19 July 2009

Teoh Beng Hock’s death : A tragic incidence, a tragic consequence may be

Situation in this country is far from sanity and civility. Everyone on the street now talks about politics and hearing the conversations on the ground make many feel that we are in the worst of politics with no more graciousness.

It seems everybody is not happy with everything on every issue. The state of confusion has never been to this nerve-racking level as the environment is too fertile for political calamity for everyone from all quarters.

The latest of the uninspiring an uneventful issue is over the death of Teoh Beng Hock, the political aide of one of the Selangor Executive Councilors.

His body was found on the 5th floor of Wisma Masalam in Shah Alam 9 floors below the office of the State MACC office where Teoh was interrogated for lengthy hours.

It was believed that he fell from the MACC head quarters and this incident warrants attention from every considerate and watchful Malaysian.

This is not an ordinary death to the opinion of every Malaysian because it happened while he was in the custody of the MACC.

Even though MACC was quick in saying that the investigation agency had already released him at the time of his mysterious death but that cannot change the public’s perception that this death had everything to do with the investigation.

I am with million of Malaysian calling for serious investigation without fear or favor and get politics be out of the investigation.

The police and MACC must seize this opportunity to prove that they are authentically independent from any political infestation like many have perceived them to be.

MACC must prove to all Malaysian that the agency was not just changing of name from BPR just for the sake of changing names but for real and effective agency meant to combat heinious corrupt practices without any fear of favor.

MACC and the Police as well as the current ailing government can attest their integrity by exercising their investigation with total transparency, and to get to the actual truth that caused the death of this young and budding politician.

I hate to say that if the investigation on this issue is not done with optimum care, it can take the government to trial presided by all Malaysian.

Please remember that a young adult has lost his precious live to the bereavement of his loving family members who were busy preparing for his auspicious wedding scheduled to take place last Friday the 18th.

Bar Council, UMNO Youth and various NGO’s are all in the open demanding for a Royal Commission to be set up to deal with the cause of this death.

MCA Deputy President too agrees with the Royal Commission to be set up as immediately as possible.

Let us wait for the outcome of the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday to see how the Government looks at this dreadful happening. All Malaysian are watching with microscopic eyes to see how the Cabinet decides over this sensitive issue.

This is no small matter. It is of great consequence to the country. I reckon that The Royal Commission is the answer, nothing less than that…and of course with no cover-ups.

Together with million of other Malaysian I extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved family members of Teoh Beng Hock in facing this inopportune experience.

Thanks…………………………………………Aspan Alias


dass said...

You have to understand that the Federal Government wants at all cost to topple the people's government of Selangor.
They use MACC and the Police to ensure every PR representative to be proven guilty maa!
They never bring any of the BN corrupt leaders to trial.
PR leaders are the only deserving leaders to the court, not UMNO.
UMNO leaders like Nazri, Anuar Musa, and Khir Toyo are having immunity.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Lingam's Royal Commission bro?
Tarak apa jugaak! This country are charged by heinous war lords.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan,

I agree with your views and support your call for a serious investigation, even a Commission of Enquiry.

There''s so much disquiet in the atmosphere, a sense of alarm and despondency.

Nobody knows at this stage MACC's involvement in the death of the young man but I agree with you the death is connected with the MACC investigation.

I'm very concerned about the links of the DAP Assemblyman with the underworld as complained by the PKR Assemblyman. It must be that serious and so apparent as to precipitate the PR member party Assemblyman to cry foul. If this is true it means the collusion of so-called law-makers with secret societies, thugs and gangsters.

Control of situations by secret societies, thugs and gangsters began in the 19th Century with the advent of the Hai Sans and the Ghee Sins. First in Perak, then in Selangor. They still exist right to this day. If it is a collusion with the DAP political party, it means an erosion of the entire democratic process. Yet the DAP shouts about democracy and freedom all over the places.

The collusion must therefore be investigated thoroughly. Not as a political but an anti-serious crimes move. The death of the man is therefore not only a possible murder. It may also, as the PKR Assemblyman's complaint has suggested, involve the hands of triad squads, the ruthlessness of the secret societies, thugs and gangsters.

The whole affair certainly deserves the establishment of a Commission of Enquiry.

Anonymous said...

MACC and the police listen to the powerful political warlords.
They don't listen to the King to whom they should show their allegiance to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:14 MYT

Can you pls elaborate a little?

I'm interested in why that may be so and what kind of political warlords.

Just for discussion and for widening my horizon, that's all.

how said...

hei bro aspan,

another sad week for the country.
in the heart of many m'sian, the deceased death must be related to MACC or.....
i bet there will be no justice in these case like those previous cases., if justice really prevail, then the our children will have hope.
i buy you lunch if you (sudi) for 1 month if justice is really serve in this case.
take care

Anonymous said...


Justice of the kind that Theresa woman shouted out saying a Republic of China national was being humiliated by the police, ha?

And it was later found to be a Malay woman made to squat in case she was hiding any drugs in her private places.

Wait for the Police investigations la, man.

how said...


Respect your trust and confidence that you still have.

not cursing anyone, how will you feel if it happen to someone close to you.

now only you see the police said they had taken the video recording of the complex after 3 days. Today in the paper the police said the had taken the h/p of the deceased from a MACC officer. if he had been released, why was the phone not given back and why only after so many days only the phone "menjelma" out.

Aspan Alias said...

I have not heard from you for quiet a while.

You are right. This time around I hope the investigation are not having 'cover-up' elements.

If it is transparent and satisfying I shall claim the 1 month luch from you bro.


Anonymous said...

how & Aspan

The Police said they are comparing the videos with the many statements recorded.

I'd rather wait for the results of the full investigation. If not satisfactory, it should be covered by a Commission of Enquiry set up to look into the allegation of underworld links by the PKR Assemblyman against the DAP Assemblyman.

You two may want to establish clear guidelines on the one month lunch offer. I'm also interested in a no cover-up, no-intimidation kind of report.

I think the Police investigation would be unbiased. It would be difficult to prove otherwise. Question marks there will be but proof or hard evidence is what we should be looking for.

Aspan Alias said...

Anonymous 18.06 MYT,

True this time I think its not easy for cover ups especially when components of the 14th floor windows were found next to Teoh's body.

Just hope thing are going on fine and no hanky-panky in place.

how said...

annonymous,(better put your name)

there is no guidelines on the lunch. bro aspan will even buy me the lunch(the other way round) if the investigation results really ADIL AND SAKSAMA. i might not know bro aspan personally but i believe he will agree with me on this

Aspan Alias said...


let us all celebrate if there is going to be real and transparent result of the investigation.

The lunches can even be on me. You don;t have to worry bro.

Aspan Alias said...
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Anonymous said...

how & Aspan,

I wake up so early one to read comments by you people!

No need to write my name, la. The vast majority in blogosphere are Anon, without full names or only pseudonyms, except a few like Aspan, Tun Dr Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh. (See what being honest and sincere have earned you, Bro Aspan - you are ranked among the big ones!) But to make it easy for you to refer to me, I'll call myself ABC lah.

Friends, how are you going to claim the lunch from each other? What basis to use? You may be in spending mood with each other, but for the sake of discussion, how to tell if really transparent or if there is, or isn't a cover up? There has been so much speculation and conjecture, la. So many people are going to be dissatisfied with the investigation results, I can predict that.

I'm not trying to defend the Police but they are interviewing so many people, some wiith very sensitive information, especially concerning death and the underworld, they need to be protected, some information may even require non disclosure in the report in order to protect the well-being and safety of the informant(s). We have to accept the importance of that. In the so-called open society like the US and Europe, they also do that.

Then again, question of whether you expect results regarding the death only or regarding the underworld links also. If it’s the second one, like me, a report not touching on underworld links, or only a cursory reference to them, would not be satisfactory. There is the allegation by the PKR Assemblyman against the DAP Assemblyman. There are the statements made by other people. And Selangor Police said that the fellow who made a Police report did not want to give a statement. How to get the full story? Even the US Guantanamo Detention Centre people cannot get the full story. Our friend how should know how secret societies, thugs and gangsters operate as far as information disclosing is concerned.

To me, I’ll be satisfied only if the underworld links are uncovered. I assume there are such links based on so much being said, most importantly that by a “Yang Berhormat” against a fellow “Yang Berhormat” who are supposedly under the same umbrella. It’s a very serious allegation and there must be some truth otherwise he would not have made such an allegation. Using the premises of the state government, etc. If the allegation is not true, the Assemblyman must also be brought to book. This is a matter not for politicking. And the circumstances of Teoh’s death are such that they smell of underworld connection.

Anyway, if you two are in spending mood, call me for the lunch also, la. I’ll be the referee between you two when the disagreement over the results comes about. Only problem is I want to remain Anon.

Have a good day, folks.


Aspan Alias said...

Anon (ABC),

Part of the clues has been uncovered, when some components of the windows on the 14th floor was found near the body of Teoh Beng Hock. It means he fell from the 14th floor of the building where the office of the MACC is located.

So the the questions that follow would drive us nearer to the point of truth.

One, when the fall happened, Teoh was still in the custodian of MACC.
secondly, any suspect or witness is called to the MACC the rule is that nobody else in this case only Teoh was allowed to be in the premise.
Teoh was denied of a lawyer accompanying him to the MACC.

Then who push him out the window frame or if he did it himself then it was a suicide on his live was the cause.

If he committed suicide there must be tremendous pressure on Teoh that drove him to the windows and jumped down to his death.

AND why was he not guarded as person under investigation normally will be accompanied by the interrogation officer even going to the toilet.

If we suspect the underworld guy to throw him down, then there is no security in place within the premise of the MACC.

Let us not blame anyone for all the suspicions surrounding the investigative authorities as their image has much being contaminated in their past history.

Astute personalities with lines of decorations were found guilty in Lingam's case but the all escaped the convictions.

There were allegations that the police were protecting perpetrators within the underworld society which is too powerful to be convicted because of their money and wealth.

Now all of us should appreciate the wisdom of clean and incorruptible investigation bodies.

Anyway we are still hopeful that this time around the persons or person involved need to be booked for the sake of the people's security.

Victimization can happened to anyone; your children, your neighbors or anyone whom you love.

In short my suspicions all the while bear and hold was water.

BUT that can irritate some people and detest me for my upfront opinion.

Thanks and let us pray that good and fair result could be found.

how said...

bro aspan,

have you read what our "BELOVED" ex priime minister had just written on his blog.
bro aspan, you are much more senior than me and i believe you had more experience too. why did Dr.M wrote such an article ? what he wants to achieve? why must the people still want to hear from him? do we still need to respect people like this? Or should we the rakyat just dismissed him as we had paid all his salary during his appointment as PM? the country did not owe him anything.

Aspan Alias said...

Honestly I have not read TDM's latest article.
I shall try to coax myself to read it, may be tomorrow as I am quite busy today.
But I can guess what he wrote. I think he is writing against his own doings.
When the Tunku introduced ISA for a good purpose he went all out to smear the name of the Founder of Merdeka and Malaysia and alleged the Tunku changing and Amending Laws like changing underwear.
But when he came to power he made use of the ISA to arrest politician who were not getting along with him and he insisted ISA to be maintained at all cost.

The Tunku used the ISA very carefully and ensure the act to be used on the nation's security purpose.

He did everything he hated The Tunku did in ma bigger way and he changed laws more often, much more often then The Tunku, normally to save his personal political positions.

Many more if I have the time and spce to spare to talk about this man.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you that there is a lot of anxiety among the people nowadays.

We need to think and suggest to the authorities what needs to be done. I support you and others calling for a Commission of Enquiry connected with the death of Teoh and those who advocate the use of the Sedition Act against those instigating disrespect for authority and causing inter-communal tension.

Investigation of Teoh’s death can be handled by the police. They have the means, the expertise to to do it. The Police investigation may indicate the underworld connection.

But whether the Police investigation shows that the death is linked to the underworld or not, the fact is that there is a serious allegation of a connection of of a State Assemblyman with the underworld. That Assemblyman is connected with the deceased. That needs a full-scale and public-involvement kind of investigation. That can be conducted by a Commission of Enquiry. They can call even those linked with the underworld – who would be given adequate Police protection – to give evidence, in a transparent and open manner.

This is indeed a very serious matter. One PKR Assemblyman alleging that a DAP Assemblyman has links with the underworld and using the premises of the Selangor Sttate government in the conduct of business with the underworld. There must be more than what meets the eye for one Assemblyman to complaint against a colleague. Let an Enquiry Commission get to the bottom of the matter.

The Government must have the facts established and put a full stop to gangster-like and gangster-influenced, or even gangster-controlled activities of running the state. The Federal Government is in a position to do that by setting up a Commission of Enquiry and act on the findings and the recommendations of the Commission.

how said...

bro aspan,

take your time brother. wow, i hope you can spare more time to write on Dr M.
Honestly, half of my life is grown up under this man whom i respected so much previously. well at that time we only read the mainstream newspaper and everything that i read is basically cook up material.
After he resigned, I feel sad and remember the grand farewell that was televised live. Then internet in M'sia started to groww and I learn more and more truth on this guys. Shit, only realised had taken for a ride after 20 years(BODOH).
Bro, you must have a lot of facts that you can write on our ex-beloved prime minister based on what you written above on Tunku Abdul Rahman. Even if i not mistaken, the FELDA project was also initiated by Tunku Abdul Rahman( i read somewhere)
Ok, maybe we reserved 8 chapter for this topics, wow great reading coming soon..............

Aspan Alias said...


I have written 7-series article as from 15th April this year containing issues on TDM.
The writing was a compressed one and I think it is sufficient for basic knowledge to understand TDM as a politician.

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Bro Aspan,

I fully agree with your comments on TDM with regards to ISA.

He sometime writes agianst his own doings. Thats right!

And he used to say..Melayu mudah lupa..or is it TDM mudah lupa?

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Bro Aspan,

I fully agree with your comments on TDM with regards to ISA.

He sometime writes agianst his own doings. Thats right!

And he used to say..Melayu mudah lupa..or is it TDM mudah lupa?

how said...

bro aspan,

look like the government did not wish to allow both of us to have lunch together.

just read what zaid ibrahim had said and totally agree with him

Anonymous said...

Bro Aspan Dan Ramli

l Fully agreed with ur views about TDM. May be we r a small group of ppl who are able to aee thru the harms he created during his 22 years reign unto our beloved countery.

2. What do u expect from a man who purposely let an old UMNO to die so that he can created a new party where he can reign tight fist and exclude all political chalangges.

3. For his own political survival and to ensure his power, he even changed his party membership to include all bumiputras in 1992 prior expanding UMNO(Baru) to sabah.

UMNO(baru) is no more a malay based party. It is a bumiputra party like Taib Mahmod's PBB.

Bro Aspan can u comfirm tis?