18 December 2009

BTN should be disbanded Part 2

The meeting between the PM Najib with 30 senior officers of BTN on Tuesday was an initial step towards effort to revamp the department which involve the curriculum of the courses to be conducted.

Honestly BTN has a good set of curriculum but what was wrong was the implementation of the courses which deviated wayward by propping individual leaders and more or less smearing others who had different view and perception on certain issues.

There were not much of elements of racist in BTN but more perilous was the element of building up resentment among Malay leaders instead of uniting the Malay leaders in the line up.

In short BTN was made used by some leaders to impede others whom they feel would be a competitors in the struggle for power climbing.

In 1981 Mahathir succeeded Hussein Onn as PM and Mahathir was very obvious siding Musa in the fight for the Deputy President and subsequently Musa won the contest, certainly due to Mahathir’s open support for him (Musa).

Musa won the contest but his winning was not genuine support for him as it was Mahathir who brought him the votes.

Musa realised that he was not sitting and standing on firm footing in UMNO. Tengku Razaleigh despite losing was still supported by UMNO because he has been the Vice President of UMNO even earlier than Dr Mahathir.

TR’s personal record couldn't be erased as his personal profile was unmatched by any leader of those days and even by the current leaders.

BTN played very crucial role to prop up Musa and the man in charge of BTN at that time was non other than our 'great' Pak Lah who was then the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s department.

BTN was all out admonishing TR and never a word was said to recognise TR as the most in illustrious leader of the day just because the frightful feeling felt by some leaders of that time.
BTN never recognise that TR was the only person outside US to be the Chairman of the World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank.

The fact that TR was heading 4 international Financial giants with 4 different functions was a real and great achievement for any son of Malaysian Soil.

When I asked the training moderator about the outstanding achievement of the Kelantan Prince I was answered in a very cynical manner and I was an irritant to the moderators of the day.

Many other leaders who were friends of TR could not escape the admonishment of BTN and every effort was made to find what Musa has done for the nation in order to prop him.

BTN was for Musa and gang and after few years Mahathir was also victimised as Musa was already planning a stage against Mahathir in a very subtle manner.

BTN interfered in choosing candidates for any election and its feelers was already in every UMNO Division and they played not a small role in determining who to lead and who to be dropped as leaders in UMNO divisions.

Not many would dare to say this as many UMNO members are not struggling for the Malays anymore but for their personal ambitions and glories.

UMNO leaders from then on only walk on their stomach and that culture is now becoming accepted culture until today and the party is now facing an acute immune deficiency syndrome or popular with acronym AIDS.

We should now have to accept that UMNO is now suffering from lack of immune system which may put the party in demise if any other disease comes near it.

I may be alone in giving this opinion but that is okay with me. I am conclusive that BTN should be disbanded and by doing so this could save the country a lot of money from unnecessary expenses.

For the 2010 budget our operational and development expenses is cut by 17% and 30% respectively.

By disbanding BTN the amount of money allocated for this department can be spent on some other pressing needs.

The money can be given to MARA which has not received any allocation for the needy and deserving Malays to further their studies local and abroad. MARA is already malfunctioning as an agency to develop the Malays in professional educations.

We should also be reminded that during the 1993 constitutional crisis, BTN played a major role in indoctrinating the people that Royal Institution was of no relevance anymore.

Obviously BTN followed through their taukehs attempt to suppress the already small power that the the constitution provides for The Malay Rulers.

So, why hesitate to disband the department like BTN?

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

BTN has been the culprit by not following its original intentions of its existence.
Aspan I agree with you bro. Tidak ada apa-apa faedah yg negara perolehi dari BTN


bekas peserta btn said...

Tidak ada apa-apa faedah yg negara perolehi dari BTN?
Komen tidak adil bagi ssorg yg tidak pun berada atau aktif dalam organisasi spt BTN.
Adil meletakkan sesuatu ditempatnya?
Moga penulis dan penyokongnya tidak disumpah keturunan sendiri pada masa depan.

Anonymous said...

BTN is good. Anwar will use it if his dream to be the Prime Minister comes true. Of course, he will rebrand it to suit his political agenda. Don't you think so Saudara Aspan Alias? So you think it is wise to disband it. Why disband it when the Pakatan state governments are "copycatting" it?


Antu Seruan Nusantara said...

Saudara-saudara ku!

Marilah kita jadikan Ma'al Hijrah ini sebagai bibit bibit penyatuan semula orang orang Melayu.

Saudara-saudara kita yang tidak berparti, atau berparti bebas, yang dalam UMNO, yang dalam PAS dan yang dalam PKR.. di mana jua.. marilah kita bersama-sama membimbing saudara-saudara Melayu yang terkeliru sehingga telah menjadi ahli DAP, saudara-saudara kita yang telah termakan pujuk rayu tipu helah Malaysian Malaysia, yang berselindung di sebalik meritokrasi dan berbagai helah itu..

Ingatlah, secara politiknya kita hanya ada UMNO dan PAS yang tidak bertegur sapa..

Secara politiknya puak-puak pelampau mereka sudah diam-diam bekerjasama. Mereka ada DAP, Gerakan, MCA, Gabungan 7 persatuan yang amat kiasu..

BANGKITLAH MELAYU.. bersama-sama keturunan cina, india dan lain-lain yang cintakan negara ini.. Bangkitlah.. kita lenyapkan golongan ultra kiasu yang sedang merancang untuk menerajui negara ini..

Aspan Alias said...

I wish to answer your comment, but we are talking different language.

If you care to study evry word in your short comment, you agreeing wth me.

Aspan Alias said...

Antu Seruan Nusantara,
1Malaysia is another name of Malaysian Malaysia.

What is the differnt between 1Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia?

Both are fighting for the same cause. So one can be either in DAP or UMNO. Its all the same.

Anonymous said...

"What is the differnt between 1Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia?

So one can be either in DAP or UMNO. Its all the same."

That's your shallow perception. You just refuse to accept the 1 Malaysia concept even though you know the concept is very crystal clear. Nothing to do with Malaysian Malaysia concept as propogated by DAP. Be honest to yourself, sadra !! Tak usah berpura-pura !!!


Aspan Alias said...


Since you say there are differences between 1Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia, can you do a bit og deliberation on the issue?

Anonymous said...

Don't be ignorant. There were continuous public debates on the issue and the government had already explained again and all over again what the concept is really all about. And yet you fail to understand. What does that reflect?
You have the answer, sdra Aspan.There is no need to deliberate further on issue that is already crystal clear to most of the rakyat except a few only who have opposing views because of their personal and political agenda to reject the concept. To some of them their intention is just to ridicule the Prime Minister!! Nothing more than that, particularly, the oppositions. Anyway that's their business to oppose anything that the govt does whatever it takes as long as they achieve their objective. Time to move forward and look at the brighter side of things rather than always be negative over trivial issues which are of no significant or benefit to the rakyat. Of course, criticisms are part of democratic process. However, it must be positive criticisms and be done without any malice.

Yang penting ialah hati kita mesti suci berseh dan tidak ada unsur riak, iri hati, dendam dan hasad dengki. Mungkin kita tidak sedar atau sengaja tidak sedar bahawa elemen buruk ini akan membawa padah kepada rakyat jelata. Good to ponder deeply !!!Cheerio !!!


Aspan Alias said...

Hati yg bersih selalunya tidak akan mudah diperkotak katekkan oleh politik yg tidak jujur.

UMNO yg saya sertai ini memperjuangkan org Melayu. Tetapi kosep 1Malaysia telah memberikan segala-gala yg org Melayu milik kepada bangsa asing.

Kenapa kelas persediaan di UiTM misalnya telah mengambil 70 % bukan Bumiputra.

Itu kah dia asas penubuhan UiTM...untuk orang bukan Bumi?

Yg menusuk hati lagi segala institusi Melayu sudah roboh. MARA tidak lagi membuat pembiaayaan pelajar lagi. Kenapa? jawabnya kerajaasn tidak ada duit!

Orang Melayu bukan terpinggir tetapi dipinggirkan.

Saya tidak rasa bersalah kerana saya tidak tahan lagi melihat slogan-slogan besar tetapi org Melayu tertindas.

Lagi tinggi slogan lagi jatuh merudum kami org Melayu.

Siapa yg lebih bersih dan suci hati? saya tidak mengaku saya bersih hati tetapi saya tahu pemimpin2 Melayu yg menipu org Melayu dan penyokong yg menyokongnya adalah org yg sudah gelap mata hati.

Bersih tak bersihnya hati sesaorang itu akan hanya kita tahu di Yamil Mahsya nanti.

Hanya tuhan sahaja yg tahu kita ini bersih atau tidak.

Cubalah sdr bertawassul dan bertawajjuh dengan intensif agar kita tahu yg benar dan yang salah.

Tetapi bagi saya saya tidak hairan keadaan sekarang menjadi begini.

Salah satu dari dalil dunia akan kiamat ialah yg benar nampak salah dan yg salah nampak benar.

Yg bathil bermahajalela dan yg benar itu tertindas.

Itu adat dunia akhir zaman.

Sdr Embun, saya doakan sdr lah yang benar dan saya lah yg salah.

mohd said...

salam saudara Aspan,

berdasarkan penulisan saudara mengenai BTN sudah tentu saudara melihatnya melalui sejarah dan pengalaman saudara.

saya juga ada mendengar yang Anwar menggunakan BTN untuk menaikkan dirinya malah mencantas Tun Ghaffar Baba juga menggunakan BTN. sy dengarnya melalui beberapa rakan saya didalam BTN. rakan2 sy orang baru dalam 2,3 tahun di BTN.

isu hangat juga BTN ni ya, sy ni slow skit ikut isu hangat masa tgh betul2 hangat. nmpknya saya agk lewat skit.isunya juga yg sy perhati ialah pembubaran BTN.

cuma nak tanye pendapat saudara, jika dibubarkan BTN, dimana mereka2 yang bekerja di BTN terutamanya yang tidak terlibat dengan permainan politik pemimpin lembik, yang tidak tahu apa2, nak mencari rezeki? kerana setahu saya, BTN juga 100% orang Melayu,tmasukla rakan2 saya. saudara orang lama, established, rakan2 saya dikira baru lagi di BTN, nampak kerisauan dimuka mereka.

saya harap pandangan/jawapan saudara bukanlah 'biarlah mereka pandai2 cari kerja lain'.

terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Sdra Aspan,

Well, you had made your point clear. I read, I analyse and I take note and I have no further comment. I have said what I want to say and thanks for giving me the space to express my view. At least you are a gentleman !!


Anonymous said...

Sdra kata:
1.Kenapa kelas persediaan di UiTM misalnya telah mengambil 70 % bukan Bumiputra.

Apa jawapan dari Uitm? Apa rasionalnya? Kenapa tak dapatkan penjelasan dari Chanselor? Tentu ada jawapan yang munasabah !!

Sdra kata:
2.MARA tidak lagi membuat pembiaayaan pelajar lagi. Kenapa? jawabnya kerajaasn tidak ada duit!

Kalau itu jawapannya bermakna Penguerusi MARA tidak menjalankan tanggong jawabnya hanya "makan tanggong, berak cangkong" punya Pengerusi. Bukan MARA tak ada duit. Mungkin dia tidor !!

johnsilver said...

bro aspan,
saya melihat tulisan saudara langsung tidak menyentuh penglibatan anwar ibrahim dengan btn. saya rasa saudara tentu tahu bagaimana btn menaikkan imej anwar - dari seorang yang kelihatan seperti mubaligh pakistan hingga pandai ke salon rambut. orang yang berusia saudara ataupun muda sedikit tentu ingat bagaimana btn berhempas pulas berusaha untuk memenangkan anwar semasa bertanding ketua pemuda umno mencabar suhaimi kamaruddin tahun 1982 dahulu.
seperkara lagi, saya melihat btn itu tak silapnya. apa yang silapnya ialah pendekatan btn masih tidak berubah dari dulu hingga sekarang. ketua dan juak-juaknya di btn itu sendiri perlu direhatkan. ramai lagi manusia yang mampu melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab tersebut dengan membuat pendekatan baru!

Aspan Alias said...

Betul sdr johnsilver,
Dalam pertandingan Ketua Pemuda pada tahun 1982 diDewan Bahasa dan Pustaka itu Anwar baru shja menjadi Timbalan Menteri diJPM..baru 3 bulan shja.

BTN belum lagi menolong Anwar, hanya Dr Mahathir, Sanusi dan beberapa org pemimpin mengarahkan Pemuda Kedah untuk memberi undi pada Anwar pada mlm terakhir sebelum pertandingan itu.

Hanya selapas beberapa tahun Anwar dapat kontrol BTN tetapi semasa itu saya tidak bergiat dalam UMNO kerana saya dicegah untuk menyertai UMNO baru selepas pertanding sengit 1987 dahulu.

Jadi saya tidak ada pengalaman bersama BTN kerana saya masih dengan UMNO Lama (46).

Jadi tidak dapatlah saya nak memberi komen tentang permainan Anwar dengan BTN kerana saya tidak ada dalam UMNO Baru ini semasa itu.

Saya ada dengar Anwar menggunakan BTN habis habisan tetapi saya berada diluar semasa itu.