29 September 2009

ISA, the Candidate at last

Tan Sri Isa is the BN candidate for Bagan Pinang at last. The announcement was made at 5.15 pm today in Port Dickson and it was received in applause of the eager UMNO members and the exuberant supporters of this former MB for the State.

Pakatan Rakyat on the other hand is also putting up huge effort to come up with good candidate and I can see that the alternative front is much more prepared compared to what they did in the last General Election (GE).

Pakatan Rakyat is formidable as they are better organized and the alternative party is well on the ground with unwavering supporters expands by leaps and bounds for the past months.

I was in Port Dickson last night and visibly witnessed the intensity of the election is already building up as until 1am in the morning the coastal road was still busy and bustling with human movements.

Kopitiam, mamak restaurants, fruit stalls and other food outlets are all in full gear businesses.

I was at one of the food outlets with some strong UMNO supporters who were waiting for early clue of who is going to be their candidate that is to be announced today by Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

One of the former State Executive Councilors said, “Bang Aspan, Ado oghang kek Seromban susah hati kalau Tan Sri dipilih sebagai calon. Oghang Bagan Pinang nak kek Isa dio pulak yang susah hati”.

I responded by saying, “Tak apalah, you just do the needful to ensure that we are giving good battle to retain the seat.”

As long as the conspiring group is firmly identified it should be okay. Your fight is with the Pakatan Rakyat which seems to be fielding a good candidate and we are not fighting with our own party men”.

In actuality, this is the real atmosphere of the situation in Teluk Kemang. Someone and somebody is not at all feeling secured if TS Isa is back to active politics at the State level and this group is relatively of no consequence to the by-election.

These small groups of unhappy individuals are saying, “Kito mandikan Isa kalau dio botanding” and this is the reflection of deep feeling of insecurity of somebody in Seremban.

In my heart I said to myself, “siapa yang mandikan siapa?”

This kind of intra-political play is the actual reason for the past experiences of losses that BN was facing in all the by-elections.

To me the influence of the Pakatan Rakyat is ever expanding and with Isa’s candidature the chance of defending this bastion and fortress of UMNO can be seen as a close probable.

If UMNO leadership were to listen to the conspiring group in Seremban by fielding another name as the candidate the result would be predictable; that is a LOSS.

On the other hand, with Isa’s candidature UMNO Teluk Kemang should avoid celebration. Politics of today is erratic and unpredictable.

Political tide can move in picky directions.

To TS Isa I wish him the very best of luck and welcome back to the mainstream of NS politics.

Do not get perturbed by a fractious misgiving within UMNO.

Thanks………………………………………………………….Aspan Alias

26 September 2009

Mahathir vs Bagan Pinang voters

Bagan Pinang by-election is inviting foul and fire play between the MB and conspiring leaders at the Federal Level to circumvent Tan Sri Isa of his candidacy.

The views of voters are seen not at all heeded by the detested MB as he continues engaging himself with conspiracy with the deciding leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

All political analysts view Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) as the main spokesman for this group of conspirators and this 84-year-old ex-premier went as far as attending the MB’s open house in Rantau where he expressed his displeasure for Isa’s candidacy to the media.

The excuse for his rejection for Isa’s candidacy is only on the issue of money politics which Isa was convicted by the Party which Isa had paid for it. He was suspended for 3 years from all positions including the position he held in the Government.

Among the many leaders (in fact almost all) who flouted the party rules with money politics Isa was the only one who was picked and preferred by the conspiracy group.

TDM does not care even if UMNO loses in this by-election. Many question TDM why only now that he takes moral as a criterion of a candidature.

During his time as the President of UMNO moral was not at all taken into account.

Had he had taken moral as an important prerequisite for candidature in the party; UMNO should not have been in this current heinous state of affair.

In the current Cabinet there are still a few who were in his line up whom TDM sees as corrupt and misfits to the current politics and these few are corrupt in image.

But it is fastidious to hear that TDM is starting to take moral into account. The only displeasure is that he is talking about moral only in the Bagan Pinang by-election as an expedient act to add fecundity to all dirty political play among the State UMNO leaders.

If Isa is not nominated, than the campaign line is very clear…it is contest between people of Bagan Pinang and the conspirators in NS UMNO who have TDM as their spokesperson.

Isa is always being made the scapegoat in UMNO. Everyone was involved in money politics but UMNO chose to convict Isa alone.

There is numerous number of UMNO candidates were known to be politically corrupt being made a candidate in the last few GE’s but when come to Bagan Pinang by-election, Isa is again questioned by some conspirators to expediently use the conviction on Isa in 2005 as an excuse to circumvent him from contesting.

There is another verity that one has to take into account; Mohammad Hasan has lost all regards of men and women on the street in NS. His only capability left in him that is perceived by the public is as a terrific apple polishing.

I have a tiny and minuscule opinion which some may detest; don’t put up the posters of Mohammad Hasan in the campaign as it may jeopardize BN the chance of winning a bigger majority.

He may be photogenic on the posters and buntings but he may draw away the votes which we are in dire need.

Our main goal is to win this consolation seat for BN and we are going there not to amuse any leader who in despondency and dejection. Let us amuse him some other time and in some other ways.

We must appreciate that in Bagan Pinang it is not UMNO which can bring this consolation seat; it is Isa who is going to bring in the victory for UMNO. UMNO by itself cannot bring home the point.

Do remember that a win for any candidate for BN in Bagan Pinang is by securing a majority of above 2,433. Anything less is a clear indicator of the occurrence in the PU13.

It will be fearsome. Mahathir may not be around to save Bagan Pinang then. UMNO Bagan Pinang in the end will have to solve their troubles and problems themselves.

At that material time there will be neither Mad Hasan nor Mahathir Mohammad to save the situation.

Lastly let us be conclusive that almost all UMNO candidates are not fit to be where they are now as the Party itself is perceived to be a corrupt party and that is why UMNO is speedily meandering towards total disaster.

As I have said umpteen of times, the nation political landscapes have to start anew. If we remain as we are, I am dreadful to say that it will be the end of UMNO and BN.

Mark my words. I won’t go wrong.

Thanks……………………………………………..Aspan Alias

20 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hari Raya falls today. For the past 3 or 4 days all motorways leading to all directions have been impregnated by heavy traffic ferrying city dwellers back to their home towns and villages to celebrate this joyous day.

Hari Raya has always been taken as the day when everyone takes the juncture as the day to forgive and to seek for forgiveness from each other especially from parents and the old.

It is also a day when children and adults enjoy putting on new dresses and always ready to visit and being visited by relatives and friends from all races.

Children of today are fortunate lots that they are within reach of all they want. In my childhood days Hari Raya was the opportunity to have beef and chicken as we didn’t have the privilege of having them in other occasions.

The less fortunate families like me then, Hari Raya was real festive.

My Hari Raya dresses were a white shirts and blue pants as that can be used as school uniforms when school reopened. Everything was budgeted in such a manner to suit to the affordability of my single mother.

I only owned up 2 pairs of leather shoes when I enrolled myself in ITM campus. I still can feel the good feeling of having the leather shoes for the first time until today.

My mother used to remind me, “Jangan dijadikan kemiskinan sebagai jalan untuk menjadi orang yang tidak bersyukur dan apabila sudah senang nanti jangan pulak dijadikan kesenangan itu untuk menjadi kufur atas segala nikmat yang Tuhan berikan.”

On occurrence like today I can’t avoid shedding tears reminiscing all the words of wisdom from my Mum who left us slightly over a year ago forever.

Now she is not physically with us but I know I am always with her spiritually on every other hours and days especially on Hari Raya like today.

Everything is changed after her death. I don’t celebrate my first day of Syawal in Kuala Pilah anymore as I have to visit her grave in Shah Alam on the first Hari Raya before visiting anybody else.

My children feel the great loss of her too. Each and every one of them says, “If only Uwan is still around we would have enjoyed her rendang and lemang”.

We miss her dearly as there is no one is around to tell us what to do and not to do when the family meets on the first day of the Raya in the kampong.

Now I have 3 grandsons of my own and I now understand and appreciate my mother’s feelings for her 33 grand children and 6 great grandchildren when she left us.

The first thing I want to see in the morning of the Raya is my grand children. I patiently waited for Danny, the eldest and the twins Riezman and Riezwan. Seeing these 3 cuties in baju melayu made me too blissful.

To family and friends, I wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya and my house is always open for them. I don’t have sumptuous delicacies to offer but ‘kita makanlah apa yang ada’ as my mum was fond of saying.

To my mum I must say “Mak, Aspan dan adik-adik serta anak-anak menantu serta cucu-cucu dan cicit-cicit mak tidak akan lupakan Mak.”

"We always remember and pray for you. We love and adore you forever Mum!"


Thanks…………………………………………………….Aspan Alias.

17 September 2009

Bagan Pinang, consolation win

Muhyiddin Yassin the Deputy UMNO President will be announcing the candidate for UMNO in Bagan Pinang by-election on the 29th September at 5pm while Najib would also be in that constituency at about 6pm.

The presence of both the President and his Deputy on that day is a reflection of how important this by-election to the BN to have the chance of winning a consolation victory in the series of by election.

So far BN have been taking losses all the way in all the 8 by-elections in this Peninsular since the last General Election (GE). In Penanti, BN decided to give walkover to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to evade the bashing from the opposition.

In Bagan Pinang, what is needed is not just a win but a handsome majority of more than 2,433 secured by the late Azman Mohd Nor in the last GE.

If the majority is going to be less than 2,433 it is promising a tough occurrence in the coming GE as it is now Negeri Sembilan (NS) is on the brink to fall to the opposition.

The fact remains that the distrust towards the current ruling government is widespread nationwide and it does not spare NS from facing this domino effect.

In the last GE, Pakatan Rakyat were ill-prepared to face the election and the good showing of the party despite of the halfhearted preparation and putting up weak candidatures in most of the State and Parliamentary Constitutions in the State.

The people were already prepared for a change and to find alternative to UMNO and BN, and anybody who put up a candidature against the ruling party then were given the support.

Pakatan Rakyat itself were much taken aback considering the massive support for them and had they were seriously doing the preparation they would have ruled the State by now.

PR is now more prepared and witnessing the successes the party achieved in Selangor, Perak, Penang and Kedah as well as Federal Territory the party is gaining more support without much exertion.

Based on this background I was without any prejudice suggested Isa Samad as the candidate as his position in the constituency is some what better than any other names.

Let us agree among ourselves that the voters are going for someone whom they are familiar with and have the records of good showing in term of services the constituency.

Isa just fit in the criteria as he has been with the people in the constituency of Teluk Kemang for almost 30 years.

Even while he was suspended from the party Isa was always with the people in Teluk Kemang and remained loyal to the party and took no qualms with the politically motivated conviction against him.

Personally I am not in love with Isa but I must admit without any prejudice that he is the icon for Teluk Kemang and can be the one who ultimately brings home the consolation point that UMNO desperately needs.

Further to this point, Isa can be the most fitting leader who can patch up all factions in the State BN and UMNO which is too fractious under Mohammad Hassan’s stewardship.

Never forget Isa was the only NS State head who managed to get almost 100 percent representations for BN in the State Assembly while National politics was in shuffle.

Any intra-party foul play high up in the party will only injure UMNO and can be a fertile soil for Pakatan Rakyat to advance its presence in Teluk Kemang and the State as a whole.

UMNO would then be like an injured dog licking its own wound.

Thanks…………………………………………Aspan Alias

16 September 2009

MIC on trial

Malaysian Indian Congress Party (MIC) is not a party for us; the Malays. Dominant numbers of Malays are in UMNO and the rest are in the opposition PAS.

MIC is the party for our Indian friends and community. MIC has been a major coalition partner in Perikatan which then became Barisan Nasional (BN) with extended membership of the coalition to 14.

BUT anything that moves and reverberates within the Party would directly affect the rest of the members of the BN coalition partners and their members.

Splitting leaders cannot dream of uniting the members while disunited members would never come out to generate viable leaders. If there exist unanimity between leaders and members, no single element can succeed in demolishing the basic lucidity of the party’s existence.

In other words, no one is able to walk straight in a crooked path while no others can walk crooked in a straight path.

MIC delegates have now decided that Samy Vellu’s group to steer the party in their struggles purely due to the imposing fist and muscle of Samy but that does not really mean as representation of the Indian manifestation.

They are just the representatives of manipulated delegates by strong muscle of Samy and his cronies.

Individual Samy can be strong with all with lieutenants and foot soldiers with him in the leadership line up but that makes MIC detached with the real feeling and aspiration of its members.

The strong MIC President was pinned down by his own Indian voters in Sungai Siput in the last General Elections (GE) despite of his strong grip and domination of MIC.

Any party however strong the leaders are does not necessarily become victor as the people in the larger society decide its fate.

GERAKAN was a strong party and had controlled Penang for almost 4 decades but the voters decided to put them aside in the last GE including its President Koh Tsu Khoon. That once powerful party is already in oblivion.

The general public shares the feeling of MIC in their effort to see that Samy Vellu to step aside for the sake of enhancing the public confidence to the party.

The extent of efforts deployed by Samy to barricade Datuk S Subramaniam to win the Deputy President is seen as ineffectual when his favorite incumbent Deputy Palanivel only managed to secure 82 votes majority in the 3 corner fight for the Deputy President against Datuk S Subramaniam.

The 547 votes secured by Datuk S Subramaniam and the 280 votes received by Sothinathan adds up to 827 and this is a big variation to the 629 garnered for Palanivel.

So it is unambiguous that the rejection on Samy Vellu is real and bona fide. Many political observers feel that Sothinathan’s decision to join the race for Deputy position as a spoiler in the effort to generate changes and rebuilding of MIC.

Samy is jubilant and exuberant for getting his entire line up to win but those delights are taken in soreness and sorrow by the big portion of lethargic members of MIC who have strong sympathy from friends outside the party.

A large number of UMNO and MCA members share the anguish of MIC members as they have the same and indistinguishable tribulations within their party.

Paralleling the MIC problems, MCA is swiftly in the process of fragmentation while UMNO is seen to be suffering from deficiency in support from its own members and losing total regards from the voting public.

UMNO is helpless in trying to obliterate the corrupt reflection of its leaders especially those in the government.

In short, conclusion the tribulations and awkwardness in MIC is just an extensions of problems faced by all BN component parties currently.

The 20% Indian voters in Bagan Pinang may give unenthusiastic corollary for BN in the by-election on the 11th October.

If the Indians withdraw support for BN candidate in the coming by-election, it is just another clear indicator of indisputable disorder of BN in the next GE.

Some may choose not to believe and enjoy bashing me but when that painful experience emerges we may not have the time and means to repossess the situation.

It will be too late by then.

Thanks…………………………………………………………Aspan Alias

10 September 2009

Can UMNO defend Bagan Pinang?

Nature works mysteriously. We have been plagued by series of by-elections due to the demise of people’s representatives both from Federal and States Legislative Assemblies.

Within 18 months there have been 8 by-elections with BN scores on one seat in Batang Ai in Sarawak. Now appears the 9th.

UMNO and BN should give a big tribute and thank you to the postal votes which saved Bagan Pinang seat from falling to the opposition in the last General Elections (GE).

In the State Assembly, BN have only 21 seats while the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has 15…the weakest BN government in Negeri Sembilan (NS) that history can reminisce.

This marginal government led by a weak Menteri Besar is the next potential tapau for the Pakatan Rakyat in the next GE…so said the general public opinion.

Now the question is who is going to be the BN candidate for this by-election? BN has now has to be deadly definite that the candidate must be the best among the good potentials.

It is not just to win but to gain bigger majority than Azman secured in the last GE. Winning by lesser margin is a definite approval of the public opinion that BN is meandering towards a disaster in the coming GE.

Teluk Kemang UMNO Division has unanimously decided to propose its own Division Chief, Tan Sri Isa Samad as the person to take on the mantle.

Isa was the former MB and a Cabinet Minister who unceremoniously resigned after the conviction of involving in money politics by the UMNO Disciplinary Committee but leaving behind him pools of experience in dealing with the opposition while he was in the government.

This by-election is going to be very attention-grabbing affair. It is a public familiarity that all the big political masters in the State are not united, be it the new or the veterans.

It would be just realistic if this by-election is just handled by folks of Teluk Kemang as active participation of leaders and members from other states may infest some unfavorable effects for a sure win.

UMNO in NS is at the weakest of all time because of Mohammad Hassan’s incapacity to bring the State UMNO integrated.

If UMNO is serious to improve the strength of UMNO NS the party should be taking the advantage of this by-election by taking Isa as the candidate who is fairly well accepted by the local voters.

Having Isa in the State Assembly again can help the State UMNO to count some hope for the party’s recuperation and repossession from the current serious fraction due to Mohammad’s malfunction as the State Party Chief.

For UMNO getting Isa to win the seat is of paramount importance as the weak Legislative Assembly can enhance the State Government by having Isa as a standby candidate for total reshuffle of the Government if Mohammad is still unable to get the Government out of the terrain.

Isa is impregnated with the experiences which UMNO badly needs if the party really wants to see its dominance in this State of Adat.

I admit that Isa was not spared from committing mistakes but that has been history as he is now a real full-grown leader who is able to consolidate the party which the current State leadership has miserably failed.

If Isa’s presence in the State Assembly becomes reality, the state UMNO has the chance to defend the State from falling prey of the opposition in the coming GE.

With the statements issued by majority of Division Chiefs clearly indicates the acceptance of Isa to play the patching role of the current adversities in NS UMNO.

As of now, stalwarts like Rais Yatim and Mohammad are not within the capacity to unite UMNO in the state.

Rais has himself being admonished by his own followers in Jelebu which is in a serious divide within the local leaders while Mohammad has too little a clue as how to manage human beings and politics in the State.

Mohammad has now lost total regards from the rakyat in the State and by having him to loiter around as the MB would eventually bring UMNO and BN to catastrophe.

Mohammad has been fond of developing lame ducks in UMNO Divisions in the State and for him to enjoy belittling them without exertion. He enjoys having yes men around him as that makes him feel powerful.

That is a crude attribute of a leader with serious inferiority complex which ultimately put the ruling Party to fall apart.

The Federal Leadership has to be honest and straight in making this decisive choice in Bagan Pinang. Let us take a consolation win this time around as we have been incessantly losing in all by-elections in the peninsular except for one in Batang Ai in Sarawak.

For whatever he is worth, Isa is still the best choice available for UMNO to defend Bagan Pinang seat in this important by-election.

I may be wrong in giving Isa the decisive points but taking any other person within the Teluk Kemang UMNO division is doing disservice to UMNO.

To Tan Sri Isa, I just wish him the very best of luck and if he wins he has heaps of tasks just in front of him for his careful and tactful read-through.

Believe me; he can sort out irritancies and encumbrances that UMNO is facing in NS at this instant.

Thanks………………………………………………Aspan Alias

03 September 2009

Alam terbentang dijadikan GURU Bhg Terakhir

Masalah yang nyata tidak boleh dinafikan kehadirannya. Masalah yang ada di hadapan kita ialah masalah keyakinan rakyat terhadap kepimpinan yang terlalu serius.

Kepimpinan sudah terlalu lama menafikannya dan tidak bertindak untuk memperbaiki keadaan mengikut apa yang sewajarnya dilakukan bagi membanteras merebaknya perasaan tidak puas hati rakyat yang memilih.

Krisis keyakinan ini telah dibiarkan menular kerana sikap sambil lewa pihak yang berwajib sehinggakan rakyat sudah sampai ke tahap tidak lagi mahu mempercayai apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan.

Kes Kota Puteri di Kedah merupakan kes yang terbaru di mana kita dibayangkan sebagai pihak yang tidak peka dengan kehendak undang-undang yang kita sendiri telah bina.

ADUN BN memang telah melanggar undang-undang dan Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri berhak dan berkuasa untuk mengosongkan kerusi Kota Puteri itu.

Tetapi dalam kes ini SPR pula yang menentukan bahawa kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri Kota Puteri itu masih lagi milik BN.

Rakyat tidak lagi hormat kepada kita kerana kita melakukan perkara yang bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan yang ada.

Hukuman undang-undang hanya untuk pihak yang tidak sebulu dengan kita.

Dalam kes Kota Puteri ini ianya melambangkan bahawa pihak BN begitu paranoid terhadap pilihanraya kecil.

Kalau pun hendak berkuasa takkanlah sampai melakukan perkara yang tidak baik di hadapan mata pengundi.

Kita wajib menunjukkan bahawa kita sudah mula menunjukkan sikap buruk yang lama itu kita tinggalkan di belakang dan mempamerkan sikap demokrasi asas yang kita juga memilihnya dahulu.

UMNO perlu faham yang kita tadbir ini adalah manusia bukannyanya haiwan peliharaan. Saya telah menulis dalam tulisan saya yang lepas, sedangkan kerbau dengan tali dengan kelikir di hidung pun tidak mahu mengikut segala-galanya.

Pemimpin-pemimpin kita tidak mahu belajar daripada kesilapan sendiri. Bila orang seperti saya mengkritik tahu pula nak tunjukkan kemarahan. Pendeknya, pemimpin marah dikritik walaupun mereka melakukan kesalahan besar yang tidak berpatutan.

Mereka mahu kita di bawah ini hanya menjadi dahan yang bengkok untuk kera-kera meniti semata-mata. Sampai bilakah kita hendak bersikap jahil dan jumud seperti ini?

Sebenarnya masalah yang kita hadapi ialah masalah yang dicipta oleh pemimpin-pmimpin kita sendiri.

Persepsi buruk masyarakat sudah tidak dapat diperbaiki lagi. Pemimpin BN kepada mereka adalah pemimpin rasuah. Itulah stigma yang ada pada pemimpin BN khususnya UMNO pada hari ini.

Pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO/BN dianggap pemimpin yang merebut harta rakyat yang ditadbirnya.

Jika pemimpin-pemimpin tidak tahu hendak menyelesaikan masalah maka jangan pula kita marah jika rakyat mengambil keputusan untuk menarik balik sokongan daripada kita.

Walaupun saya dikritik kerana teguran ini, saya akan terus menegur kerana jika saya menyokong tindakan ini maka saya menzalimi parti saya sendiri dengan membiarkan parti kita dipandang hina oleh orang Melayu.

Saya sanggup diperlakukan apa sahaja oleh sesiapa kerana saya tahu jika pemimpin-pemimpin kita ini tidak mampu untuk berubah serta berkorban UMNO dan BN akan tumbang.

Apabila keadaan itu berlaku saya ingin melihat keadaan mereka-mereka yang mengampu ini.

Kalau yang mengampu ini bertujuan untuk mendapat kekayaan, orang ramai mahu lihat sebesar mana kekayaan mereka.

Kalau pangkat yang mereka cari berapa ramai di kalangan pengampu ini mendapat pangkat itu.

Segala-galanya serba tak kena dan saya tidak nampak bagaimana UMNO dan BN boleh kembali pulih.

Situasi sekarang sangat jelas; samada pemimpin sekarang berkorban demi parti dan negara dengan meletakkan jawatan atau UMNO/BN ditewaskan oleh suara rakyat di dalam pilihanraya nanti.

Kita harus membuat pertimbangan yang drastik kerana kita hanya mempunyai satu antara dua pilihan yang disebut di atas tadi.

Pilihlah! Tetapi mesti bertanggungjawab atas pilihan saudara.

Kembali kepada tajuk tulisan ini; Jadikan Alam yang luas terbentang ini sebagai GURU.

Sekian…………………………………………………………………….Terima Kasih

01 September 2009

Alam terbentang dijadikan GURU Bhg 2

Alam dan sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa hanya kejujuran boleh bertahan walaupun dihimpit dengan kerakusan pihak-pihak yang mempunyai kuasa yang bersifat abusive dan tidak ada kejujuran.

Walaupun bersifat jujur dalam zaman yang sudah di penghujung ini memeritkan tetapi kita wajib ingat bahawa perjungan dengan kejujuran itu tetap akan mendapat syafaat Rasul dan rahmat Tuhan.

Seseorang pemimpin yang jujur misalnya wajib mendapat dan melalui dugaan besar, maka itulah sebabnya pemimpin yang baik adalah pemimpin yang telah melalui pahit maung perjuangan yang panjang dan menyakitkan.

Bak kata seorang ulamak yang muktabar, ‘neraka itu dipagari roti yang enak-enak, sedangkan syurga itu dipagari onak dan duri’.

Untuk mencari keredhaan Tuhan kita mesti mengakui bahawa kita terpaksa melalui onak-onak dan duri-duri. Yang mudah ialah untuk mencari jalan ke neraka kerana neraka itu disaluti dengan roti-roti yang enak, lazat dan melekakan sebelum kita diterjunkan ke dalamnya.

Ini disebabkan insan yang jujur membawa sifat Tuhan yang mana manusia menjadi khalifahnya. Bukankah kita diberitahu bahawa Muhammad itu adalah sifat Allah?

Orang yang jujur akhirnya akan menerima rahmat Tuhan dan syafaat Rasulnya kerana segala janji Tuhan dan Rasulnya tetap akan terlaksana.

Berbohong dan sifat-sifat mazmumah adalah sifat mutahil bagi Tuhan dan Rasulnya. Hanya kita sahaja yang selalu tidak bersyukur dengan melakukan kekufuran dalam pentadbiran yang diamanahkan kepada kita.

Buku-buku sejarah hanya memberikan kita apa yang berlaku mengikut consequencenya tetapi Alam yang terbentang memberikan kita lebih daripada itu.

Ianya memberikan kita keinsafan dan pengajaran bahawa kita perlu melakukan sesuatu mengikut kehendak-Nya dan memohon keredhaan-Nya agar segala keburukan itu tidak berlaku kepada kita dan masyarakat kita.

Sebab itulah insan yang zuhud senantiasa bertawassul dan bertawajjuh sambil berdoa “Ya Allah! Kepada Mu Aku Bermaksud dan Hanya Keredhaan Mu Yang Aku Tuntut”.

Doa sebesar ini tentulah kerana hakikat sebenarnya kita bertanggungjawab atas akibat baik dan buruk daripada tindakan dan amalan seharian kita.

Sebanyak 24 Dinasti yang besar di Negara China sebagai contoh akhirnya tersungkur satu demi satu kerana mereka tidak membina negara mereka diiringi keredhaan Tuhan.

Akhirnya Dinasti Qing, dinasti yang terakhir berkubur pada tahun 1910 telah ditentang oleh rakyat melalui revolusi rakyat kerana kezaliman dan unsur-unsur rasuah yang tiada batasnya.

Kita telah melihat bahawa segala yang buruk yang dialami oleh bangsa-bangsa terdahulu boleh juga berlaku kepada negara dan masyarakat kita.

Julius Caesar yang begitu perkasa akhirnya jatuh bergelimpangan kerana wanita, harta dan takhta.

Segalanya ini adalah af-aal Tuhan yang nyata dan ianya bukan berlaku untuk catatan sejarah semata-mata tetapi di sebaliknya adalah untuk kita jadikan pelajaran agar tidak berlaku kepada negara dan masyarakat kita.

Pada akhir zaman ini banyak perkara yang berlaku tidak mengikut tabii dan perlakuan biasa.

Unsur-unsur yang terbalik dan bertentangan dengan keadaan biasa berlaku dengan meluas.

Banyak contoh yang berlaku kini secocok dengan dalil-dalil yang ditunjuk sebagaimana yang tertulis di dalam kitab-kitab agama kita.

Elok kalau kita gambarkan cebisan keadaan yang biasa kita lihat yang merupakan dalil-dalil hari hendak kiamat tetapi sudah dianggap lumrah dan diterina oleh masyarakat kini.

Antara dalil kiamat yang mudah kita nampak dengan mata kepala kita ialah:-

1. Peranan wanita yang terlalu besar dalam keluarga, masyarakat, siasah, pentadbiran dan banyak lagi unsur-unsur kekuasaan wanita yang boleh mempengaruhi keadaan.

2. Buah-buahan di luar musim sudah menjadi kebiasaan.

3. Yang bathil bermaharajalela sedangkan yang haq dan yang baik terhimpit oleh kebathilan.

4. Pemimpin yang durjana diagungkan dan diraikan sedangkan pemimpin yang baik dan jujur tidak mendapat tempat di hati masyarakat.

5. Kerja-kerja mungkar dipertahankan sedangkan kerja-kerja dan usaha yang baik dianggap seperti jenayah. Untuk membongkar kerja-kerja dan usaha yang boleh memudaratkan masyarakat adalah kerja yang paling sulit kerana dilindung oleh pihak yang berkuasa.

6. Penjenayah dan pengkhianat dihormati masyarakat kerana kekayaan dan kedudukan yang hebat dalam masyarakat setempat.

7. Orang miskin dan yang tidak mempunyai social standing dianggap sepi oleh masyarakat. Kata perbilangan, ‘Hinanya besi kerana karat, hinanya manusia kerana melarat’.

Persoalannya sekarang ialah sanggupkah kita menjadi pembawa dalil ini kerana dalil-dalil ini merupakan elemen yang terlalu negatif.

Seandainya kita memilih untuk menjadi pembawa dalil maka harapan kita untuk hidup dalam keredhaan itu tidak akan berhasil seperti dalam doa kita tadi.

Bagaimanakah tuntutan kita untuk mendapatkan keredhaan itu dikabulkan jika kita adalah manusia pembawa dalil kiamat itu tadi?

Kalaulah kita tidak tunduk kepada kenyataan ini, apakah yang kita rungutkan jika keadaan masyarakat dan siasah negara kita ini berkecamuk sedemikian rupa?

Kenapa kita hanya berusaha untuk menghilangkan sakit tetapi usaha untuk menghilangkan penyakit dianggap salah?

Penyakit kita ialah kehilangan nilai keperibadian sehinggakan rasuah tidak lagi dianggap sebagai jenayah, sedangkan agama kita jelas mengatakan bahawa barang siapa yang rasuah itu samalah seperti manusia yang memakan daging saudaranya sendiri.

Penyakit kita ialah kehilangan identiti, dan perlu difahami hilangnya sesuatu bangsa di muka bumi ini ialah kerana kehilangan identitinya.

Elok juga kita jangan terlalu lena dengan kata-kata keramat, 'Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia', kerana jika kita tidak berani berubah ‘Melayu akan hilang dunianya’.

Kenapa kita masih bertegas untuk dipimpin oleh pemimpin yang rasuah? Kenapa kita takut-takut untuk memilih pemimpin yang bersih?

Adakah oleh kerana kita sudah biasa dengan kekotoran sehinggakan kita takut untuk mendekati manusia dan segala apa yang bersih?

Adakah kita semua ini sudah menjadi ulat tahi yang suka hidup dalam tahi yang kotor?

Ulat tahi jika kita keluarkan seekor dua dari tahi dan kita cuci dan letakkan di tempat yang bersih mereka tidak akan hidup lama. Ulat-ulat ini akan tercari-cari tahi dan jika terjumpa tahi yang dicarinya, maka ulat-ulat ini akan hidup dengan aman di dalam tahi itu tadi.

Kita perlu berfikir dan bertafakur walaupun sejenak sehari, kerana berfikir sejenak itu lebih baik daripada beramal sepanjang malam.

Jadikanlah alam yang terbentang luas ini untuk kita berguru. Bagaimana kita hendak menafikan hakikat bahawa kita perlu berguru?

Muhammad (s.a.w) yang segala-galanya berada dengan baginda pun berguru dengan Jibril semasa baginda diisraqkan dari Masjidil Haram ke Masjidil Aqsa dan seterusnya dimikrajkan dari Masjidil Aqsa ke Sidratul Muntaha dan seterusnya ke Arash.

Dalam kitab suci kita pun terdapat banyak ayat-ayat yang menyuruh kita mencari Guru iaitu Guru yang Mursyid.

Sekian…………………………………………………….Aspan Alias