01 March 2010

Have we changed?

As I have promised in my last posting, I now decide to chip in my opinion based on what is seen and heard about the cracks and an imminent cross fire between and among leaders of UMNO in particular at the higher stratum of the party.

It is very familiar and proverbial to see how a divide can build up from the embryonic spot of a rip and how that split and cracks widens and eventually became a severe political brawl and scuffle.

While UMNO is in the search of its identity and to recognize its own self, there are already some moves to reprove somebody and as I have said earlier would be the eventual and concluding reason for UMNO and BN to fall in the trap of the alternative party.

The real enemy of UMNO is its members themselves and we have to accept that is notable idiosyncrasy and foible of any big party with huge membership like UMNO.

Many years ago I was asked by my Division Head whether I would like to take up the chairman of Membership drive Bureau as I was the longest serving Divisional Committee and to him I should be the best person to take up the responsibility.

I politely begged to decline the offer as I have been openly opposed to having big membership in the party as big members can create gigantic and mountable administrative hazards.

I am a strong believer that political power cannot be maintained with strong and big muscles. We are not going for open military war fare but we are going for a fine mental war fare with the opposing parties which are normal phenomenon in any democratic system.

I expressed it in dialog sessions with leadership but my idea was unceremoniously rejected and dust binned.

I was openly alleged in the big crowd of attendees of the sessions that I was too fond of being different from others and did not want to be with the opinion of the majority.

Obviously those who name called me were the apple polishers as that was the best opportunity for them to be seen and to get credit from the leaders from supreme council who treasured the conviviality of the sycophants.

I then just sat quietly at the corner of the hall watching and witnessing court jesters amusing their leaders throughout the sessions.

While they were enjoying bashing me I told myself to remain firm as I was too absorbed with my opinion that one day I am going to prove them wrong and I am right.

I am not in support of huge membership as the size does not make the party strong when we face the General Election. A big sized body is always susceptible to terminal diseases.

In the General Election of 1999 and 2008 the ones who massively voted for the opposition was the UMNO members with their branches committee members who gave way to the opposition to achievable and formidable numbers in Parliament and managed to control 5 State Assemblies .

Apart from the National issues the major cause of the shift of support from the UMNO members were due to the warring parties in their pursuit to control their respective branches.

The losing group usually would go out to support the opposition candidates when elections come by. To me the smaller the number of members the smaller the number of branches and consequentially the less the number of turn coats.

When the watchful public sees that even the branch committee members of UMNO came in support of the opposition in protest, the fence sitters had no qualm of going to vote for the opposition as well.

In reality the main focus for the party is to gain respect and regards from the public via good and solid policy which in subsequent well and orderly implemented.

People want to see that the policies are strong and well formulated, durable for a long term purposes which moves towards national unity among the multiracial and ethnics of Malaysia.

In implementation the policies, there is a need for certainty that there is no element of corruption and abuse by political leaders and the implementers themselves.

The implementation should be by the civil servants without interference of politics especially from the Ministers as a Minister can only interfere if the implementers are not implementing the policy set by the party appropriately.

This issue of Ministers and politicians interfering in the duties of the government servants has been the culture of the day and implementers too are brought into the corrupt practices in the open.

Hence corruption has gone to the core to the extent that the whole government is perceived and seen to be corrupt and fraudulent to irremediable stage.

The Judiciary, the other pillar of our democratic system is seriously perceived to be feeble and has not regained its standing as independent body since the sad and incomprehensible incidence of 1988 encroachment of the Executive.

The incidence saw five independent judges including the Lord President were discharged of their duties callously for the gain of power crazy individuals who led the country then.

This is a very recent history and large fractions of the voting public are still alive and kicking and they can still recall the incidence unambiguously.

I have been criticized by a few that I am repeating the issue so many times but my answer to this is simple: I repeat the same issue several times because what we are facing now is over the same issues.

AND if it is not properly resolved, BN will be forsaken over this same issues.

Thanks……………………………………………..Aspan Alias


RahimRamli said...

you are rocklah bro...very clear minded man you are.

you write the actual facts minus hypocrisy.

you deserve my regards


imran said...

the glory of yesteryear have long forgotten.

the young of today thinks that is the way it was.

take yr writing as past time thing...and good to put in written form as that can show the truth but only after all them get stuck with their own misadventures.

good luck bro and regards to yr family and all.


Anonymous said...

pergilah mana-mana, persepsi rakyat tetap memandang Umno sebagai pengembang budaya rasuah.

Umno juga memulakan pencerobohan terhadap badab kehakiman.

umno juga yg mebela kaum lain kerana dibelakang setiap pemimpin yg berada diatas mesti ada cina dibelakang mereka.

celakalah jika ada org yg menafikan hakikat ini.

biras cina

Anonymous said...

Aspan, who is going to do the cleaning up my bro.

From top to ordinary cabinet member and MKT of UMNO no one is an exception to corruption and that is how ordinary people look at it.

May God bless us bro.


Anonymous said...

Once a corrupt one remains a corrupt.

Once a liar one would remain a liar

Once you abuse power one will always abuse power

For Umno, once a loser it will remain a loser

Say anything about our leadership, they are not going to bring us anywhere but to doldrums.

Let us not be sentimental, just withdraw the support for umno.

Don't allow us to be their apparatus and tools to continue their misdeeds.

Bro Aspan, don't get hurt please.

tapah boy

Anonymous said...

Salam hurmat Sdr Aspan,

Tiada pertikaian terhadap apa yg sdr utarakan itu.Memangnya Umno tidak memerlukan ahli yg begitu ramai sedangkan kualitinya dalam setiap peringkat,khususnya dalam aspek kepimpinan,semangat dan komitmen terlalu rendah.Bilangan ahli yg ramai,dengan pelbagai sifat dan perangai yg negatif yg perlu dilayani dan ditatang, amat membeban dan merumitkan pentadbiran dan pengurusan.Dengan sumber kewangan yg terbatas dan mutu kepimpinan yg tidak berkualiti maka kesannya banyak membawa masalah dan kerumitan.

Sebenarnya,kecenderongan untuk mempunyai keahalian dan cawangan yg banyak didorong olih keinginan olih pihak pihak yg ingin merebut jawatan dan kuasa kerana jika ramai ahli dan cawangan yg dikuasainya maka ramailah perwakilan dan pencalonan yg diperolihinya.Kadang-kadang bilangan ahli sebenar jauh kurang daripada yg ada didalam
senarai.Sebagai contoh,bilangan ahli yg tersenarai didalam cawangan di kampong saya dulu ialah 135 orang sedangkan ahli sebenar tidak sampai 50 orang.

Sebenarnya, masalah dalam Umno sekarang amat rumit dan begitu kompleks sekali-amat berat sehingga ramai yg merasa begitu hampa dan kecewa, dan terasa keinginan untuk "give up".Maka timbullah komen komen yg begitu negatif dan melukakan seperti terdapat diatas.

Kita berhak dan bolih mengkritik ,bahkan mengutok dengan mengatakan umno atau kerajaan rasuah,mengamalkan kronisma dan pelbagai macam amalan yg burok kerana mengkritik,mencaci dan mencela itu amat senang dan bagi setengah orang ianya menyeronokkan.
Persoalannya ,adakah dengan cara itu ianya akan membawa perubahan dan kebaikan seperti diharapkan atau ianya sekadar memuasakan hati sahaja.

Sebenarnya, bagi orang Melayu, kita tidak ada pilihan selain dari cuba membuat perubahan Umno dari dalam.Memang Umno korup tetapi parti parti lain yg ada sekarang juga lebih terok lagi korupnya .Pas contohnya, bukan sahaja korup dan mengamalkan kronisma tetapi juga menipu rakyat dengan menjual syurga.Parti PKR lagi dahysat,perjuangan semata mata untuk kepentingan peribadi pemimpin yg bersekutu dengan kuasa luar, termasuk Yahudi dan Zionis.Kedua dua parti ini sanggup pula bersekongkol dengan parti DAP yg anti Melayu dan Islam.Jadi,dimanakah baik dan eloknya parti-parti ini jika dibandingkan dengan Umno/BN?Pilihan kita ialah umpama memilih diantara nasi yg sudah menjadi basi dan nasi basi yg mengandongi racun toxik.Pilihan kedua ,jika mahu, berhijrahlah kebumi lain kononnya untuk hidup dengan lebih selesa dan aman.

Askar Tua

Anonymous said...

Sdr Askar Tua,

sebagai seorang peminat blog ini saya sering membaca komen sdr yang saya anggap ada kebernasannya.

saya agak sdr adalah orag yg serius memandang kepada cara sdr memberikan komentar itu.

Hanya saya berpendapat sdr terlalu terbawa dengan momokkan yg dibuat oleh UMNO selama ini seolah-olah DAP itu sebagai parti yg kotor dan tidak bertanggung jawab.

MCA yg adadalam BN pun sejenis dengan DAP malahan ada beberap orang dalam MCA itu adalah chauvinis orgnya.

UMNO memomokkan PAS sebagai parti yg buruk sedangkan kita lihat ramai orang cerdik pandai menyertai PAS.

Adakah salah tindakkan cerdik pandai ini?

Sebaleknya dalam UMNO tiada siapa yg mampu untuk membuat deliberasi yg baik dalam isu-isu penting yg kita hadapi.

Sesungguhnya saya amat yakin parti UMNO yg saya sertai 20 tahun dahulu sudah tidak mampu untuk bertahan lagi.

Anggapan yg orang Melayu hanya mampu untuk hidup dengan menyokong UMNO.

Mahathir sendiri dlm pilihanraya yg lepas meminta pengundi memilih calun bukannya parti.

Jadi pihak yg mengkritik penulis blog ini tidak adil kerana Mahathir sendiri berkata-kata yg telah menjunamkan Umno kelembah yg sedang kita semua alami sekarang.

PAS adalah parti Melayu. Umno sudah tidak Umno lagi.

saya mohon maaf drpd Askar Tua jika pandangan saya tidak sdr setujui.

polis pencen