09 March 2010

MCA is troubling BN again

MCA is back in quandary. In another twisting event Dr Chua Soi Lek the Deputy President has resigned followed by seven CC members and that makes up enough number for a fresh Party election and the date has already being decided; that is on the 28th March.

Dr Chua Soi Lek seems to be the most flirtatious among all the leaders in MCA and have been back and fore from one faction to the other and now he has taken decision to resign to give way for fresh party election just 2 days before the Annual General Meeting.

His decision is obviously to estrange his former ally, the President Ong Tee Kiat from the rest of the party members and in particular 21 other CC members. His idea was not to let Ong Tee Kiat to make up the AGM and circumvent the estrange President from addressing the delegates.

However the AGM went through as the President managed to get enough quorums to go through the business of the AGM, and according to the Secretary General the AGM was in line with the Constitution of the party.

603 of the 2378 delegates turned up and were more than sufficient number to hold the AGM as planned. The constitution provides a minimum of 200 delegates to go on with the AGM.

The act of relinquishing elected position by 22 CC members were obviously an act to disrupt the AGM and it was crudely a planned sequence purely to facilitate the process of overthrowing the President Ong Tee Kiat.

This time around Dr Chua Soi Lek made another 180 degrees turn and conspires with the V/P Liow Tiong Lai, the Youth Head, Wee Ka Siong, and the Wanita Chief Chiew Mei Fun and four other V/Ps including Dr Ng Yen Yen who only resigned on Saturday.

The Wanita and the Youth Wings were given instructions by their respective leaders to cancel the wings AGM but the Wanita Wing went on with the AGM without their leader Chiew Mei Fun as there were enough quorum and that was an obvious one up for the incumbent President Ong Tee Kiat (OTK).

There are some salient and prominent points that OTK pointed out and that would be the sure his campaign points in his bid to retain the Presidency, but time and space do not allow me to elaborate those points in this short article.

The highly emotional charged meeting was not officiated by the BN Chairman Dato Seri Najib Razak which was very unprecedented.

Some were in the opinion that the BN Chairman was playing a game of wait and see which was not unpredictable for Najib, as he is lacking magnanimity and always indecisive. He would only be with the winner and the buttered side of the bread.

This was the first time that any component party of BN went through its General Assembly in orphanage without the Chairman of the component officiating its annual Assembly like normally practiced.

OTK in his address to the delegates gave a very honest speech with emotional flavor.

Firstly he seeks for an apology from the delegates for dragging in the issue of PKFZ in the open, which became the real and actual raison d'être for the chaotic consequence to MCA.

PKFZ issue has been linked closely to some former and current MCA leaders and Ministers and if this was not addressed with transparency, MCA and BN are the final recipient of the blames and subsequently bring MCA and BN to a fall.

In the process of bringing back the damaged idea about MCA OTK said that he had stirred the hornet’s nests as there were many politicians with very personal interest in the party are feeling the jittery.

OTK said he was sorry and apologetic for it as he was just tying to stop the uninterrupted failing image of MCA because of PKFZ issue.

The issue had brought MCA very near to total disappearance and oblivion in the last General Election especially in Selangor.

The floor gave OTK standing ovation with loads of praises and a show of sympathy and compassions for what OTK is facing in the massive politicking in MCA currently.

The delegates inscribed and adorned the virtues and sacrifices of their President and extended full support for Tee Kiat in the forth coming Party Elections scheduled to be held on the 28th of March.

A delegate from Selangor Cindy Leong sobbed seeing her adored leader OTK visibly have lost a lot of pounds and inches and Cindy saw it because of the problems OTK faces in MCA.

Who is going to take on who is not yet discernible but it is detectable and logical to believe the Dr Chua Soi Lek would be taking on OTK as the President and Liow Tiong lai is going for the second spot.

It is expected to be heavy exchanges of blows and punches from both side of the divide and no one is certain what is going to be like in MCA and BN as a whole. But there is one thing for certain that no one is going to gain everything neither does anyone is going to lose everything.

The cracks within MCA would add on to the already injured BN and it is going be a game of everybody with individual preferences and we can witness all the intrigues and the art of politics on stage play.

What we are scared of now is the possibility of every one getting injured licking their own wounds all alone by themselves.

The resolutions of the General Assembly, if accepted by our top leadership would certainly place the Malays at the fringe biting their finger nails watching others enjoying lives for all they can. I shall write on it in a day or two.

Some times I just can’t help believing that the nation has to start anew, and let the experienced and the knowledgeable personality does it, as the unrecognizable political facets of the day is irremediable.

Let us think about it.

Thanks……………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

MCA is facing a terminal disease at a terminal stage.

I think the party is already on the same route with Gerakkan.

This will leave UMNO limping. agree with me boss?


Anonymous said...

Aspan, which one of the resolutions which agitate you?

I am prepared to share views with you bro.


Anonymous said...

MCA will soon become a defunct party. It is too old to deserve the mandate, and like UMNO MCA is deceiving Malaysian all the way.

Just forget about MCA.


Anonymous said...

This country does need a party like MCA anymore because the party has the image of taukeh.

MCA is similar to UMNO in attributes; corrupt, abusing of power, and is suffering from international image problem.

i don't like the guts the BN leaders when to corruption and BN has torn down the very basic fabrics of democracy.

Damn it!


Anonymous said...

Cukuplah bro, u nak kritik untuk memperbaikki UMNO.?

Tak usahlah! UMNO tak akan baik lagi lah bang!!!

Nak perkuatkan MCA??? hah jauh panggang dari api.

Saya ada asas untuk merasa pesimis, sebabnya mereka sudah dibelit oleh rasuah! Mana boleh baik lagi....impossible.


Anonymous said...

The most probable sequence of this crisis in MCA would let DAP become the core political platform for the Chinese and that is not a problem for them Aspan.

To the Chinese DAP or MCA bears no difference, they are still Chinese and as we can see there is not debate between these 2 parties.

UMNO and its blind followers are bad losers by name calling anybody who have inclination towards PAS.

Those who tilt for PAS have reason to do so...they are just fed up with UMNO's bad influence of trying to dormimate the Malays to support their ill mannered leadership and followers.

The ulu mentality of UMNO kills the people's progress and the party is not in abreast with the change of time.

Your effort to change the mind of the dogmatic members of UMNO is not going to bring anything, they will only hate you.

I am agreeable with your opinion that this country needs structural changes as it would kill the Malays themselves in the end.

The Malays have been too long being the victim of UMNO's deceitful acts and it is sad to observe that they are caught in the web of wrong manner of loving their race and the herd mentality that UMNO have been molding on them.

For this let them get whatever they deserve.

After all that is what they want. The basic character of a Malay is just one; they always support those who cheat them and fight against those who defend them.

Dato ABK, JB

Jennifer Leong said...

Hi Aspan, you have a good insight of MCA's current political landscape.
I have not been active since 1 year ago and I am just been passive with the situation today.
I am perplexed seeing the corrosion of political culture and it is not encouraging to be active any longer.

Jennifer Leong

Anonymous said...

Bro Aspan, MCA is a good Party....good for nothing.


Anonymous said...

For Soi Lek to change camp every fortnightly is shameful act. For Tee Kiat to expose the PKFZ scandal is noble. I bet you the sex perverted Soi Lek may win the game.
If we follow the rule of politics of these days Soi Lek will win...rubbish in MCA and UMNO always make the up win.
MIC and Gerakkan are just like their big brothers in UMNO and MCA.
Aspan, you used to say in your writing months ago that, good is for thr good and bad is for the bad...and you are right.!

Anonymous said...

Dato ABK, you just said it. MCA,DAP and Gerakkan, they are chinese dominated prty. When come to business they dont as whether you are DAP or MCA. They help each other sincerely.
As for |UMNO leaders PAS and opposing Malays will be discarded openly and among UMNO members themselves they have to be in the right lineage of power. In the end only a few around the super power umno will benefit.
The claim that umno is for all is just crude rubbish. It is sickening,

Anonymous said...

UMNO tidak punya harga diri. MCA pula tak sedar diri.

Anonymous said...

UMNO telah membentuk ramai commisioners dari MCA.

commisioners maknanya tukang terima komisyen.

Anonymous said...

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