15 October 2009

MCA CWC meeting @ 1pm. Who leads the party from today?

“Component parties must put their houses in order”. That was what I read as one of the headlines in The New Straits Times today. It was Najib's statement of advice to all component parties.

I am very sure he is referring to the meeting of Central Working Committee (CWC) of MCA schedule to be held at 1 pm today to decide who is going to lead the 60-year-old party after the Extraordinary Assembly on last Saturday.

MCA is the 2nd biggest component of Barisan Nasional (BN) and the serious divide in the party makes Najib’s mind started to work round the clock. Najib wants to see who the leader is now.

Ong Tee Kiat failed to circumvent the vote of no-confidence against him and could not barricade the move to stop Chua Soi Lek to be back in the party. Soi Lek failed to reinstate his position as Deputy President and has to be satisfied by just be an ordinary member.

Now both are out of the leadership line up and CWC meeting which is due at 1 pm will decide who will be given the mandate to be at the helm.

The Vice Presidents Liow Tiong Lai and Kong Cho Ha is rumored to take the Presidency and Deputy President respectively and would be endorsed by the CWC in this important meeting.

The question is; what would be the consequential effect when lately Ong Tee Kiat has many calls from various MCA divisions to stay on and Soi Lek’s faction is working hard to get their mentor to be back in prominence.

Even if the CWC is forced to decide on unanimous decision to put up Liow and Kong to lead, what would be the grassroot reaction as the grassroot was brought to get involved in the grave dispute between Ong and Chua.

Would that decision stands well and lasting enough while waiting for the new election for the party?

One must remeber that to oust Ong from the Presidency he must be voted out by two third majority in the Extraordinary meeting as provided by MCA constitution, while he only lost by only 14 votes in the EGM last Saturday.

The CWC meeting today would be a real tough on to mitigate the problems satisfactorily.

It quite early to answer but just let us wait until the meeting of CWC is over. Some friends from MCA told me that it is going to be a long meeting.

We may be able to get the feel of the outcome in just hours after the meeting. I am guessing a wild one; it is going to be another long haul of tribulations looming in this party.

Najib has reasons to be worried but I think he himself has to find a formula how to get UMNO which is equally in bad profile, be on track again.

Let us not talk about UMNO for the time being. Let see what happen in MCA and MIC and get our views transgress across borders of East Malaysian States.

We are hearing a lot of uneasy news from there too.

See you after the MCA CWC meeting are over…may be in the late afternoon

While waiting for the outcome of that meeting let us see and listen to the rhetoric in UMNO General Assembly which TV1 occasionally screens from PWTC.

I am very sure that we would enjoy witnessing the clappings and the jokes from the delegates brought in by the party to PWTC. It is more enjoyable than going to the circus…bet you.

Thanks…………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan,

BN is heading for disaster. BN is going for humiliation.

Just wait

Anonymous said...

Baru menang sekali, BN dah sibuk memuji diri masing-masing.

UMNO UMNO! kesian aku tengok. Dulu tak nak Isa. UMNO ni selalu momantek mantek.

dony said...



Anonymous said...

let us see who would be the best joker in this year's UMNO assembly.

the greatest of all has become the permenant chairman

perfectwater75 said...


As long as we are the ordinary members, we must accept what ever they want to do..so if what they do will destroy this party..We just follow!

thx 4 ur comment sir!

Anonymous said...

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