06 July 2010

NS contributes another state to PR?

The opposition parties that formed the front to meet head-on with BN coalition are getting closer to their ultimate; that is to replace the current BN in Putra Jaya in the coming General Election (GE); with or without Anwar Ibrahim.

Technically and morally the State of Perak is still under the opposition. The unprecedented coup staged by BN put the BN coalition at the helm is just temporary before the rakyat dispose them in the next GE.

The Perak state government was put up by the questionable court verdict. The State government is the government formed by the courts and has nothing to do with the wish of the people. The outcome of the GE in that state has already been pre-determined and predictable.

Hence all the 5 state governments currently under the control of the PR will be retained and PR is looking for a few more hot spots for them to make the way to march to Putra Jaya in the coming GE. If BN is still at this level of capacity the march by PR to Putra Jaya is not impossible.

I made some efforts to interact with the top leaders of the opposition fronts as some of them are my friends, real friends. All of them are now focusing on NS and Trengganu, and hope there will be some observable successes in Pahang and Johore.

Across the South China Sea, Sarawak will contribute another 10 Chinese dominated Parliamentary Constituencies to the opposition front as in that state BN is in the quiet beginning to crumble. That is what they say and I believe it.

Their presence in my state NS too is obvious and to them they are convinced that they can win another 6 to 7 seats apart from the current 15 that they have now for reasonably comfortable majority just after the next GE and that target is not unreachable.

They are in the process of searching and talent spotting for loyal candidates with high level of allegiance to their struggles and this is to avoid their winning candidate’s crossing over the bench for monetary considerations like what had happened in Perak.

The opposition is detailed in their findings and studying of situation of politics in the state. They now know how and which button to touch for them to succeed in the coming GE in the state.

The oppositions are not duly worried with some crossovers of PKR leaders to UMNO in the last few months as they are convinced that there would be massive UMNO and BN turncoats in the ballot boxes in the coming GE in NS.

“We want them to cross over to us in the ballot boxes in the GE’ said one of the top PKR leaders when I met them in KL recently.

When I asked him which are the seats that he feels prospective to fall he said “2 from Kuala Pilah, 1 from Jelebu, 1 more each from Seremban and Rembau and we are quite certain to snatch 1 each from Rasah and Tampin. We are working for another 1 from Jempol as well” he said confidently.

In the 2-hr tea time with this particular leader his confidence to take the NS government is because of the weaknesses of UMNO and BN leadership of NS. The restlessness of UMNO members in the sate is too clear for Mohammad Hasan to deny.

Mohamad Hasan has failed to put up good and recognizable leaders in every division in the sate for reasons known to everyone. It’s because of his personal politics.

He enjoys leaders who are subservient to him for him to bully and to reciprocate him with blind allegiance. He is suffering from serious superiority complex which tarnishes his administration by having court jesters around him whose duty is just to amuse him in perpetuity.

Mohammad in essence is a proud personality and his high nosed character is because of one clear reason; the wealth that he secured before becoming the MB. He is lavish in claiming that he has a wealth that can last for another four generations and he does not depend on corruption to make up the wealth like many others do.

I don’t know why he has to impress others that he is rich and it is just unacceptable to many who heard it especially by the politicians.

He is obsessed in making others to acknowledge him as wealthy man even before he became the MB. He does not stand honest critics. He thinks he is the best MB that NS has ever had and he acts like a leader who comes from paradise.

He hates to be humble and to respect individuals. He is very fond of branding anyone who disagrees with him by saying, “Ah, dia tu tak mendalamkan air. Jangan pedulilah dio tu.” This is crude word is an actual resemblance of a proud person. One does not need to be a genius to understand this.

He is disconnected with sincere and good hearted leaders and he is easily influenced by newly found sycophants who are all out to get personal political and economic gains out of him.

He suppresses his supporters and supports his weak and unattainable leaders around him who are not capable of assisting him to manage the state and the party. He appointed his elder brother to be the Secretary of UMNO liaison committee for quite a number of years and that was a clear illustration of his political insecurity

He respects nobody and distrusts everybody. He mixes only with the rich and the famous, and the rest are not within his wave length to get his friendship any longer.

I can’t see any division other than his that gives him unequivocal support. The lame duck Ismail Lasim, who is the Head for Kuala Pilah Division was once his strongest supporter but Ismail is not anymore a leader of any consequence in the division and is not able to permanently be Mohammad’s political henchman.

Mohammad has ostracized all budding leaders of the division to ensure Ismail to lead the division as long as he is the MB. By supporting Ismail, Mohammad is totally disconnected with other leaders in this important division.

He does that in all divisions in the state and his encroachment of the division’s democracy makes him to be an MB without observable support state wide.

He attempted to dispose Rais in Jelebu by encouraging his EXCO Yunus to challenge the information Minister but Rais managed to scrape through with just 11 votes majority, and that was enough to give shame to Rais, another obvious primadona in the state.

Mohammad Hasan’s dismal defeat in the recent Supreme Council election was mainly due to the insubordination from NS delegates. He hardly secured 20% votes from his own state delegates.

Thus the question is; how is he going to lead the state in the coming GE when he is in total impassiveness with the real and organically good leaders? The leaders ‘yang mendalamkan air’ are all outside the lineup in almost all divisions.

The confidence level of the opposition to take over the state administration will always be at the peak for as long as Mohammad leads the state BN.

I won’t be wrong here: there will be massive turn coats from UMNO in the coming GE in the ballot boxes. Don’t get exited with the recent crossover of the few PR Parliamentarians.

There will be tens of thousands of UMNO members’ crossing over in protest through the ballot boxes in the State of NS in the coming GE and almost a million of them nation-wide will opt to vote the alternative parties.

So NS will deliver another State government to PR. Anything happen in Trengganu will make up for at least 8 state governments in the hands of Pakatan Rakyat. In Trengganu UMNO is as good as dead.

Until to this date all my intuitions seldom went wrong. I bet you.


Anonymous said...

Good morning!Wah! you are slowly creeping in NS bro? Rell all bro..tell all.


Ayem said...

Cheers bro. That was a good shot.


Quantum Metal Consultant said...

Politik kaum Cina sangat hebat dari segi rangkaian, kekuatan mereka bukan bergantung semata mata kepada parti politik tetapi lebih kepada persatuan kaum masing2 dan dewan perniagaan mereka. Banyak keputusan dan persetujuan bersama dibuat dari sana, parti2 politik kadangkala hanya mencodk dan membuat pengesahan semula sahaja.

Kaum cina tidak perlu menunggu ceramah dan kempen untuk sampaikan maklumat kepada mereka malahan maklumat sampai kepada mereka sepantas masa atas kekuatan rangkaian ini.

Berbanding dengan orang Melayu dan India, mereka kena ditemui oleh pemimpin politik, kena buat cermah penerangan, kena ada makan2 untuk jemput mereka datang dan kena buat macam2 janji manis untuk penyedap telinga.

Kerana kekuatan rangkaian inilah, hari ini kaum cina majoritinya sudahpun membuat keputusan untuk mengundi siapa tidak kira samada pilihanraya dibuat subuh besok atau tahun hadapan.

Majoritinya akan memilih DAP dan hasrat mereka bukan sahaja Negeri Sembilan tetapi kalau boleh sembilan negeri yang lain.

Anonymous said...

I am not worried that NS will be going the PR way or of PR marching to Putrajaya, what I am worried is BN/UMNO leaders plundering the nation's coffer and bankrupting the nation before handing over the nation to PR. They know full that their tenure as leaders will be gone by the time the nation goes to the next poll.
God save Malaysia.
Pak Tua

charlie said...

I reside in Seremban bro. I am not from NS but the 3 year stay is enough to conform on what you have just said.
Anyway I don,t have any love for BN since 5 years ago. They ought to be taught a good lesson.

schenker78 said...

Kami tak mahu kontrak selalu EOT - Extension of Time, Over budget, alasan triple cost from naik hara simen excuse.

Ada satu bendul dari Parlimen kata tak boleh tanya kenapa Istana Negara sudah double harga kos dari 400 juta ke 800 juta lebih pasal menhina Raja???? Mana logik. Apa kena kontrak dengan kerabat Raja???

Kecuali ada orang tertentu ada kepentingan dalam kontraktor Alibaba... Maya Maju???? Tak pernah dengar nama ini.

Kenapa tak bagi kat company yg saya kerja, Muhibbah, atau lain2 yang bagus...Ranhill, IJM, bla bla bla....boleh buat kerja within budget.

schenker78 said...

Biar NS jatuh. Padan muka Najib.
Aku rasa Perlis, Perak dan terengganu akan kembali ke Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan janji naikkan royalti minyak dari 5% ke 20% untuk semua negeri . Orang Terengganu tunggu apa??

Boleh jadi setiap warga Terengganu dapat duit sara hidup untuk orang susah seperti warga emas di PP dan air percuma di Selangor.

Anonymous said...

BN needs a day out in the Opposition. They need to get rid of the riff raff. Add to BN's dooms day scenario a revolt in Johor

Sideline said...

Abg Aspan,

Kawan saya pernah berseluruh. Kalau kita tinggalkan Seremban 5 tahun tak balik2 Malaysia, bila balik nanti Seremban tetap sama. Yang berbeza arahan aliran trafik di bandar lama Seremban. Funny?..but that is reality about Seremban town. Some say Seremban is for people to retire. Hope our MB don't take that as a compliment.

Negeri Sembilan may have some finest schools in the country and being close proximity to KLIA and KL should have benefited the state. Unfortunately our Negeri Sembilan politicians failed to capitalize the abundant of opportunities for the state. Even Kangar town is much vibrant than Seremban.

Perhaps we don't need corporate personality to be MB of Negeri Sembilan. Character like Ali Rustam is suffice to teach 1 or 2 things how to develop the state similar to Melaka.

I just hope that I'm not hearing Melaka is developed because of closer proximity to Singapore and Kangar to Thailand.

Quiet Despair said...

Khairy should be the next MB
If not, bring Isa back as MB.
Present MB can go back to selling Mercedes.
He's not cut out to be a politician.

schenker78 said...

saudara aspan,

anda kata 8 negeri bakal jatuh ke PR.... selain 5 negeri dimenagi semasa GE12, negeri lain yang anda sebut adalah Ganu dan NS....baru tujuh....mana satu negeri ke 8??

gemasindah said...

Salam brader Aspan

Be optimistic a little bit bro. Do not be skeptical ...why not look at these UMNO nonsences from different angles ..take your tropong to Sg jelutung ..then focus it to Wisma Negeri ..see all the greens and the blues ....write something that make all the NS UMNO leaders happy..so that everybody will shake your hands the tight mat salleh style

ini tak...you keep on saying things that worries them ..do u think that they are capable of getting worried on their political future or the future of the negritos malays like u and me ..

come on bro ..see ..now u are suffering from an unknown disease because u attached yourselves to people like samongkol AK 47. He is definitely a sadist cause he practices all that siamese boomerangs and always carry the illegal assault rifle that can bring down apache.

See the comments by yr readers ..suggesting that Isa should make his comeback ..and KJ can be better than this rantau boy who happened to liken lembus very much ..until he sucessfully turned my hometown into a shahrizatial beef valley ..wh is comparable to that silicon valley some where in the states

why dont these readers of yours ..use the same tropong that u use in Sg Jelutung pointing the focus at Wisma Negeri ..and smile widely..oh oh ...i see something..u can politely ask him ..hei brader ..what did u see ..?
How joyful will it be ..bro ..if what he saw is my brader aspan and his old friend from gemas sitting on the MBNSDK chair...having breakfast together..

bravo bro aspan..i have been following yr thoughts ..wh sometime ..i dont agree at all..sometime i wonder ..eh eh macammana aspan boleh keluar dari kumpulan UMNO totok tu ?

I still wonder cause right at this end i am still that stupid UMNO TOTOK lah bro aspan

my name is omar abdullah.

gemasindah said...

Salam bro aspan..

Sometime i wonder who are your target groups bro...the learned readers, the midlle class or people like me the mass or akar umbi ? What akar umbi ..a rotten one cause the stupid malay leaders have started to grow maple, grape , apples ...no more the padi, jambu , getah and sawit bla bla

And i still wonder ..why you refuse to use the pens given to you by KU-LI ..to write somethings or all the things that will boomerang in the kepalo otak melayu to get together ..pull their socks and boots ..and start playing football in the same club wearing the same jersies.

Or bro , you have been citilised in such ways that you have forgotten that kamponglised people in padang lebar or batu kikir are not able or will not be able to stand straight without those malicious tongkats ...is it malicious or magnicious ..forgive me bro my english is getting terrible..rather rottening ..to long being kamponglised..

Come on bro , we need experienced sharpshooters like you to shoot the wild ducks that damage our sawah padi...

Do become that bro aspan that i know before who at time is totok UMNO..well bro UMNO is not that bad ..only the present leaders may have gone wild alittle bit cause zulaikha is still beautiful...so is maya karin who will becomes a widow very soon

campur campurlah tulih pan sokojap melayu sokojap org putih..sonanglah kito nak baco..ni pulak bilo baco entri bro kono ado oxford dict disobolah ..loteh lah camtu...my name is omar

Aspan Alias said...


you questioned me why I am not as 'totok' an UMNO man like how you had known me since.

i am the most 'totok' UMNO member. that is why i detest any leader who takes UMNO as his personal property as that party is also mine.

that is why i detest and extend no respect and regard to a leader who spoils the party, that turns it become a potential opposition party in time to come.

i hate people who become a leader to steal people's property like 'pasir' an subsequently bring shame to UMNO.

so bro, i am a 'totok' UMNO man. i don't understand why you misread me despite of knowing me from the primary school.

schenker78 said...

all these political party is not religion or God for the followers to follow till they die. If you party do wrong punish them by voting out.

You wont let your child keep on breaking things in the house. You would tell them to stop and punish them in your own way. Why you people cant do the same for politicians??

No party should be in power forever unless they are communist, junta or PAP Singapore.

I want to see Malaysia punish UMNO BN for all their crimes of the past and all politician money confiscated in Malaysia, in Swiss bank, in Africa (Daim) and in Cayman Island. Not forgetting all of rosmah mansur handbags worth millions and auctioned off plus the Persian Cat of najib...haha

If it wont happen, expect even more malays to emigrate. There are tens of thousand of Malays who work overseas and have seen different gov management refuse to come back except during Hari Raya.

Anonymous said...

Schenker78, you are perfectly right tuan. Some UMNO members think that UMNO is like religion that forbids anyone to say anything against them.
UMNO is not a Malays party anymore, its a party for everyone with intentions of money making and that includes people like Vincent Tan and few others.


schenker78 said...

I am sure a lot of parents that have young kids in school dont want anything bad happen to them...Well, keep on supporting UMNO BN and let your kids grow up to suffer, you will suffer too if you live long enough.

Dont let it be worse than Reformasi 1998. Put Anwar in jail and u might see a silent revolution in the Ballot box.

When all fails and people get damn pissed off, the scenes of Iran 1979, Tiananmen Square, Suharto downfall, Berlin Wall, Thailand craziness, Aquino revolution will happen in Malaysia. U cant stop a raging bull, you can only run away.....

Then those crooks wont even have underwear on to run when the citizens go mad like the Indonesian Student Movement. Their first target will be the politicians and ass kissers as was repeated all over the world previously....

schenker78 said...

i was reading malaysia insider....at age 70, Ringo Starr of Beatles pray for peace and love...

in malaysia , at age 85, mahathir prays for racism and hate.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad Hasan orang rantau, saya pun orang rantau (Linsum). MB ini dan keluarga seolah-olah mereka yang kawal penghihupan kami. Mereka memaksa kita menghormati mereka khususnya Azman, abngnya.

Kami diam sahajalah memerhati gelagat mereka. Mereka pikir mereka suppremo disini. Kami sudah tua, kami tahu latar belakang semua orang disini.

Mohammad ingat kami tidak memerhatikan dia orang.

Tak apalah nasib dia baik. Lita bukannya marah kepada nasibnya yg baik..hanya kami kesal mereka tidak pandai menjaga hati orang keliling dan kariah mereka.

orang tua Linsum

Anonymous said...


you know something? he always scolds his exco and ismail lasim is no exception.
i know he used to say to ismail, "orghang pilah ni bangang bona-bona". but ismail just kept his mouth shut.

true to what you said, this MB thinks he is hell of a great man.

tunggu dio pencen, sapo kawan dio.

mat terachi said...

Abg Aspan,

Kau kek mano bang! Baleklah! Kau tau bang, Pasir diNS somo eh dah Mah Hasan paraidkan kek koluargo dio ajo.

Kita kek NS mampuih lopeh ni bang. UMNO dah tak tontu ghupo laie bang. Hancai!

Mail Lasim tak ado kepimpinan. Dio ashik nak jadi MB. Skaghang dio guno Abu Zahar pulak untuk lobi Najib dan Rosmah dan gantikan Mad Hasan.

Eloklah tu, nak pindahkan kuaso dari monyet ko kogho.

Lumek! lumek!.

mat terachi.

gemasindah said...

Salam brader..so i have to say ...welcome back my dear bro aspan..what i want to see u write is that stupid but staright forward word called totok..wow how nice

So bro who is not that totok anymore..send them all the bullets that you have ..cause nature will replenish your stocks ..is it nature or what ..does not matter bro...

The other day i met one of your childhood admirer...and she asked me rather honestly ..bangah why ..lilah why not ..uncle aspan.

What can i reply bro...maybe next time ...just pray hard..and that friend of ours who refuse to brush his teeth ..is now a Dato' ..young indonesian wife lagi..his name is Anuar rashidin..jumpa Aspan kirim salam ...bro katanya..

i lost my phone together with yr number..my hp nos remain the same ..so please call me ..and do visit me at http://gemasindah.blogspot or if you want an interlude visit the other one http://fakirabdillah.blogspot

Anyway thanks bro..i think i know u well as u said ...and i am happy to be able to pull both your legs bro ..forgive me for that...

nak praktis english balik pan ..cemburu yo english bro ...class

gemasindah said...

Salam tuan tuan org pilah

ese macam brader aspan pun asal ee org pilah yo..

si amat tu ponah cakap ..aa yolah lopak ee tuan tuan punyo...jonjang ee ese yang mogang

tak senereh boto ...lah budak amat ni

tal lamo tu doh ..nak go homelah tu

Anonymous said...

Mohammad will be there. He knows how to 'bodek' top leaders especially Muhyiddin. He is the biggest chameleon in NS. He is just like that minangkabau in Jelebu.
Nobody can do anything other them voting out these leaders in the election. Enough is enough!

Quiet Despair said...

Bro Aspan

Abah saya kata MB paling bagus ialah Datuk Mansor Othman.
Tak mengaut harta. Matipun di rumah adiknya di Pilah.
Setuju ke bro?

shamshul anuar said...

Dear aspan,

i am not so sure about that. I notice the feeling of "rakyat" has somewhat "changed" after the last election.

Generally, I notically that PKR's support among the Malays is in decline . and quite significantly too. While Anwar had then many supporters way back in 1998, this time Malays began to doubt him. Meaning they lose trust on him after he refused to swear by Kuran. do not forget all Muslims believe that only those who want to hide something would not have wanted to swear when challenged.

PAS also finds ( the hard way) that its influence among Malay community is declining. Reason? Very simply. Its "alliance" or rather its submission to DAP upsets the Malays. The pattern is very clear. In Bukit gantang election, PAS won the seat but with decreasing Malay votes.

as for UMNO, its support is on the increase although not that significant. Malays began to realize that they will be the losers if UMNO is wiped out? why? Because PAS does not the clout in PR the way UMNO does in BN.

As for the Chinese, majority will not vote BN as PR promises moon and star to them, no thanks to Anwar's mind boggling dream to become PM at all cost.

And I notice Malay voting pattern is changing. I believe many non Malay candidates in BN will be wiped out in next election for keeping quiet when DAP relentlessly challenging Malay special provisions. It happened in last election.

Upset with Hindraf, Malay voters punished MIC, MCA candidates. That is the reason why Kuantan. Teluk kemang, Hulu selangor, kota Raja , Pasir Panjang fell to PR candidates who are all Malays.

I notica some UMNO ADUn or MPS heavily criticises UMNO as if they forget that they were elected on UMNO's ticket. The funny part is that they criticize out loud without ever showing any initiatives ( using their position ) to rectify the situation.

They "condemned" UMNO without any shred of guilt . They condem and condemn without wanting to acknowldege good things that UMNO brings to rakyat.

Sure UMNO must have done something right. Criticize but do not be fanatical.

Remember, if you just cant stomach "UMNO", just resign. Who is stopping you?