01 August 2009

What's Happening To Our Nation

No one can do the approximation what is the ultimate corollary of tomorrow in our political, social and everything relatable to our lives.

The milieu of uncertainty is all-encompassing and comprehensive. We have lost the actual and total direction as to where we are heading for as everything is in topsy-turvy and disordered.

Each party in the ruling coalition is having individual direction and does not seem to be united in many issues that surround us and it is more apparent after the Last General Election (GE).

The Malays have far been detached to their precious values and culture and of late we see glaringly that they are feeling too disturbed with the sharp and extricating demands made by our non Malay citizens.

The non-Malays are already too open in questioning the content of the Federal Constitutions and claim that the government has been misinterpreting all the provision in it and pooh pooh the Malay special rights and the Malay race as a whole.

In parallel the Malays are very much divided and this situation has been predicted by many but leaders of those days were not sensitive enough to circumvent the divide to happen by taking every thing for granted.

All institutions like the Judiciary and the Police in particular are corroding and have been prostituted by ungainly and ungraceful leaders who are power crazy and obsessed in caring just for their personal political ends.

The Malays do not have even a single leader in the line up that can be trusted and none has the attribute of a nationalist as they should be. In essence they have destroyed the Malay party to an extent that it is already beyond comprehension and recognition.

All regards and respect that UMNO have been enjoying as the lead party for the component is evaporating and UMNO leaders seem to be not concerned about it.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin has owned up the weaknesses of UMNO by saying that the party will regain the trust of the people in 2 years. I don’t know what make him be so sure about that.

He does not recognize that the party has been mutilated by their leaders for the past 2 decades and how would it possible to do the repair job within 2 short years?

Does he realize that part of the encumbrances to do the repair job is because of the inmate line up in which he is part of it?

How could a dirty mop clean the floor? How could the perpetrators to the party do the repair job?

Muhyiddin is saying that UMNO members will be sent for courses to rebuild their commitments towards the party. Well it sounds good but what about the top leaders?

To my simple mind the top leaders like the President, its Deputy and Vice Presidents should be sent for the courses first. In actuality they are the ones who need real grilling.

They must be convinced that corruption is the worst sin and as I have written in my last posting it is worst than committing sodomy.

In that posting too, I reminded the leaders and everybody including my humble self that committing corrupt practice is like eating the flesh of our own siblings and family members. It is not my word; it is the word of God.

I over sped along the motorway about a week ago and I was stopped by the police. I was so heartrending seeing the mata-mata putting on a badge like written on it "saya tidak ambil rasuah" or something like that.

I don’t see Inspector General of the police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan putting on the badge.

To my mind this kind of badge should be used by all Cabinet Ministers and all personnel of Departments with high propensity for corruption to happen, like front officers in MB’s office, JKR, JPJ and all the assistants and supporting staff of Cabinet Ministers, and many more.

How could corrupt mata-mata (if ever they are corrupt) squander tax payer’s money in billions?

To me putting up this kind of exertion on the low ranked police personnel is totally an unfair act and should be scrapped off instantaneously. It is crudely a humiliation to them who serve the nation under the burning sun day in day out.

Why just act on humble low rank policemen while bigger corruptors are further up in the hierarchy and other government servants and politicians.

MCA has not stopped blaming UMNO for the dismal performances in the last G Election as they had to suffer the losses and shared the shameful outcome.

MCA has felt that it serves too little for them to be in BN as they have to withstand all shenanigans of UMNO leaders who fail to earn reasonable respect from their component members in particular and the public as a whole.

MCA leaders and loyal members feel that they are torn between the allegiances to BN and to secure support from the community they represent. If there are hopping and crossing the floor from MCA it is understandable and no one should be blamed for it.

The new leadership realizes that the non Malays are much too unhappy with the political circumstances and he opens up his leadership image by propagating 1Malaysia slogan.

To much of confusions, the slogan is accepted with distaste. There is no clear description of the slogan and I am deadly sure that the Cabinet members themselves don’t understand what the slogan means.

The slogan is open for misinterpretations and consequentially would cause confusions. As far as I am concerned I believe Najib is a great believer of Malaysian Malaysia and if that is the case he would be more appropriate to be a leader of DAP.

In short the slogan is of no purpose as it only divides the mind of the people and consequentially injures the public confidence in the leadership.

The Chinese were not giving attention to MCA because the party is the tool for UMNO dominance and to be the yes man and the recent statement by Ong Tee Kiat that it is always better for MCA to be independent to regain the Chinese confidence in the 2nd oldest party in the country.

As for MIC and GERAKAN the parties are technically a defunct. They have lost all avenues to regain the voters' confidence. The Indians are happy that they are more represented through Pakatan Rakyat and DAP and leaving MIC alone is no qualm.

I see that the Indians are united but they prefer to unite outside the BN. They are in all parties within the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and they are the main workforce to circumvent the effort to strengthen MIC.

Among my Chinese close friends they have they have in their opinion that MCA has a good chance for recovery but they insist UMNO must improve.

They have consistent view that UMNO has failed to put up good disposition of good leadership and do away with the leaders with corrupt image top to down.

They believe MCA leaders involved in PKFZ issue are all retired and have nothing to do with the current leadership. BUT the current leaders may also be affected if they do cover-ups for their predecessors.

The middle class Chinese believe that MCA have to be independent from BN; in other words they should be outside BN first before they can regain the support of the Chinese.

They also believe and admit that Malays should be the leaders in the government but they want to see that UMNO do their part by showing seriousness in putting up the leadership lineage.

To them the current set in UMNO is not at all viable to expect positive outcomes in Malaysian political environments. They believe that the current set of leaders in UMNO do not have the clue as how to manage a multiracial population.

What is more worrying is that BN epicenter of support is in East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak. For all the years BN could formed the Cabinet line up without much demands from those 2 states as BN was evidently strong in the peninsular.

The situation has reversed as the East Malaysian states are providing the ultimate strength of the BN.

Now that the opposition is making active inroads in the sates coupled with the ill health of Abdul Taib Mahmud, the great warlord of Sarawak, it is going to tax the influence of BN in the state.

Any slight animosity within the 2 states especially Sarawak would guarantee catastrophe for BN because the prospect of BN regaining the people support in the peninsular to this date is almost zero.

Taib has been the axis of power in Sarawak for more than 2 decades, and like Dr Mahathir he has not prepared the state for trustworthy successors.

While he was power for those decades all potential and good leaders were sidelined as he was more interested in keeping the power for himself and the leadership vacuum becomes evidently serious.

Any leader who overstays in power will inherit ungainly political situation and to fill in the wide vacuum may be costly as all the cream among leaders are retired as the warlord Taib didn’t want to move out.

Big names like Adnan Satem, Norwawi Affendi and many others have gone into oblivion as the warlord never want them to succeed him as he takes the rich state of Sarawak is own personally by him.

I can make a calculated guess that what happen in the peninsular is going to happen in Sarawak in more serious extent.

Sarawak can no longer be dependent on the Federal leaders as the leaders in Kuala Lumpur is not conducting themselves as leaders whom the multiracial population can lean on.

In the end I must stress that UMNO will soon become an orphanage party if their leaders are not willing to sacrifice and put the party’s safety above their personal glorious but selfish concentration.

UMNO is facing another test of the people’s confidence in the coming Permatang Pasir state constituency by election.

I hope UMNO will prove that they now on the way for recovery through this by election. Any short of winning would add the impotency of the party and it slowly but surely becomes a destitute political organization.

Than this 21-year old party will unceremoniously be abandoned like the pure and true UMNO which was made defunct by its top leaders 21 years ago.

To UMNO and BN I wish them best of luck in the coming Permatang Pasir by election as the result would reflect the actual performance in the coming GE.

I may prepare the TEMPLATES of the comments from the BN and the PR leaders over 3 assumptions; if BN manage to reduce the majority of the winning PR. Secondly if the PR wins by bigger majority and finally if BN manage to win the election even by very simple majority.

Thanks……………………………………………………………..Aspan Alias


newPKRmember said...

You are right bro. Now we are not sure what is wrong and what is right.

I am a new defector from UMNO for PKR. Like many others I do not have any other choice but to leave UMNO.

My chinese wife is joining PKR too.

At least I am having peace gere. If there is any problem it would be fresh problem.

I can't stand the whole old problems in UMNO.

badrul said...

The hypocrisy in UMNO is unbearable.
Immagine Nazri Aziz is in charge of cabinet committee on corruption. The greatest joke we could hear.

Najib is the greatest hypocrisy and dengan selamba menjanjikan rakyat akan hapuskan corruption.

kah kah kah

anak minah ronggeng said...

Just let us accept the fact that a process of change is well on its way.
Let us not be too sentimental about things.

Getting to be loyal to the party does not help UMNO.

UMNO is fast going to the ditch and it is unstoppable.

UMNO has given up every bit of its struggle.

There is no more reason to be in that party.

So just let it be. Bet you Najib would be the last President of UMNO.

And yet their leaders are still denying the fact.

Cheers bro

Anonymous said...

Forget about UMNO!! It's a club for the elite and the super rich only.

The UMNO struggle has always been a class struggle. It has never been for under privilege Malays. It's to keep the general Malays population ignorant,so that the Malay upper class, namely the UMNoputras' will have a monopoly on political power and hence the total control of the Nation's Wealth. Ketuana Melayu, it's just a very convenient excuse.

See how those MCA Chinese made the killings in the PKFZ project. If Ketuanan Melayu rhetoric really mean anything for the ordinary Malays, the government would not let those bastards get away with such blatant disregard for the law of the country!

If not for the 308 election tsunami, the number of opposition members of parliment would be few and hence would be shouted down or totally shut up by the dewan speaker! Nobody would have known any thing about these wrong doings. Barisan Nasional are but a bunch of pirates using divide and rule tactic.

As a non-Malay I demand that the government go after those involved in the swindled of 12 billions of the rakyat tax money and stop shouting ketunan Melayu untill foaming at the mouth while protecting your crime partner. Don't worry, we will not complain that this is a form of discrimination against the Chinese. A crime is a crime and the criminals behind must be brought to justice, there's nothing racial about it.

Sigh, almost forgot those bastards are UMNo's partners in crime, so nothing will be done.

Muhammad Firdaus Christopher said...

Beautifully said bro, UMNO is already screwed & lets move to bigger things in life. See you tmr in KL..

Later I comment a longer piece ok..

UMNO - Umno Mampuih Negara Ok..

Wassalam, Firdaus Christopher

how said...

bro aspan,

so many years had past,
will rakyat malaysia lost if we are not govern by BN after the next election?

will the next government other than BN will ignore the federal constitution such as malay rights?

Anonymous said...

ingat zaman kegemilangan empire Melaka dulu...Pertempuran pertama lawan Pertugis dulu Orang Melaka menang..tapi tipu muslihat Pertugis mula masuk dgn kerjasama baruah baruah ,pertualang/pengkianat di kalangan orang Melaka sendiri. ada cerita menang pertama tu pasal orang melaka pakai 'orang orang kelinga' disuruh menunggeng ditepi pantai , buntut di alakan ke arah kelaut .di circle nya buntut buntut hitam orang Kelinga tu dengan cat putih, dari jauh nampak macam mariam ..banyak mariam..itu buat orang pertugis gerun...lepas menang pusingan pertama , kerajaan melaka buat silap pula. salah ambil penglima perang..dia lantik orang negori jadi penglima ..orang kuala pilah...dia salah bagi arahan..suruh serang ..dia berteriak "SORANG! SORANG!SORANG!" maka orang melaka pun keluar 'seorang' demi 'seorang'apa lagi maka habis di tembak oleh askar pertugis maka kalah lah melaka...itu pasal jangan angkat orang negori jadi penglima perang...
UMNO pun macam tu juga Pan..apa nak kato DAP pun sama PKR pun sama jua lah...

Anonymous said...

aku kalau kenal Rapat Dgn DSN for sure suruh dia lantik You jadi Duta kat UK...itu kerja yg paling baik untuk diri Aspan ...cocok sekali