiang bendera yang tertinggi atau pun tidak ada gong terbesar di dunia seperti yang kita dapati di Angkasapuri seketika dahulu.

Sekarang negara kita sedang memikirkan untuk menghapuskan segala bentuk subsidi kepada rakyat tetapi di negara-negara termaju Scandinavia seperti Seden dan Switzerland, pelajar-pelajar di negara tersebut mendapat pelajaran percuma dan banyak lagi kemudahan yang didapati melalui subsidi kerajaan.

Kita yang mengakui sebagai negera contoh kepada banyak negara semakin hari semakin ditekan oleh cukai yang bukan-bukan dan sekarang segala subsidi sedang diusahakan untuk dihapuskan sama sekali.

Sekarang rakyat menerima pembangunan fizikal yang pesat itulah dianggap sebagai elemen teras kepada apa yang dikatakan sebagai Nation Building. Tidak ramai yang mengakui bahawa pembangunan fizikal itu hanya cebisan daripada ingredient-ingredient yang penting dalam proses nation building itu sendiri.

Beliau hendak melakukan segala-galanya di zaman beliau sehinggakan obsession ini telah membawa budaya negatif yang kronik yang amat sukar untuk diperbaiki.

Perancangan untuk membangunkan sikap dan nilai kehidupan yang sempurna dilupakan terus sehinggakan orang Melayu dan rakyat keseluruhannya tidak berjaya untuk menguruskan kejayaan pembangunan fizikal ini secara holistik sebagai rakyat negara yang sedang membangun dengan pesat.

Rakyat zamannya hanya memberikan penilaian terhadap material dan sekarang ini beliau sendiri sudah pandai menegur kecacatan mentaliti negatif rakyat terhadap kehidupan yang sudah menyimpang jauh yang pada asalnya membenih semasa pentadbiran beliau.

Zaman beliaulah ahli perniagaan besar mendapat keistimewaan daripada semua projek pembangunan secara express dan runding terus itu membeli jet-jet peribadi dalam sekelip mata kerana mendapat kekayaan secara express itu.

Zaman itulah orang-orang kaya baru ini terbang mengikut rombangan PM ke luar negara dengan jet peribadi masing-masing yang mereka beli dengan pinjaman bank untuk projek-projek besar mereka yang belum pun memulakan operasinya.

Yang penting jet mesti ada dulu..projek kemudian kira. Ada seorang ahli korporat yang mempunyai jet bermesyuarat dalam penerbangan jet eksekutfnya, kononnya untuk tidak membuang masa. Mesyuarat dalam bilik mesyuarat sudah tidak sampai kepada kepiawaian sebagai seorang ahli korporat yang berjaya dan kaya-raya.

Budaya inilah yang masih terbawa-bawa dan menjadi amalan serta budaya masyarakat di Malaysia pada hari ini.

Tetapi semuanya itu sudah berlalu. Saya telah diberitahu oleh seorang rakan yang pernah mempunyai sebuah jet eksekutif peribadi yang beliau berasa sesal dengan tindakannya membeli jet eksekutifnya.

“You know bro, owning a personal jet is only 2-time happiness; the first is when you get the delivery of the jet, and the second happiness is when you are able to sell it. Other than that it is all sufferings,” katanya.

Semua kumpulan kecil ahli perniagaan elit pada zaman itu tidak bertahan lama dan hampir keseluruhannya sudah tidak lagi seperti zaman glamour mereka dahulu.

Sekarang mereka masih lagi mundar-mandir mencari projek-projek besar. Rupa-rupanya projek-projek yang mereka perolehi dulu masih tidak dapat memberikan kepuasan kepada mereka.

Semua yang berjaya adalah mereka yang hampir dengan pimpinan politik dan ahli politik juga bersama-sama mendapatkan peluang perniagaan dengan menggunakan kedudukan masing-masing sehinggakan pemimpin-pemimpin berebut-rebut dengan rakyat yang mereka pimpin untuk mendapatkan kekayaan.

Apa maksud saya bercerita tentang isu ini? Tidak lain dan tidak bukan, maksud saya ialah jika dapat senang dengan cara senang akhirnya ia akan lebih senang untuk menjadi lebih susah.

Kalau kita sandarkan kepada politik duit rasuah yang senang didapati itu akan membawa negera kepada kemusnahan dengan lebih senang. Pendeknya susah nak jadi senang tetapi senang nak jadi susah.

Untuk memenangi pilihanraya amat senang untuk mendapatkannya dengan membayar dan membeli undi tetapi ianya akan amat senang untuk menjerumuskan negara ke tahap yang kita sedang alami sekarang ini.

Apabila sudah terjerumus maka amat susah untuk memperbaikkinya selain daripada meminta mereka yang melakukan pembelian undi itu berhenti dan membiarkan rakyat memilih pengganti kepada kepimpinan itu.

MCA telah berjaya bersatu di antara pemimpin yang berbalah tetapi rakyat masih menolaknya. Begitu jugalah di kalangan pemimpin dan ahli UMNO juga; jika pun penyatuan pimpinan dapat dilakukan tidak semestinya rakyat ramai dapat menerimanya.

Itulah sebabnya saya pernah menulis, yang penting bukannya pemimpin yang hampir kepada rakyat TETAPI ialah DASAR yang memuaskan hati rakyat itulah yang sepatutnya yang menghampiri rakyat.

Walkabout yang dilakukan oleh pimpinan itu tidak semestiya mendapat sokongan mereka tetapi yang sepatutnya melakukan walkabout itu ialah dasar-dasar yang diyakini mereka.

Nampaknya keadaan politik kita terutamanya bagi orang Melayu hanya boleh diselesaikan oleh syafaat Rasul dan rahmat Tuhan sahaja.

Justeru itu, hanya pemimpin yang terang hatinya sahaja yang mampu mengeluarkan keadaan politik yang berkecamuk pada hari ini secara beransur-ansur. Ia akan memakan masa setidak-tidaknya 20 tahun jika kita bermula dari sekarang.

Kerosakan kepada fabric politik tanahair hari ini sudah begitu menakutkan jika kita berfikir secara jujur dan seterusnya mengakui keadaan itu sesungguhnya benar.

Sekian………………………….Aspan Alias.

24 May 2010

Bermulanya Piala Dunia, bermulalah perjudian besar

Saya terpanggil untuk menulis sedikit tentang isu yang sangat hangat dibicara dan dibincang dimana-mana. Isu yang saya maksudkan ialah isu lessen judi bola yang telah diberikan kepada Vincent Tan.

Vincent telah pun mendapat keuntungan melebihi setengah billion ringgit dalam sekelip mata apabila lessen itu dijual kepada pihak ketiga.

Bermacam-macam tuduhan dan intrepitasi rakyat didengar dan semuanya merupakan persepsi negative yang boleh menjejaskan kredibiliti kerajaan yang mentadbir negara dalam mana Islam itu adalah agama resminya.

Masyarakat Melayu khususnya sangat kecewa dengan pemberian lessen ini kerana parti DAP sendiri konsisten tidak bersetuju dengan aktibiti judi yang meluas sejak dari dulu lagi, dan sekarang ini lessen itu dikeluarkan pula oleh kerajaan Melayu Islam yang ditunjangi UMNO.

Kenapalah pihak yang berwajib tidak ada langsung ‘sensitivity’ yang pengeluaran lessen judi ini merupakan tindakkan yang akan mendapat reaksi yang buruk dari rakyat?

Bukankah isu ini membabitkan ‘integrity’ kerajaan negara Islam? Kenapakah suntuk sangat pemikiran sehinggakan sanggup melakukan perkara sebegini?

Banyak negara bukan Islam tidak membenarkan operasi perjudian dinegara mereka kerana mereka tahu kegiatan perjudian dikalangan rakyat mereka akan membawa kerosakkan kepada ‘fabric’ sosial masyarakat mereka.

YANG anih dan peliknya, DAP dengan konsisten tidak bersetuju dengan pengeluaran lessen judi ini dari dulu sehinggalah sekarang dan DAP bukan parti yang dianggotai dan dipimpin oleh orang beragama Islam.

Ramai yang tahu yang Vincent Tan ini telah banyak membuat pelaburan politik dengan membiayai politik pemimpin besar tertentu tetapi kenapa berikan lessen judi untuk membayar kembali sokongan kewangan Vincent kepada UMNO selama ini?.......berilah yang lain.

Kita sanggup menjual nilai kepimpinan negara kita kerana terhutang budi dengan Vincent Tan. Itulah kenyataannya. Mungkin Tengku Adnan boleh memberikan ulasan tentang isu ini.

Pimpinan kita sanggup melakukan perkara-perkara seperti ini dan tindakkan ini jelas usaha memperlekehkan agama sendiri.

Lebih dari itu ianya mempamerkan sifat sanggup memperjudikan masa depan negara yang Islam menjadi agama resminya semata-mata hendak mendapatkan wang besar untuk politik wang yang tidak berkesudahan.

Dalam masa untuk mencari kembali sokongan Melayu, pimpinan UMNO buat lagi perkara-perkara yang berlawanan dengan kehendak orang Melayu yang ramai ini.

Kepada pimpinan besar UMNO, cuba lah berehat lama sedikit dimana-mana dan berfikirlah dan buatlah introspeksi yang mendalam tentang apa yang telah anda lakukan ini.

Bagaimana hendak mendapat sokongan jika anda masih tidak sensitif terhadap perasaan Melayu ini?

Saya ingin bertanya kepada pimpinan, ‘Apa bezanya pusat pelacuran dan pusat judi’. Bukankah agama meletakkan kedua-duanya itu sma sahaja?

Kenapa Majlis Fatwa senyap sahaja dengan isu ini? Selain dari Mufti Perak dimanakah suara-suara Mufti-Muti dari negeri-negeri lain?

Malu rasanya kerana DAP tidak menyokong pemberian lessen judi tetapi disebaliknya UMNO pula yang mengeluarkannya. Kita sudah terlalu jauh tersasar…apakan daya kita…anda berkuasa…buatlah apa yang anda suka.

Nampaknya bukan pemimpin yang menjaga rakyat dan negara tetapi rakyat pula yang terpaksa menjaga pemimpin dan negara mereka.

Jelas pimpinan kita sedang memperjudikan nasib bangsa dan agama kita.

Kepada pemimpin terbesar negara, “I wish you all the best of luck!”

Sekian………………………………Aspan Alias

22 May 2010

Main 'kong kalikong' dengan rakyat

Kita sedar atau tidak yang kita menjadi ahli UMNO yang hanya disokong oleh sebahagian orang Melayu dan Bumiputra di Sabah sahaja?

Sedarkah kita bahawa UMNO yang kita anggotai ini tidak akan lagi mendapat sokongan orang Cina dan bukan Melayu yang lain sedangkan UMNO menjadi teras kepada konglomerasi parti-parti lain yang dianggotai oleh bangsa lain yang sekarang ini tidak mampu membawa apa-apa bentuk sokongan kepada BN melalui parti-parti tersebut?

Mampukah pemimpin hari ini memikirkan jalan keluar kepada masalah dan kemelut yang sedang kita hadapi, dan jika tidak dapat kita melakukan penyelasaiannya UMNO akan tidak dapat memenangi banyak kerusi dalam pilihanraya umum yang akan datang?

Pedih untuk kita menerimanya; tetapi hakikatnya orang Cina tidak akan memberikan apa-apa sokongan yang diperlukan kerana sudah hilang keyakinan terhadap kepimpinan Melayu yang ada sekarang ini.

Sekarang ini apa yang saya sebut 1 atau 2 tahun yang lepas sudah menjadi kenyataan. Memberikan sogokan wang ringgit tidak boleh menjamin kemenangan dalam jangka masa panjang.

Kalau pun wang ringgit boleh memberikan kemenangan, sampai bila pula amalan buruk ini mampu kita lakukan?

Jika pun kita mampu membayar undi buat masa yang panjang, dari mana pula puncanya kewangan yang banyak itu?

Bolehkah atau tidak jika orang ramai membuat andaian yang wang ringgit itu datangnya daripada kegiatan rasuah dan wang itu datangnya dari sumber kepunyaan rakyat?

Sesungguhnya wang ringgit tidak boleh menyelesaikan kerumitan kerana akhirnya persepsi orang ramai akan bertambah buruk kepada kita. Jika kepimpinan tidak mampu meyakinkan rakyat selain daripada pembelian sokongan maka UMNO tidak akan lagi dihormati dan disanjung oleh mereka.

Selalunya pemimpinlah yang mendatangkan masalah. Seperti di Sarawak umum mengetahui yang salah satu penyebab BN semakin lemah ialah kerana keengganan TS Taib Mahmud mengakui bahawa beliau sudah terlalu lama duduk seperti Raja seolah-olah beliau tidak boleh dialih dan dianjak.

Negeri Sarawak seolah-olah adalah kepunyaan beliau dan keluarganya sahaja sedangkan kesihatan beliau tidak membolehkan beliau berfungsi dengan efektif lagi.

Jika beliau masih tidak mampu untuk memujuk hatinya sendiri untuk berhenti dan memberikan peluang kepada pemimpin lain mengambil alih kepimpinan negeri, maka anggapan Najib yang Sarawak merupakan fixed deposit untuk BN sudah pasti akan berakhir.

Blog ini selalu menyebut tentang moral dan etika kepimpinan tetapi pandangan saya selalunya disanggah kerana melakukan introspeksi terhadap kelemahan kita sendiri.

Blog ini juga acapkali meminta orang Melayu untuk membuat introspeksi dan memandang ke dalam untuk memcari kelemahan kita dan kurangkan memandang keluar sambil menyalahkan setiap yang lain terutamanya parti-parti pembangkang.

Sesungguhnya orang Cina faham dan mengakui yang negara ini tidak boleh dipimpin oleh bangsa mereka tetapi mereka mahu melihat seorang pemimpin Melayu yang mereka anggap telus dan boleh diyakini.

Tetapi sekarang ini mereka masih tertunggu-tunggu siapa di kalangan orang Melayu yang boleh membawa kepimpinan yang lain daripada apa yang ada pada hari ini.

Di Sarawak, SUPP dan PBRS menghadapi masalah untuk mempertahankan PBB dan Taib Mahmud dan jika PBB masih lagi tidak ada keinginan untuk berubah maka tidak hairan jika kekuatan BN di Sarawak tidak lebih dan tidak kurang seperti Kerajaan BN di Negeri Sembilan dan beberapa buah negeri yang lain.

Pastinya ramai yang tidak gemar dengan pandangan terbuka seperti ini, tetapi apakan daya, apa yang saya sebutkan ini sifatnya hakiki jika kita berani memperkatakannya.

Banyak cara untuk memahami apa yang ada di dalam benak dan pemikiran seseorang lebih-lebih lagi daripada pemimpin besar negara.

Salah satunya ialah dari perkatan dan percakapan yang didengari ramai. Contoh yang ada di hadapan kita sangat banyak kalau kita nilai dari ungakapan dan kata-kata pemimpin.

Najib selalu berkata kepada pengundi di dalam PRK yang akhir-akhir ini; “Tuan-tuan tolong saya saya tolong tuan-tuan. Saya umumkan sekian banyak peruntukan untuk sekolah jenis kebangsaan Cina, tuan-tuan mesti memberikan undi dan sokongan kepada BN.”

Ini merupakan satu cara kempan yang salah. Pertamanya salah dari segi tatacara pilihanraya yang saya tidak mahu ulas dalam tulisan ini.

Jika kita berjanji secara ini semasa pilihanraya 1964 ke pilihanraya 1978 dahulu mungkin ianya membawa faedah kepada BN.

Tetapi janji seperti itu sudah tidak lagi laku sekarang ini kerana rakyat yang kita hantar ke sekolah dan ke luar negara untuk mendapatkan pelajaran tinggi sudah pandai berfikir.

Pengundi tahu duit dan wang yang dijanjikan itu adalah wang mereka bukannya wang BN atau UMNO.

Wang itu datangnya dari cukai-cukai yang mereka bayar kepada jabatan hasil dalam negeri dan cukan jualan seperti dari pembelian rokok dan tembakau serta cukai-cukai yang lain yang mereka dan rakyat yang lain bayar.

Mereka tahu yang mereka menyumbang kepada gaji dan elaun PM dan Menteri-Menteri serta semua yang berkhidmat dengan kerajaan dan Lagilatif serta jabatan-jabatan yang lain melalui cukai yang mereka bayar.

Wang itu bukannya wang parti, malahan wang korupsi yang diambil oleh pemimpin rasuah itu adalah wang mereka juga.

Sebenarnya hanya pemimpin kita yang tidak mampu untuk berfikir setangkas pemikiran rakyat, maka itulah sebabnya UMNO dan BN menghadapi masalah untuk terus mendapatkan sokongan seperti dulu.

Pemimpin tidak boleh lagi mengawal rakyat seperti kita mengawal adik sepupu yang masih kecil.

Memberikan gula-gula dan manisan bukan lagi caranya untuk mendapat sokongan.

Rakyat sekarang mahukan kepimpinan yang bersih imejnya, tidak dipandang sebagai pemimpin yang rasuah dan pemimpin yang bersekongkol dengan jenayah yang besar dan kecil.

Rakyat sudah tidak mahu kepimpinan yang cincai dan mengambil mudah tentang moral dan imej kerana kita sudah sepatutnya sampai ke tahap kepimpinan yang setanding dengan kepimpinan negara maju.

Rakyat mahukan ketelusan yang hakiki. Rakyat masih menunggu tindakan yang diakui oleh kabinet ke atas 18 kes rasuah berprofil tinggi yang diumumkan oleh Rais Yatim semasa beliau memegang Jabatan Undang-Undang negara bebrapa tahun dahulu.

Sehingga sekarang isu itu didiamkan begitu sahaja sedangkan semuanya itu melibatkan wang rakyat. Kenapakah pimpinan menganggap rakyat sebagai kumpulan manusia yang boleh dibohongi dan tidak payah dihormati walaupun yang menanggung kerugian itu adalah mereka yang membayar cukai.

Ini semua membuatkan rakyat yang sudah mula berfikir berkeyakinan bahawa pimpinan sedang main kong kalikong dengan mereka.

Sekian………………………………Aspan Alias

21 May 2010

Old Sg Besi Airport - Please build Hyde Park of KL on it

The ensuring manner of managing a nation appropriately has long been forgotten to the extent that nobody understands what that means any longer.

One of the profound and insightful duties of leaders is to ensure the nation’s wealth and possessions are securely protected and managed for the good sake of the people and their generation.

For past 3 decades Malaysian have too often been deceived by the pranks and shenanigans of their leaders and government so much so they don’t trust anything that their leaders and government do as they are often perceived to be traitors and thieves who only work for money and personal glory.

Almost every leader is professed to seek every opportunity to take advantage for money and personal wealth with anything he does while dispensing their public duties.

The entire amount filched and walked away by political leaders and implementers are huge sum of public funds, and it is costing the people and the nation’s future immensely.

The corrupt political leaders and implementers work hand in glove to inflate cost of development projects to in build the sum for corruption exchanges and ultimately make the public pay the cost of a vineyard for a crate of apple and oranges.

The introduction of express projects through negotiated government jobs (project) becomes a contented and expedient means of practicing corruption to the tune of hundreds of million of ringgit for a project.

AND it does not need a genius with elaborate calculating machines to get to the extent of public money snatched by our leaders since these expressed projects were introduced ever since by Dr Mahathir during his administration.

The political leaders and implementers with big power are the biggest ‘consultants’ and these ‘consultants’ more often than not are the ones who earn the biggest ‘profits’; even bigger than the contractors out of these projects that are paid with public funds.

If we are to look from the angle of moral microscopically, it not hard to learn that these so-called leaders spend their entire time and efforts to unearth new methods of screwing up public funds by introducing low priority developments in the name of propping up nation’s image and illustration.

The highly inflated costs of these projects would facilitate the ‘consultants’ to reap quickie huge profit by assigning and selling the projects to a third party who subsequently sells it to another party who ultimately being paid the real and actual profit.

One awarded project can be treated like a multi-level business and the final contractor who implement the projects still make worthwhile amount of return and proceed after changing hands and ownership.

The preceding owners coldly make good sum without doing anything other than juggling costs and figures that the public ultimately have to pay.

The latest which I heard not long ago is over the old airport land in Sg Besi. The ‘consultant’ is now doing the wheeling dealing and now is talking the deal with an affluent and influential lady while the third party is waiting to purchase the project.

Somebody or a few of them are going to get a whopping amount of profit when a third party buys from the group and it is expected that the project is going to change hands a few times before the final party implements it.

Now, the question is; do our leaders see that it is going to put the ruling government into real trouble? Do we accept the fact that it is an actual day light robbery if the talk in the market place on this plot is a realty?

The new administration promised that there won’t be any negotiated tender anymore in response to the massive complains and huha from the public all these years.

The present government promised that there will be an open tender and the public don’t have to have worries anymore.

BUT corrupts have innovative mind. They know how to walk away with part of the project cost as their big part-time money other than the remuneration he officially earns.

The Project Management (PMC) will manage all government contracts and in the process what can stop the leaders to talk to the PMC to decide to whom the project would be awarded to with the inbuilt cost inclusive of the extra prices for sum of kick-backs to the person or persons in authority?

Let us look very tediously and mind-numbingly to the manner the big and gigantic contract jobs and development are awarded to the predetermined companies of cronies behind the appointed ‘professional’ PMCs.

I passed alongside the Sg Besi old airport almost daily to and fro and I can see that this is the most valuable plot of 500 acres of flat and beautiful land.

Some people with the minds and heart for the generation to come would certainly want to see that kind of valuable land be reserved for a gigantic park and that park can be stretched until the border of Istana Negara.

Why must we just see every stretch of valuable land available is for money-making development? Why can’t our national leaders learn from the advance countries they visit year in and year out on how they decide on land of this size and strategically located?

Why can’t this stretch of land be turned into green and flowery park like the Hyde Park in London let say.

The Hyde Park of 2500 acres is located right in the middle of Metropolitan City of London, where Londoners and Tourist spend their time resting and walkabout with their families within the parameter of peaceful environment.

Why do we have too much apprehension to give the public opportunity enjoy good part of the city and that is the only good and available spot KL can provide for the purpose.

Can the business society and the self claimed leaders of the nation and people sacrifice for the general public by providing a reasonable opportunity to bring their children and family members a conducive place and facility for weekend retreat?

It is heartache to see every inch of land in the city is meant for money making by businessmen and corrupts at the expense of the people.

To those who are involved in the attempt to put up a commercial development on this plot of land, please be reasonable and give the voting public a chance to see some good decision making by the authority who claim to be balanced in our development strategy for our nation.

I would seek DS Najib to take special attention to ensure that the public at large is the final recipient from this plot of the nation’s property which is now so scarcely available not only in KL but also in other major cities of the peninsula.

For those who are familiar with this location, let us imagine how it would ultimate look like if greens and flowers are planted with all facilities for the family retreat are provided on this huge acreage of land in this bustling city.

Than we would not have to go to London or many other major cities in Europe and America to get the feel of staying and enjoying life in a well balanced city.

It is now obligatory on everyone to get this message across to our leaders in Putrajaya as this is not a small issue to the people.

This is the only chance for people in KL to have the opportunity to live like those in major cities of the world with big acreage of green lungs among the jungles of bricks and solid buildings.

Thanks………………………….Aspan Alias

19 May 2010

I smell Cabinet reshuffle

I smell that the Cabinet reshuffle is just dots away. Some say it would be today or this Friday or anytime soon. If that is true than we would be seeing some new faces in the lineup and also witnessing some faces rolling out.

I am sure this is the most testing time for some of the incumbents who are still hopeful to be retained and some others are behaving saintly with the hope to be appointed in the Federal Cabinet.

I have been stretching my ears to know who are going to be in and who are going to be out. BUT this time around there is not much talk about of the reshuffle in the market place.

“Don’t bother who is in and out. It won’t make any difference lah bro. All of them are in the same mentality group. How to change?” said one Dato’, a retired senior government servant.

“It is just the shuffling among the same ill informed and irresponsible lots. It has to be lah!... as all the good Parliamentarians won’t be considered and if Najib is serious to have strong Cabinet lineup, he has to take many from outside. The good ones are outside there.” he continued.

“But Najib won’t take strong ones as they might outshine him. He will be somewhere and somewhat akin to Mahathir’s style. Mahathir cleared off every one he thought could outshine him from the lineup and the party. After all the people couldn’t be bothered as they don’t know which is right and wrong. They have been taught just to nod” he mumbled.

Even though that is the actual feeling and perception out there at public places, I do hope that this time around, for the first time we can see some difference after almost 3 decades of putting up yes men and 'entertainers' up there.

I do pray that there are at least a few among them who are not yes men but to show some positive difference. All these while we have been stuffed with ‘dead fish’ whose capability is just to swim with the flow.

“Rosmah will definitely have a lot of say in the Cabinet reshuffle and I can bet that would be the scenario” said one Member of Parliament from BN.

If what the MP’s claim is true than we are again going for another long haul of having misfits to take charge of Ministries and departments and we will be all over again listening to current and old maladies.

Ok folks, this is the problem when a leader is affectionate in giving daily ‘bed-side’ briefings. I hope Najib is not of the kind that everyone thinks and believes. It is incumbent on his part to care for the nation above even a family member he loves.

I am certain that Najib by now knows that we have a nation to manage. BUT let us watch and wait. Or wait and watch.

Let us all see……….

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias

18 May 2010

UMNO/PBB - Orphanage parties.

UMNO in recent development looks like it is going to be an orphanage party. So does PBB in Sarawak. What is the common attribute of these two parties? Both are parties for the Malays and the indigenous.

What is the common danger that faces both the parties for the indigenous? The answer is, both look like going to be the orphanage parties respectively for the peninsula and Sarawak

The third and the most vital question is; what is the common and familiar disease that both are experiencing now?

Both the parties are facing serious intra and inter party antagonists and without immediate efforts with appropriate face-saving devices for each and individual party can lead the coalition to an eventual dilapidation and disrepair.

UMNO, until today is still trying hard to find its actual identity, which the party has lost since Mahathir’s leadership.

Now UMNO is BN and BN is UMNO. MCA, GERAKKAN and MIC in essence are of no consequence to BN, as they are parasites to UMNO.

UMNO has been blamed by its components in the peninsula since the 2008 GE for the dismal performances and now the core component of Sarawak BN, PBB is noticeably blamed by the voters and rejected Taib Mahmud in the open in the 8-day campaign period in Sibu by election.

Najib and Muhyiddin camped themselves in Sibu to make up a win and defended BN with all their might with lofty promises and dishing out hand outs to Sibu voters but that was not good enough to coax and charm the voters to retain the seat within BN.

Najib in essence is jilted by the Chinese voters in recent by elections. Our Chinese friends know what they want and nothing can shake their stand and struggles. They are not easily hook winked by short term monetary hand outs and do not take Najib’s offer seriously.

A personal friend from Sibu commented that the offer of rm5 million for the Chinese and missionary schools was taken as an insult as the rich Foochow community can make up the amount by themselves.

The local sentiments against Sarawak State leadership is starting to show up after 29 years of tolerating his tight-fisted rule and corruptly perceived CM and the State Cabinet is the main issue that was effectively used by the DAP to entice them to vote against SUPP/BN.

Like UMNO in the peninsula PBB is now negatively perceived by the people of state and for Taib to be the Samy Velu of Sarawak is highly probable. Taib has been over staying and to right minded political opinion, he has to start packing for retirement without interruption.

It is apparent that the Sarawakian is giving a very strong and strapping notice to Taib; either he leaves or BN has got to go.

Taib and PBB seem to put Sarawak Component parties, PBRS and SUPP in tight spot; torn in between the allegiance to the coalition and the actual needs of the Sarawak public to see Taib’s departure. To them Taib is just a paper tiger.

Conclusively we should agree among ourselves that UMNO is an orphanage party in the peninsula, while PBB is a newly born orphan, and that may cause power for the present State Government.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias

17 May 2010

Muhyiddin, take care of UMNO - don't bother about PKR

Muhyiddin should just take care of UMNO and just don’t suggest anything for PKR which he is not a member. He is a member of UMNO and the Deputy President of the party. He has a lot to do to address numerous unsettled issues in UMNO. Hence leave PKR and its members by themselves and please focus on UMNO's own problems.

We, in UMNO have sufficient problems and ambiguities to be addressed instantaneously.

He should not poke his nose in affairs of others and just step up efforts for recovery of UMNO’s disconnection with its members and to ensure it would be relevant to the current needs and struggles of the Malays.

He said that PKR should be disbanded as leaders and members are leaving the party recently and he feels that the party is already very weak and just waiting for it to reach at its terminal stage before dying. AND I don't think that is true at all.

He lauded the move by the Ipoh Barat PKR branch leader quitting the party together with 400 members 3 days ago in protest over internal issues that plague the party recently.

To Muhyiddin this is the signal of UMNO’s recovery and he just wants PKR to be dissolved and disbanded. I beg to put up my opinion which may be not to his liking to accept.

To my mind, that is not our party and we should just keep our own business in UMNO as we ourselves are facing mountable problems internally. UMNO is a huge party, and like a man with big sized body the tendency to contract all kind of diseases is highly probable.

Let us be reminded that it is not common to see dissatisfied and disgruntled members of UMNO to leave and disband their party in front of cameras and the media.

UMNO members have different mode of rejecting their party and it truly put the party in danger.

In the last General Election the disgruntled members of UMNO chose to split up with their party in the ballot boxes and that was why Pakatan Rakyat managed to deny us from two third majority in the House of Parliament and we lost 5 states government.

We should remember there were numerous incidences of PKR members leaving their party during the election campaign period but they made us almost flattened in the 2008 GE.

If the media shows 1000 PKR members leaving their party, there were hundreds of thousand UMNO office bearers and members voting for the opposition during past 2 GE.

Shahrir Samad secured a whopping support of more than 40000 majority in JB constituency in the 2004 GE but he managed to retain only 15000 of the majority in 2008 GE.

Aziz Shamsuddin could not even secure a simple win in Shah Alam when he was coldheartedly defeated by Khalid Samad of PAS.

Can anyone tell me who gave them (the oppositions)the votes if not UMNO members themselves? In actuality PKR or any other opposition party does not need big membership, as the votes will come from disgruntled UMNO members at all levels.

Can Muhyiddin deny this? If he chooses to deny it, please deny through the media so that we can see the fun of it.

That is the main reason I choose to be radical in giving opinion to my own party even though it is not likened by those deaf and blinded supporters.

I sincerely want to put it upright to Muhyiddin; don’t get drunk by the nod and amusement shown by supporters who surround him giving only the buttered side of the story.

To Muhyiddin, let me remind you with a line of saintly saying of an Islamic scholar in Malay; "Jalan ke Syurga itu selalunya dipenuhi dengan onak dan duri, dan jalan ke Neraka itu dipenuhi dengan roti dan keju yang enak-enak."

Thanks………………………………Aspan Alias

16 May 2010

DAP wins - Sarawak BN in trouble.

DAP wins in Sibu with 398 votes majority. Whether we like it or not the people in Sibu have given BN a strong warning and caution that the government coalition is now at the edge of high cliff waiting for a high fall.

This is no small matter and let us all admit that the confidence of the people in Sibu in particular and Sarawak as a whole towards BN is fast deteriorating and fading.

The PM, DPM, the CM and every big leader with big names and decorations were there in Sibu since two weeks ago to defend the seat but the people and voters have made their decision to give DAP this vital seat.

Please bear in mind that the seat was won by BN with over 3200 votes in the last GE and the result of today’s by election shows a big swing against BN and this will be another big lesson for us if we continue to manage a nation purely by addressing sentiments.

I have been calling for every one to do soul searching and introspection but very few want to digest and think sportingly but many reacted with sentiment of hatred and stay put in the state of denial.

We are so afraid to admit our weaknesses. We are still thinking and absorbed by the power we experienced in yesteryears. We don’t want to admit that we are already rejected and the rejection is not without reasons.

In Sarawak nobody dares to admit that Taib Mahmud is already a serious liability and anywhere we go in Sarawak the Rakyat already want to see him to go for retirement. All budding leaders are all in oblivion as he does not want to abdicate the seat.

People in Sarawak think that he wants to be the ‘Raja” perpetually. He never put up effort to prepare for a viable leadership succession.

Answer the following question for a quick introspection.

1.How long more do we need the uniform personnel to give us the needed votes through the postal boxes?
2.Do we have the stamina to provide hand outs in all by election in tens of millions of ringgit?
3. Why are we not coming out with strong and solid policies that are applicable in long term period, rather than giving and dishing out development allocation just to address short term sentiment of the local voters where the by election is held?
4. Are we strong enough to admit that the 1Malaysia slogan is a total flop?
5. Do we want to resign to the fact that the current environment shows that there is a serious crisis of confidence? AND if we admit that there is a crisis of confidence, do we have the courage to start the nation anew, meaning to have table talks among the heads of racial leaders initiated by a strong character Malay leader?

The situation of the day is serious and I am wondering how Najib’s leadership can handle and address the decadence of support towards BN leaders and government.

This is my blog with my opinion and I am prepared to face any dialog even in the open with big names and decorations to find out the gist and substance of solution to the current political ambiguities.

I have to say what I have to say and I appeal to every concerned individuals and organization to come out with ideas and thoughts as how to address the quandary and political setback the nation is facing.

In the peninsula no one party in BN is of consequence any more. UMNO/BN is just resting their laurels and glory on the power of the executive; nothing more and nothing less.

If UMNO becomes an opposition at Federal Government, only god knows how this party is going to recuperate the support of the people in the following General Election.

Please don’t lie to our own self. We are at the tip of a high and slippery cliff, and a small misadventure would see a high fall for BN in just a moment.

In the meanwhile let us stop amusing ourselves as we are going for perpetual regret.

So sorry for anyone who is irritated by my view, but I am sure that I am writing with my heart.


Labour is Strengthening its exiestence - Ed and David contesting for top position.

What are the initial and early reactions within the labor party since its dismal and drab performance in the recent GE?

Firstly Gordon Brown who had been the Chancellor of Exchequer for 10 years before he relieved the outgoing PM then, Tony Blair and became the PM of Britain for 3 years resigned gracefully last Tuesday at 7.20 pm just after an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Now the Labour party is an opposition in the Westminster and this is a normal occurrence in the history of this world oldest democracy.

Taking turn sitting at the government or the opposition bench has been the way of politics in Britain and they don’t take losses like sour grapes by the losing side like what is seen in our country.

In Malaysia the BN is perceived to be the only recipient for power to rule and taking others to take to rule is considered seriously and deadly offense and any state which is ruled by parties other than BN will be mutilated by the BN ruled Federal Government with vengeance.

BN is sour grapes in Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan and anything that these states government do is taken offense by the Federal BN Government.

The spirit of Federation inked by all States to form the Federation on the 2nd of February 1948 is clearly prostituted by the Federal leaders and they never respect sovereignty of each of the individual state, let alone to respect the wish of the people of the state.

The Federal Leaders take the nation like nation of a unitary government and the states have no say in administering the nation.

The Federal leaders consider the cash in the kitty of the Federation as BN money and not the money which derive from taxing the people of the nation, and that include taxes paid by the PAS, DAP and PKR members.

The top leadership spent tens of million of tax payers money in just one trip to the US to meet Obama with elaborate advertisement for the so-called first lady of the nation coupled with huge dancing troupe to perform in front of ‘we don’t know who’ in Washington.

All these contribute to the decay of the spirit of responsibility and accountability to the people of this country. Rais Yatim may be able to tell the rakyat the actual cost of bringing the dancing and the cultural troupe to Washington recently.

Rais may amuse the PM as he likes but don’t spend on our money and as he is in charged of culture, what he should focus on now is to develop a proper culture in thinking and perceptions towards the love for the nation by the rakyat; not by sending cultural dances and troupes to Washington.

I reckon Rais should stop the culture of amusing his big boss by spending tens of million of the people sweat and tears without guilt.

The Prime Minister of Britain like Malaysian leaders too goes abroad to meet leaders of nations worldwide but we never see large crowd sending him off other than his wife and few related officers and he is normally accompanied by relevant officers and staffs.

Tony Blair or Gordon Brown also went on official trips abroad and one could not see any Labour leader from Liverpool, Clacton-on-sea or from Dover sending them off at the airport kissing their hands before boarding the government aircraft.

Now the labour is an opposition party in the Westminster and the party accepts defeat gracefully and they are in the process of rebuilding the party to the level it should be to be an effective opposition and to give the British alternative of choice in 2015.

Like Dave and Nick in Britain Najib is going to go for massive Cabinet reshuffle in short due and I hope the whole Cabinet should be given civic courses to build in them the feeling of guilt; that spending lavishly for one trip of the PM and his super power spouse is an annoyance to the tax payers.

They should be told of the dos and the don’ts when they accept the appointment as members of the Federal Cabinet.

Do have a bit of sympathy to the needy parents who have missed the opportunity to send their children for tertiary education local and abroad.

If the tens of millions spent on unnecessary expenditure for the Ministers and their glamorous and thrilling wives are channeled to the needy students it would help the nation’s future development.

We should learn from the Conservative and the Labour leaders when they face the unexpected.

Labour party accepts the defeat without the vengeance feeling and now they are set to get new leaders through Democratic processes.

Ed Milliband is going for the top position which is going to vacated by Gordon Brown while his elder brother David Miilliband is also eyeing to assume responsibility to strengthen the party, also taking on for the top post in the Labour.

Both siblings are the present Law Makers from the Labour in the Westminster. Their earlier speculation that Alan Johnson Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper and Jack Straw are going for the top position is not true as all of them want every one ignore the rumors.

They are focused on strengthening the party. They don’t go around purchasing the Lib Democrat and Conservative Law-makers to crossover like what our leader did in Perak and now in the process of doing the same in Kedah.

They (Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem) always want to secure legitimacy of people’s support. They don’t buy support.

What they care is legitimacy of support and a dignified leaders in the administration.

This is what dignity is all about….nothing less.

Thanks………………………….Aspan Alias

15 May 2010

Dave and Nick Government is working - congratulations!

David Cameron of the Conservative Party finally becomes the Prime Minister of Britain, after a week of hung parliament when no one party managed to secure good majority in the Parliament.

Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat has been the most flirtatious leader rushing to and fro from Cameron to Brown as he knew he was the most important man to decide who should be at the 10 Downing Street.

David Cameron is the youngest British PM in 200 years and this is the first coalition Government for Britain since the 2nd world war. The 21-member Cabinet comprises of 16 from Conservative while the rest are represented by the Liberal Democrat. Nick Clegg himself is the Deputy Prime Minister and Britain is undergoing a new and hopefully sustainable power sharing.

The British Media seems to be quite skeptical about the durability of the coalition but Cameron and Nick Clegg are confident that they can prove all the skeptics wrong as they need to co-exist with each other for common purposes and intentions.

Both Cameron and Clegg admitted that they have to eat up a bit of tough exchanges of words in between them just for the sake of handling the new politics that currently prevails in Britain where both agree that the nation politic should be at the fore front and leave partisan politics not far behind.

Both party leaders came out in the open with joint press conference in the garden behind 10 Downing Street pledging allegiance from each other to prepare the route for successful new politics and this kind of coalition is necessary, the first of its happening in 65 years.

By this new understanding of the coalition Lib Democrat is represented with 5 representations in the Cabinet and in total the party would be having 20 representations from 57 members in Parliament at all levels in the Whitehall department.

In any hung parliament the smallest represented party can become very important and significant.

In this just concluded British General Election, Liberal Democrat which had never tasted power now essentially could share power through strategic coalition with the Conservative under David Cameron leadership and both parties are determined to protract the coalition at least until 2015.

At sharp twenty past seven on Tuesday, Gordon Brown was seen leaving the Buckingham Palace and subsequently announced his resignation from the Premiership at 10 Downing Street before leaving for his private home for good.

Within 90 minutes Cameron was already the new Prime Minister with Nick Clegg as his Deputy and there commenced the new facet of British elected government and politics.

The British have not been experiencing coalition administration, hence giving different opinion on this Dave and Nick government.

Once Deputy PM under Mrs Thather , Lord Heseltine said that this administration would be of a short lived one as both Dave and Nick are two different men with many variation in believes and approaches on how government should be governed.

Answering to some critic, Clegg responded by saying that his decision had caused much surprise and come with it, with some offense. BUT to him the truth is still the truth.

By any Parliamentary arithmetic the coalition between Lib Dem and Labor is unworkable and it would be taken as illegitimate by the British People.

Clegg said, “There would of course be bumps and scrapes along the way, there has been significant sacrifices from both sides, the Lib Dem and the Conservative and there will be a need for more”.

In the Thursday Cabinet meeting, Cameron and Clegg have been exchanging words of compromising with real reflection of seriousness to go forward without much problems.

“I think we have the opportunity to think for the long term in this new government” said Cameron.

Clegg responded by saying, “There was a huge overlap, a shared agenda and common purposes between the two coalition parties”

So, that is how the British and leaders responding to critical situation s the result of last week General Election.

President Obama instantaneously had a phone conversation with Cameron, congratulating the new PM and he was praising Cameron as an intelligent and workable PM with the current situation in Britain.

What do we in Malaysia think about the new British politics? I don’t know…..but don’t let any one from here to be the political consultant in Britain…or else there will be crossovers and buying of Law-Makers in London like what had happened in Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

Then we would see the jumping British Law-Makers having fleshy holidays in Washington before coming home to hit back to their party both in and outside their House of Commons in Westminster.

Okay folks, that is all for now.

Thanks…………………………………………….Aspan Alias

13 May 2010

It's belated - Happy Birthday UMNO.

I was criticized by a few for not being together to celebrate the ‘64th anniversary of UMNO on the 11th May.

Some say that I only talk much about UMNO but can't even remember the birth date of the party.

Firstly I would like to seek an apology for not writing on it. My reason is this; I don’t celebrate my own birthday and I always forget to celebrate birthdays even for my own close family members.

On the last 2nd of May I forgot to wish my own lovely grandson, Danny a ‘happy birthday wish’ and I myself did not realize that I passed through my own birthday unnoticed on the last 4th of April until many of my readers wished me ‘a happy birthday’ through my e-mails and my face book.

My late mother didn't celebrate birthdays as she didn't know when her birthday was and as persons who hail from an Ulu place birthday anniversary was not an inbuilt culture for us.

That may be the reason why I always feel young as I don’t pick up the habit of counting my age through my birth-dates.

Even if I remember the date of the birth of this living UMNO, it should be on the February not on the 11th of May as february was the month when this current UMNO was born.

AND to top it all UMNO (B) is just 22 years old and it is many years younger than my youngest son’s age.

I only joined this UMNO in January 1998, 10 years after the party was born and that may be the reason that sub consciously made me forget about the birth date as it takes a long while for me to adjust to the goings and comings of the party.

BUT I must say that I am a bit senior than Dr Mahathir in UMNO as he just rejoined this party in 2009 as he left UMNO in 2008.- in protest against his protege successor turned enemy Abdullah Badawi.

It is not 64th birthday in the first place and it is quite uneasy for me to accept that the party is already over 60 years old.

I was told that the party organized a ‘tahlil’ ritual in PWTC and I think that was a great thing to do to recite prayers and ‘tahlil’ for the party which has gone in oblivion more than 2 decades ago.

I may suggest to Dato’ Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor, the party's Sec General whenever I meet him that at the Annual General Assembly scheduled to be held at the end of the year, UMNO should put it clear at the back drop of the Dewan Merdeka something like this; PERHIMPUNAN AGONG UMNO YG KE22 – 2010’, OR something like that.

That was just what we did in all General Assemblies of UMNO (old) since its inception in 1946 until its demise in 1988.

I remember in 1987 when UMNO had its last AGM before the party was dead,the back drop of the Dewan Merdeka was; PERHIMPUNAN UMNO YANG KE 38 – 1987.

I think this could be the best way to get UMNO leaders and members to remember the UMNO (B) anniversary dates.

I think Dato Seri Tengku Adnan should be honest about the age of UMNO. Doesn’t he feel proud that the party is still young?

Be like a lady who always feel nice when friends and close ones see her as younger than her age.

To those who complain that I forget about UMNO’s anniversary date, I from now on, shall always remember the birth date of the party.

The only difference is that others celebrate it in May; I shall do that in February.

I feel too guilty to lie to myself and I hate to change facts of history.

Thanks………………………………..Aspan Alias

12 May 2010

UMNO dah daulatkan Raja-Raja - bhg TERAKHIR

Bahagian terakhir posting bersiri saya ini hanya satu posting yang pendek sahaja.

Saya hanya hendak menyatakan yang UMNO patut sedar, apabila sewaktu kuat dan bergaya jangan lupa pada asal kenapa kita wujud dan diatas premis apa yang selama ini parti kita ini berjaya menjadi pemerintah sebegitu lama.

Kata orang tua-tua, kalau pinang pulanglah ketampuknya, kalau sirih pulanglah kegagangnya.

Rakan kita dari bangsa Cina tidak lupa kepada asal usulnya, itu sebab mereka ada tempat untuk mengadu apabila mereka menempuh keadaan yang meruncing.

Kalau mereka bermula dengan berniaga kedai kopi misalnya, mereka tidak akan tutup kedai kopinya walaupun mereka dan anak-anak mereka sudah menjadi manusia berjaya, seperti menjadi ahli politik besar atau ahli perniagaan besar atau telah menjadi ahli korporat tersuhur.

Hanya satu lagi yang UMNO perlu ingat; sebegitu ramai yang memberi alasan yang pindaan perlembagaan berhubung dengan kedudukkan Raja-Raja ialah untuk menghapuskan elemen Feudal dikalangan Raja-Raja dan orang disekelilingnya, saya juga ingin memberi peringatan secara peribadi yang serious.

Sedar atau tidak yang UMNO dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya sendiri sedang membentuk sistem Feudal didalam parti dengan begitu menebal.

Kalau sistem feudal yang dikatakan begitu menebal dalam Institusi Raja Melayu perlu dihapuskan, UMNO sendiri menggunakan ‘modus operandi’ yang sama untuk mewujudkan feudalism didalam UMNO.

Hasilnya kita akan lihat yang Feudalism itu akan hanya berpindah dari Raja-Raja kepada UMNO. Itu sebab saya ada menulis satu baris dalam posting saya yang terdahulu yang sebenarnya UMNO hendak membentuk dikalangan pemimpinnya ‘rakyat yang berjiwa Raja’

UMNO akan dikuasai oleh hanya keluarga PM dan anak-anak bekas PM sahaja. DS Najib merupakan pemimpin yang pertama yang datang dari keluarga seorang bekas PM.

Jika Najib berjaya dengan kehendaknya, Hishamuddin akan dijadikan atau disusun untuk mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan negara dari beliau (Najib) kerana Hishamuddin adalah anak kepada Husein Onn dan sepupu kepada DS Najib.

Selepas Hishamuddin mungkin giliran Mukhriz pula; anak seorang lagi Perdana Menteri dan Khairy Jamaluddin sedang berusaha untuk mendapatkan nikmat dari kedudukkan beliau sebagai menantu kepada seorang lagi Perdana Menteri.

Elemen Feudal ini semakin hari semakain menebal dan kepimpinan negara akan diterajui oleh anak-anak PM yang tidak pernah merasa gigitan pacat dan geselan onak dan duri didalam perjuangan.

Umum mengakui jika Najib itu adalah anak kepada seorang biasa dalam masyarakat kita beliau tidak berkemungkinan akan menjadi PM. Hishamuddin yang begitu lemah tidak akan menjadi Naib Presiden jika beliau bukan anak kepada bekas PM.

Jika pertandingan diasaskan kepada ‘even playing field’ saya yakin Ahmad Zahid Hamidi adalah yang sebenar-benarnya menjadi pilihan dikalangan 3 Naib Presiden itu untuk menaikki tangga kepimpinan UMNO.

Tetapi masa dan waktu akan membuktikan apa yang saya katakan ini akan membuahkan bukti jelas tentang kebenaran atau pun hampir kepada kebenarannya.

Ramai yang mempunyai ciri kepimpinan yang baik berada diluar UMNO. UMNO tidak suka kepada kepimpinan jujur dan akan sentiasa bersetuju untuk ditipu helahkan oleh yang mempunya kuasa politik yang besar.

Jika kita tidak ada bapa atau mmertua yang menjadi PM, kita dalam UMNO hanyalah dijadikan dahan bongkok untuk kera-kera meniti.

UMNO tidak lagi memperjuangakan bangsanya; UMNO memberikan nikmat kepada orang lain walaupun UMNO yang mengaku mempunyai kuasa mutlak dalam negara ini.

Teringat pula saya kepada kata-kata; ‘ibarat memagar pohon yang condong, pokok nya membesar dikawasan kita buahnya jatuh dilaman orang’.

Tetapi apakan daya, dah kita sendiri yang mahukannya, jangan salahkan sesiapa.

Sekian………………………………..Aspan Alias

11 May 2010

Alhamdulillah, UMNO sudah daulatkan Raja-Raja Melayu - Bhg 2

Apabila Malayan Union ditolak oleh orang Melayu dahulu kesemua Raja-Raja Melayu telah kembali mendapatkan negeri masing-masing dan memerintah dengan penuh kuasa seperti yang dahulu.

Setiap negeri-negeri tersebut merupakan negeri-negeri berdaulat dan Raja-Raja memerintah negeri-negeri masing-masing berhak mengutip cukai dan berbelanja membangunkan negeri serta jajahan masing-masing.

Jika Malayan Union itu tidak berjaya ditolak maka tidak wujud lagi negeri-negeri yang berdaulat dan akan hanya tinggal sebuah negara ‘Unitary”; tidak ada Selangor, tidak ada Negeri Sembilan, tidak ada Johor dan tidak ada negeri-negeri yang lain.

Kita harus faham kenyataan ini dahulu, sebelum kita boleh memahami kenapa pentingnya Raja-Raja Melayu kepada kita orang Melayu dan bangsa-bangsa lain yang telah menjadi rakyat Malaysia.

UMNO dan Mahathir tidak senang dengan kuasa yang ada pada Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu yang semasa itu mempunyai hak untuk menolak dan melucutkan jawatan PM.

Keadaan beliau yang tidak menentu menyebabkan beliau mencari jalan dan helah untuk mengurangkan kuasa Majlis Raja-Raja dan seterusnya melucutkan immunity dan kekebalan Raja-Raja Melayu.

Kesempatan untuk bertindak untuk melakukan apa yang hendak dilakukannya sampai akhirnya apabila salah seorang dari anakanda Kebawah Duli Sultan Johor memukul jurulatih hockey yang saya lupa namanya.

Dari saat itu UMNO mendapat alasan untuk bertindak dan dari saat itu jugalah UMNO telah ‘melanyak’ kesemua Raja_Raja Melayu dan menggunakan media masa seperti Utusan Malaysia dan kumpulan The New Straits Times sebagai lidah UMNO mengutuk dan mempersendakan Raja-Raja Melayu.

Usaha yang dilakukan oleh akhbar-akhbar ini dilunaskan juga oleh semua stesyen Telivisyen termasuk TV3.

Oleh kerana nyamuk seekor dua maka seluruh kelambu dibakar dan institusi Raja-Raja diceroboh seperti menceroboh tempat persembunyian kominis didalam hutan.

Raja tetap raja. Raja-Raja Melayu tidak menjawab kerana baginda semua adalah Raja; masakan hendak berlagak seperti perlakuan ‘robust’ UMNO dan segala perlakuan ini dituntun oleh bukan sahaja oleh kita tetapi juga masyarakat antarabangsa.

Kalaulah pindaan itu secara jujur untuk mendisiplinkan Raja-Raja, perlukah media massa dengan sewenang-wenangnya mebuat tuduhan fitnah kepada DYMM Yang diPertuan Besar NS dengan menyiarkan berita yang almarhum Baginda telah memberikan tanah baginda kepada taukeh Cina untuk memilihara babi?

Kenapa Dr Mahathir tidak dapat mengawal tindakkan tidak bersopan pemimpin UMNO dan media perdana?

Apa perlunya beberapa ahli Parlimen membuat kenyataan yang Raja-Raja Melayu patut diikat dan disebat dikhalayak ramai?

Apakah itu niat sebenar orang yang memimpin UMNO semasa itu? Sedangkan pegawai tinggi British yang hendak merampas kuasa Raja Melalui Malayan Union dulu pun tidak menekan Raja-Raja Melayu sebegitu rupa kenapa pula orang Melayu sendiri yang menekan Raja mereka dengan begitu hina sekali?

Dimana letaknya temaddun kita orang UMNO? Tidakkkah pemimpin semasa itu sedar apa yang mereka lakukan itu adalah penghinaan kepada bangsa kita sendiri?

Apakah ruginya pucuk pimpinan politik dan negara jika berunding secara jujur dan berakhlak dengan Raja-Raja Melayu dan apakah hanya pemimpin Melayu yang gehara sahaja yang wajib untuk melunaskan akhlak dan budi orang Melayu?

Usaha pihak eksekutif yang diterajui oleh UMNO untuk melakukan pencerobohan ketahap yang kemuncak ialah apabila Kabinet meluluskan cadangan pihak tertentu dalam UMNO untuk membawa pindaan-pindaan kepada klausa-klausa tertentu yang berhubung kait dengan kuasa Raja-Raja Melayu khususnya yang Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang diPertuan Agong

Setiap kerajaan negeri diminta membuat pindaan yang sama didalam Dewan Undangan masing-masing untuk melupuskan setengah dari kuasa yang ada kepada Baginda Raja-Raja Melayu setiap negeri.

Diantara Bab-Bab penting dalam perlembagaan yang dipinda oleh Parlimen ialah Bab 159 (5) dan dan 181 (2) yang mana kuasa untuk memayungkan orang Melayu dibuang dan dengan ini ianya menghilangkan kuasa Raja-Raja untuk menjadi benteng kepada orang Melayu.

Sesiapa sahaja boleh membolosi kedudukkan orang Melayu selama ini sebagai yang terkandung didalam kedua-dua Bab itu.

Jika selama ini orang Melayu ada mempunyai 9 kunci untuk membentengi orang Melayu sekarang kesemua 9 mangga dan kunci itu dibuang dan orang Melayu akan terkapai-kapai jika sesuatu yang buruk berlaku kepada bangsa kita.

Untuk memberikan sokongan kepada pemimpin besar UMNO, ramai ahli-ahli Parlimen Melayu telah memberikan alasan yang Raja-Raja Melayu mesti didisiplinkan tetapi tidak siapa nampak bagaimana pindaan kedua Bab ini boleh mendisiplinkan orang Melayu.

Jika pun kita hendak berdikari kenapa keistimewaan yang ada dalam perlembagaan itu dibuang…simpan sahajalah. Suatu hari nanti ada waktunya yang orang Melayu perlu keistimewaan untuk berlindung.

Keadaan itu akhirnya terbukti apabila UMNO menggunakan sedikit-sebanyak baki kuasa yang ada untuk berlindung semasa krisis perlembagaan dan kepimpinan diPerak yang berlaku tahun lepas.

Semasa itulah kita mendengar UMNO melaungkan ,Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Terlopong mulut saya apabila mendengarnya. Dulu ada pemimpin UMNO kata Raja Melayu sudah tidak relevan lagi!

UMNO/BN tidak berani untuk memanggil sidang khas DUN untuk meluluskan titah Baginda Sultan Perak untuk membawa usul tidak percaya kepada Nizar Jamaluddin.

Akhirnya terpaksa pergi ke Mahkamah yang sudah sedia hilang kredibilitinya sejak pemecatan Tun Salleh yang tidak berdosa itu. Kalau ada pun Dosa Tun Salleh ialah keengganan beliau untuk menghapuskan ‘indepenent judiciary’ yang tidak digemari oleh Dr Mahathir waktu itu.

Dalam kes diPerak pihak UMNO telah cuba mengelirukan rakyat yang pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat engkar kepada titah Baginda Sultan Perak sedangkan yang ada rekod mencemuh Raja-Raja itu adalah dari UMNO pada tahun 1993 dahulu.

Kalau pun kita perlukan kuasa diPerak itu biarlah kita mengambil kuasa itu melalui pilihanraya kerana merampas kuasa melalui pembelian itu adalah tidak ‘legitimate’ dan kuasa yang kita dapati melalui proses yang tidak ada ‘legitimacy’ itu tidak kekal dan akan memakan diri kita sendiri akhirnya.

Lagi pun permainan ‘silap-mata’ yang dilakukan oleh Najib itu merupakan pencerobohan pemimpin Persekutuan terhadap kedaulatan rakyat dan negeri Perak mengikut semagat Persekutuan kerana rakyat telah memilih siapa yang patut memerintah mereka.

Segala-galanya dibayar. Sampai bila UMNO hendak berkuasa melalui pembayaran dan pembelian ini?

Biarlah kita tunggu waktu pilihanraya umum untuk mengambil alih kuasa; melalui rampasan kuasa itu tidak ada seninya bagi politik orang Melayu lagi.

Teringat pula saya kepada lagu Zainurin Moh Dom “ ku pujuk-pujuk ku bawa lari”.


Sekian…………………………………………Aspan Alias

09 May 2010

Alhamdulillah! UMNO sudah daulatkan Raja-Raja Melayu - Bhg 1

Sejak kebelakangan ini saya bergembira dan bersyukur tidak terhingga kerana UMNO masih memerlukan Raja-Raja Melayu dan merasakan sangat yang Raja-Raja Melayulah institusi yang mampu menyelamatkan, bukan sahaja bangsa Melayu tetapi semua bangsa rakyat Malaysia ini.

UMNO mula menyedari pentingnya Raja-Raja Melayu dejak berlaku rampasan kuasa diPerak tahun lepas dalam mana UMNO dan BN diselamatkan oleh kehadziran Raja-Raja Melayu dan sejak itulah kedengaran dimana-mana ahli-ahli UMNO melaungkan, Daulat Tuanku..Daulat Tuanku.

Baru dua hari yang lepas UMNO Subang Jaya tempat saya tinggal ini telah membuat lapuran Polis terhadap Zaid Ibrahim kerana memberikan sedikit pandangan tentang boleh atau tidak bercakap pasal politik didalam masjid.

Pada hal Zaid hanya memberikan pandangan peribadi dan tidak pun menghina dan menunjukkan sikap tidak menjunjung titah DYMM Tuanku Sultan Selangor.

UMNO Subang terus sahaja membuat laporan polis kononnya Zaid Ibrahim durhaka kepada Sultan dan bermacam-macam lagi helah untuk menunjukkan bahawa UMNO amat cintakan Raja dan institusinya.

Dalam keadaan yang lemah sekarang UMNO sudah tidak dapat membelakangkan fakta bahawa Raja-Raja Melayu itu adalah simbol yang kemuncak kepada kita orang Melayu…tiada Raja tiada Melayu.

Tetapi perasaan cinta UMNO kepada Raja hanya waktu parti itu sedang kehilangan sokongan padu orang Melayu.

TETAPI semasa UMNO sedang kuat dahulu, UMNO telah lupa daratan dengan menghentam Raja-Raja Melayu seperti Raja-Raja Melayu itu sudah tidak berguna lagi.

Malahan dalam perhimpunan agung UMNO pada tahu 1992 dahulu Mahathir hanya menyindir Raja-Raja saolah-olah Baginda-Baginda sebagai sumber kita untuk mendapatkan Bintang dan Pingat sahaja.

Ungkapan itu telah mendapat tepukan gemuruh perwakilan yang terdiri daripada Melayu UMNO, tanpa menyedari bahawa mereka sedang mempersendakan diri dan bangsa mereka sendiri.

Saya masih ingat lagi bagaimana pilunya ramai orang dan saya yang masih tidak menyertai UMNO (B) semasa itu nampak beberapa orang Melayu menitiskan air mata kesedihan melihat sikap laku pemimpin ulung negara menempelak Raja-Raja dan disambut dengan tepukan perwakilan semasa itu.

“Awak tengoklah Aspan, melayu sedang mabuk, pemimpinnya gila pengikutnya mabuk…menghina bangsanya sendiri,” kata arwah Cik Gu Kahar Ahmad, dari Muar yang kebetulan bersama saya semasa melihat dan mendengar ucapan Mahathir melalui TV di hotel penginapannya di Kuala Lumpur.

Sambil menyapukan minyak cap kapak ke dahinya Cik Gu Kahar berkata “Tanda cakap kawan Aspan…tak lama lagi Mahathir akan buat apa sahaja untuk mengekalkan kuasanya. Raja-Raja kita ni akan dilucutkannya kuasa, kerana Majlis Raja-Raja ada kuasa untuk melucutkan jawatannya sebagai PM..dia takut…percayalah cakap kawan!”

Saya merasakan apa yang ada di dalam pemikiran Cik Gu Kahar, pejuang Melayu tulen yang sangat saya hormati itu.

“Dia orang itu akan menjilat ludah mereka nanti tu! Mereka bukan ada malu, nanti mereka akan dengan tidak ada segan dan silu akan menyorok di bawah ketiak Raja-Raja bila tersepit nanti. Kalau sampai masa keadaan itu berlaku hadiahlah Al-Fatihah kepada kawan kalau kawan sudah meninggal waktu itu,” sambungnya dengan marah bercampur sedih.

Sesungguhnya usaha untuk mengenepikan kuasa yang masih ada sikit-sikit pada Raja-Raja Melayu itu bermula pada tahun 1983 lagi di mana Raja-Raja mesti menandatangani semua yang diluluskan oleh Parlimen dan Dewan-Dewan Undangan Negeri-negeri dalam tempoh 2 minggu.

Jika Kebawah Duli-Duli Tuanku tidak menandatangani apa yang diluluskan oleh pihak legislatif akan secara automatik menjadi undang-undang. Maka dengan pindaan itu maka Raja-Raja Melayu seperti tidak wujud dalam konteks apa-apa pindaan yang diluluskan oleh pihak legislatif.

Di sinilah bermulanya Raja-Raja Melayu secara beransur-ansur dilupuskan daripada kedaulatannya yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin negara yang diketuai oleh UMNO.

Rakyat bukan Melayu hanya memerhatikan sahaja kelakuan pemimpin Melayu yang giat melumpuhkan serta mengaibkan bangsanya sendiri dengan menghina Raja-Raja mereka. Bagi bukan Melayu, mereka tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa kerana orang Melayu sendiri berusaha untuk melemahkan kewujudan bangsanya sendiri.

Tetapi kemuncak kepada pencerobohan ke atas institusi Raja-Raja ini berlaku pada tahun 1993, di mana Raja-Raja Melayu menjadi sasaran politik Melayu yang amat menyedihkan dan merupakan sejarah paling hitam bagi bangsa kita ini.

Ikuti sambungan tulisan ini dalam posting saya yang akan datang.

Sekian………………………………………Aspan Alias

07 May 2010

What should follow the Cabinet Reshuffle

If the names like Ezam, Khairy, Mukhriz and Razali Ibrahim are among the new faces in the new facet of Najib’s team, who are the potential retirees?

To retire a Cabinet member is just as hard as to promote or to bring in new names for the shuffling exercise. Certainly PM Najib has to take in a lot of pain in considering who should be dropped. It is certainly not as simple as ABC.

Before we go further let us ascertain the basis of considerations which Najib would look upon based on the current political facade and frontage.

If his personal political consideration is the priority, than he should be taking only his ‘boys’ who are currently deputy Ministers and some from the current MPs who are his definite staunch followers.

OR he may take others who are not even Members of Parliament by appointing them to the Senate as qualifier for an appointment to the Cabinet.

These ‘boys’ and his die-hards would replace the current Ministers who are just parasites who are not having the support from the delegates to help out the PM to secure wide support from party members and delegates.

That is why many people are now betting on Razali Ibrahim who secured an all round support from the youth in the UMNO youth general assembly.

Razali would befit in the Youth and Sport Ministry to replace Ahmad Shabery Cheek who is not Najib’s original die-hard as he is more of Pak Lah’s staunch and ardent follower.

Shabery used to pledge for an undivided support for Pak Lah and prepared to do the combating job for the retired PM in the event of any challenge put up against him (Pak Lah).

Shabery is rumored to be dropped since he did not secure a strong support in the last party election as he was just 2 positions away from the Azeez Rahim who managed to scrape through the 25th position in election of the Supreme Council.

It is also a talk of the town that Rais Yatim will be another name tipped to be dropped but the reason for his delisting is just a normal and simple reasoning; he has been in the Cabinet far too long and has been overstaying which hampers another leader to rise.

If I were to be Rais Yatim I shall volunteer to call it day and leave in retirement after decades being a Cabinet Member and he can do some other jobs for the government if he is not used to stay at home.

I am dead sure that Masnah can be a perfect retiring partner; they are well off in live and they can live joyously with what they have earned all these decades. AND again Rais too did not show that he has good national ground support as he lost in all attempts to be the V/P of the party.

What made him stay all these years was because of his capability in managing any Ministry given to him and being able to amuse all PMs, all the years and decades. That is his real unmatched ‘specialty’.

Nazri is another favorite name to be dropped as he is more of a liability to the government and party with his remarks on issue done without even slight decorum.

Public perception on him is very bad and he can be a real and solid baggage Najib has to bear if he is still in the Cabinet. He is not the material to project truthfulness for the government.

He should be following the footstep of Jamaluddin Jarjis who now takes up a Diplomatic position in Washington. JJ had that same image that goes with Nazri today.

There are a few more names said to be dropped but that is not the main reason why I am writing this issue today.

There are 2 serious issues that PM Najib has to think with seriousness.

Exercising major reshuffle is the best thing he can do to prove that he is serious in trying to go for change. As everyone knows the Cabinet image of the day is not up to the expectation for a serious administration.

It is hard to admit that the image of current Cabinet line up is synonymous to corruption, misuse of power, weak and the ministers are not trusted and respected by the public.

In short the whole system in the government is look upon and perceived to be a scandalous system and the corrosion of democratic institution is too noticeable.

The silence majority does not trust Judiciary, Police, the legal institutions and the implementers and it is a very serious issue that needs serious and immediate attention of the leadership who can really comprehend the issues up to the nucleus.

The real issue is the PUBLIC CONFIDENCE in the administrations which have not yet recovered. As long as the Judiciary, the Police and the Legal institution as well as the corruption agency MACC are not settled with the public we are not going to see the changes of public opinion on the administration.

In other words, having massive reshuffle does not change anything if the implementers of Law and order are not going for massive shuffling and reshuffling..

The new Ministers should be told and be made to understand that a Minister’s job is to oversea that all policies set by the law-makers and politicians are implemented in proper and appropriate manner.

Ministers must be made known that they are not there to create and issue projects for their cronies and their ‘soldiers’ and not to collaborate with the implementers to corrupt and be corrupted.

This is the real and actual issue that to be attended to seriously with all the will and sincere effort.

Does Najib have the will and courage to deal with these rotten issues? In the first place does Najib is an automatic qualifier to deal with these issues?

Can Najib with his personal potency tell the IGP or the Attorney General, ‘Now you retire or you will be fired”. Can DS Najib do that at least?

Can Najib tell these important heads of the democratic institution, “Please go, I want my administration to be as clean as I am!”

OR at least he makes pretty sure that the 18 high profile cases which have been hanging for already 5 years now to be brought in the open for the public.

Until Najib can say that, we have no hope for a change and zero chance for transformation that we want to observe.

If he is not able to do that it will be a great disappointment for the rakyat. Let us hear no more blame on the people and the opposition parties as from now on.

Thanks…………………………………………….Aspan Alias

06 May 2010

Khairy, Ezam in the lineup- Mukhriz, full Minister.

For the past week I heard and read about the imminent Cabinet reshuffle to bee soon announced by PM Najib. I heard it is a major one, some are expected names and some are not expected ones which are meant to shoulder responsibilities in place of the current leaders in the states who are not performing.

Bear in mind PM Najib has the unambiguous and explicit rights to choose and announce anyone whom he feels to be at the accurate place and position, even though some quarters may not be delighted to acknowledge it.

Of course there will be some who will feel crippled if the names announced are not to their predilection and their fondness.

There will be some or even many who would be getting the signals that he or she is no more of consequence to the party and government and they should admit that time to retire and live in repentance is the only choice they have in front of them.

It is time for Najib to tell himself, “heck, this is my Cabinet; let me choose whom I think fit. I don’t want to be indecisive anymore. I have enough of being nagged by the retiring power brokers who are trying to influence my decision. Just wait, I shall prove that I have ‘balls’ and I shall just announce it without any exertion”.

PM Najib should continue telling himself, “Hey, it is time for me to stop doing cover-up for the mistakes committed by my predecessors, as I have a lot to cover for my own self too”.

Okay, as the no1 leader of this Federation he has his own way of trying to get back Selangor and other states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat.

If he thinks by appointing Ezam Mohd Nor to be in the government can lead the party to put up a strong challenge to Selangor PR government in the coming GE than Ezam has the liberty to be chosen and be in the government.

AND if he feels that Khairy Jamaluddin is needed to play big role to save Negri Sembilan of the ailing UMNO/BN ruled state than Khairy should be there. After all he is the National Head of UMNO Youth, and the party delegates were the ones who put him there, not Najib.

PM Najib should be fully aware by now that most of UMNO members and leaders can switch allegiance instantaneously and would support Khairy unequivocally and all the prejudices against him in the yesteryears and months would be forgotten.

That is the main attribute of UMNO members. DS Najib should just announce, then the fluid politicians in UMNO would just follow.

One should be by now understood that leadership in UMNO is far and long gone. Let us just read Selangor in brief. Who is fit to take on the mantle of the state? Let us not mention names here but the fact remains that UMNO has zero viable leadership here.

So far there is no name that fits the slot to shoulder the responsibilities in capturing the state government. Let us be frank to the utmost. Can one tell the public who is the fittest?

What about Kedah? UMNO is facing the same problem. The only one shinning potential is Mukhriz. No one sees anybody else there. If Mukhriz is the pivoting leader in Kedah, where is the wrong, if Najib appoints him as a full Trade Minister?

In all morality Perak is still a PR government…say whatever one likes. Let us all find one leader here. Give one name…Nazri? The definite answer is no. He is the candidate to be retired. Zahid Hamidi?..He is already been given mountable task in Penang which the result is already predictable.

In Perak PR is still the choice of the people there but if I were to say this I would be grounded…but that is the fact. It is not that PR is strong in the sate, but UMNO does not have a viable and trusted leader.

All good leaders are outside UMNO. They have preferences for PAS and some prefer to be in PKR while the rest of the good leaders feel they should stay outside and smoke cigar.

What about MCA? Yes MCA leadership seems to be united after their last party election in the EGM, but the party is not acceptable to the Chinese any further as most of them recognize DAP as more viable and conducive for them.

Even many Malays prefer to vote for DAP if there is a fight between MCA and DAP.

As for PM Najib, there is no moral unfairness if he were to appoint Khairy and Ezam Mohd Nor in the government in the imminent Cabinet reshuffle. Appointing Mukhriz as the full pledge Minister is also not a political offense.

As there is quite a slim chance for BN to recover in the PR ruled state it is always important to defend the states which they are still in control and NS is the state which is at touch and go possibility.

So why deny Khairy. After all other leaders are no better than him…almost everyone has issues against them as well. There is no more clean names in the list of candidates.

Lastly we must appreciate that DS Najib and Khary know each other very well.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias

05 May 2010

Berbeza, tapi membina akhirnya

Sejak dua dekad yang lalu kita orang Melayu bak kata orang kampong saya adalah dalam keadaan ‘simpang perenang’ maksudnya dalam keadaan kelam kabut.

Perbezaan pendapat dan pandangan tentang isu-isu politik, ekonomi dan sosio begitu jelas dan saya nampak ianya merupakan proses pencarian nilai murni yang telah hilang dari penghidupan seharian kita semua.

Saya mungkin berbeza pendapat dengan ranai orang dan yang ramai itu pula banyak perbezaan dengan orang ramai yang lain.

Keadaan bertambah menekan lagi apabila kita berhadapan dengan ‘politcal,social dan economic invasion’ yang orang Melayu nampak dari bangsa-bangsa asing yang mendiami negara kita yang berdaulat ini.

Keadaan ini tentang berlaku dengan bersebab.

DAN penyebab ini pun berbeza-beza mengikut pandangan ahli-ahli politik, komuniti perniagaan yang terdiri dari berbilang kaum orang-orang perseorangan dan sesiapa dikalangan ini yang lebih berpengaruh akan menguasai pandangan waktu dan ketika tertentu

Ianya akan berubah dari masa kesemasa mengikut isu yang sedang diperbahaskan.

Didalam sejarah pembangunan sesuatu bangsa perkara yang berlaku seperti yang kita alami ini adalah suatu proses yang lazim dialami oleh mana-mana bangsa yang sedang membangun.

Itu sebabnya dinegara Cina proses ini telah mereka lalui sejak 3000 tahun yang lalu; selepas satu dynasty timbul satu dynasty; 26 jumlah dynasty keseluruhannya dalam sejarah negara tersebut.

Didalam pemerintahan dynasty-dynasty tersebut masalah-masalah yang dihadapi rakyat bukannya kecil dan masalah-masalah itulah yang membawa perubahan dari satu dynasty kesatu yang lain sehinggalah sampai kedynasty Qing yang merupakan dynasty yang terakhir.

Dynasty Qing diakhiri dengan ‘people revolution’ pada tahun 1910 yang membawa negara Cina kesatu pemerintahan berparti iaitu Parti Komunis China dan dari saat itu banyak revolusi-revolusi berlaku yang membawa banyak ‘adjustment’ kepada system pemerintahan Cina.

Tetapi dalam proses itu negara Cina tetap membangun dan negara itu bukan sahaja sebuah negara yang luas dan besar ekonominya tetapi negara itu merupakan satu temaddun besar dan tidak ada apa yang mereka tidak tahu yang berlaku disetiap sudut dunia ini.

Berbalek kepada keadaan kita disini, Rakayat berpecah diantara kaum dan sesame kaum dan ianya jangan kita sangka tidak akan berakhir.

Kalau kita mengaku yang kita ini orang Islam seperkara yang kita wajib percaya dan unguli ialah, semua ini merupakan afa’al tuhan yang maha esa.

Bumi dan alam ini adalah kenyataan tuhan, dan dunia ini merupakan makhluk yang paling ‘intelligent’ jika dibandingkan dengan semua pemikiran manusia dikumpulkan sekali.

Dunia boleh membuat ‘adjustment’ dengan sendirinya dan kalau kita ikuti dengan teliti dari ‘ice-age’ sehingga sekarang terlau besar perbezaannya.

Semuanya ini adalah afa’al tuhan yang paling besar dalam proses membina dunia untuk keperluan umat dan penghuninya serta pemaparan kebesaran tuhan untuk kita tauhidkan.

Saya percaya dengan sepenuhnya bangsa Melayu adalah bangsa yang berdaulat, dan jika kita sabar menghadapi proses ini maka kita akan bangkit menjadi satu bangsa yang maju dan Berjaya.

Setiap bangsa ada sejarahnyanya tersendiri. Bangsa-bangsa yang maju sekarang ini semuanya menhadapi proses seperti yang kita sedang lalui.

Kejayaan mungkin tidak tercapai dalam masa kita masih hidup tetapi sudah cukup bagi seseorang yang bertuhankan Allah untuk memulakan usaha untuk generasi akan datang maka sesuailah dengan apa yang diyakini yang manusia itu dilahirkan untuk menjadi khalifah dimuka bumi ini.

Tuhan pun memfirmankan yang DIA telah menjadikan manusia itu berbeza-beza dan berpuak-puak untuk kita mengenali dan menghormati diantara satu dengan lain.

Bayangkan jika tuhan jadikan manusia ini satu agama, satu bangsa dan satu pemikiran, dimana letaknya kehidupan didunia ini?

Jika tuhan jadikan manusia dan umat hanya dalam satu pemikiran yang baik dan tidak ternoda, maka apa perlunya askar, polis dan apa-apa yang lain yang menghidupkan kebesarannya yang esa itu?

Bezanya sekarang samada saya dan saudara/ri tindakkan kita itu berada dalam sepenuh keredhoanNYA atau sebaliknya.

Carilah DIA dengan intensif, kerana DIA berpesan yang DIA berselindung disebalek yang terang.


Sekian……………………………………………….Aspan Alias

04 May 2010

TS Musa Hasan - emotional or professional?

I fail in my attempt to refrain from commenting on the mishap that befell on a tender 15-tear old Aminulrasyid last week when he was shot dead while driving with his friend Azamuddin Omar.

I must first extend my deepest condolences to all family members of anakanda Aminulrasyid and all my prayers are for his soul to be placed among the aulias and the syuhadas in front of the Almighty Allah in the Arash.

There was subsequent hue and cry among the watchful public criticizing the police action which some quarters think the police was acting like killing a mosquito with a big baton.

There are now lots of interpretations and perceptions on the shooting and many lines of stories are heard here and there, but the police have classified the case as murder.

But based on the news report and what the men on the streets are deliberating in the open the incident could have been avoided but the police might have reasons (not excuses) for the continuous firing to take place to the already dead teenager.

What created another public ruckus today was the beating of Azamudin Omar the close friend of the decease when the police have almost caught him and by that time the police could have known that they were just boys of the teens.

Why did the police kept on beating this tender age boy as he had no avenue to defend himself against the mighty police with arms and bullets?

The irony is the police have already classified the case as murder, why do we need an inquest? Why do we need to go through long process as it was a clear cut murder case?

There are some quarters with a theory that if we fail to convince the public than just confuse them.

The police on the other hand shouldn’t be blaming the public for taking the incidence too close to their chest as it is something unseen before this and the victim is just a teenager who does not deserve to lose his live for the kind of offense he committed that particular night.

The police can’t blame the traumatic neighborhood to take close concern as they are all having teenagers’ children who might face the same situation in the future and everyone is watching this incidence up to their breath.

Over all the police have responded quite well to the public scrutiny but what surprised many quarters was the response of the number 1 in the force whose name is Musa Hasan with the position of Inspector General of the Police (IGP).

He said, “If the people do not want the law to be enforced, then I can instruct my men to refrain from stopping cars or from going after illegal racers”.

To me that statement is uncalled for and that reflects his personal character; mixture of ego and childishness and it is too far from being a professional.

Let us all remind the IGP the following:

All Malaysian know that you are an IGP, you are the Inspector General of the force.

You are the number 1 and nobody is above you in the police force. You don’t have to show and demonstrate the scale of authority empowered to you. We know all that.

Musa should learn some simple lessons from his subordinates like the CPO of Selangor who has the finesse and ethics when confronting the public.

The finesse and decorum show world of difference between IGP and the CPO.

Lastly if he takes things very personal than he is not a police any longer and he could just consider retiring at a premature date. Please remember that he is not the first to be the IGP as there were numerous numbers of men holding that position before him.

The arrogance of Musa has been observed on many issues and the tendency to commit uncalled for statements by him is very great as he talks too much too many times like a budding politician.

This is a case of a teenager who was shot dead and the mourning family is in devastation and grieve, and showing the pips on the shoulders at this time would irritate the public of this democratic nation, while the mother and the family members of Aminurasyid are licking their wounds all by themselves.

We had never heard a statement of that ‘class’ before this from all lists of the country’s former IGPs.

Sorry Tan Sri, I am just trying to be plain about this issue. I admit you are trying your best to resolve this issue, but I reckon you should dispose your duty with prim and proper when dealing with the concerned public.

I spent quite a number of years of my early life in the police barracks and camps as my late father was also a low ranking police personnel when he was living.

Like many others in the force,he had no opportunity to become the IGP as he was just a primary school leaver.

Thanks……………………………..Aspan Alias