22 April 2009

Mahathir the happiest man Part 3

As I have numerously said in my words and writings, Mahathir only wants to see things to happen the way he personally likes.

To him the whole nation is his and he is the only person who has the right of everything and the rest must obey him without questions. His policy is, ‘Just do what I ask you to do, and don’t do what I do'.

During his long tenure of power he quarreled with everyone except his wife,children and Daim Zainuddin only for reasons he personally understands.

Anyone, whom he sees to be encumbering his moves, will get his battering without mercy.

Musa was very perturbed and disillusioned with the way Mahathir conducted his administration on this nation. He was cornered from every angle and he knew he was not going anywhere any further anymore.

He wrote a letter to Mahathir on the sly expressing his displeasure to Mahathir for re-appointing TR to the cabinet despite losing for the second time in 1984. Putting TR to the Ministry of Trade didn’t reduce TR’s influence in Malaysian politics which Musa truly abhorred.

Mahathir distributed copies of those letters 3 years after when Musa and TR went against him in 1987 purely as an attempt to split them.

The newly appointed Daim did not listen to Musa even though at one point Musa was acting Prime Minister while Mahathir was on leave.

(Musa had the weakness of claiming to be the acting PM even though Mahathir just went abroad for less than a week)

Daim did not even give Musa a token regards as Deputy PM and this was the immediate reason beside many others why Musa decided to resign in February 1986 as Deputy PM and there was a great wave of shocks nationwide.

To Daim he had only one person whom he is answerable to; i.e Mahathir and none others. He was and still is, never a politician; he was a taukeh in the cabinet line-up.

In a matter of months Daim did his job with his own freewill and he did things without any reprimand from Mahathir.

The billions of cash that TR left to him when he took over the UMNO Treasurer was until today not known to anyone as to where the monies went to.

Daim was just focusing on deals that benefited him only and I remember there were lots of talk about the issue of UMBC Rights issue for PERNAS, which I can write on another day.

For all these treacherous and perfidious actions by Daim with concurrence of Mahathir, Musa decided to step down as Deputy PM but maintained the Deputy President of UMNO in early 1986.

Musa sent in the resignation letter to Mahathir and copies were sent to every Supreme Council member and he left for umrah after which he went to London and rested his toiling mind quietly in that metropolitan city.

The resignation of Musa resulted in a total change in political landscape especially in UMNO and could clearly saw the animosities nationwide and it ignited a lot of reactions from the public.

Tunku Abdul Rahman came in with magnanimous suggestions for Mahathir to call for emergency UMNO General Assembly as it is too warranting as the person who resigned was the Deputy President of UMNO.

The Tunku made it clear that Mahathir must get the feelings and feedbacks from the delegates to avoid possible major split in the party.

Mahathir was adamant not to call for the emergency general assembly as he was dead scared the delegates might unanimously called for reinstatement of Musa to the position and that would make Musa very strong and could even cost him the Premiership.

In fact a few from Musa’s camp revealed that Musa resigned from the position in the hope that emergency meeting would be called to politically enhanced his strength in UMNO and used that as the platform to oust Mahathir.

Mahathir immediately appointed a veteran and Vice President Ghaffar Baba as deputy PM, who was then not in the cabinet.

Ghaffar resigned in 1976 when he was discontented with the appointment of Mahathir as Deputy PM by Hussein Onn after the death of Tun Abdul Razak.

Mahathir entirely ignored the calls for Special Assembly of UMNO to address Musa’s resignation issue and repeatedly said, “I have accepted his resignation”.

From then onwards I visually saw groups from all over the country visiting Musa as soon as he came back from a quiet leave after his resignation.

From this point Mahathir realized that he barely could control the mood against him from Musa’s group of supporters and as expected by everybody Musa was not quiet politically.

His boys like Shahrir Samad, Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Zainal Abidin Zain, Abdullah Badawi, Ajib Ahmad, Rahmah Osman and many others were seen always in touch with each other and God knew what they talked and planned about their politics.

His boys were all around trying to aggravate dissenting opinion on Mahathir and the pressure on Mahathir was quite clear and move to see Mahathir be tested was clear.

In the meanwhile, TR has never been lonely as he was visited by many loyal divisional leaders since he lost the 1981 and 1984 fights for Deputy President.

TR had good and loyal friends all over the country and they always came in with latent discontents against the new culture in UMNO which made them feel so depressed.

So in short both Musa and TR’s camp were mutually having the same feelings of discontent against top party leadership.

Both camps somehow realized that they were made tools and fooled by Mahathir who loved his position so much to the extent of sacrificing the party.

Many realized that Musa and TR were not genuine enemies but both were common victims of Mahathir’s political maneuvers.

The sequence of events after this point was so appealing that the space and time for this chapter has to be written in the next series of my posting.

Thanks……………………………………………………………… Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Waiting eagerly for more!!! Good reading material. Thanks!!

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Tajuk dan isi tak sama, kalau nak promo Musa.. buatlah di ruang lain, dia kurang setaraf dengan kehebatan Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

very refreshing...keep it up sir! the younger generation especially in UMNO should know the truth

Anonymous said...

Hi,handsome Aspan, pls feed us with more info ya!. Very exciting!!!.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Ada pepatah mengatakan: Jangan lihat siapa yang bercakap tetapi lihat apa yang dicakapnya.

Mungkin itu lebih baik dari mencampurkan emosi dan fanatik kita dalam memberi pendapat.

Anonymous said...

Bukan camtu en / cik kluangman...... Camni ha "jangan lihat siapa yg bercakap tetapi lihatlah siapa yg di belakang orang yg bercakap tu" AWAS!!!! THE EVIL HAS RETURN... No one can stop this oldman except death.

Anonymous said...

hello Aspan,

You ni betul-betul hebat.
Tak takut TDM suruh Najib kenakan ISA kepada kamu ke?


Anonymous said...

Salam...Syabas tuan Aspan....... Teruskan membongkar kebenaran kerana terlalu ramai di luar sana masih belum tahu apa yg sedang dan telah berlaku.

Nur said...

Mahathir thinks that all "melayu mudah lupa". He talks as if he is not the one to be blamed for what is happenning now.
But somehow the Malays are blinded by him in perpetuity.
You are right Aspan. He wants Muhyiddin to be the PM. Now he has started his soft attack on Najib.
So what now? Are we going to support Najib or Mahathir? Surely Mahathir has a lot of Najib's secret stories on Najib.
Must remember, Mahathir always keep the negative points on antone and he would use that against anyone when want that person to go.
Aspan! You are right! You are right!

Nur said...

Mahathir thinks that all "melayu mudah lupa". He talks as if he is not the one to be blamed for what is happenning now.
But somehow the Malays are blinded by him in perpetuity.
You are right Aspan. He wants Muhyiddin to be the PM. Now he has started his soft attack on Najib.
So what now? Are we going to support Najib or Mahathir? Surely Mahathir has a lot of Najib's secret stories on Najib.
Must remember, Mahathir always keep the negative points on antone and he would use that against anyone when want that person to go.
Aspan! You are right! You are right!

Anonymous said...

Yah.....mungkin betul cerita ini mungkin juga tidak betul.....fakta dicampur dengan pandangan peribadi...Walaubagaimanapun...yang pasti walaupun saya tidak menyokong Dr Mahathir tapi saya tidak dapat menafikan bahawa beliau telah berjaya menaikan mertabat Negara Malaysia dan orang Melayu.....Sehingga sekarang jika saya keluar negara orang amat mengenali Dr Mahathir bila disebut Malaysia.....

Benar dari segi Politk saya tidak menyokong beliau tetapi sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang berfikiran waras saya mengakui kejayaan yg beliau bina untuk Malaysia.

Hambal said...

Saya ingin bertemu dgn saudara. Saya suka nak berbincang dengan sdr kerana sdr ada pandangan yang saya mengakui betul.
Saya berumur 46 tahun, mungkin sdr boleh beri pemikiran sedikit sebanyak dan saya akui apa yang berlaku hari ini ada kaitan dengan apa yang berlaku 20 tahun yang lalu seperti sdr selalu katakan itu.
Saya akan email saudara hari ini untuk kita bertemu jika sdr sudi.
Terima kasih.

Dukun Dollah, Bahau. said...

Can you confirm that Mohammad Hasan, MBNS, is your close friend?
If your his close friend, why am I not seeing you in Seremban for half a decade?
Many people told me that you and him are so close.
Sebab abg nak tanya ni ialah untuk mendapatkan komen you terhadap MB ni sebab banyak sangat orang mengata dia dimana-mana.

Aspan Alias said...

Dukun Dollah, Bahau,
Honestly I dont know who you are, but I don't mind confirming that Nohammad used to be close to me, but now not anymore.
He is the MB and since he became the state chief I only met him once.
Since then he is not reachable to me as I am no more within his wavelength to befriend him.
He has lots of other friends and I understand he has no time for me.
I dont quarrel with him and I know like many others he will be back to be my friend once he retires.
About people talking negative about him, I am not a party to that and I don't know about it.
I hope this answer your question.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir tu mamak. Dia patut jual rojak dan roti canai saja. bagi dia kuasa politik jadi macam ni lah!

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Aspan, komen anon 5.16.00 adalah hasil dari spin kamu yang berkesan. Anon ni sebenarnya hilang pedoman, dia tak tahu siapa mahathir kecuali apa yang awak tulis, dalam hal ini dia dapat 100 markah dan diwariskan kepada anak dan warisannya..

Apa yang kamu dapat? Jawapannya bukan di sini, tetapi selepas mati..

Anonymous said...

Saudara Aspan,
Dalam dunia politik untuk terus bernafas,kita mesti bijak dalam seni mempertahankan diri. Dari tulisan saudara sendiri kita dapati, Musa Hitam juga tidak kurang dengan sepak terajangnya untuk survival politiknya. Malangnya sepak terajangnya tidak sehebat TDM. Dia kecundang.
Salahkah TDM mengatur langkah untuk mempertahankan survival politiknya? asalkan kita rakyat jelata tidak teraniaya dengan politik mereka, apa salahnya?
Saya yakin jika versi cerita saudara, ditulis oleh mereka yang bersimpati dengan TDM akan lain gambarannya. Bila kita menulis sesuatu, tidak dapat tidak pandangan kita akan dipengaruhi perasaan kita.Siapa yang kita lebih bersimpati!
Saudara juga mengatakan bahawa TR dan Musa Hitam sering dikunjungi oleh penyokong dan teman rapatnya. Apakah saudara memikirkan tidak ada golongan begitu di kalangan TDM?
Saya sebagai rakyat biasa yang tidak kenal golongan orang politik dan sepak terajangnya, hanya menilai keadaan berdasarkan apa yang kita lihat sehari-hari. Adakah kita sebagai rakyat biasa begitu terjejas dengan sikap 'cunning' dan 'kuku besi' TDM?
Walaupun beliau telah tua tetapi tetap disanjung dan dterima kebanyakan rakyat walaupun di mana beliau pergi. Fikirannya masih tetap diterima dan dicari-cari oleh masyakat dunia. Beliau masih laku untuk berceramah di pentas-pentas luar negera!. Berapa ramai di kalangan pemimpin kita menikmati penghormatan tersebut?

Rakyat Setia

Pembaca setia said...

Barang Yang Lepas

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Kalaulah pemimpin boleh sedia buang ego masing-masing dan duduk sama-sama memikirkan mengenai rakyat dan negara, alangkah baiknya.

Saya rasa pada umur yang lewat begini, ada dalam lubuk hati Dr Mahathir untuk membetulkan keadaan. Dia pasti memikirkan alam yang terkemudian pada lewat umur 80an.

Adakah abang hanya puas hati apabila dapat sumbat dia dan daim dalam penjara pada lewat umur masing2?

Bagi pihak Ku Li, tak bolehkah dia luahkan apa yang difikirkan baik, kongsi cadangan, dan ikhlas mengkritik kritikan dan memberi teguran demi alif ba ta.

Ku Li pun tak bersungguh dan dilihat terlalu lewa untuk dipandang serius sebagai pemimpin. Banyak tersilap langkah dalam politik. Dia pun bukanlah maksum dari dosa politik.

Yang lepas tu lepas. Berapa lama kita nak biarkan ini semua hingga padang jarak padang tekukur? Tak akan nak dihidupkan kembali telagah lama.

Carilah jalan bang. Kalau dah penat dengan hal bangsa dan negara, fikirkan anak bini dan orang kampung.

Bakal bekas ahli UMNO said...

Pembaca setia,
Saya bersetuju dengan saudara kita dah berseteru sesama sendiri begitu lama dan rosak kita orang kampong.
Tetapi saya lebih bersetuju dengan jurublog kerana kelalaian Mahathir untuk menjaga perpaduan rakyat lah yang menyebabkan kiat jadi celaru.
Mahathir hanya menjaga politik peribadi beliau sahaja.
Mahathir tidak meyediakan kepimpinan yang baik untuk menggantikan beliau.
Kalau benar Mahathir pemimpin yang baik masakan dia tinggalkan kita dengan pemimpin-pemimpin seperti yang ada pada hari ini.
Mahathir pecahkan kita semua, tetapi kita sahaja yang menafikannya.
Apa yang dia marah dengan Abdullah dan Tunku A Rahman itulah yang dia buat.
Kita semua sudah jemu dan di bawah UMNO rakyat tidak dapat berpadu.
Nampaknya rakyat lebih suka berpadu diluar UMNO.
Jamgan salahkan orang lain.

Bintang timur said...

There are a few who hammered you for what you have written.
You don't have to worry about that dear friend because Mahathir fanatics won't like to hear any truth about their mentor.
Some are talking about religion to you and say that you commit sins writing about the true Mahathir.
Damn it, as far as I know only God knows where each and everyone of us will be placed in the next world.
These Mahathir fanatics feel all of them will be in heaven.
You just respond by saying "subhanallah!", thats it.

Anonymous said...

Bro, why some are saying that you are spinning dr.
I see that you are telling the sequences of happenings.
Dont respond to silly comments bro.
I hope you just tell the truth of what you see and it is natural the truth will be painful for people who dont like the truth.


Aspan Alias said...

Kluangman, I must think that you are nice person to talk to.
Can we meet anytime soon? Sincerely, I want to see you.

disillusioned said...

Mr Aspan,
I know inside you and me we recognize Mahathir as the person who broght massive developement.
But we must also admit that he brought those developement at the expense of other basic elements of life.
He destroyed Royal Institution and destructed other institutions without any qualm.
He only brought in physical development but spoilt all basic values of civil society.
Judiciary is spoilt by Mahathir also. Our generation have to bear the consequences...oh shit.

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan Alias,
You used to say that this nation should start a new....and I agree with you.
The current bunch of leaders are not competent enough to enhance our nation's politic, economy and other sphere of life.
A new look and image of the government is cardinal need.

Anonymous said...

This nation can never be the same anymore bro.

Anonymous said...

Bro.saya hairan Tun Mahathir ni. Budaya buruk dalam UMNO ini bermula dari beliau, tetapi beliau yang sibuk mengkritik sana, mengkritik sini.
Bila dia jadi PM, Tun Hussien tidak pernah menyibuk macam beliau ni. Siapa yang boleh cakap kat dia supaya berhenti menyibuk.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pakcik,

While doing my research, I encountered significant differences on the NEP implementation during the 70s and after the 80s. TR name keep popping up during the 70s in the economic magazines and journals. I am sad that he wasn't our prime minister in the 80s and I believe thing might be different by now.

I was born in 75 and not many things I know during the period before 80s. Only by reading I could know more and I hope pak cik can do us a favour by keep writing on historical event. Before 1998, I only know Mahathir was the only intelligent and great person in Malaysia and keep wonder why my late father and atok hate him so much. Only now I understand why...