02 December 2015

With Najib still around, we do not need anymore enemies

Dr Mahathir is more serious than ever and he says it again, Najib must go before the GE14. That was the main content in his open letter to the ordinary UMNO members and that was truly an unpretentious plea to save UMNO in facing the coming GE. I am one of those who support the plea and it should be done in congregation among the UMNO branches where most of the grassroots members are.

However there have been many branches of the party that were courageous enough to go in the open demanding for Najib to quit as the President of the party and consequentially to leave his office in Putrajaya where he is still loitering around without infamy and shame. Najib realizes that there has been massive abhorrence among the grassroots against his refusal to quit and we just wonder what makes him stay put in Putrajaya. His claim that he has 3 million UMNO members behind him is all fallacy. There are thousands of gallant and brave UMNO branches and their members coming out to express their concerns about the future of the party if Najib is still the PM of this great but poorly managed nation.

Let us all ask Najib, where is strength now? He has lost the support of the UMNO grassroots and he has long lost the support from the ordinary Malaysians. He can’t be resting all his laurels on IGP or AG all the time. He can’t be using his muscle and legs to rule. He can kick as many UMNO leaders at all levels but if all branches are working in congregation demanding for his withdrawal he won’t have any more time to sack everyone. Ruling by the leg won’t last long. It’s a rule by clean and pure mind that can make him stay as a leader.

By continuing to remain as the party President it does not need any opposition party to topple the BN/UMNO government. Najib himself will bring down the BN government hands down.

We still have the chance to save the country and that needs Najib's sacrifice. He must leave and let someone else proficient enough to remodel the nation’s political structure that would bring us to a new setting that can bring the country to proper trajectory of proper consensus.

Both the opposition and the government legislative members must work in ensemble to reject Najib supported by the grassroots. This is the first time ever when the opposition has clear intentions to work out with any member of parliament that can be from UMNO to alternate Najib for the sake of the country.

The move to sideline Muhyiddin in the UMNO general assembly is a clear proof not that UMNO has no finesse whatsoever as a ruling party anymore. UMNO is now reduced to a small exclusive club meant for a few leaders with personal interests and nothing for its members and the people they rule.

Hence the fate of UMNO is depending on whether Najib’s willingness to retire in grace. If he stays on he has to go with the party altogether. I think that’s what he wants. If UMNO members succumb to Najib’s iron-fist rule we know what is forthcoming. UMNO will be history. 

It means Malays will be irrelevant to the country's politics totally. If we wish to see that to happen just don't do anything and let Najib rule this country without disturbance. 

In actuality Najib is true enemy of the state.


Anonymous said...

Najib is not going to leave so easily, as he knows that BN will still be the government after the next GE. Anyone believing the opposition is able to defeat BN in the GE is just being naive.

By leaving now will make him guilty of the alleged misconduct that he is accused of, and moreover his other half will definitely not agree.

So you can shout, scream, and whatever, they will all hit the wall. as far as Najib is concern all of you can just go fly kite.

Anonymous said...

I think the culprit and the virus that led to the cancerous nation of Malaysia under Pak Jib, is non other than the "hardcore supporters" of Najib/UMNO including some those age above 60 to 70 that are not really aware of the real situation such as 2.6 Billion, 1MDB and many other ghost stories.

As long as this weird DNA type of some Malay folks and other Bumiputra folks including some Chinese and Indians who didn't even care about the corruption of Malay/UMNO BN leaders (as long as they are Malay UMNO leaders not other races in the brain of Malay folks)exist.......

...then Malaysia will not become a really democratic - high income nation as per rakyat expectation.

Anonymous said...

Najib has an indifferent attitude towards the people. His "ada aku kisah" attitude is becoming more prevalent. As anon 16.48hrs said, the people can keep talking until the cows come home and still it will not change anything within him. As TSMY said "...kepada Allah kita berserah..." From the Almighty, justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Najib broke his promise that he will explain to the parliament on his rm 2.6 billion donation. He went missing. Gone to one of his self gratification party. He doesn't need anybody for that. But with the issues around can he still perform? Only solution is for him to resign and enjoy it while he still can.

Anonymous said...

En. Aspan sudah confuse dengan sikap Ku Li terhadap percaturan Najib?