19 September 2008

UMNO and BN on life support

The incidences that happened since 3 days ago make us more disquieting, and the demise of UMNO and BN be disbanded may become a reality.

The dissipation of BN is evident but our leaders are still in denial. The intricate meeting of Abdullah and Najib 3 days ago still centered on personal survival and the switching of portfolios between them was clear evidence to this claim.

They are still not convinced that the unparallel feelings are real and they are avoiding the truth of the whole political risk our country would face, if they were to still manage this nation.

The resignation of a cabinet member 3 days ago and the decisive move by a component party of BN to quit the front did not make them feel threatened and they still claim that we are still okay.

Nothing can trigger their grey matter to work and exercise soul searching for the party and the government but spent hours just to find an understanding for each other to save their personal politics and glory.

It is so costly to maintain them up there as it may cost the whole party and the government and the people.

The titanic UMNO is sinking while the captains are still soiled with greed of power and glamour.

They still believe that UMNO is unsinkable while leakages are irretrievable.

At the public places not one think the current government would survive and even ordinary men and women who are apolitical say and think this government is waiting for the fall in a matter of weeks or even in days.

Conversely Abdulah and Najib who are the captains still say we are going on sailing and shall not sink.

I am trying hard to believe them but to this second I am still not persuaded.

I am praying someone to be around to save us from being deserted by the people.

Honestly, I have never had this experience of discomfort, anxiety, uneasiness and apprehension politically in my 56 years of living in this world.

I am agitated to see that Abdullah and Najib are still having the audacity to spend a lot of time discussing things centering on their personal matters while the people outside there are in unmitigated suffering…politically and economically in life-support.

To Abdullah and Najib, please leave us! Let us manage the nation ourselves.

Thanks…………………………Aspan Alias.


shahbandarmalakat said...

luncai terjun dgn labu labunya...dulu seorang luncai..sekarang ini ramai luncai semua tu -MKT tu...nak terjun..dan luncai terjun kali ni dia nak bawa semua orang Melayu sekali terjun...

Ini lah masalahnya...bila kita sebut UMNO kita ingat pemimpin yg ada sekarang ni je...orang yg banyak berkorban sebenarnya ONN Jaffar...kalau dia tak warning Raja raja masa tu dah Habis lah Malaya dalam Malayan Union...itu pun orang putih hormat lagi kat orang Melayu dan Raja Raja..mereka tak terus declare Malayan Union..dia minta persetujuan/tanda tangan Raja Raja dulu ..Pasal apa macam tu? pasal orang putih tahu Malaya ini ada Tuan yg sebenarnya...ada pemiliknya..nak ambil alih pun mesti dapat persetujuan dari tuan nya..nak menguasai Malaya pun mesti dapat persetujuan dari pemiliknya. Pasal apa? pasal Orang Melayu di negri beraja tak pernah di Jajah oleh orang Putih ..mereka orang putih hanya di lantik jadi Penasihat aje...bukan penjajah

Apa pun ingat lah nak Tubuh Umno tu bukan mudah..UMNO asalnya meliputi semua persatuan persatuan melayu..orang melayu yg ada baik di parti pas , PKR..DAP..PPP...Gerakan...UMNO itu milik kamu juga...asal kamu bangsa Melayu..kamu berada di dalam UMNO..UMNO tu milik kita semua...

pakbelalang said...

Now that Pak Lah will be gone after Hari Raya, the door is open widely for Najib, Ku Li , Mahyudin, Rais Yatim to contest for presidency. Leave it to UMNO grassroot members to decide whom they want their new president.All of them stand good chance to win the race no matter how you condemn some of them in your blog. If the grassroot members make one of them their choice then we have to accept it with an open heart.There should not be anymore condemnation of the new president. The majority is always right.We have to be gentleman enough to reflect our maturity.