01 January 2010

Mohammad Hasan with his RM10 million ordeal

In my e-mail I received from a number of my regular readers asking me about the widely talked about issue of my MB Mohamad Hasan’s 10 million ringgit affair with the money changer Ali Slamath which is under investigation by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for illegal practices.

I was trying to avoid writing on this issue but after a while I decided to chip in some opinions as the readers encourage me to do so.

To my mind many people do use money changers to transfer funds abroad or to receive monies from abroad as it is the quickest and is the safe heaven for hiding money especially the ill-gotten ones.

In the case of Mohammad Hasan I am not quite keen to deliberate whether the money he transferred through the dubious money changer is an ill-gotten money.

Outwardly Mohammad has been a wealthy boy while he was in the corporate sector and 10million is just a dust to him.

What I wonder is,why was he acting too negligently knowing very well he is in a high public office and committing this kind of offence is a gravely irresponsible and reckless act.

He can’t be blaming his officers for failing to smuggle the RM10 million to London to escape investigation.

By ethic he has done disservice to himself and this incident magnifies his already mistiness in NS politics.

By acting in this manner Mohammad is not helping UMNO, but instead he is aggravating the seriousness of problems currently the party is facing.

He used to shamelessly tell his audience in one of his speeches that he has wealth that can last for 4 generations and he did not need to be corrupted.

The 10 million ringgit may be from the long time money that has been with him before he became the weak MB of the state.

I used to be quite a friend of him before he became the MB and I know that it is wrong to allege him with corruption as he has been rich ever since he was in the Cycle & Carriage Bhd where he was the Managing Director.

As I am now not in his wave-length to even standing near to him, and I have not sat even once over coffee or tea with him. He has unceremoniously deserted many of his close friends and the ones who prayed for his successes before.

He is now the MB and friends close to him are no more friends except those who are still in the category of rich and famous and with elaborate decorations are still in his invitation list.

What I am concerned in this issue is the credibility of this MB. He has committed serious offence in the eyes of written law and morally his credibility and standing as a high up public servant is severely and unremittingly scratched.

He has no more reasons to loiter around in high public office as he is perceived by voting public to be going against law when he is a Law-Maker in the state.

He should voluntarily disclaim and renounce all party and government positions he holds to upkeep the integrity of the democratic government of the state.

This issue has been around for already 2 months and one wonders why UMNO is not lifting its fingers to take actions against this misdeed.

All the talks and tales about rejuvenating UMNO remains a rhetoric in the party’s convention and the leadership is going to blame the people if they take actions against Law Falters like this wealthy MB in General Elections.

What is Najib’s apprehension to execute his power to address the problems? I am just like the rest who hails from Negri to see some moves by the party for some kind of proper actions against Mohammad.

Najib should be taking cue from the public and I hope he does not take directives from the kitchen as we are talking about the state and the country’s future.

We are managing a nation; not managing ‘Persatuan Sepak Takraw Kuala Sawah’. UMNO has never learned anything out of passed mistakes and misadventures.

Issue of this heinous kind has been the norm for UMNO and taking action on one left loads of other issues unattended and that may be the reason for the party not taking Mohammad Hasan’s issue as urgent.

If UMNO is serious in its attempt to regain support of the Malays and its members in particular the party should be taking urgent and swift step towards this issue as the NS State Assembly has only 4 seats majority in hand.

In conclusion, I am joining others on the street to hope for better UMNO with clear attitude towards the feelings and wants of the voting public in order to remain of consequence.

To Mohamad Hasan the party needs a sacrifice on his part; If his resignation can strengthen UMNO in the State, that is just what he ought to do……to walk his talk.

I hope he (Mohamad Hasan) would not continue on leaving the State party members in despair unendingly.

Do not treat the public as silly bunch and continue on the shenanigans of poor conduct leaders like the person now in issue.

To the PM, don’t allow the irritated public to continue on feeling the pain of UMNO’s misconducts, delinquency and transgressions as it is too hard for them to stomach.

Do not continue on taking peoples' friendliness and kindness as weaknesses, and do observe the wish of the public.

Happy New Year. Let’s look forward for some real and organic changes.

Thanks………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

happy new year.

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Anonymous said...

Mat Hassan telah banyak buat jasa. Banyak perubahan yang ketara dilakukan dalam masa singkat pentadbiranya. Maklumlah,cara orang koprat berfikir. Cara mentadbir memang berbeza. Dia plan dengan rapi.Dia implement dan akhirnya dia control untuk melihat keberkesanan sesuatu project. Mat Hassan ada taste orangnya. Lake Garden dah cantik pun macam garden yang terdapat diluar negeri. Ada standard international. Dah ada Dataran pun. Seremban pun dah ada shopping complex. Pendek kata NO COMPLAIN lah !!Orang dapat kerja ramai. Dia punya KPI boleh bagi grade A.Bandar Nilai aktif dan banyak orang buat rombongan datang dari luar berduyun-duyun membeli belah. Macam-macam ada jual di Nilai.Dia patut kekal jadi MB.Tak payahlah nak kondem dia. Tak ada pasal. Dia bukan MALAON !! Orang lain yang malaon besar yang dah mula iri hati nak tumbangkan dia pulak. Inilah kerja orang UMNO. Tak habis-habis nak kondem orang lain. Tak ada kerja lain ke?

Orang yang suka sangat kondem orang lain biasanya orang itu ada masaalah besar dari segi peribadinya. Dia cuba menutup kelemahan diri sendiri dengan mengalih perhatian untuk kondem orang lain semuanya salah. Ini telah di akui oleh pakar saikologi.Satu penyakit!!Penyakit ini selalunya diberi nama yang popular iaitu penyakit "Doctor of Philosophy" !!! Susah nak baik pasal dah lali melekat dibadan!!! NO CURE !!!

-pakar saikologi 2020-

Anonymous said...

Mohammad Hasan is a man who is full of mental complex. Putting up sibblings and family members is good indication that he is suffering from those complexes.

Time and space will tell, yg dia adalah penyumbang kepada kemusnahan UMNO di NS.

ahli UMNO Tampin

Anonymous said...

Jangan sebut pasal etika dan moral. Sekarang mana ada pemimpin bermoral dan beretika?

Macam kes penyeludupan yg Mat lakukan ini adalah satu kes yg tidak bermoral bagi politik negara maju.

Disini semua tu ok, boleh buat.
Malaysia boleh! Semua boleh!

Apalah punya gila pemimpin-pemimpin sekarang ni.


Anonymous said...

Bang Aspan,

Abang tak kona se, tapi se solalu membaca tulisan kau Bang.

Tontang Amat Asan ni ese laiie kona Bang.

Ese oghang Linsum.Kona bona bona Amat adek bogadek ni. Amat ni tak taulah macam mano dio ditugaskan jadi MB.

Sombong Bang! dio ni pikir macam dio dan famili dio ajo yang hebat.

Kito tengok dongan ekor mato jo bang.

Jua Potai

Anonymous said...

what youn have written have sense. BUT not to UMNO leaders.

I appreciate yr thinking

Unknown said...

Agree wholly with you, the MB should show example by resigning if its true. For too long now the ordinary Umno members (grassroots) have been battered left and right by opposition supporters' criticism for the sins of their leaders. Happy New Year.

Col Roseli said...

It's not that the PM refused to take action but in reality no action could be taken against Mat Hasan right now.

As rightly pointed out by you, BN has only slim majority in NS. As a person of full of integrity and pride, Mat Hasan will surely throw his towel if he were to be disturbed.And in a by-election, Rantau is certainly going to the opposition.

I'm sure the PM is being kept posted on NS politics and possibly he is just waiting for the next GE !!!

constable mat said...

It is good time for the MB to step down.

Follow the ethics of a leader. You do foolish thing, you go.

Have some self respect please Mohammad.

Take care of your wealth, let others take care of UMNO in the State.

You can do what you like once you resign from the party and the gov.

Leave us alone Dato!

constable mat

Anonymous said...

Kau ni buek malu kaum ajo lah Tok Mat


Anonymous said...

A good leader will admit mistakes he commit and do the needful for the sake of the government.

As for Mohammad, resigning is the best he could do.

By withdrawing, he shall be well respected as a gentleman.

This kind of gentlemanship is long gone in UMNO, don't you think so Aspan?

He can come back once his name is clean.


Anonymous said...

Danish, money and greed has wiped out gentlemanship and good ethics.

This has been happenning since 20 yrs ago when personal politics crept in due to weak 'inside' of leaders.

I bet you this MB won't resign as he is the league of this kind of leaders.

What is important to them is position and glamor.

They won't care whether the goverment stays or parish.


Anonymous said...

Saya tidak ada apa-apa prejice terhadap Mat Hasan.
Dia boleh stay dan dia boleh berhenti.
Kalau dia stay dia tidak perlu dihormati. Jika dia berhenti kita berikan dia penghormatan tinggi.


anak pasoh said...

Dato Mat, give yourself an honour, give your goodself high respect and get yourself be regarded as a real leader.....by withdrawing!

Anonymous said...

Apo kono eh Muhyiddin sonyap jo Bang?

Tak donga coghito dio sominggu duo ni?

Anonymous said...

For all fairness the MB shouldn't deny that ethically he should resign when this issue started to surface.
It is the practice if any democratic leader if he ever a leader.
The smoothest way to solve the issue is by the understanding of Mohammad himself.
In all honesty he must withdraw honourably.
I personally don't have any interest in any leader of BN but this is what is important is to observe the credibility of the Stae Government.
He ought to resign.

Anonymous said...

Kalau Mat Hasan berenti siapa pulak nak ambil alih? Ismail Lasim bongok, Ishak Ismail gilo, Yunus Rahmat lansung tak nokoh.

Somo eh tak ado 'cut' nak jadi MB. Yg elok dibuang eh dek Mat Asan maso Pu12 dulu.

Tak kan Isa pulak, dio dah jadi MB punyo lamo!

Susah susah, buek pilihanrayo kocik untuk jadi MB.

Kalau setakat Mail Lasim, Sahak gilo atau Yunuih Rahmat tak payahlah.

Elok boghi kek oghang gilo laie.

anak felda

Anonymous said...

Buek apo kau suko Tok Mat. Kau pikir Nogori kau punyo kau bueklah. Kami dah tak kisah laie hal UMNO.

Pandai kaulah. UMNO pun dah jadi bubur.

Dio pencen ko atau terus dsuduk kek Kusi MB to ko dah tak ado bezo.

Buek popnel jo! Bagi den UMNOP tak ado alie. PU 13 ini kali potamo den nal undi parti lain.

UMNO dah pande

Pengundi Bt Kikir

jardine said...

Aspan, I like you for being frank in you opinion even though some may got irritated.
But that is you bro.
In yester years you were the one who wrote about Pak Lah's incapacity and you were battered by yr friends but you prooved yourself right after a while. Quite a number of other issues you prooved yourself right.
Now you are saying another issue and I dont think it will be long before you proof it right again.


Anonymous said...

Sdr ku Aspan, blog kau ni sentiasa panas. Walaupun saya bersetuju dengan kaqndungan tulisan kau ni tetapi yang membuat kesilapan seperti ini bukan Mat Hasan seorang.
Ramai lagi pemimpin UMNO yang melakukan kerja yang lebih teruk lagi. Beza mereka tak diketahui umum.
Sebagai sahabat yg akrab saya sukacita nak beritahu kau yg pemimpin besar yg lebih besar dari MB NS ini melakukan durjana yg lebih mengaibkan.
Kalau mereka sanggup berhenti barulah Mat Hasan boleh berhenti! Setuju tak Aspan?
Dia orang ni semuanya 2 kali 5 semuannya.


Aspan Alias said...

M Ramli,

Thanks for responding to my writing.

But before I answer you let me say one fact straight: I write what i feel and those were my original opinion.

I cannot be writing other people's opinion.

Some are hitting me personally but never argue on my opinion. But it ok with me. I agree to disagree.

Whether Mohamad wants to resign, is also not my concern

My concern was just to give my opinion and I dont think that is an offence.

But to some they take offence and it is natural in our party as saying right thing has always been forbidden

As far as I am concerned I am just disposing my real opinion and I dont want to be a compulsive or an impulsive liar bro.

I have nothing anymore in politics and I shall remain so.

Allegation that I am kindling my interest in politics is not a breath of truth.

I am just politically concious, that is about all.

I shall be writing on issues that I understand without constrain.

At this age it is quite shameful to say something else than my own original feelings and opinion.

I know I am going to laugh last and the biggest and smiling last and the sweatest.

Many can be in denial..let them be.

At least I am proud I am saying things openly with my name and photo as well as my addresses on the wall..not like a few who criticise me very personal but hiding behind Anonymity.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all views except who hit me ungentlemantly.

So, Encik M Ramli...that's my answer to you.

Anyway, just call me when time permits you to do so...and have sips of 'teh tark' within the vicinity of my house.

cheers bro.

Anonymous said...

anak felda,

Isa tu boleh diberi peluang sementara UMNO kita jadi kuat balek.

anak felda sendayan

Anonymous said...

Don't create animosity at this juncture. UMNO is in the midst of recuperating and I think it would be unwise to continue hitting the UMNO leaders below their belt without giving them the opportunity to defend themselves.That is not fair at all. Not unless we have decided to throw UMNO out of the window for good. If that is the case and the majority of Malays want then best of luck to the Malays!!! They have made their choice and are willing to face the repurcussions. Well and good !!

Hidup Melayu without UMNO !!Melayu dah boleh berdikari dan mempertahankan diri mereka tanpa UMNO. Syabas !!!

-Putri Gunung Ledang-

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what Putri Gunung Ledang is trying to say.

Are you agreeing or not agreeing to what Aspan has written?

Aspan was saying that a ill imaged leader of UMNO will kill the party.

He was saying all those to save the party.

It is clearly wtitten there but by this conduct, UMNO would be in trouble.

Don't you see that the writer is protecting the party?

Aspan is for the party, but you are for Mohammad.

If Mohammad stays there the bad stigma may result in BN losing the GE.

Do you see thatPutri Gunung Ledang?

The wwritten English is so simple for you to understand.

As for me, Mohammad is not behaving well and I agree with Aspan that it will work against the party.

So now it is Mohammad and you VS UMNO and me

datuk bukit putus

Anonymous said...

It does not matter whether I agree or do not agree with what Sadra Aspan has written. My comment did not touch specifically about Mat Hassan. It is about UMNO in general. To me this issue is no issue at all. I think Saudra Aspan is trying to sensationalise the issue. That's all I can say. To me it is very simple. He is not guilty until proven guilty. If there is a case that he has committed an offence then by all means charge him. Provide with concrete evidence that he has committed an offence. If the RM10 million is really his personal wealth why then must we bother so much to penalise him. But if the tranfer is illegal then charge him in court, period.Don't hit him below the belt. Be fair to not only Mat Hassan but to others as well.Morally, that should be the rule !!!

-putri gunung ledang-

Anonymous said...

By his own admission, he has transfered the money through that manner and that is wrong.

As a political head he has to resign to the fact that in politics, how public percieve a leader is important.

This is where UMNO does not care and that result in UMNO's sliding in public support.

It not a matter of guilty or not guilty.

No one says as Aspan has clearly sritten that money is his corrupt money.

He only said that it was morally and ethically damaging act committed by an MB.

Anyway, Putri Gunung Ledang if that is your way of protecting UMNO you just do it.

I respect your way and I hope you respect mine.

Let us respect each other's way of thinking.

So do Aspan...you can write continously as long as you thinl its right.

So bro Aspan and Putri Gunung Ledang, bye..bye.

datuk bukit putus

Anonymous said...

datuk bukit putus, do not try to improve them. Nothing can be done anymore.
They are confuse bunch. They say they love UMNO but they protect misdeeds.
datuk, you kena faham, UMNO is not going any further and any longer.
The leaders feel that Malays cannot go without UMNO.
That is why they do all this foolish things.
They think that the Malays will still support UMNO at what ever cost.
That is why they think they can misbehave.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Yes datuk bukit putus.I salute you. Lets agree to disagree. Everybody has his/her own opinion over issues. We may agree or disagree. Nothing personal. I respect your views even though I don't subscribe to your views. But UMNO is in my blood dulu, kini dan selamanya. Datuk saya orang UMNO, bapak saya orang UMNO, saya orang UMNO, anak saya orang UMNO and I expect my cucu to carry the tradition to be orang UMNO !!

-putri gunung ledang-

Anonymous said...

If they misbehave remove them. Why penalise UMNO. There is nothing wrong with UMNO principles. Just like MCA,their leaders are all in shambles but MCA is still strong as an organization to help their community even though politically they are rather in a weak position. But the members (dibelakang tabir) are still backing MCA economically !!! They will not abandon their party. They consider their party as a meeting point and as a means for their business networking to help each other.
The problem with the Malays "habis kelambu dibakarnya". Akhirnya kena penyakit "malaria" di gigit nyamuk dan "mati kejung".. That's the difference between the Malays and the Chinese. Melayu terlalu personal dan sangat ikutkan hati. Akhirnya bangsa binasa. Ternganga !!!!!

Kononnya UMNO dah tak guna lagi. Sebenarnya pemimpin UMNO yang tak guna bukannya parti UMNO. Jadi kalau dah tahu pemimpin UMNO dah tak guna campaklah mereka ke longkang !! Saluran untuk tengelamkan mereka sudah sedia ada. Gunakanlah saluran yang ada dengan sebaiknya. Apalah nak emotional sangat. UMNO tetap UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya.

-putri gunung ledang-

Aspan Alias said...

Putri Gunung Ledang seems not to understand what I was saying.

That was why I want Mohammad to or anybody like him to be set aside.

I have been saying it and you still don't understand.

You are directly agreeing with me.

To save UMNO the mischievious leaders must go.

I suggest read my writing with magnifying glass.

Other than that I can't help you.


Anonymous said...

Kami orang Rantau..kami lebih kenal Mat Hasan adek beradek ni.

Azman Abang Mat Hasan ni tak boleh panggil Along. Dia marah..kena panggil Dato.

Sombong! Adik beradik tu sombong orangnya.


Anonymous said...

Good money you have does not make you a good leader.
Big wealth you own does not glue the respect of neighborhood.
Spending good money does not necessarily earns you good dividend.
In short no money can buy everything.

Tell that to Mohammad Encik Aspan

Anonymous said...

Mohammad should know by himself that he has already disqualify himself as a good leader.

He is no difference with other UMNO leaders.

I have strong feeling that he will be the cause of BN downfall in NS.

Wow! one by one...........anyway BN deserves to lose.


Anonymous said...

Why waste time talking about this man who knows little about evrything.

Najib will never throw away goons like this MB.


Anonymous said...


NS is already a failed state. That's it. Don't mourn over it bro!


Pesarabaru said...

Sdr Aspan, I know about this MB more than you.He and his brothers think NS mereka yg punya.
This man is on the 'take'!


Anonymous said...

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