08 November 2009

MCA crossroad?

MCA is now contracting the same value and culture that UMNO and other political parties have been suffering of late and that disease seems contagiously dangerous.

Tribulations and troubles creep in every party both the ruling coalitions and the oppositions.

Now MCA is having 2 Deputy Presidents, Chua Soi Lek, the elected Deputy President and recognized by Registrar of Societies and the other is Liow Tiong Lai, the one who was appointed by the (Central Working Committee) CCC when Soi Lek was deposed from the party by Ong Tee Kiat.

Ong Tee Kiat sacked Soi Lek through the Disciplinary Committee’s decision and was then reinstated as an ordinary member minus the Deputy Chief position at the Party EGM on the 10th October.

Subsequently CCC set in a meeting and decided to appoint one of the Vice Presidents to be the Deputy President while Soi Lek went to the Registrar of Society (ROS) to take up the arbitration and he was reinstated as Deputy President by the ROS.

MCA is now stuck with 2 Deputy Presidents which invites more serious intra-politics and jeopardy within this oldest Party for the Chinese in the ruling coalition.

Liow is now sitting on the other end of the table with Ong Tee Kiat and he is going to the court to defend his position which he has just sat on.

But yesterday he reversed his decision by not going to the court, and this decision is hoped to be a positive move if he is serious about containing sanity in the party.

Ng Cheng Kiat, the Disciplinary Board Chairman and 4 other members resigned as they feel that their views were not respected by the CCC and members as well as some leaders who questioned their decision in handling Soi Lek’s issue.

Now Ong and Soi Lek became friends again and Liow and some other leaders within top party rank are now in the other side of the divide.

The 2 arch-rivals become teammates and left the divide which both created into a major infighting within the second biggest component party in the BN coalition.

Both sides of the warring parties are having each own way of solving the problems and in essence there are opinions of divorce directions to each other.

One wonders how they are going to address their differences and to find the re-conciliatory point of agreeable and sustainable solution. The cut is too deep for any early solution to the predicament.

NOW what is going to be in BN when MCA is at this abhorring state? This will again become a major issue if we believe what we should believe.

The 10th October EGM had given Ong the vote of no-confidence even though by wafer-thin majority.

By reading of the constitution Ong can only be ousted only if 2/3 of the EGM delegates want him to go. BUT morally Ong has no more grips on the party as slightly more than ½ of the delegates wanted him to go.

It simply means that Ong is only ½ a leader, but that again it was at the situation when Soi Lek and his followers were at the other side of the fence.

Now that they are back to combine forces, it does not mean that MCA is back to normal as along the way while Ong and Soi Lek were at logger head there were another 3rd group who wanted both to go.

That was why the 10th October EGM both Ong and Soi Lek were thrown out even though they could not get the 2/3 strength. Both were morally put to be just an ordinary member.

Now a new equation is formed. One side is the team of Ong and Soi Lek and the other is the team that is led by Liow Tiong Lai, Ka Siong and quite a number of big leaders within the MCA hierarchy are with Liow who is calling for the 2nd EGM on the 28th of November.

On the contrary the Secretary General of MCA rejected the idea of having EGM and wants it to settle all issues in the Annual General Assembly on the 5th of December.

This group (Liow’s Group) demands for fresh party elections as the one and only way to find the perpetual solution to the tribulations that MCA is in at the moment.

Group aligned to Liow does not recognize any appointment and sacking in post 10th October EGM and that includes the reinstatement of Soi Lek as Deputy President by ROS.

Ong and Soi Lek got to work with each other as a result of the Great Unity Plan initiated by BN Chairman Najib which is crashing even before the plan could take off.

Najib’s formula is apparently the biggest contributor to the new leg of problems in MCA, and that proves the BN Chairman’s incapacity to resolve problems within the coalition he leads.

Good intentions alone are not enough. We wish to see good leaders with magnanimity and with wealth of experience and wisdom to address problems that lie within the path of any political struggle of any nation and people.

So when will these ugly scenario end? Can the 28th November EGM,if it happens, would be able to circumvent deadly fate and destiny for MCA and BN as a whole?

OR can the Annual General Assembly on the 5th December be the last Assembly before MCA back to normalcy or in decrepit?

Only God Almighty knows. We wait…and we shall see how it ends.

Thanks…………………………………………Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

MCA is in despondent. MCA lost many setas because of losing supportUMNO and MCA had to share the problems.
The Chinese lost regards for UMNO and MCA was penalise3d for being supporting UMNO.

So UMNO leaders, please stay away. You might cause more problems among us.


Anonymous said...


Don't worry. Have faith with UMNO. UMNO will shine again. The support for opposition is only temporary. The rakyat is conscious that only BN can deliver even though there are few shortcomings. These shortcomings can be addressed and rectified with commitment from all BN component parties to work together and solved whatever problems. Nothing is impossible if we want to make it possible. One Malaysia concept is relevent to all level headed Malaysians who love peace and harmony and respect for each order.

PAS support is now losing ground. This has been reported in the research undertaken by its party.

PKR is just as hopeless. The credibility of its leaders is HP6.

DAP is perceived as a chauvinist party all along among the Malays and at the end of the day they can only get support from people who are really chauvinist in outlook.

My prediction is that soon the pact among them will crack not unless if PAS is willing to be just a passenger behaving like "lembu" !!

Humpty Dumpty

sean abdullah said...

Humty Dumpty,

You must be day dreaming. UMNO is going to be history.

Or were you joking? why do you stand watching corrupt UMNO leaders?

sean abdullah

renial lim said...

choi, actually we have no worries. U may vote for umno or pas or pkr.

they are legal parties, but to say that umno is going to be good again is just a fiction.

If you enjoy fiction stories than umno is better choice.

If u need other flavors pkr, pas or dap are all good choices.

let us not quarrel. count the votes, and who ever gets the majority, he rules.

renial lim said...

another thing which i forgot choi,
voting for umno means voting the first lady.
do so if u think she is good.

Anonymous said...

Sean Abdullah,

Don't make me laugh!! You can continue bite your teeth until it hurts to see the downfall of UMNO.

You are in a state of denial until doomsday.

UMNO is now as strong as ever. UMNO is a party of the Malays and for the Malays. Those Malays who do not support UMNO are like people who are "deaf, blind and dumb" at heart.

They are pretending themselves as if they can survive without UMNO. Those Malays who have that idea are making fool of themselves.

Think, think and think hard and be honest to yourself..

Likewise MCA !!! BN has ruled the country for the last 50 years and will continue to rule until doomsday. Trust me. God Willing.

Who is dreaming?? Lets see PRU 13 !!!

Pakatan leaders who are just beginning to taste power will be the most corrupted if given the chance to govern fully. They will suffer from cultural shock and they will think that it is their turn to take the opportunity to reap and strip everything while "stocks" last.Believe me!!

Humpty Dumpty

sean Abdullah said...

Humty Dumpty,
What is 1Malaysia? I hope you are not like typical UMNO boy; parroting what an opportunistic leader says.

Anonymous said...

Penyerahan segala-galanya yg dipunyai oleh Melayu kepada bangsa asing sajalahlah caranya UMNO untuk survive.
UMNO akan survive tapi at what cost?
Itu persoalannya.
Banyak Melayu terpengaruh dengan membuang tongkat sjaja Melayu boleh survive.
Nasihat saya tongkat jgn dibuang; kalau tak nak pakai simpan. Takut-takut nanti kita tercari-cari tongkat.
Jangan pandai cakap sahaja hai Humpty Dumpty.
1Malaysia kata Najib, 1Malaysia kata awak.
Fikir betul-betul. Menysal dahulu pendapatan, menysal kemudian tiada gunanya.

yg perlu tongkat.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, voting for UMNO and BN is like marrying an old lady, brief happiness but would spend a lot of time nursing her of her diseases.
Voting for PR is like marrying a young girl; go through brief live in delinquency but she would be on the way to maturing.
As my Malay friends used to say, if UMNO is still voted in, it is like marrying a soon-to be senile old and senile lady.


Anonymous said...

Those who are so confident of changing the govt, by voting Pakatan and expect them to bring us to paradise in a rocket are just day dreaming.

Instead of going to paradise the rocket will divert to hell because its GPS "sudah KO" even before shoot off.

So stop day dreaming lah.

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...

"I have a dream"

"Humpty Dumpty is dreaming!"

sean Abdullah.

Anonymous said...

Tidak boleh di nafikan seluruh keluarga saya telah mengecapi perubahan hidup dari kemisikinan kepada yang lebeh baik dan selesa lagi. Seluruh keluarga saya mendapat pendidikan yang baik. Dan mereka telah mempunyai kehidupan yang baik kerana pendidikan yang diterimanya sehingga keperingkat pelajaran yang tertinggi sekali.

Dulu dikampong kawasaan pendalaman kampong saya tidak ada bekalan air dan api. Kami pergi sekolah mandi diperigi dan membuat homework dengan menggunakan lampu minyak tanah.

Sekarang semuanya sudah berubah hasil dari perjuangan UMNO. Itu lah hakikatnya dan kami tidak akan mudah lupa walau apapun terjadi kepada UMNO, UMNO tetap saya sokong. Dulu kini dan selamanya.

Kami tidak bodoh sombong. We know our root how difficult to live without any basic things. Now we can see the difference in our life. Everybody of the family members has changed their life for the better.

Yes, UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Wahai orang Melayu, fikir, think dan fikir !!! Jangan jadi BODOH SOMBONG !!!!

Humpty Dumpty !!

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty is always down to earth. Humpty Dumpty is not dreaming. Humpty Dumpty is a practical "creature". He does not dream.

Most important of all Humpty Dumpty is always thankful to ALLAH.

Humpty Dumpty is a rational creature. He is not emotional. He knows what life is all about. It is only sementara. He loves peace and harmony. It is very precious. So don't take things for granted. Lets move forward with Barisan Nasional. The party that stands above all others. Either you are with us or you tenggelam !!!Jangan BODOH SOMBONG !!

Hati kita jangan "buta, pekak dan bisu" !! Al Baqarah ayat 18. Hayatilah ayat ini.

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty kata dia tak emotional.

Tapi dia kata orang bodoh sombong just because ada perbezaan pendapat.

Kalau lah Humpty Dumty diberikan tugas untuk memimpin, bayangkan semua orang mesti akur kpdnya dan akan dikatakan bodoh kalau tak ikut.

Guna pulak ayat albakarah kerana nak tegakkan benang basahnya.

Macam manalah orang nak ikut UMNO kerana dari sikapnya dia sangat typical UMNO yg menyebabkan parti itu tersembam dlm pilihanraya dulu.

Pada halnya isu yang dibincangkan adalah 'a matter of perception sahaja'

Humpty Dumty jangan kempen untuk UMNO, nanti rosak parti saya itu.

Elok Humty Dumty buat tugas lain dalam function parti, macam buat air atau susun pinggan sahaja.

Itu lebih berfaedah untuk UMNO. Tolong saya didapur.

hashmiah, bentung

Anonymous said...

UMNO hak semua Melayu. Jangan nak memperkecilkan orang lain. Cermin muka kita dan tanya siapa kita. Tak kira sama ada Humpty Dumpty hanya layak basuh pingan didapur atau pemimpin yang berwibawa dan tahu apa itu perjuangan dan kebenaran.Semua sama!! Semua sama!!. Semua ada hak untuk bersuara. Jangan lah menghina pandangan orang lain.

Fikir dan fikir. Jangan riak dan bodoh sombong.

Kita cakap pasal Melayu. Bukan pasal siapa individu Melayu itu seperti Humbty Dumpty.

Pahamlah sikit. Don't make ridiculous remark to degrade people. It is unislamic, Hashmiah. If you are a lady, I feel sad indeed!!

Anonymous said...


The definition of "bodoh sombong" in my remark is "arrogant" not "stupid" in actual sense.

When you talk about perception, yes, everybody has different perception. Your perception is different from mine and you have to accept this difference in opinion.

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...

Hashmiah, If you are an UMNO member of wanita or putri I hope it does not reflect the thinking of the whole wanita and putri members. Or else it would be shameful indeed having an UMNO member of such quality.

Luckily, I am not an UMNO member but I gave my vote to UMNO as symphitizer of the party and being a Malay who had received a lot of benefits for supporting UMNO struggle.

Anonymous said...

If UMNO is that good how can it be so sickening like now.
Is it not because of mentality like Humpty Dumpty that make UMNO to be this crab.
It is not Hashmiah or anyone like her. There is one thing that I know when I was in school; i.e Fish rots from the head.
Humpty Dumpty, Hashmiah or anybody can be blamed, blame the leaders who built up this culture of apple polishing.
Leaders are always right to them and nothing is wrong.
I suggest you all stop quarreling.
Aspan was writing on MCA.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a Malay like you make UMNO sick. Don't you think so, Noreen? UMNO is not sick !!!

Likewise MCA is not sick. Maybe the Chinese themselves make MCA sick. Just maybe !! Anyway, the Chinese can easily sort out their problem. They know when to end the crisis. They have their own strategy.

There is no such thing as culture of apple polishing because not all Malays are UMNO members including me.. That's just a perception. The problem with the Malays they tend to be having "herd mentality". Bila orang masuk longkang semua ikut masuk longkang !!! Bila orang condemn UMNO semua condemn UMNO. Itulah cara orang Melayu berfikir.Tak ada pendirian tegoh.Ini perception saya. You may agree or disagree. It is your privilege!!

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty calls everyone with evry supelative. Bodoh sombonglah, Herds Mentalitylah! itulah! inilah!

I wonder how this person is like. Normally orang cakap besar ni tin kosong.

I don't preach.


ismailembong besut said...

Sdr Aspan Alias,

Pertama kali hari ini saya terjumpa blog sdr dan saya telah membaca banyak tulisan sdr dari pagi tadi.
Jika lah sdr ada pandangan saya minta sdr memberikan sedikit komen tentang wang ehsan dan royalty yan sibuk dibincang rakyat luar sana.
Isu ini sangat sensitif buat diri saya kerana sebagai anak Melayu saya sedih tengok wang royalty diputar belitkan oleh pihak tertentu dan ini menambah masalah kepada org Melayu.
Berilah sedikit pandangan sdr.


Aspan Alias said...

ismailembong, saya ucapkan terima kasih kerana kesudian sdr membaca pandangan saya yang tidak sepertinya itu.

Saya mungkin boleh memberikan pandangan saya walaupun jika saya tulis itu nanti umpama bersuluh ditempat yang terang.

Ini adalah keputusan politik pihak yang berkuasa. Nantilah! sehari dua ini saya agak sibuk, tak dapat mengadap komputer selalu.


Anonymous said...


I don't preach too. I am expressing my personal views. The reality is you do not appreciate people who have different views.

Whether I cakap besar or tin kosong it does not matter to me. That's your right to express. It doesn't bother me at all.

As far as I am concerned I don't condemn or degrade individual person. By doing that you are exposed to reflect your own individual character who actually you are.

I am talking about the Malays in general which I am no exception.

Think !!

Back to Sdra Aspan's subject regarding MCA, I think the ending will be positive. The leaders will compromise and move forward for the sake of their community.

Likewise UMNO, UMNO will move forward for the better and not for the worse. Not unless the Malays stick to following the "herd mentality principle" wherby if one condemns and the rest will follow. Then UMNO is just hopeless !!! If that is what the Malays want it to be !!! That is the ending !!

So be happy and don't worry !!

Humpty Dumpty.

Anonymous said...

just don't respond to what Humpty Dumpty says.
It is a waste of you precious time.
Lebih sudu dari kuah, kata orang.


kim said...

choi, This time DAP is my choice. You?


Anonymous said...

My choice is still Barisan Nasional. Dulu, kini dan selamanya.
I believe BN is in the direction except some of its leaders are perceived to be corrupted. WE can get rid of them in no time. You will get totally a new breed of leaders who will be committed for the rakyat. UMNO has changed its constitution to be more democratic. So sooner or later all those HP6 leaders within UMNO will be weed out. No doubt this process will take a bit of time to materialise but it will definitely happen. We will see a brand new leaders of Barisan Nasional in the making.

I am always optimistic and practical person. Things are not static. It will always change for the better. BN had learn their lessons well so we are moving forward for a better deal. Insya'allah. God willing !!

Just like when you have children who fail badly in their exams. As good parents you don't rotan them but you have to inspire them to do better and guide and motivate them.

Am I right, Noreen or lebeh sudu dari kuah !!!

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...


At the moment, 30 percent BN, 60 percent opposition and the balance independent.
4 of my children are opposition and 1 independent.
My wife does not register as a voter. She hates to hear about politics of the day.
Just wait for G Election.


ibrahimyahya said...

Dlm PRU 12 semua anak-anak dan menantu-menantu saya mengundi BN, malah rumah saya adalah bilek derakan kecil BN.

Sekarang dua anak saya dan seorang menantu saya menyokong pembangkang.

itulah keadaan keluarga saya. Penyokong BN ada 6 orng dan pembangkang ada 4 orang.

Dulu semuanya BN. Pening kepala aku.

Anonymous said...


Tidak mengapa. Itu satu perkembangan yang sihat. Masing-masing ada pandangan yang berlainan. Yang penting kita mesti buat pilihan yang boleh memertabatkan kehidupan kita ketahap yang lebeh tinggi lagi supaya jangan jadi macam saya "lebeh sudu dari kuah" seperti apa yang Noreen kata.

Don;t worry be happy !!! Cheers !!

Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous said...

slowly but steadily, BN's support is evaporating even though my wish is for BN to retain power.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust Mahathir, I didn't trust Pak Lah and I am not trusting Najib.
I have enough of them. All of them are of the same breed.

These leaders are only lip serving leaders.
They fucked up our-lives. Get rid of themlah.

karto, jawamuar

Anonymous said...

I am an UMNO man, but my wife is PKR member.
I voted for BN in last general election.
Isteri saya undi PR. Lately my wife have been insisting that I vote for PR.
Nampaknya kenalah undi PR. Dah bini suruh undilah PKR.
Tak boleh buat apa-apa, saya takut bini.
Sorrylah Humpty Dumpty. Saya ikut bini saya.
Sorry humpty Dumpty.


Anonymous said...

Wak Karto,

Apa masaalah, Wak? Cuba cerita sikit.

Mat Jawa

Anonymous said...


Don't worry be happy. Tentunya ada hikmah di sebalik takut bini. Ikutlah cakap bini. Mudah-mudahan saudara akan selamat dunia akhirat !!

Satu sahaja pesanan saya, jangan pulak sdra disuruh buat air dan basuh pingan macam Hashmiah suruh saya buat. Itu dah macam kena Queen Control. Guarantee tak dapat masuk syurga. kah, kah, kah !!!

Humpty Dumpty

Albert said...

Hei big bro Aspan,

Never knew that you have a blog and never cross my mind that you can write.

You talk about MCA? stop it! that party is gone bro.

MCA shud not remain in BN if she wants to secure Chinese support.

Simple as ABC.

How are you lah bro. Must see you soon.

Aspan Alias said...

Hi Albert,
It has been ages. The last time we met was like 15yrs ago.
Hei, email me yr phone no.
Lets meet. Where do you live now?Still in Canada? orhere?
email me pls.

Anonymous said...

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