20 July 2016

Latest from WSJ

I have lost the mood to write or to blog lately. However let us read what Wall Street Journal (WSJ) latest write-up which may be interesting to some who are interested to update what news and goings-on circulating around 1MDB. I am getting back my appetite to write when I read an article from WSJ this morning.

Just read it slowly and try to digest all contents in the article written.. Let see how the defenders of the indefensible chief advisor to 1MDB Najib Razak. I am eager to hear what Najib’s chief foot-soldier and the well known political comedian Salleh Keruak has got to say.

I am sure that he is going to come out with his usual non-sensible statement to defend all the shenanigans and pranks of our untrustworthy Prime Minister. 

1 comment:

Ozz said...

Sit back and enjoy the show ... it's even better than 'The wolf of wall street'! Someone who walks the corridors of power will begin to have sleepless nights.