12 October 2008

Abdullah in oblivion

At last Abdullah has made an ultimate decision not to defend his position as UMNO President in the forthcoming party election and insiders whispered to me that he did it with disinclination.

He has a lot of reasons for him to feel so; all the blame for the failures in his administration was lumped on him alone and subsequently has to leave the party leadership and finally the government alone…may be in destitute.

He knew the accountability has to be collective; but he was maneuvered cunningly by Najib and many others who were supposed to resign together with him instead of replacing him.

He (Pak Lah) was too weak and reckless in his decision and that cost him his pride and he is going without any face saving device.

The lickers are leaving him right from the moment of his announcement and as I have forecasted umpteen of times that he would in oblivion politically soon.

There are some whom I personally know, who are jostling with joy with Pak Lah’s withdrawal and I quickly reminded them not to be too happy…too early.

The subsequent events that follow would determine whether we have anymore future as I see the advent of dangerous trend which eventually points for catastrophic sequence.

Grand vote sales and shopping is well underway and I see shifting the leadership from Pak Lah to Najib is building stronger fortress for corruption and power abuse.

The lickers are now loitering around Mohd Najib as many think that he is the heir to the world’s highest paid position, if we include the corrupt and ill-gotten monies and material in the pay packet.

He (Pak Lah) has been surrounded by double and triple faces around him. He knows all that pressure which comes from every corner was an act of insubordination by leaders close to him in the party and the government.

Somebody was in a rush to be the PM as a slight delay may make him miss the premiership due to personal liability he is now facing…and the difficulty is not small.

He (Pak Lah) was promised by Najib that the transition plan would be honored in the discussions but simultaneously Najib encouraged his supporters at the branches and divisions to call for the PM to quit instantaneously.

If it’s not an act of insubordination, then what is it called?

Pak Lah was intrigued by his deputy and few others around him and in the end we have to admit that the better deceiver wins.

I am just perplexed and mystified that big names with numerous decorations accorded to them can’t comprehend the fact that changing leadership from Pak Lah to Najib is no change.

UMNO would be certain of its demise as soon as next General Election is called. We must bear in mind that Najib was nakedly responsible for the poor showing of BN in the last General Election as he was the Director of the election then.

Why Najib was not held accountable as the Director of General Election?

Now the grassroots are solely responsible for the future of the party, and if they decide to take Najib to be the successor no one is to be blamed but the members themselves.

How is he (Najib) going to institute changes when he himself is in the system and culture which brought the party to almost total destruction?

Having Pak Lah or Najib to lead does not make any difference. They are all in one and one in all.

So please agree with me that the Malays are going through another lease of bleak and uncertain future as UMNO can be a real pest for the country and the people.

All of us have got to suffer once the truth surfaces.

UMNO is at the last lap of its existence if nothing is done seriously.

Tengku Razaleigh has been at the sideline for ages but he can become the savior for the race and the party, if the members get together and install him as the new party leader.

Let us see that he can be elected not for any other reason than to ensure the Malays survive this trying episode.

He can surely be able to exercise total National Correction to make up lots of other slip shots in this promisingly great nation.

Tengku Razaleigh has no personal baggage to carry and that is the cardinal prerequisite for this big task ahead.

Thanks……………………………….Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

Is it DS Najib who is really responsible for the previous election results???? Or is it because of one bloody son-in-law?

Anonymous said...

We are all aware that you are a former S46 and Ku Li was your boss.It's OK if you want to see as next PM and you almost certainly be his crony.
So my friend what difference does it make.
You don't like Najib therefore you take the lines of Anwar just because of your vested political interest.
Sudahlah Melayu hentikanlah sikap penting diri sendiri dan kalau orang lain dapat semua tak betul tapi kalau awak dapat semua OK.

Unknown said...

salam saudara,

Jika saudara aspan berat memihak kepada TR...saya menghormatinya kerana setiap orang berhak memberi pandangan dan pendapat masing2....

kekadang berlainan pendapat dapat membantu jati diri kita....dan saya percaya pada belajar dan dibelajar kerana....Tiada siapa yang paling pandai dan paling bodoh di dunia ini kerana setiap yang pandai itu boleh menjadi bodoh dan setiap yang bodoh itu boleh menjadi pandai