22 June 2016

Split oppositions cannot go anywhere, the corrupt UMNO will stay

Politics of the day have gone haywire and erratic. Both sides of the divides have proven to do harm to the country and the people.  The culture of politics is bringing ruin to the nation to the extent that it’s almost unrecognizable and beyond comprehension of democratic minds and tenets.

The results of the twin by-elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar proved this well and clear. There were earlier speculations that Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) was to win but it did not happen as this blog as speculated earlier on. The embattled PM’s party won handsomely because of the noticeable practices of tainted democracies by both opposing sides, the government and the opposition parties.

The Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections were won by the ruling BN with thumping majority of 6969 and 3131 respectively and all these happened due to the split on the opposition side and compounded by the strong ‘cash is king’ politics and the mighty government agencies that played paramount role in getting the support of the naïve hinterland voters.

Racial issues that massively being played by the BN is also the main factor why the Malay voters did not support Parti Amanah, the splinter party of PAS which DAP have rested their hope for the win. The busy DAP leaders during the by-election was very convenient campaign point by the UMNO party workers even though the party was not participating in the election. They only enriched the issue that Parti Amanah was the stooge of the Chinese, and that scares the Malay voters to come out in support of Amanah. Hence it proves that DAP is still immobilized to garner the full support of the Chinese as expected earlier in the campaign trail.

The Chinese did not trust the opposition as they perceive the opposition as a split coalition and if that was the case a lot percentage of them went on lending their support to the BN candidates both in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. The Chinese feel that the result can be both ways and it does not have any apparent consequence to the ruling party as well as the opposition, as it was just by-elections. The BN will still rule and the opposition will remain an opposition in the federal legislative assembly. Federal issues do not make them change; they only focus on local issues that affect their daily life.

However the split among the opposition remains the main point that BN were resting their laurel on. A senior government servant who votes in Sungai Besar whom I know casually told me that he is all out to see changes but who is going to make the change?

He says “the oppositions are swirling accusations among themselves and how are they going to exercise changes? I might as well vote for the ailing BN. After, all a win for Amanah or PAS in the by-election does not make the government change. It’s disheartening to see the oppositions killing each other and to put them in power will only makes things worst. Please don’t waste our time my friend. Let the oppositions show their seriousness first before we give them the heavy mandate to change the government. We are getting sick listening to quarrelling leaders. Quarrelling leaders will never make headway for changes. That’s it”

Another Kuala Kangsar voter who stays in my neighborhood in Subang Jaya went back to vote for his hated BN just because of the same reason. Disappointments were very apparent seen on his face over the split oppositions. "UMNO is a fucked-up party, but the oppositions are equally fucked-up. Voting for Mat Sabus’s party will only insult my bits of intelligence that I have. This group of rejected leaders from PAS is just desperados after being sidelined by PAS. How can they allow the non-muslims (apparently referring to DAP leaders) to criticize us about how we take our religion with us? How can they teach us how to be a good muslims? AND the Amanah’s fellas allow them to freely criticize the Muslims and their religion without qualm" he continued.

Hence, as I have already said umpteen of times through this blog, we need a new politics and a new government’s leader urgently. There is a need to have a new political facet led by someone who is truly capable of managing the new political surface and facet.

It's not just solving the serious 1MDB that was committed by Najib and the current leaders. There are lots and lots of other issues that need urgent repair jobs to be done.

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