09 January 2013

Let us start a new democracy

Our quench for real democracy has never eroded. The struggle in achieving it is exceedingly tough as the nation has never been able to incubate the system of democracy as it should be. Mahathir in many instances claimed that we have our own mold of democracy and Westminster Abbey democracy does not go with Malaysia. Our democracy will only suit to Malaysia if the people accept that only UMNO rules and should recognize that corruptions is part and parcel of our democracy. To change the government is forbidden and saying anything right is an offense and may be deemed as unpatriotic.

Power and authority is centralized to the Prime Minister and that is democracy. Democracy declines remarkably since 3 decades ago with this over centralization of power to the executives with new authoritarian and undemocratic legislation. Our doctrine and tenets for independence which was for the people to be happy was crushed when the democracy we endeared dearly were putrefied by prostituting the system (democracy) by the depraved and power crazy leaders in UMNO and BN.

The excessive infringement of the executives on the Judiciary and Legislative since our great Mahathir’s era turned our politics into severely undemocratic atmosphere. With the amplification Official Secret Act and Printing & Publications Act we have seen the corrosion of the democratic Rule of Law and authoritarian rule of law shapes in our system of so called ‘our own set of democratic’ system as popularly envisaged by Mahathir during his tenure as the chief of the Executive for 22 long years.

The separation of powers between the Legislative, Judiciary and the Executive is vanished totally since every single decision is the right of the Executive solely. Since then there has been no freedom of press as written unmistakably by the Article 10 of the Federal Constitution. Mainstream media is in total control of the power house which is used as a political tool by the party and government of the day to justify the centralization of power vested on them by some devious Acts of Parliament.

The obsession of centralization of power to the Prime Minister has ultimately turned the country to be very politically infectious undemocratic process of democracy. The lope-sided news and trumped-up stories with the sole purpose of playing dirty and unprofessional editorial practices of the mainstream media and it has become obsessive and compulsive.  This only tells every one that the party in power is in a desperate state of affairs. The control of the mainstream is seen as insufficient as a tool to support this devious power house with the advent of the alternative and social media in current days.

I am touching on this issue because the mainstream media is being made used to the optimum by the ruling party without basic decorum and professionalism that is usually attested to the real and ethical media practice everywhere in the advanced and newly emerging democratic nations.

Indonesia has been serious in transforming democracy and that nation has obviously advanced in the democracy and currently has become the biggest democracy in Asia after India. The media is more open and transparent and every contesting party is accessible to the mainstream media. Let us divulge to an opinion that the Indonesian has done it and has paved the way for the enhancement of democracy which now leads to better Indonesia with floods of FDI (foreign direct investment) coming in that great nation which is by far the biggest in South East Asia.

Where are we now? We are just slightly better than Myanmar while the rest of Soutn East Asian nations are far ahead leaving us behind struggling vainly to get to the fundamentals of nation building.

Let us grow up, and take the 13th GE to restart a new nation.


Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan.

The first step to restore democracy is by replacing the bn goverment in the 13th general election.
We have to rebuilt the nation, Teach the umno how the democracy and the nation shuld be run.
There is only one way to achived this that is by voting PR in the 13th general election.

Don't be fooled by the umno again, 55 yrs is long enough. Vote for the change, for the sake of our children and great grandchildrenand for the future Malaysia.

Titi Gajah said...

This wht the nation is paying for..The people esp the malays made blunder from the beginning.They were impressed by madeiyy mamak kurty,thinking this mamak could do something to help the malays post 13 May.Later the malays realised that Madeiyy only helped his family,cronies and ofcoz he himself!It's timely now for political change only in three months from now on.Madeiyy must pay back for his wrong doings during 22 yrs of tenure.Madeiyy only introduced ala indian democracy.He instilled the feeling of fear into people minds with his mamak's style of democracy

Titi Gajah

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA and bloggers

The nation yearns for a new era, free of corruption, nepotism,cronyism and business monopoly. The separation of powers among the executive, the legislature and the judiciary is but a delusion.

God willing, a new government will come true.


sutan nahu said...

dear pak aspan

this article/ writing is what is duly expected from you
bravo, well said and articulated
thank you

....sutan nahu.....

Alam Flora said...

As slm Tuan Aspan.

Tak tahu nak komen apa, sbb tak faham bahasa Inggeris.

Walau bagaimana pun dalam dunia yang berlumba-lumba mengamalkan ekonomi kapitalis tiada satu pun yang pasti benar-benar mengamalkan demokrasi kecuali hanya bagi mendapatkan kedudukan dan kuasa politik sahaja.

Di negara ini demokrasi telah lama hancur apabila rakyat mengimport seorang PM yang berasal dari Kerala yang berketurunan Kutti.

Habis bangsa Melayu diperhambakanya bagi membina empayar untuk kelangsungan kemewahan keluarga dan kroni beliau. Tetapi dah memang bangsa Melayu ini "mudah lupa". Bukan sahaja lupa malah tidak peka dan terlalu cepat mempercayai seorang penyangak besar bagi dijadikan pemimpin mereka.

Akhirnya, dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya akan terus ditipu jika mereka tidak memiliki sifat waspada.

ulitmayang said...

The biggest mistake done by this ‘ kerala boy’ are by ‘centralization’ of power , ,,, so , who ever take over this country either after 13th GE or next after , have the opportunities to turn back & put back Malaysia to the right track ,,,,,
,,,,by not abusing this ‘power’ , DSAI or TGHH can accelerate economy growth , political stability , social etc
,,,,, by using this ‘centralization’ of power also , hopefully all abusement of power by this ‘kerala boy’ & the gang’s easily to manage
,,,,,,,,, this ‘kerala boy’ is the most stupid leader ‘borned’ in this country

Cahaya Qalbu said...

WHY HIMPUNAN RAKYAT 112 ??? 1 of 3

Democracy is not just about casting our votes at the ballot box every 5 years. It’s also about rakyat engaging in certain issues through dialogues with lawmakers, lobbying or petitioning for change in some policies.

As a nation, we are going through the throes of growing pains and it does look messy; dirty politics, rampant corruption, vote-buying, gangster’s tactics, hate speeches and non-stop ministers financial scandals. These are normal procedure and will soon pass if we do not give up struggling for justice and freedom for the preservation of our democracy.

Once freedom and justice is achieved and true democracy firmly established, our country will flourish uninterruptedly. Yes, it might be messy during transition but it will be valuable for our future generations.

To the argument that it is not our culture, one only has to look at the history of our nation. UMNO who held mass protests against the Malayan Union and the road to independence was one of protest right up to 1957 and there were always protests in the subsequent years.

Some issues need multi-pronged method when the authorities are unresponsive and one of the methods is protest.

Some of the reasons why we should bother to protest:

Constitutional Right

Rakyat must know that the highest law of our nation, the Federal Constitution in Article 10(1)(b), states that all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably without arms (weapons). Unfortunately, subsequent laws approved like the Police Act (Section 27) and its new incarnation, the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012, restricted that right.

It can be argued that such restrictions are not in agreement with the intention and spirit of the Constitution, which allows us to assemble peaceably. In such cases of inconsistency, we should revert back to the Federal Constitution. As law-abiding citizens, our courage and confidence come from knowing this fact.

Democracy In Action

Msia is a democratic nation and every citizen has a right to express his or her views in a peaceful manner. As we glance through the news today, we’d find people from all over the world protesting on a variety of issues ranging from unemployment to the latest government austerity measures, to the way banks are run and to an offensive film. It is not just happening in so-called “less” democratic countries but more so in developed countries that cherish justice and freedom.

Cahaya Qalbu said...

WHY HIMPUNAN RAKYAT 112 ??? 2 of 3

Healthy And Needful

People do need space where they could express their unhappiness and it is imperative that they be given that space. Constant suppression of people’s need to release pent-up frustrations could only lead to an explosion of anger as seen in the Arab Spring.

Protests are healthy in the way they show up the feelings of the people and are symptoms of some critical unresolved problems. Using the analogy of our body, protests are like fever or cough. A good physician; not only alleviate the symptoms but also treat the root cause. Good governance means allowing juncture for protestors and paying attention to the root that cause it.

Highlights Important Issues

Issues that concern communities are many and they are all important to those affected by them. Often urgent issues would not be made known to the rest of the country or the world without a protest.

This would especially be true in a country where the press and media are suppressed. How else would we know about problems in our electoral roll and process for examples: bias SPR, Lynas, Bukit Koman and Pengerang, if not for the series of Bersih and Himpunan Hijau protests? How many more injustices and abuses have gone unnoticed because the press did not highlight it and no protest was organised? Protests too bring to light our attention to issues that may or may not directly affect us but at least we know about them and can decide what to do about it.

Can Bring Changes

It’s been proven that majority of the course of world history had been shaped by direct actions of the people. Rulers who failed to serve the interest of their subjects are always removed eventually. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Protests led by Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, anti-apartheid protests worldwide, democracy movements in countries such as Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar and Middle East have brought about seismic changes in their countries.

On the local front, the BERSIHs protests have forced the EC to implement few changes like the use of indelible ink and promises of reforms of the other demands. While it is true that it still falls short of the true reforms we are asking for, it has forced the authority to consider the demands. If any of the demands were not fulfilled, at least it would have served to educate the voters of the problems and for them to question why it was unfulfilled.

Unites People Around Issues

Issues like injustices, freedom of speech, corruption and abuses of power, crime, govt. mismanagement and the environment, affect all regardless of race and religion. Marching side by side with Malaysians of all races, age, and social background also convey the feeling of togetherness.

When we protest against our shared common concerns, we realize that we share a common desire for a better future. Underneath all the things that make us different, we realize that we are just fellow humans.

Cahaya Qalbu said...

WHY HIMPUNAN RAKYAT 112 ??? 3 of 3

It Exposes The Authority

The role of the governing authority is to facilitate peaceful protests and to maintain law and order. What all of us, the protesters and the government should want is a peaceful assembly. Only a very small minority would want a violent and chaotic assembly.

If the stated intent and planning of the protest organizer is towards a peaceful assembly, there is no reason why the authority and the police cannot aid it aptly. They just need to provide a public place large enough for the protesters; divert the traffic, deal reasonably with anyone who wants to disturb the peace, and allow the protest to proceed.

We have to ask ourselves why they would want to hinder, politicize, demonize and outright attack innocent protesters unless they feel that their wrongdoings are being exposed?

Check And Balance

For too long we have had a one-party political system. Now that we are moving toward a two-party system, we should be appreciative our democracy is maturing.

Another key component of a matured democracy is the active involvement of the ordinary citizens. Some would call this as the Third Force. It is needed to check and reminds politicians in any party, to ensure that the rakyat voices are heard. The awakening that our country experienced in 2008 was the awakening of the Rakyat and it is here to stay.

Standing In Solidarity With Others

Don’t let others struggle for us but do stand in solidarity with those leaders who share our belief, to overcome their fears to make a stand for what is right. It is all too easy to click “Like” on Facebook or even to give money but at the end of the day it is about numbers. Authorities will only take notice when there are large numbers of protesters.

It’s Doing Something

Rather than doing nothing and complaining about things, we are doing something when we protest with others who feel the same way as we do. Admittedly, protest is not the only solution but sometimes it is the only option left when all other attempts are met with indifference or disdain by the people in power.

Perhaps there are few men who had to struggle in the modern context of a democratic society as much as Martin Luther King, Jr.

And he has this to say:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige and even his life for the welfare of others.”


Anonymous said...

Dear Pak Aspan

After all that has been said, the one that can really make the change possible are the Malays. I sincerely hope that all your messages and effort really reached and convinced them of their great responsibility in saving this country.

Without this change, very soon great hardship will befalls all the Rakyat (irrespective of race) of this country,except ,of course the elitist and well connected politician and businessmen, and their related cronies.

Asrul Sani said...

Thank you for clearly defined the meaning of Mahathir's molded "democracy" which has been imposed on us for 22 years during his reign and upheld by his successors until today. You see.... Mahathir is a person who strongly convinced that he could do anything and change everything as he wished. He even suggested that Al Quran required new interpretation and yet no baruahouha were heard, while Mr Hadi's Fatwa become a top hit when election is looming around the corner. Luckily none of our Mufti despite their submissive attitude, were mentally-retarded enough to carry out the Prince of Karala's crazy idea.

Today the situation has changed dramatically and Mahathir is in a state of terror, fearing that his days are numbers and his legacy is torn down and destroyed..... Rakyat has finally been able to free themselves from Mahathir's mold crude prison of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Tuan aa sesekali tulis dlm bahasa org putih tak pa. Sebab pening saya nak cari kamus nak faham tuan punya artikel. Walau bagaimana pun bagus boleh asah otak saya sikit bahasa org putih. Demokrasi yg betul adalah demokrasi yg ditafsir dan ditakwil oleh Mahathir selain dari tafsiran dia semua salah belaka.

Anonymous said...


Harap kalau PR menang, kerajaan baru selain hapus PTPTN, juga nanti hapuskan PLKN yag banyak membuang masa dan wang rakyat itu. Orang nak anak lepasan SPM cepat masuk universiti, atau kolej atau politeknik, atau dapat kerja di mana-mana.

RAKYAT akan patuh kepada pemimpin negara, jika pemimpin negara bersih. Ini tidak, asyik rasuah sana rasuah sini, nak patuh apa??

Harap sound kat leadership PR.

sutan nahu said...

dear pak aspan

pls pls pls write on how the pr is going to make malaysian more educated/intelligent

our education system has been ruined by umno

those who can't even read and understand simple english.......i really feel sorry for them

and after 55 years of umno rule,
bahasa melayu is stagnant,
and english is an 'alien language'............


Anonymous said...

Tuan AA.
Saya suka dengan kenyataan tuan "Sesiapa yang memegang kuasa itulah penentu kepada keaadaan politik sesebuah negara.Manusia yang bermain, lebih lagi yang memegang kuasa itu menentukan sama ada politik itu hendak diputihkan atau dihitamkan"

Tinggal 80 hari lagi UMNO/BN berpaut kepada kuasa politik yang rapuh,harap selepas itu UMNO/BN tersungkur kebumi.Kalau dengan kebijaksanaan rakyat Malaysia selepas membuang undi pada PRU13 Pakatan Rakyat membentuk Kerajaan, saya sangat berharap/berdoa pemimpin PR tidak korupsi, zalim dan tamak,bertekat perbetulkan perjalanan Perkhidmatan Awam Federal/Negeri/Majlis Tempatan/Jabatan Tanah yang penuh dengan pekerja2 yang tidak melakukan tugas/malas dan banyak buang masa/banyak MC/korupsi/pentingkan pangkat dan nama.
Bagi Jabatan2 Kehakiman petugas2 wajib adil dan amanah serta menghormati undang2. Jabatan2
keselamatan/pertahanan/perbendaharan jangan biarkan campur tangan orang dari parti politik membuat keputusan berkaitan policy/sistem keselamatan/pertahanan, harus ada check and balance dari orang2 profesional yang pakar dan tulin, tidak berlaku lagi seperti kes NFC dan LTAT.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own definition of 'democracy'...as long as ordinary people have basic rights to live a normal life as INDIVIDUAL with pride and dignity, this is good enough.