04 September 2012

Raya gatherings or pilihanraya gatherings?

Attending Raya open houses and wedding receptions these few days can be very fascinating as we can observe everyone talks about nothing else than the most talked about issue, General Elections. Everyone talks about politics these days, young and old alike.

Last Sunday I attended two wedding receptions, one in Ampang and the other in Seremban. At both functions, the issue General Elections was the main theme of discussions right from the start till the end. I had some apprehensions to discuss the issue as I am neither a leader nor having the exact knowledge of the issues surrounding the political comings and goings of the day. I may know a bit but not substantive enough for me to give my view on the current political surroundings. My only knowledge is, changes in political landscape of the country are in the offing. UMNO is like walking at the edge of a high and slippery cliff, just waiting for a high fall.

Everyone asked me when the general election will finally be announced? My answer is “you ask Najib.” The question did not stop there and the subsequent question was “why is Najib so fickle in choosing the date for election?” The person next to me answered humorously, “for that you ask Rosmah or Dr Mahathir”.

Some of those who attended the functions incidentally are my blog followers and they think I am privy to everything that is happening behind the scene of Malaysian politics. One of them asked me, “You write extensively about politics and why do you not know anything? I hastily answered this middle aged friend, “Malaysian politics is played by only a few ‘political animals’. The rest, are just cheer leaders. Ministers, supreme council members of UMNO and other busy political and social climbers in the party are of no consequence in deciding the date of this much anticipated GE. They are just bunch of sycophants and they care only for themselves and to ensure that they will be considered as the winnable candidates in the coming GE.”

I told them that my struggle is unambiguous. I am all out to dispirit politics with racial savor which ought to be stopped instantaneously as that would lead to unmitigated disaster to the country in a near future. I am more engrossed and absorbed by this issue as no country can sustain stability without ultimate unity among all races. I have a very strong and conclusive belief that we should be disbanding all racial based political parties in this country. That was the reason why I decisively joined DAP as I judge that the party is serious in the struggle for ultimate racial harmony among different races.

I stand by my contention that racial based parties have been doing more harm than good to the country. UMNO has been incessantly drumming racial sentiments and we know that pounding on the issue continuously is with the sole purpose to rally the Malay support behind the party. UMNO realizes that the Malay support for the party has been dwindling since almost a decade ago and the party (UMNO) members and supporters brazenly make the most of issues and sentiments to the optimum and if this is not stopped we are going to inherit fractured and divided Malaysian to our generation.

I am equally enthralled by the massive corruptions and lootings of the nation’s wealth by the ruling party leaders and their cronies and I am not able to discontinue writing on this nauseating goings-on. This is our country and if one claims to be a loyal Malaysian, they have to proof their claims by going hand-in-glove to the polling stations and bring to halt altogether UMNO hegemony on the government and Malaysians.

I told those who sat surrounding me during the functions that I am unable to stomach the deceits and blatant lies of the desperate BN any longer. Believing them is an act of self insulting. BUT to those who still want to insult their ownselves they are free to do so as this country is a free country.

A few asked me how I feel with the ceaseless beatings and hammerings by UMNO leaders on me, especially by Mohammad Hasan and gang, I just answered that it does not disturb me and I don’t pay attention to this political novice. I know that he manufactures issues and lies against me but on record I am clean and have never stolen any rakyat’s money. He is just being personal against me as we used to be buddies until he became the MB and has proven to be an uncultured one.

I can’t comprehend why he is disturbed by me joining the opposition as I was his long forgotten friend ever since he succeeded in achieving his ultimate struggle to become the MB of the state. The only time I met him and had some conversations with him was during his visit to our house exactly a year ago to pay last respect to my 17 year old grandnephew who passed away prematurely in a road accident. Last Sunday I sighted him at the wedding reception of my cousin’s daughter in Ampang but never had any tête-à-tête as we were seated at different tables, quite a distance from each other..

Tonight I may be at another two Hari Raya gatherings and I am more than certain that the same topic will subject matter of discussions again. This situation will subside only when the election date is known to all. When would that be? Can someone help me with the answer?


James Iha said...

Salam Tuan,
Boleh tak kiranya gugurkan pautan blog-blog yang 'kurang matang' dari blogroll tuan. Kita membaca blog kerana ingin mencari ilmu dengan fakta tanpa mengira kecenderungan parti politik dan bukannya menatap penulisan auta.Contohnya padehmiang.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Aspan,

I have a blessed life!....In the years .....from early 1990's till end of 2006, I was on a long political discourse. Coached to 'read' the happenings....political or not.... by none other than Allahyarham Cikgu Hj Abd Kahar Ahmad of Muar, Johore.

He says when umno was formed in 1946, he was not in 'kain lampin'! He was already a 17 year old youth!....very eager and spirited....

And he declared that he was the FIRST person....a malay from umno, who speak against Mahatdeyyy in the PWTC in early 1980's!!

Much of what he says....especially from years 2000 till his death in early 2007 (he already hinted to me that he will only last till end of 2006 OR early 2007!).....has already happened!!.

What an amazing man.....a cikgu.....who 'reads politics'....Malaysian and world politics...like the back of his palm!.....

What and who is Musa....Ghaffar the kampong man... who is able to bind the minds of malays in the 60's and 70's....What did Ku Li stands for.....Who is berahim ali and what is his cause.....the fate of DSAI.....under mahatdeyyyy, used and crushed!....Paklah and his eventual departure....poked!.....Najib and his time....a borrowed time!....Muhideen....watch his actions! (he made a remark...I refrain from writing here)....Pok Nik and Hadi Awang....to be supported because they both lived Islam in their life!.....Kit Siang and Guan Eng.....on contrary...trust them, work with them!

My trillion dollar question to him somewhere in year 2002.....Can he line up the Malaysian PM after mahatdeyyy??.....

His answer.....THAT mahatdeyyyy decides!!!....I asked why???...he says umno (baru) is his.....umno (baru) cease to belong to the Malays anymore!!!

Quietly he added....Paklah...then Najib....Quickly I asked him....Who after Najib?.....he smiled....broadly.....

The conversation veered to other topics.....

Somewhere in 2005/6, he asked me to meet up, know and work with Ku Li.....(the only Malay leader that he trusted!!)

There are much more that he says.....much has happened...some didn't....and some yet to happen!...

Allah swt knows best.....I guess..

gheng lama

Anonymous said...

gheng lama,

Indeed very thru apa yang dikatakan oleh arwah cikgu kahar...UMNO Baru adalah milek peribadi TDM. infact as l always mentioned here, UMNO Baru adalah SPV peribadi TDM untuk kepentingan politik peribadi beliau at the expense of ordinary malays samada ahli UMNO Baru atau lama dan perjuangan melayu. Ia adalah sebuah SPV yang ditailored khusus to fit him only and to achieve his personal interest sahaja. Ia semacam hantu belaan. Apabila tuannya sudah meninggal menjadi ganas kerana tak sesuai dengan penganti asalnya.

As for Kuli, saya rasa its time untuk relieve the burden we have placed upon his shoulder for a long time. 30 tahun saya meletak harapan kepadanya untuk memulihkan keadaan. Mula-mula melalui UMNO kemudian S46. Dia tidak mampu mengalas amanah memulihkan martabat melayu. Apatah lagi dalam usia sekarang, eranya sudah berlalu.

Saya menerima hakikat ini dan dengan berat hati mengambilbalik pengharapan selama 30 tahun dari bahunya. Jasanya,jerih perit perjuangannya selama ini untuk menunaikan amanat kita kita sanjung. Beliau telah cukup berjasa kepada orang melayu. Izinkan masa yang ada ini untuk beliau manafaatkan untuk diri dan keluarganya.


Anonymous said...

I had always held to the belief that GE13 will only be held after the full 5 yrs terms is up. However, recent development has given me another opinion. Hindraf is organizing a rally on 25th Nov and the PM may be jolted to have the GE13 earlier. No one can predict what will happen after the rally but it would be wise to hold the GE13 before the rally rather than after.

ordinary malaysian said...

Nice to see you write in English once in a while. True, ge13 is the curent hot topic everywhere. And if the sentiments around are anything to go on, Najib & Co is finished. The racial card is never a good thing to play over and over again. We can see from the recent lackadaisical Merdeka Day celebration, that something has gone terribly wrong with the people's respect for Umno and cohorts

Anonymous said...

Salam AA dan bloggers,

Saya bertemu dengan seorang cikgu di sebuah sekolah di Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu tengahari tadi dan berborak pasal politik semasa.

Beliau berasal dari Johor dan berpengalaman 20thn mengajar.

Soalan beliau bagaimanakah peluang PR menang dan kedudukan BN sekarang.

Saya katakan agak 'balance' iaitu parti yang menang akan memperolehi slim majoriti atau majoriti mudah,bergantung mood swing saat2 akhir pengundi atas pagar.

Sebab2 tertangguhnya pengumuman najib untuk PRU13 ialah laporan perisik2 PDRM dan ATM mengatakan kemenangan condong kepada PR.

Maka sogokan2 diberi berupa BR1M,durian runtuh Felda,tayar kepada pemandu teksi bla bla bla.

Dangling the carrot.

Ibarat menggantung lobak didepan keldai.

Namun 'keldai' dah pandai,takkan terpedaya.

Jadi tidak heranlah kalau ura2 PRU13 dlm bulan November adalah muslihat semata2.

Kemungkinan full term March 2013 adalah lebih berkemungkinan untuk mengaut dan membolot apa yang tercapai oleh tangan.

Satu je harapan kita perisik2 UMNO/BN memberi gambaran yang salah supaya PRU13 dapat dipercepatkan dan kita dapat menumpukan perhatian kepada perkara2 lebih penting.

Yang semestinya kita tukar dan jangan takut kepada perubahan.

Untung nasib,rezeki,masa depan semuanya di tangan Allah bukannya UMNO.



tebing tinggi said...

Can someone please explain what the different between UMNO baru and UMNO lama .
I belived that we must accept reality or forever in confused.

MAHApenipu said...

It will be a bleak future if Msians don’t change the existing BN’s govt. This is not the time to be undecided or wait and see attitude for the opportunity to save the country will be too late.

And we certainly do not want a PM@BN who said he would defend Putrajaya at all cost!!! Msia doesn’t belong to UMNO/BN!!! What vision has UMNO given the Malays??? More handouts or bribes that will make the Malays to be manipulated by UMNO will??? As for BN integrity??? Tarak..Yilek…Boliau!!! UMNO can’t contain its own demise anymore. It is gradually diminishing. The other BNs’ parties??? The hard and grim truth is, in the coming GE13, the main parties; MCA, MIC and Gerakan will also bite the dust or ashes of ABU

Ministers: 90%Cow's Brain 10% Human's Brain for stealing said...

Lets Start Anew

The people of any nation have all the right to change a government in a democracy. This happens in all democratic countries, poor or rich. If the people find that there are weaknesses in the current government they deserve to vote the government out. Politicians holding on to power under a decadent government have to be cast out at all cost. This is fair and democratic.

The economic meltdowns and uncertainties in some European countries such as Greece was due to poor governance; that is too much borrowing (debts) and money flowing freely without much economic productivity, which is a similar phenomenon at Msia now.

The next general election is not going to be about trivial issues or personalities but serious matters that are affecting the country. It is also about further endorsing a two-party system with the people choosing between continuing with a shady regime or going for a change of government to stop or reduce widespread corruption, incompetence and cronyism.

Msians are fortunate that there is now an alternative party; choice for the people unlike the era before 2008 when BN had almost absolute monopoly of power. BN has been in power for too long and in a way arrogance has made the coalition becomes complacent and weak. The people must now look at the bigger picture and must seek a change of government. This is the reality now. Closing one eye to the mess BN has created will not get us out of our misery.

We need good leaders and good government to yank us out of the doldrums situation now. We don't need spins day after day. Spins are dangerous. They are lies that distort reality to create a false sense of security and an artificial attachment to the spinners. People can't live on spin. Spinners only can live off the people.

For the future, Msia needs a clear vision, not what has been. We must ask ourselves where BN is taking us? Not into a sandpit of increasing indebtedness; not into a region where corruption is rampant; not into a state, where the law seems to work favorably only for the rich and powerful; not into a nation where the people are hoodwink and deceive by a melting pot of acronyms that translate into nothing other than excuses for cronies to get much bigger share of the country’s wealth.

Msia has to rewrite the entire blueprint. We need a new RENAISSANCE. Sweep cleans the nonsense and filth of UMNO/BN to start anew with a better and cleaner foundation for the next generation who look up to us. They DIDN'T CHOOSE to come into this world. WE made the choice for them. Lets do some real responsibility like a man and woman of true substance!

Anonymous said...

Saudara Aspan,
Pada asal nya keluarga saya, Ayah, Emak dan adik beradik semua nya ahli UMNO yang tegar, ini pada tahun 70 han dan 80 han, Bahkan saya kerja kuat di belakang tabir UMNO Selangor pada awal tahun 80 han di waktu Dato' Zakaria Yahya menjadi S/Usaha UMNO SElangor. Sehingga lah UMNO di haramkan pada tahun 1988. Kami tidak menjadi ahli mana2 parti politik termasok UMNO Baru. Kami kecewa kerana Presiden UMNO/Menteri Dlm Negeri gilakan kuasa kerana tidak menghidupkan UMNO asal walaupun ada kuasa.

Di rumah saya sekarang mempunyai 10 pengundi berdaftar, Saya suami isteri, 5 anak-anak, dan 3 menantu. InshaAllah kami akan mengundi SELAIN dari dacing seperti PRU 12 yang lalu.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Aspan and all,

After years of raya visits to families, friends, neighbours, colleagues, we can know each person's character, knowledge, attitude, political leanings and hence support.

I make a yearly point to my wife and children to visit all our close family/relatives. My wife and children knew exactly which house that I will end up talking abt which topic! Normally I never start them I just let the host to pick what issues they want.

Glaringly, those who more than twenty years ago spoke highly of mahatdeyyyyy /umno and would never let me disagree a single point that they raised, would bashed Ku Li, dsai, PAS's tgna and hadi together with LKS and LGE as ungrateful communists has about five years ago lowering their tone! Some has totally refrained from talking!

My wife and children would poke fun at me why I do not want to provoke the host to make them talk!

This is the signs of time! I believed similar sentiments are prevalent everywhere in Malaysia. Gone are names like aziz samsudin, umi half, azizan drebar turned co director, rahim tambee, dr ristina, khalid jefri, then comes saipol, asskay of latuk T. Even brahem ali, ejam kotak, assan ahlee, zul kulim, jahren and even zaid brahem are not mentioned anymore. Someone tried to mention nasha of Pas but no one listens! These are the political novices that Pak Aspan referred to!

As for tebing tinggi, you acknowledging here being not knowing and able to distinctly differentiate between umno lama and baru solved the puzzle I had trying to understand what you have commented thus far. You are not alone!

Gheng lama

Anonymous said...

Salam AA,

UMNO is proven to be a family party, inherited from the colonial, camouflaged and blended with Malay and Islamic taste. Memilih !, do we need someone else to decide for us whom to vote for ?.

Pemimpin UMNO akan memastikan tampuk kekuasaan akan tetap dipegang oleh keturunan datuk, anak, cucu, cicit malah oning-oning mereka. Orang biasa kalau ada pun akan disaluti gelaran dan bintang dahulu, kerana orang bawahan hanya layak dijadikan penyokong dan samseng jalanan.

Pemimpin UMNO akan membina kerabat, kroni untuk menentukan survival keturunan mereka dijahui lapar dan dahaga. Arak, rasuah, judi, fitnah, seks dan apa sahaja ... itu adalah permainan kehidupan harian. Haramnya hanya di mulut dan di bibir mereka. Hakikatnya kita semua ketahui tetapi tetap menghairankan mengapa mereka masih boleh menang dan bersuara. Siapakah yang melantik mereka sebenarnya ?.

Anonymous said...

Salam kasih pak aspan dan semua,
Rasanya UMNO LAMA ialah UMNO yg diwujudkan demi menjaga kepentingan bangsa MELAYU yg pada waktu itu menjadi saraf tunjang kepada rakyat menuntut merdeka. Pemimpinnya hidup tak semewah/ sekaya ketua cawangan UMNO sekarang. Bergerak atas kapasiti dari rakyat untuk rakyat. Tetapi pada 1988 warga kerala telah bawa UMNO 1946 ke Mahkamah atas kepentingan peribadi yang membawa kepada pengharamannya. Ketua Hakim Negara pada masa itu yang turut memberi nasihat berkaitan kesilapan tindakan itu turut dipecat. Inilah LAWAK ANTARABANGSA ciptaan anak kerala. mana ada dlm dunia PM pecat Hakim. Jadinya UMNO la ni UMNO BARU.Tapi orang tua/kampung madih ingat UMNO hari ni sama dgn UMNO 1946. Semua kena 'kencing'. Jadi ingat la, dlm BN sekarang, parti yang paling lama/tua adalah MCA sebab tu UMNO takut kat MCA kerana kalau ikut hukum parti asal, paling lama sepatutnya berkuasa. UMNO la ni dah tadak apa, mcm lagu Najwa Latif - kosong , kosong!!!

Anonymous said...

Tebing tinggi is a useless cunt! ha ha.ABU

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Anonymous said...

SYukur Alhamdulillah PM Najib dari UMNO / BN masih PM Negara Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Hidup UMNO, Hidup Najib !