14 February 2010

Good is for the good, bad is for the bad

Zaharin Hashim's resignation from all party posts in PKR and simultaneously left the party last Friday was expected and we must accept his move without bolt from the blue.

His persona non grata with Guan Eng made him to decide leaving his party and be an independent MP even though rumors are rife that he has the intention of joining UMNO.

His displeasure to his own party in facing disciplinary action made him offended for not siding him in his personal row with Guan Eng.

Apparently he has many issues mostly personal against Guan Eng and for that reason he name called Guan Eng with all superlatives with vengeance and malicious intents.

Now he wants the people to be on his side of the divide for failing to get what he wants from Guan Eng, and this irritates many quarters in Penang from all sides, the island and the mainland.

I am not going to touch on personal matters, but it suffices to mention that his move was seen and perceived by the quarters who know the actual, as completely personal in nature.

He is rumored to be joining the ruling UMNO but if it happens it is not coming with astonishment as UMNO is so typical in harping for the jump ships to add on to their respective representations in the Legislative Assemblies both in the States and the Federal.

If UMNO accepts him than the party is adding on to the list of irrelevant leaders, which the party is already impregnated with.

Accepting him in UMNO would only invite intra-party problems especially so in Penang, which in consequent would only append an additional animosities which he would bring from PKR.

AND in parallel it helps DAP and the PR in Penang in their process of cleaning the coalition of few ‘bad hats’ who has been haunting the state leadership.

Now Zaharin can bark and growl as much as he wishes from outside and for the first time Zaharin is doing good favor for the PR government in Penang by his predictable move to leave PKR.

The state PR leaderships are apparently relieved the moment Zaharin announced his resignation and now they can focus on building the party to greater height.

Guan Eng and the state leaders instantaneously went to Bayan Baru to furnish detail briefing on the issue to the constituents and now Zaharin is seen to be leaving indecorous and negative inherent to the people of the constituency he represents since 2008.

Now, will UMNO accepts Zaharin to be in its fold? If UMNO wants to add an additional seat in Parliament accepting Zaharin is just what the party should do.

BUT can Zaharin make up a good member for UMNO? If he can ill treat a partner who has brought him to the level which he has never dreamt of, what can guarantee he is going to behave differently if he is in UMNO?

UMNO is already saddened by many misfits and to call for Zaharin to join UMNO, it would only add to the pranks and tomfoolery of UMNO.

If Zaharin is accepted in UMNO it concurs to the adage, ‘good is for the good and the bad are for the bad’.

Thanks…………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

If Zaharin joins UMNO, Penang UMNO should forget about winning any additional seat; the chances of losing further is prospective.

He has been the 'pain in the ass' to PR. He left us with true blessings.


Anonymous said...

interesting to watch the sequent of events after Zaharin left the party.

let us wish him luck and selamat cari makan.

gary lim

Anonymous said...

Kesanggupan Zaharin bertindak keluar party membayangkan sikap tidak sesuai dengan pandangan berbeza diantara manusia yang berlainan nilai.

Sebagai ahli PKR saya memang seorang yg tidak mengerti sikap Zaharin dlm banyak perkara walaupun semasa sebelum masih berbaik-baik dgn Lim Guan Eng.

Egonya sebesar pokok kelapa, hanya beliau sja yg betul.

Kami persilakan UMNO ambil beliau sebagai ahli, nanti sendiri tahu sikap yg tidak sesuai untuk seorang pemimpin.

Ahmad Sharif, George Town

abu ubaidah said...

i am inclined to believe that Guan Eng is also at fault. As a young guy he is susceptible to play a childish politics.

in all fairness DS Zaharin has been good supporter of Guan Eng.

The only thing is DS Zaharin is too emotional when he couldn't get what he wants personally.

All Penangites know both of them. They are just not meant for each other.

abu ubaidah

Anonymous said...


Jgnlah UMNO PPinang shok pulak. Gerakkan mungkin pikir mereka bole kembali memerintah kami diPenang.

Itu semua mimpi disiang hari Aspan Alias.

Kerajaan sekarang kami rasakan lebih baik lagi. Pemimpin Gerakkan dulu sombong-sombong orangnya.

Pemimpin UMNO pulak jadi pecacai..semuanya rebut projek.

Perginya Zaharin membawa hikmah kpd kami bro. Biak dia pii!!!

We don't miss him actually.


Anonymous said...

It is a blessing in disguise that Zaharin is leaving PKR on his own accord. It saves the Displinary Board some anxious moments to deliberate his case. May his same species in PKR, PAS & DAP follow suit. Just imagine if PR would form the Federal Gov't after GE13 on a thin majority, and mostly MP of his material (I mean waste material) will cross over to BN with a blink of an eye. It would be more painful or it may even spill blood. The exit of these kind of MP is going PR a world of good.

IES Agencies said...

Malaysian MP tells Australia to join the human race before criticising others



disgruntled voter said...

Yes! the good must be with the good and the bad should be wth the bad!

Biarkan Zaharin be with the BN and let all the good PR MPs be together.

Now Anwar should join Zaharin and leave the party with other leaders.

That will take care of the Pkr and Pr to good behavior leaders.

disgruntled voter

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Karektor politik macam Zaharin semakin ramai dalam negara ini. Macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan pagi. Hujan pulak hari hari.

Dalam UMNO, MCA, MIC, PAS, PKR, DAP pun ramai macam ini. Yang nampak kurang jumlah perangai macam ini hanya dalam PSRM (PRM).

Sebab utamanya kerana semua parti diatas hidup atas kepentingan kuasa bukan didoktrinkan atas kepentingan ideologi.

Dan paling malang majoriti rakyat negara juga tidak memperdulikan pegangan hidup, intergriti, kualiti dan kepimpinan itu sendiri.

Maka jadilah suasana political patronage semakin visible dan amat perlu. Pendirian dan prinsip hidup tersisih.