26 March 2010

Spending big money on APCO - does the result commensurate?

Within less than a week from now we shall witness exciting and exhilarating happenings within the parameter and limits of Malaysian politics.

PERKASA will be having its first General Meeting scheduled to be attended and officiated by our former PM Dr Mahathir in place of the Sultan of Selangor who decided not to attend and officiate its maiden AGM after giving second thought.

The following day MCA will be having and concluding its EGM where there will be intense contest for the President and Deputy President post where the serenity of the party will be at touch-and go.

BUT more interesting is what would be the scene like in Parliament on Tuesday, the 29th where the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim will be delivering his answer to the challenges put against him over the APCO issue.

Anwar Ibrahim will be giving a lengthy speech to the house on coming Tuesday on the APCO issue where he is going to prove that APCO was advising the current leadership to come out with the 1Malaysia slogan by the very same American PR company that formulated the concept of 1Israel.

The government bench has been incessantly trying to associate Anwar with the American, CIA, the Zionist and all other kinds of allegations for misdeed and Anwar was taking his turn to prove that Najib’ administration is unceremoniously cornered by APCO.

BUT Anwar, according to his aides have been well prepared to say it loudly in Parliament that the present government is more apparent in its association and working hand-in-glove with the American to the extent that even 1Malaysia was formulated by APCO an American Public Relation Company.

For the knowledge of everyone Malaysian government have signed a contract with APCO, for the company to exercise public relation job for the country internationally and Malaysian tax payers have to pay the bill of 60 million ringgit for it.

APCO, according to Anwar was the very same company advising and assisting the Israeli government under Ehud Barrak to subscribe to 1Israel slogan.

This is the subject that many people are enthusiastically and eagerly waiting to hear.

I am hopeful that Anwar will not be able to prove his allegations were true, but if he does than that would be a real slap to our faces and the shyness will be intolerable.

The rakyat would then asks, what has APCO organically done good to us? Does the 60 million ringgit spent on them commensurate with the result of its PR exercise on our behalf internationally?

60 million is absolutely too expensive isn’t it? AND in the first place why do we need to spend this disapproving amount to this lobbyist which has abortive records with no success to rest our laurels on?

Why must we be cornered to this length? That is the question that needs a good answer; not for good of anybody but for the good of our leaderships themselves

Don’t take me wrongly.

Thanks………………………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Please Aspan,

Najib needs the support of the PR company. He can't do it himself. Artificial leader wud need all the backing from PR companies.


Anonymous said...

Cakap Anwar tak boleh pakai langsong. To me he is totally write off. I don't have any respect him at all. Banyak auta!! Biasalah tu bila orang pandai cakap selalu cakap berbelit-belit macam ular sendok !! No-lah. He is a useless leader. He cannot be Prime Minister. Dia pandai "BOM" sahaja !!

Anonymous said...

najib dan anwar sama-sama tak ada moral!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Anwar speech on Tuesday? Both the allegator and alleged are of the same kind. Najib is just a fake while Anwar is another good stunt actor.

I don't pay attention to these 2 leaders. It is a waste of my precious time.


Anonymous said...

What is 60 million to these leaders?

Remember Mirzan made Petronas to bail him 1 billion ringgit for his losses in his business?

It was just on 1 person you know. They made us pay for their misadventures.

Here we are....struggling like anything to survive.

Hell wth Mahathir and the kind

saleem alhaj said...

Bagi saya seorang UMNO wujud dala ertikata sebenarnya hanyalah sehingga 187. Selepas itu nama UMNO itu ada tetapi hakikatnya UMNI tidak wujud lagi.

saleem alhaj

Anonymous said...

Depa belanja bukan duit mak bapak dia. Depa peduli apa?

flyer168 said...


The Powers that be holds the Pen, so they Rule...

How about this issue....


Tuesday August 5, 2008
ACA delves into IT project involving firm with Israeli directors

KUALA LUMPUR: The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is investigating how a little-known IT company with little experience became the local partner in the RM1bil project to upgrade the Royal Malaysian Police's communication systems from analogue-based to digital.

The project has since been scaled down.

According to sources, the ACA was also probing how a Singapore-based company, several of whose directors are Israeli nationals, was awarded a slice of the project when it was against the Government's directive to do so.

The Israelis are said to be former officers in the Israeli Air Force.

The upgrading of the communications system would enable traffic policemen, those in mobile patrol vehicles and beat-duty policemen to communicate with each other and with their control centres.

The sources said the authorities had begun their preliminary inquiries into the companies to ascertain whether there was any irregularity in the awarding of the project and whether they could pose a security risk.

They said the ACA would call up several people, including police officers and senior government officials to assist in investigations following allegations that the company does not possess the requisite expertise.

It is learnt the Home Ministry had first awarded the RM980mil upgrading project to a well-known multi-national company in February.

However, in March, the company was informed that a local IT company had been appointed as local partner for the project, causing eyebrows to be raised.

With the latest development, sources said the IT company’s involvement in the project has since been limited to enable further discussions on the matter.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said police were aware of the involvement of the Israelis in their communications systems upgrading project.

“We informed the Home Ministry as soon as we learnt about it,” he said, declining to elaborate.

It is learnt that the Government has decided to scale down the project for the time being and had only approved its first phase, estimated to cost around RM42mil.

The IGP had last October announced that the police planned to equip their personnel with hand-held computers, and micro-cameras fitted into walkie-talkies, as part of a massive plan to beef up the force's capability.

He had said the police wanted to use such high-tech devices and set up a network of camera surveillance systems to fight crime more effectively.

Musa said the force needed to have an e-solution system that would enable them to communicate with police helicopters, airplanes and marine police as well as with their mobile police vehicles.

“The Bukit Aman control centre will use the latest high-tech devices and communication systems to relay, monitor and coordinate operations throughout the country,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Saya berharap pengundi ulu Selangor akan undi Mat Taib

deffy said...

saya rasa tak sampai rm60 juta. rm 60 juta tu sebahagiannya kembali balek kpd seseorang disini. bukankah itu cara pengendalias bines dikalangan pemimpin kita?