26 May 2008

Waiting for Badawi's last day

Abdullah Badawi is no more on probation as he has led the nation for one solid parliamentary term, and since then we never hear success story about his team of leadership.

He is now just entering his second term after massive loss in the general elections (GE) and just managed to scrape through a simple win for the federal government.

So far Abdullah has set a record, as the most unpopular PM in this country’s history and now facing pressure from many quarters for him to retire.

Except for a few in his cabinet lineup the rest of the country’s populations feel that Abdullah is going to fail perpetually and have resign to the fact that he is incapable in mitigating political, economy, social and other related problems the nation is facing.

Dr Mahathir is the most vocal of all and has never stop battering Abdullah and his call for him to quit has reached to the optimum when he chose to resign from the party to add more momentous pressure on Abdullah to go.

Mahathir is not short of support as a few branches in Kedah and the northern states have left UMNO and many more unreported incidences of quitting the party.

I am told that there will be a strong number of his supporters receiving him as he touches down at Subang airport terminal on the 27th May after a brief trip to Japan where he attended the Nikkei conference in Tokyo.

Mahathir’s intention to get Abdullah to retire is quite well received by the people and he could have secured more ground swell had he clearly give the voting public as to who is the right person he wants to replace Abdullah.

His initial intention to get Najib to be the successor is not at all well received as Najib would be worst of person.

Dr Mahathir maybe successful in getting Abdullah to quit but he may fail miserably in trying to find viable replacement as the rakyat feel that if Abdullah is replaced by Najib, the there will be another long haul of uncertainty and UMNO will be history just after the next GE.

Mahathir has to bear in his active mind that the rejection was not just on Abdullah but on the leadership of the party as a whole.

The whole supreme council has to be accountable…that’s it. If they go through normal succession process in which the current deputy takes over, then there is no change as they are all one and the same.

For Dr Mahathir to disclaim all his past mistakes he should be moving towards total change in the party and administrations, since the present lineup were almost all his appointees.

The most suitable person for total correction should be a person with wide experience in the government coupled with extensive record in building the country’s economy and in particular the development of Bumiputra and the nation as a whole.

Let us also find somebody who is more democratic, who has the feel for his people and more importantly who has no inferiority complex acceptable to all races.

If Dr Mahathir admits that Tengku Razaleigh is the best choice among the many, UMNO is certainly coming back to height expeditiously and the recovery of support for the government would be instant.

Dr Mahathir will then be the man for Malaysian historians to scribble for his magnanimous act by supporting the man whom he has a long spat with to power for the sake of his great nation.

I truly want to see this to happen, as it can be a good tip for the generation to learn how their great leaders make decision for the sake of the country and its people.

Thanks…………………Aspan Alias



Unknown said...

hopefully......dont think pak lah will step down soon......kj need to finish his job first......putting his cronies first

wat do u think of ezam joining back UMNO......n wat gonna happen to GERAK..since he already assigned it to some of KJ cronies......


Anonymous said...

I think it would be a liability to get TDM to endorse Ku Li. A man of Ku Li's stature does not need the endorsement of anyone.

The challenge to make Ku Li palatable isto make UMNO members realise that the party is in dip shit and teh present leadership is not doing anything.

If they love the party, they should change the leadership with the pejuang and not thsoe cari peluang.

It is a tough hurdle becasue the party is laden with cari peluang at the office bearer level. Hopefully there would be many pejuang to emerge from the grassroot. Otherwise, UMNO is doomed!

ilmyinc said...

Hello Mr Aspan

I can't agree more with you Mr Aspan. Me myself has been waited patiently to see things happen the way you describe. Eventually, we want our next generation to learn and appreciate the past not just disregard them. Just pray to God that our beloved country will soon be in good hand.


Anonymous said...

woohooo caya arrr orang subangggg

Aspan Alias said...

Orang bp, Your opinion is much appreciated and you certainly understand the reality of the party.
What is needed from uderstanding person like you is the moral support for this critical effort to change for the better future of our generation.
We need everybody's support and prayer at all time.

Aspan Alias said...

Dear myinc, You are part of us. I do hope you and me share the opinion that it's only god that can make our struggle to succeed.

Our obligation is to put up maximum effort to realise our noble goal for the change.

Hopefully our current and subsequent generation will be the beneficiary to the succeess.

Thanks myinc.

pakbelalang said...

I am for Najib as TR running mate. You simply cannot discard Najib totally. Accept the fact that he has also enormous followers no matter how critical you are towards Najib's "perceived" credibility. To kick Najib out of the race will be a disaster for TR. Believe me and think hard professionally as politician, The more you keep on harping about Najib's poor credibility, the more disadvantage TR will be !! Bila tidor, renung-renungkanlah sedalam-dalamnya kalau nak teruskan perjuangan supaya tak sia-sia. This will be the last "kopek" for TR.Mistake was made before and hopefully your strategy this time is impeccable supaya jangan gigit jari dua kali!!

pakbelalang said...

Kau jadi Tok Mudim je Pan. Sunatkan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO ni yang dah terlanjur dengan gelagat kebudakan dan yang dah tak reti bahasa !! Suruh berhenti main pun masih nak main lagi. Dah tahu hari dah senja dan dah masuk waktu maghrib masih perangai macam setan dan iblis!! Apa nak jadi?.