07 June 2011

Muhyiddin still wants to talk with PAS?

Despite of the rebuff and repulsion by PAS on the call by UMNO for the party to work hand-in glove with them, Muhyiddin still maintains that UMNO is always keeping its door open for PAS to come forward to join the proposed unity government. Muhyiddin said that the call was not political in motive but purely for the sake of Islam and the Malays.

However PAS on the other side reiterates that the party will remain loyal to the loose coalition in Pakatan Rakyat (PR). The party is going head-on with UMNO and its ageing coalition BN in the forthcoming General Election (GE). Its President in his message to the party’s annual general assembly firmly rehabilitated the party’s stand to remain as a loyal partner in PR until they achieve the goal of putting UMNO/BN at the opposition bench after the coming GE.

It’s saccharine for Muhyiddin to come out with his sincere suggestion that UMNO is real in his call for the two Malay based party to move forward hand in hand to achieve the eternal and perpetual Malay and Muslim unity for the present and the future. Muhyiddin said that UMNO is always open for organic discussions with PAS despite of pitiful reactions from its component parties within BN.

Muhyiddin wants both UMNO and PAS to discuss the issue of unity government. The UMNO Deputy President's move was taken by some quarters that UMNO is in desperate attempt to hang on to power. UMNO has of late feels that the forthcoming GE is set for tough encounter to remain in power.

PAS however rejected Muhyiddin’s notion that our country has already a welfare state under Barisan Nasional which has surpassed that was proposed by PAS in the party’s muktamar which ended yesterday. What we have achieved is far behind the claim by Muhyiddin that Malaysian is already living in a welfare state.

I still maintain that nobody would take a rain check to discuss with UMNO for Malay and Malaysian unity and that includes DAP. PAS once upon a time even joined the Barisan Nasional. Gerakkan was formed as an opposition party but subsequently joined BN for the sake of national unity. There is nothing unworkable in politics as long as the workings are done by someone magnanimous enough to command respect from everyone.

Why do PAS, DAP and other opposition parties having hesitation to compromise with UMNO? The answer is simple. They don’t trust the present line of leadership up to the core. “We need fresh UMNO line of leadership like those we used to have in the seventies” said one of DAP local leaders in my neighborhood.

“DAP is not interested to become the PM because we are not fielding enough seats in any GE. We want a Malay leader to be the PM but there is nobody we can trust within the current line of leaders. You want us to support you? Then you change everyone in the line up. We suspect everybody and trust no one in present UMNO supreme council. You change and we change.” said a former local MCA leader who now active in DAP. “I left MCA because there are a lot of nonsensical and ludicrous leaders impregnating the party. UMNO should change all their leaders and please change the party’s image. If there is no change PAS will be the representative for the Malays. We need Malays but not the one in present UMNO lineup. Why don’t you all change them? We are waiting for that change within you people” looking serious.

This sort of reaction is a normal encounter from my Chinese friends and associates who say things very frank and clear to me as a friend they trust talking to. Obviously they perceive our leaders as stumbling block for progress and they just could tolerate the pranks of BN leaders. They perceive our leaders as vandals to this beautiful nation that is blessed with wealth by nature.

When I asked them whether there’s any leader with a PM material within PR, he swiftly answered, “Once we win we are prepared to talk to any sensible leader within UMNO to start a new politics. Then we talk about special Malay rights and what ever the Malays are unhappy with. That leader we choose can be from UMNO but certainly not anyone within the current supreme council.”

When we hears this loud and clear,please be reminded that this blog has been writing umpteen of time suggesting that we have to start this nation politics anew. I am sure we can find someone experienced enough to take the edge off these complexes of politics.

We need structural changes that suit the current needs of the people of different races, cultures and faith. The world has changed, we have to change too. Whatever changes done must be a straight path towards national unity and talking about racial issues has to be taken as a punishable offense.

I believe that the current leaderships do not have sufficient reliability to work on the new facets of the nation’s politics. Let us all find that natural leader to save Malaysia and to find the perpetual political sanity that we frantically need. Let's do away with leaders who come along with heavy baggage.

Muhyiddin must now accept that by mere having talk between PAS and UMNO does not go anywhere and does no good to anyone. Malaysian politic is not a game between just UMNO and PAS only. It has to be more than that…much more.


jemaah kecewa said...


The days for UMNO to secure natural support is long over.

Your effort to put UMNO back to its original state is going to a waste because they don't know what UMNO is and the saddest is, why they are up there.

UMNO leaders can't change because they do not know what to do. They only know how to incriminate the oppositions, nothing more nothing less.

Please realize this bro.

burn said...

ur friend saying is spot on!
perkara yang patut diambil tindakan, buat tak endah! yang tak patut, riuh sekampong! i dah fed up dengan kerenah si diaorang! ministers elected should show a good example for the people, but what i saw... their action, their performance, their attitude, and their thinking, i have always wonder how did they get there in the first place? they do not have that "quality" and "maturity" in them at all!


azharyusoff said...

Game over. The only way UMNO can survive is to cheat and cheat and cheat,period.

Burung Merbok said...

I am no lover of UMNO BUT I'm not going in the direction of simply denying anything "good" UMNO and BN had done ! Be sincere and honest about it. Simply criticising for its sake plus denying whatever is admirable, is just describing one's own weaknesses, perhaps even one's own selfish attitude in NOT wanting to give credit its due place !!!

To condemn those that worked tirelessly all these fifty years and over as 'not knowing what to do' is definitely a very moronic,childish, immature and unintelligent obsevation.

True, we need a change. But remember, changes sometimes doesn't bring 'that change' that we so wish for ! If changes do bring about something that is favourable to us, then we welcome the change. But what if the opposite happens ?

We simply can't be trigger-happy and simply demand changes especially when we are talking about somethimg totally alien to us. Just via reading, browsing through the net, having coffeeshop talks, partaking in peer group discussions etc doesn't necessarily make you an 'able and accomplished politician' with that so-called flair to judge every 'opponent' as stupid, doesn't know what to do, etc etc !

One has to be sceptical and even suspicious of those that so readily admonish and belittle the contributions of others. They must have ulterior motives. Perhaps they could be enemies of the state; clothed in honourable positions, politics or otherwise ! " Such men are dangerous"

Anonymous said...

UMNO is infected by cancer of the 4th degree. There is no way to save it other than by death. No amount of amputation can heal it. Only a rebirth will it be of relevance. how about forming UMNO Baru (Baru)?
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

Aspan, do you know that PAS and UMNO is nearing to reach an ALLIANCE for GE13?

With that, it's a final nail to DAP and PKR coffin.

Surprising right ASPAN. ?

zain johari said...


That Anon 11:02 talks shit. So naive isn't it? PAS won't talk to the current goons in UMNO.

Anonymous said...

sesama Islam tak perlulah bakar jambatan, mana tahu satu hari nanti jambatan tu amat diperlukan pulak..

Dari DAP, lebih baik ambik UMNO, kalau mati nanti sekurang-kurangnya orang Islam samada PAS ataupun UMNO akan menguburkan kita mengikut syariat.

Nak harapkan DAP, bergendang pulak nanti kat kubur dari talkin dan doa selamat.Tak sanggup saya.

Pakudo Juasseh said...

Saudara Aspan,u've been long enough in politic; be it in the ruling party as well as in the opposition.
Looks like UMNO is in the "checkmate" situation as far as the Malay support is concerned! Currently they're trying to garner the youth support-realising on what happened in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. The youth generation is a force NOT to be taken lightly?
Likened UMNO to lady who had lost her "attractiveness" no matter how thick she make-up or do a "botox" IT'S A NO GO SITUATION, simply PUT U OFF. Tq

johan,pahang said...

To everyone, looks like UMNO is trying hard to cheat and to betray PAS. my dad is an UMNO member and I am PAS. My dad is 79 years old and I am 54.

My dad told me that PAS shouldn't take the offer to compromise with UMNO as PAS will be thrown away like what happened in 1978.

PAS went on to save UMNO after the 69 election and formed BN. In 1978 PAS was jilted when UMNO got back their strength.
Just remember that incident and never ever trust UMNO. Like its leaders UMNO is bastardized by corrupt leaders at all levels.
Just tell that to everyone. No more UMNO, no more leaders like Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Najib please. God willing UMNO can be better without these leaders.

Anonymous said...

The problem with UMNO is it is rotten to core,thanks to the golden 22 rotten years.The only way for UMNO to transform is to sit in opposition bench and purge all the rotten leaders.
Mee Mamak Ali

Anonymous said...

Johan said "No more UMNO, no more leaders like Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Najib please. God willing UMNO can be better without these leaders."

apa alternatif bro!; the like of TGNA, Hadi, Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu. You must be joking, bro!

zaidi said...

Pak Aspan
Spot on..again. The question should be whether anything the Govt does benefit the Malay. Don't care whether it comes from BN or PR. I will not discount the fact that BN can change..and if they changed for the better of the Malay..my vote will go to them. Until today the policies HAVE NOT benefited the Malays. What we have today is Barisan Robin Hood, robbing the poor to profit the rich..bah!

robiatun said...

One can say anything, I shall never vote for UMNO any longer bro.

1)Voting for UMNO is a vote for corruption.

2)Voting for UMNO is a vote for racist.

3)Voting for UMNO is a vote for Rosmah.

4)Voting for UMNO is a vote for murderer.

5)Voting for UMNO is a vote for Perkasa.

6)Voting for UMNO is a vote for

7) so on and so forth.

Voting for UMNO is a sinful act.

Anonymous said...

"Voting for UMNO is a sinful act"

so kira berdosa ye dan masuk neraka

Vote PAS/PKR dan DAP kira dapat pahala ye! dan masuk sorga.

Apala mangkok ayun punya "argument"; no klaslah bro!

Anonymous said...

Undi UMNO yg bersekongkol ngan rasuah, penipu, pengkhianat lebih teruk dari undi DAP yg non muslim tapi tidak mengamalkan budaya rasuah dan menipu UMNO.

Aku pilih DAP dari UMNO yang nama je Islam pada nama tapi perangai macam takde agama.


Anonymous said...


Kau lagi mangkok ayun. Mengundi pemimpin yang terang-terang makan rasuah

Anonymous said...


Kau lagi mangkok ayun. Mengundi pemimpin yang terang-terang makan rasuah"


Burung Merbok said...

1. Sorry bro, though not really a lover of them, I will still vote for UMNO/BN. Voting for PR translates into :

1.1 voting for the DAP
1.2 'killing' my own race
1.3 condemning my own generation
into political oblivion
1.4 surrendering the dignity of my
country into foreign hands
1.5 helping the enemy to destroy
the very fabric of political
stability and harmonious
1.6 hastening the total demolition
of the country's constitution
1.7 tearing apart everything that
had been agreed upon in the
1.8 turning Malaysia into a
republic. No right-minded
Malays ( yang benar-benar
berjiwa dan rohnya Melayu)
will ever come to this
1.9 allowing the country's enemies
to propogate a kind of ethnic-
cleansing, with the help of
certain parties or countries.
1.10 eroding the true teachings of
1.11 placing myself in the likes of
munafiks (hypocrites)
1.12 condoning acts of betrayal,
treason, religious bigotry
1.13 hastening the demise of my
race i.e politically,
economically, educationally
1.14 helping to deprive me and my
fellow brethren of what is
rightfully ours as prescribed
in the Constitution
1.15 helping to create chaos and
calamity in the country
1.16 my being ungrateful for what
ever opportunities UMNO/BN had
provided for all these years.

* the list can go on and on

2. Thus, for what's its worth, and in the absence of a better choice, I will still vote for a candidate from either UMNO / BN.

3. Granted there are weaknesses prevailing in the present situation, BUT not to admit the "good" would surely be a sin of ungratefulness if not vindictive !

Raden said...

jadi kesimpulan penyokong UMNO... tak apa... kita sokong rasuah tak apa... janji UMNO... gitu ker...??

biar benar penyokong UMNO nih??

Anonymous said...

Burung Merbok,
surely your long list can be summed up to just "ONE THING" only.

"ME, Myself and I"

Burung Merbok said...

1. Anon 14.11 : Baca dan fahami betul-betul senarai itu. Adakah ianya memfokus secara individualistik atau sebaliknya. Tidakkah disedari bahawa kebajikan, kesejahteraan dan masa depan bangsa ku telah diambilkira ?

2. Yes, would I be traumatised if I'm accused of being a racist, at least in the context of wanting the best for my own race ? The answer is, I couldn't care less. Why am I harbouring this kind of attitude ; perhaps arrogant to the extent of being rude. Again the answer is, I couldn't care less. Why ? It's simply because others who ten times over had been making much more serious discriminatory and racist remarks and got away with it, without an iota of reprimand ,much less imposition of punishment ! If you just read Utusan, then most likely you are going to brand this paper as most racist, along with those who openly supports it. Now, for a change, try reading (if you are able to do so) the vernacular papers, perhaps even the Star and of course some blogs in the internet. If you could be honest and truthful, you would come to the realisation that Utusan or those who echo its leanings, are not that racist after all, comparatively speaking of course.

3. " What's good for the goose must surely be good for the gander ". If others can get away scot-free and continues to blaze the trail with more and more contemptuous, arrogant, discriminatory remarks on others, they should be taught a lesson ; at least let them have a taste of their own medicine ! Like they always say,"An eye for an eye". You'd be surprised if you were to read a compilation of such racist remarks, some coming from legislators and people's rep. Pretty sure, it never crossed their mind that what they had been furtively doing, hiding behind cloaks of political sanctuary, are recorded and studied ; and waiting for the right time to unleash retaliatory re-actions ! Pretty sure again, these perpetrators would vanish to let others take the rap for their emotional and irrational actions.

4. So, Anon 14.11, can I say the same of you , " YOU, Yourself, Your Kind "

Anonymous said...

Burung Merbok,

"love thy neighbors as you love thyself"

Don't say you couldn't care less, lest you are prepared to see God one day and tell him " I couldn't care less too.

God created mankind and your race or my race doesn't come into the picture when the end is near.

Anonymous said...

Pak Aspan,

Like ur Chinese counterparts, I do believe that the current UMNO lineup are the "cancer in the 4th degree", hence THE ultimate stumbling block to be removed pronto. If their fathers were once great Malay leaders, doesn't mean that they will be too. And it is not as if we don't have much choice! To those who think that the opposition leaders are a joke, you might want to seriously consider.. coz half the country (or probably more) right now are seeing the existing UMNO lineup as
THE JOKE.. with more and more ridiculous headlines to buy back popularity- and at the same time to cover up their unseemly stories...! Nak diberi undi simpati pun, those were self-inflicted damages.. so GE13 will seriously be payback time. And like many, I can't wait!! Kalau takut bakar jambatan lama, mcm mana nak ganti dgn jambatan baru yg lebih canggih??...

tired ummi