04 January 2016

Najib should not have been the PM, blame the person(s) who put him there

We have left the year 2015 days ago and we are in the new year of 2016. I reckon it is still not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year and may everyone of you in the best of health to go through the new year with more meaningful life in all turfs and arenas. I have not been on this writing machine for almost a month as I was away for about two weeks and compounded by few days of fever and flu and other chores that I had to do.

We have parted the daunting and intimidating year of 2015 just few days ago and we should get together to mend our resolution for the New Year afresh. We were in the worst of situation of 2015 as the people were squeezed and milked by the low resourcefulness leaders of ruling government through taxes and duties which we have not come across during the almost six decades of independence.

Our lives were forsaken by the leaders with the withdrawal of all subsidies and compounded by the hefty taxes of all goods and services while the talk about developing Malaysia in the high income nation has gone nowhere but instead we are still wandering as how and when to take off towards the 2020 target to achieve the status of high income nation by 2020. The year 2015 was impregnated with slogans that crash even before taking off.  No one is paying attention to the words of the current leaders as their words and promises were worthless and do not deserve any devotion or thoughtfulness.

Here come the year 2016 and the outstanding issues remain unbroken. If these concerns persist, there are no other alternate issues other than to continue on fighting for the sake of the nation. We cannot depend on leaders who are not resourceful to fix up the messes created by them. The massive national problems that we faced in 2015 have followed through to the New Year and let us take as a renewal of effort to reconstruct the nation as our New Year resolution.

The non-partisan leadership to lead is the only way for the national correction effort as all political parties has its own complications and defectiveness and it is not viable to choose a party in the building up the national correction processes. The leader who is fit to lead maybe from any party as long as he is viable Malay who has proven a sterling record of successes in the government and having the heart for every Malaysian and must be magnanimous in nature.

By any consideration the people still hold responsibility to change the country and repossess the powers that have been vested to the current leadership of Najib. We must see the clear big picture of the country’s tangible problems. It’s not just about 1MDB, SRC and other related issues. Those issues were just the immediate reasons for Najib to go. There are other important reasons and justifications why the current leadership should be replaced.

We must confess to our own self that the country has not been managed with solid and proper planning as the results out this improper planning has brought the country to deviate wayward that would results in failure to achieve our ultimate i.e. the national unity. The painful death of the middle class is observable and any debacles on the middle class population would turn any nation to political disorder and unstable government. For the middle class the main concern is the economic health of the country and here we are with the leadership which is not resourceful enough to understand the real issue that surrounds our economic problems. Najib should not even think of solving the economic issue with understanding the factual problems of the issue up to specific.

I am very certain that Najib is struggling in attempting to solve the economic issue the country is facing but he is just not the leader who can solve it. The longer he stays the more disrepute and disgrace he will face.

He shouldn’t have been the Prime Minister in the first place. Blame the person(s) who were responsible for putting him up there.


Anonymous said...


Can you blame yourself (or your wife or your kids' guardian/s, Atok/Nenek ke?) if your sons or daughters turned out to be a RASCAL??? God forbid, its not a Doa for you, just a perspective!

Can you or would you???

Anonymous said...

Allah ke? Misteri pulak soalan Aspan ni.

Anonymous said...

"He shouldn’t have been the Prime Minister in the first place. Blame the person(s) who were responsible for putting him up there."
Boto tu. Maso Pak Lah naik jadi PM, lamo yor Pak Lah tak ado TPM. Maso tu, sapo deh yang menyalak tak habih2 suruh Pak Lah ambek SapuMan jadi TPM? Hari ni, hulu-hala julu-jilat. Apo nak buek laie... Hancur Malaya ni dek satu orang punyo gilo... Panjang laah umor eh ndak eh, biar ditengok sendiri Malaya ni lingkop.

Anonymous said...

Kita semua hanya manusia.
Kita tidak boleh meramal masa depan.
Kita selalu memikirkan yang baik-baik sahaja tentang
orang lain. Inilah positive thinking namanya.
How would U feel Anon 20.31 GMT+8 if I cakap anak-
anak U yang lelaki bakal jadi perompak dan yang perempuan
pelacor bila besar nanti......???
U tentu marahkan.
Kalau seseorang boleh meramal dengan tepat apa yang akan
berlaku di masa depan, senanglah hidup kita semua.
Bahkan nyawa kita pun kita tidak boleh ramal.
Hanya ALLAH sahaja yanf maha mengetahui.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan,
based on circumstances prevailing then in finding a candidate to replace Pak Lah, DSN was the best option though his "weaknesses" were and are well known to UMNO leadership.TSMY was also given the option but he did not have "the killer instinct" to out DSN who was then the Deputy UMNO President. The general feeling then was that TSMY would have suceeded Pak Lah because TDM was favoring TSMY.

Be that as it may, no point to lament that DSN should not be the PM.It is fated sdr Aspan to be so.Now we should employ all legal means in the arsenal to replace DSN with a better UMNO leader to be PM. DSN and his cabinet would be able to hold power until PRU14 in 2018. Then, the rakyat must be persuaded to put in PUTRAJAYA good persons to run the country.

Aspan Alias said...

Yes, to some commentators no one would know what the person or leader would be once he got to power, like we do not know how our children would be when they grow up.

But in case of Najib he had his bad perception long before he became the PM and what he does now is not at all surprising.

Even ordinary people have negative comments on him before he became the PM. That's why I blame the maker(s) of Najib to be the PM. Why because of the warlords personal politics.

Anonymous said...

Anak lom tahu nak jadi apa bila besar. Lom nampak peel dia. Najib ni memang dah orang tahu 'jahat dan nakal' dia. Ramai dah tahu bini dia jenis apa tapi masih ada yg undi dia jadi MP..ramai lagi yg pilih dia jadi Presiden UMNO... ramai yg ampu dia jadi PM. Jadi..betulla orang yg angkat Najib ni patut disalahkan atau dipijak bagi mampusssss..

Anonymous said...

...dengan kito-kito molingkup samo. Pembongak botul exPM & PM..

Cakap Siang Pandang-pandang said...

Betul tu saudara Aspan. Dari dulu lagi saya dah nampak Dato' Najib tak ada ketokohan menjadi PM. Sejak dia masuk kabinet. Dia tak ada idea sendiri utk memajukan negara. Dia hanya Pak Turut. Macam lalang. Ke mana angin bertiup ke situlah dia melentok. Beruntunglah orang yg pandai melentokkan dia.