07 March 2015

Only apathetic and uninformed Malaysians can live without anxiety

Malaysia is immersed in painful soul-searching. She feels a dire need to be a nation that has pride of place in the international community. She is drained by an erroneous, misplaced and deceptive government. Everything is going wrong. She needs to start a fresh. She needs a reboot.

Such a rectification can be accomplished only by the most capable of planners and programmers.

Malaysia needs a judicious leadership that has the vision and expertise to devise a master plan of development that has all its parts working in harmony. Any change or tweak to any of the parts must not disturb the master policy. Once this master policy is agreed upon, all members of the brand new government must learn to be thoroughly familiar with it so that, as they work in their separate duties, all their efforts will harmonise to achieve the overall good.

There must not be any departures from the new national policy; everything must be done to avoid a return to current culture of malpractices. It is only then can we see a real and legitimate government that works.

Right now, only those who are apathetic or uninformed of the issues afflicting the country can live without anxiety. The rest, who form the majority, are nervous all the time.

The country is diseased by corruption in all imaginable forms and at magnitudes that are almost unimaginable. Problems crop up almost every other week, and the nation is in a state of hopelessness and despair.

The recent arrest of the Felda Investment Committee officers by the MACC represents just one more addition to the long list of colossal financial scandals committed by government agencies. Nevertheless, the news of the arrest is excruciating as this agency has been in question ever since Felda was moved by Najib to be stationed under his command in 2004.

Felda has been too extravagant in its purchase of properties around the world. Prices are bumped up to facilitate massive kickbacks for certain individuals and their families. It is an open secret that Felda has been used by unconscionable individuals to systematically siphon off taxpayer money through these property purchases.

The hotel apartment in Bayswater London was in the market for less than sixty million British pounds for a long while with no takers until Felda went in to offer 98 million pounds for it. Felda is very much like 1MDB in the way it goes on a buying orgy. This is exceedingly frightening. In this issue, Isa Samad and the board members should take responsibility. But it is Najib who must ultimately be accountable for all these goings on.

Ordinary Malaysians want MACC to unearth all the scandals surrounding Felda as speedily as possible as this issue involves massive public funds. If the Cabinet members are covering up for the Prime Minister, then they should relieve themselves of the agony and resign en masse without any hesitation.

Don’t wait too long. Time is running short.


Anonymous said...

I'm crying inside for my Malaysia..Org dok pikir mcmn nak cari sesuap nasi setiap hari, depa dok pulun kaw kaw mcmn dunia takkan kiamat..


Anonymous said...

Al these bastard umno ministers shud be put ińto jails asap to further avoid misuse of funds. As well as their families too. Don't tell us their families do not know where the wealth coming from!!!!

Anonymous said...

Astaghafirullah Al'Azim.Apa dah jadi dengan orang Islam dan Melayu ni.Mana pergi nya sifat amanah mereka.Sanggup mereka menganiaya peneroka peneroka felda yang seagama dan sebangsa.Arwah Tun Razak pasti marah dan kecewa kalau beliau masih hidup ketika ini.Usaha murni arwah untuk bangsanya khasnya dan rakyat Malaysia amnya musnah.Rasa amarah dan geram yang amat sangat.

Anonymous said...

A response in verse to Aspan Alias' call for change before things get worse.

By Ramon Navaratnam

We got all the potential to do much better in Malaysia
But we do not have the Political Will, so we suffer Amnesia!

The people who suffer most are the Poor
And they are mostly the Bumis whose Incomes are Low!

But we Malaysians are full of Apathy
So we pay the price of Lethargy

And allow the vested groups of all races, to get Away
With all the corruption that the Elites use to hold Sway!

Thus we have ourselves to Blame
For all the national failings that we do not Tame.

You call for our country to Reboot
But many Leaders don’t give a Hoot!

In the end what can we do?
Just get rid of State Capture and Renew!

Anonymous said...

yang menghairankan mengapa tak faham tentang perangai Isa Samad pernah di gantung olih UMNO sebab RASUAH...orang macam ni pun masih ada lagi dalam kacamata UMNO, dah tu anak nya pun sama naik, betul kata pepatah melayu" Bapa borek anak rintik" kalau kuah jatuh kemana ek....habis orang felda di koyoknya...ialah dia ingat orang felda ni bangang senanglah dia koyokan, tapi dia silap anak felda dah pandai....MACC korek jgn tak korek.

Zamri Taksis said...

Peneroka FELDA akan disogok dgn duit oleh UMNO untuk PRU akan datang sebagaimana PRU yang lalu. Jalan paling ampuh untuk memenangi kerusi Parlimen yang majoriti pengundinya Melayu FELDA.

Anonymous said...

"The country is diseased by corruption in all imaginable forms and at magnitudes that are almost unimaginable. Problems crop up almost every other week, and the nation is in a state of hopelessness and despair."

The rural malays must wake up.

They hold the balance of power.

Anonymous said...

Najib letak jawatan je