18 October 2010

Are we ready for change?

PM Najib evidently has the feel of what is going to be when the next GE comes by. He knows that UMNO/BN is facing crisis of confidence from the cross-section of the voting public and he is trying hard to rebuild the used-to-be strong support from the voters which is now thinning and contracting more than what the ruling party faced in the last GE.

Realizing this, PM Najib put up extra efforts by meeting the ex-civil servant in his residence recently to re-establish connectivity with the pensioners, a section of the voters who knows and comprehend the condition of the past and the present state of affairs in the government.

The other group that Najib wants to meet is the ex-servicemen from the military and the police. BUT until today there is only less than 5000 of them are registered voters from the 74000 registered members of the ex-military servicemen and efforts are being made to register them as voters with the hope of getting additional votes for the coming vulnerable GE.

All these pains that Najib undertake is to boost the moral of BN to supplement the current lame and weak activists of UMNO and BN on the ground. Without any complementary support from the ex-servicemen the result of the coming GE is more or less predictable.

The move by PM to meet every quarter for the campaign is really a laborious effort and too expensive and it will take extensively of his time which is supposed to be spent on managing the governmental affairs.

This nature of campaign normally won’t work well with the current environment as the colossal issues against the ruling government are perceived to be unresolved and unsettled.

You see, by numbers UMNO and MCA alone should be able to retain power without much exertions as adding up the memberships of these two major parties would have easily make up a number of more than 5 million votes. Adding up members of other 12 component parties in BN, the coalition could easily guarantee handsome majorities in both the Federal and the State Legislatives Assemblies. But where have all these voting members gone to when the GE came by and BN had only managed to achieve less than 55% of their members to vote for them?

On contrary PR with three components with less than 2 million members managed to take up 49% of the total votes. I have been writing in this blog of my disapproving opinion in securing support by numbers of party membership as party members can always turn-coats and damaging defectors in the ballot boxes during the GE and that had been proven to happen in the last 3 GE’s. Big membership will result in great propensity for the members to desert us in the ballot boxes when there are valid issues against their own party.

What are needed are the approving policies that stand on the actual and accepted reconciliatory point by all Malaysian with prevailing enormous diversities of races, religions and cultures that forms the facet of the nation’s population composition. It is a tough struggle but we used to joyously experience that situation before and there shouldn’t be any justification as to why it is not attainable at this instant.

What is looked-for by the people is the willingness for the leaders to recognize and acknowledge the crude fact that they are weak and having too tiny a cue that they are not up to the mark to administer this great nation which needs extra aptitude and an appropriate attitude to circumvent the people’s from repellent against the party and the government in the GE through the transparent ballot boxes.

UMNO is in grave need to take preemptive moves to prevaricate and dissemble the people rejection in the coming GE. If public’s lack of confidence on the leadership lineup is the raison d'être, than they have to sacrifice by letting some one else with different disposition and lineup to take the responsibility and answerability for the nation. If the party leaders have too much apprehension to execute the need the chances of the voters giving the mandate to another party lineup will be their option.

I have been writing on this issue few times in recent months and I conclusive that impeccable government policies and unimpeachable implementation of its policies is the only way that the current government can command respect and revere from the suspicious public on the government.

The flawlessness in the implementations of those policies would set in motion of support from the people and that is how political parties in good democratic nations retain power of the government. Their leaders do not need to be near to the people all the time but their unsullied and immaculate policies is the one that is always very near to the people.

That is the reason in advance and great nations in the west or even in this region, we seldom witness the political parties and their leaders organizing Juara Rakyat-like programs or of sorts in order to gain respect and high opinion by the voting public. They earn the support of the people after irreproachable records in administering their nations.

In contrary the same ruling political parties had to sit across the floor in their legislatives when the people began to see that the parties that had acquired the mandate for some while were not any longer relevant to their needs for the time. In any organization there must be an element of change that is needed by the changing times and needs.

This is what happens in UMNO which has no elasticity and flexibility to the changing times. Their leaders are still with patronizing attitude with noticeable uncharacteristic, untruthful and nauseating dispositions. Our leaders are taking everything for granted and expect to gain support without having to earn it. The hordes of current ruling leaders are losing the basic tenets of appropriate leadership outlook and perceptibly detachable with the people’s growing demands and expectations.

Realizing the unmistakable repugnance of the alert voting public leaders of BN in typical UMNO and MCA are now drumming the racial issues as the mean to ally support from their racially based party members. None in those leadership hierarchies of UMNO and MCA has the magnanimity of leadership and in the end the inter-racial animosity now prevails at a very perilous level.

The basic structure of our political goings and comings in this nation and the danger that comes along with it has never been to this extent before. Everyone is politically moving on racial lines and what we had enjoyed in whole decades of the seventies and the early eighties with racial harmony is now undetected and unseen by the generation after that episode of time.

UMNO leaders these days are perceptibly ungainly for the current nature of politics and the party needs a change. Any apprehension of change in the party would end up the party being changed in the ballot boxes in the coming GE. AND do accept the fact that it is the right of the people as they have been waiting for the change which never seems to become visible.

Stop battling on the opposition as we are supposed to battle within us to come up with well equipped leadership that suit to the demand for change..


independentman said...


Bro Aspan,

This subject of change is an interesting topic. The first question is :" Is this change will for the better or for worse?".

If it for the worse why should I want to change or to support the move for the change. I know what is good for me. Do najib knows what is good for me?. Or for that matter what is good for him? Or what is good for the country? Or what is good for the malays? Or what is good for islam?

From what I see from the many months of his action or inaction, I do not think he knows what is good for all of the above.

Time for a new leader before the malays and islam is destroyed in this country.


juan said...

sdr aspan, yang melemahkan umno itu adalah pemimpin yang sedia ada. sekarang pula orang yg sama hendak melakukan transformasi. mana boleh jadi.

Anonymous said...

UMNO come 20 more years will never change. Lets wait and see its final demise!!!


mo said...

Asalam saudara aspan,,, Pembaharuan seolah satu kemustahilan kepada umno dan pemimipinya??? Pm najib bukan lah seorang pemimpin yg advance sangat, flip flop mungkin. WALAU sudah banyak kali teguran di buat, termasuklah saudara aspan tulis ??? Persoalan apa perubahan sikap, tindakan, yg najib ambil ??? Lansung tidak ada sengat dan bisanya??? Saya masih ingat dgn tulisan saudara aspan, tahi dan ulat... Kalau tak ada tahi, tak kan ulat ada... Rakyat tak akan berubah selagi perkara pokok yg menjadi balan rakyat tidak di ambil tindakan yg tegas dan berani. Penekanan kepada kurapsi, ketelusan, freedom, salah guna kuasa, tindakan tak pili bulu, reform maac,reform polis, perkara yg pokok ini harus di segerakan tindak kan,, ada kemungkinan perubahan berlaku, tapi bukan dalam masa terdekat, namun ada baik nya di buat begitu demi masa depan umno dan bn. ????tq