07 November 2010

GERAKAN should be disbanded

Koh Tsu Koon is now sitting on a hot seat as the pressure for him to quit is mountable. Former President Lim Keng Yeik resigned as the Party Adviser not long a go for the same reason and now he is happy that Koh Tsu Koon had announced his resignation if there is someone who can be accepted by the members as his replacement. Tsu Koon has been known for his indecisiveness and it is more glaring when he was unable to take proper and appropriate action against the party’s Teng Hock Nan, its Penang party Chief’s issue. I do not need to elaborate on Hock Nan issue as that is known to every literate person.

As the main BN component the animosity surrounding GERAKAN is an issue that causes BN in trouble of uniting the components in the coalition in preparing for the imminent General Election (GE) which to some opinion is just around the corner. UP to this moment Najib has not legitimize the people support by calling a GE as previous PM traditionally did. To the best of my memory can recollect it was only DatuK Husein Onn who called the GE 2 years after he assumed the PM post from his brother-in- law Tun Razak in 1976.

Early this year there was a call from BN’s main component party MCA for the party to replace GERAKAN in all the state constituencies allocated for GERAKAN as the party had failed miserably and having zero representation in the Penang State Assembly. To MCA GERAKAN will be the sure losing bet if the allocation of seats remains the way it was.

UMNO too is having the enthusiasm to lead the state government if BN manages to recapture the state government form PR which is DAP dominated government. UMNO’s claim can be relevant as the party has 11 seats in the opposition bench currently and it is always natural for any member wanting to see UMNO to lead the government if BN is given clear mandate by the people. All these years UMNO had the most number of seats while BN was in power but the BN power sharing concept only took UMNO to sacrifice even though with clear disinclination.

GERAKAN, like UMNO is facing succession problem. Keng Yeik had been at the helm of the party far too long and as a result the party didn’t develop leaders for succession. The vacuum that prevails is due to the overstaying of its leadership and it is very normal for all component parties in BN. Mahathir took more than 2 decades to retire, Samy Velu took another 2 decades before talking about retirement, Taib Mahmud is still there and does not seem to even think of taking leave.

Overstaying will drive the party they lead to unmitigated tribulations and in the end that becomes the sure route to tragedy when the time to face the people comes by. As I have mentioned in my earlier write up winning the double by election days ago is definitely not the indicator of impeccable support from the people. A losing basket ball team is certain to have some scoring points. So to BN let it be reminded that there is no reason what so ever for the coalition to be exuberant with the Galas and Batu Sapi victories.

To me, GERAKAN will be offering a great favor to BN if the party is dissolved and disbanded. Its members can either choose to be in MCA or DAP. By doing so BN will be enlightened with fewer numbers of parties within the coalition so take care for. I am certain that DAP will be happy to this idea and so do MCA. With the dissolution of of GERAKAN than BN will have a lighter baggage to carry in facing the GE. Playing reserve in a football team can be very demoralizing for a keen footballer. It is better to be a cheer leader from the sideline and do remember that the best position in football is the position of ‘right outside’.

GERAKAN should consider this option seriously. Maybe this the best sacrifice for GERAKAN for the advantage of BN.


Anonymous said...

You have said it bro/ Gerakkan is a defunct party. No hope of revival bro.

chan penang rd.

joana said...

yes, gerakkan is a real heavy baggage for BN to carry.


Anonymous said...

Tn. Aspan,
Sepintas lalu, sya rasa AMENO yg kena bubar bukanya GERAKAN. Sebab dgn slogan 1 MALAYSIA oleh PE EM kita nampaknya sesuai sekali dgn perjuangan GERAKAN. He3..

Red Alfa said...

Saudara Aspan

Disbanding Gerakan so that BN would win the next GE?

Lim Chong Eu's Gerakan is perhaps in dire need of re-defining itself along its core causes, surely as also for '46 UMNO?

Both today's Gerakan and UMNO cannot and will never ever find their way again?