19 May 2013

It's not the party, but a leader with high magnanimity that matters

It’s not an easy undertaking for BN of the day to administer this nation without achieving clear and comprehensible victory like in the recently concluded General Election. This is the second consecutive term BN be given the mandate with very lean majority. This time around BN secured lesser number of seats of just 133 and it is almost as good as having a hung Parliament. BN, in particular UMNO will soon be proven irrelevant completely in another round of election.

The other component parties in the coalition are already unrecognizable, especially to the young and first time voters. The parties have turned out to be an oversized and heavy baggage for UMNO as the Chinese voters have deserted the parties (MCA and Gerakan) they used to dominate. MCA retains a negligible number of seven seats altogether while Gerakan is wiped out with one consolation seat in Simpang Rengam, Johor.

The truth remains, UMNO is facing very severe leadership crisis, both from the ordinary public like us and from within the party itself. UMNO just cannot sustain its existence anymore. BN is beleaguered by deteriorating support of the rakyat in addition to their intra party problems within individual parties in the coalition. If there is no immediate solution taken by their leaders, similarly by their members, BN will soon be history.

Who, what and how to solve these perennial problems faced by BN, in particular UMNO as the back bone to the coalition? If these problems are not addressed and mitigated instantaneously, there will not be any moral likelihood that the current PM should be anywhere around power anymore. He is a failed leader, a failed administrator, a failed politician and of course that will lead him to be a failed Prime Minister.

Let us ask ourselves, who should be the alternative PM? Can the customary mode of finding the alternative by endorsing the next in line leader, in this case Muhyiddin, to be an automatic choice? To me, if that is the option, we might as well don’t change at all. It is not going to change anything.

Let us all get alerted that these leaders within the UMNO Supreme Council members are those who come from the same mould. They have the same political culture, similar attitude and of course with same aptitude. All those so-called leaders in the party’s supreme council are akin to each other.

If anyone of them becomes the alternative to Najib they will together work hand in glove to enhance corrupt practices in the government. We will witness recurrence and reappearance of the same kind of federal government we despise. So if Najib succumbs to pressure within the party to hand the power to his next of kin (Muhyiddin), then Najib is committing another full-size blunder and transgression to the people.

Realistically the person to replace Najib should be a non-controversial leader with high magnanimity and gratifying experiences. That leader may hail either from UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat. Choosing an alternative based on party line is no longer feasible, as both sides of the divide are having more or less the same idiosyncrasies that may be nonconforming to the needs of the current political situation.

We should not be asking which party rules. We should now ask for the most viable individual to lead and restart the nation all over again. Now all efforts should be in search for, which individual is the fittest to kick start this huge national plan for the future? He should be an individual who is capable of bringing everyone at a negotiating table to restart the nation anew.

The man or individual must not be a leader who is impregnated with moral issues from any side of the warring parties. It has to be someone who is truly magnanimous who can command reverences and regards from the cross-sections of our multiracial Malaysians.

Once done we will be able to bring the mind of everyone in a new facets of the nation's politics. The new politics will be a true alliance of all Malaysian to move forward with united spirit for progress and above all that, our ultimate for national unity can be accomplished.


Anonymous said...

This resource rich nation has been milked and ravaged by corrupt and selfish politicians for so long that we are far behind other contemporary countries in Asia. Very soon we are no better than some African nations if part of the 51% Malaysians who are asked to get lost, really do so. We cannot let these blind and swollen headed kampong idiots lead the nation. Looking around as one who has gone through the mills, the ones who are, and would be getting the brunt of this unpatriotic misrule are the Malays.
Just as a reminder, more than one million non-Malays with world class capability had already emigrated, and their contributions are enriching countries like Singapore, Australia, Europe and USA.

Anonymous said...

What you say speaks volumes of the national interest at heart, from a concerned citizen, devoid of political inclinations.

TRH may be your man, but the political system of this country is such that the best may not be chosen, even sidelined.

We need to get out of that system first as you rightly say but what chance have we giving the current mindset of the indoctrinised UMNO? As one once said: it's rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

Salam AA,

Correction tuan, BN/umno was not given the mandate but they stole the mandate from the rakyat thru ill and sick manner. And so the whole team of the BN government is HARAM, illegitimate and extremely sinful. They have to step down by all means and it worthless to talk about them.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of the cause of this disgraceful and shameful mess created by grossly dishonest and manipulative politicians over the decades......on the other hand, you cannot blame them for exploiting and manipulating your weak mind, morals and principles for self interests.

When the country is in crisis, not serious yet, then the ordinary people will wake up to fight the serious threats of rampant courruption, gross abuse of power, gross financial incompetent and etc
.....by that time the enormous damage had been done and the self serving politicians/leaders, families and cronies would have made their millions, some billions, at your and future generations great expense with a bloody mess to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah will never make it unless he is willing to go for Zero Sum Game.But as long as UMNO are infested with "TAKUT BINI LEADERS " , IT WILL DEFINITELY BRING UMNO INTO DOLDRUMS...INSYALLAH.WELL LET'S THE COMING CONVENTION WILL DETERMINE UMNO SURVIVALITY.TRH will make it unless u r willing to go for A KILL...true leader will never die !!!! AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN PAK ENGKU !!!!

Omar Jaafar said...

It's beyond reasonable doubt that you are insinuating YB YTM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Tuan AA,
Perjuangan belum selesai.

The cabinet, if it is a privately run company, would all be fired by the shareholders.

Anonymous said...

I am supporting Ku Li as Najib's successor, I have lost faith in Najib and Anwar. I hope those in DAP and PAS will keenly look into supporting him as PM.


zaihan said...

Is Razaleigh who can fit in the bill bro. He has long been sidelined because somebody in UMNO was afraid and envious of him.

He's planner, technocrat and he was the man who built up the basic economic foundation for the nation.

No one except Razaleigh who was elected the world bank chairman in 1977 and no one else outside USA had ever been elected to that esteemed position.

But Umno is Umno. All outstanding leader will fail. Only the scum float in Umno. That is why Umno is left with court jesters.

Shame on you Umno!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Najib,
I have an excellent suggestion, since Johan Mahmood Merican of Talent Corp finds it so hard to attract our own people to come back why not ask Nazri Aziz aka swollen headed budak kampong aka mr intellect go back to your kampong become chairman of talent corp. Surely he'll lead talent corp to a roaring success but with a catch though - those who comes back must be with IQ less than Nazri where not many Malaysians would qualify.

Anonymous said...

Ku Li

Anonymous said...

As long as Pakatan feels that Anwar is their leader then they shall not get the support of the rest of the rakyat,especially the Malay rural voters.

Anonymous said...

Salam semua

Well done Mr A Hamza for your sick and disturbed mind-set. Hopefully you will in future or maybe instantly throw all the benefits as well as to remind your family members with immediate effect not to entertain any perk from the government. All the rotten policies that you guys swallowed are those policies made by the ruling government led by BN/UMNO leaders. And maybe some of the policies it comes from the idiots swollen kampong leaders. Well done again to Mr A Hama for taking all the HALAL and please make sure you don’t forget to list down all the HARAM that you and your family digest all this while.

As long as the population of this country is supreme by the Bumiputras and Malays by numbers. Don’t dream to TUKAR...Maybe you guys migrate to kampong areas and mingle with all the kampong idiots and marry them and make babies. Maybe in the next 20 years. The population of your species can surpass the kampong idiots then your call it INIKALITUKARLAH…

Anonymous said...

If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens , you never regain their respect and esteem. You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. ( Abraham Lincoln )

Quiet Despair said...

Salam Saudara Aspan

Najib has been sooo magnanimous. Too much magnamity. But what did he get?
Ingratitude from ingrates.
I did post many times that Najib should have taken take of the Malay voters more. Especially his fixed voters in the rural heartland. They will always return his good deeds.
I am glad he's learning. And I see he's acting more tough. Dah tunjuk taring.
Syabas PM. We are behind you.
Please stop giving BR1M to all and sundry and giving money to temples and Chinese schools.

P.S. Why am I blocked from Sakmongkol's blog? Cant get to him to wish him congratulations.
Please onpass this to him my best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...


Dato Sak has given the pointer that his blog has been sabotaged. What one need do now is to type sakmongkol.blogspot.xx where xx represents a country web id eg jp or ch or sg.

Cheers, mate!

Quiet Despair said...

Thanks mate.
I love you Tuan Aspan.

mo said...


sekadar nak tanya bro aspan..hingga bila kita mmpu bershukur dgn kerajaan bn, seoalh tdk mmpu berubah ini ?? Kesombungan dan keegoan masih mnajdi hujjah merak setiap masa dan ketika dlm media arus perdana ?

mnyesal mgundi bn .

Anonymous said...

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