13 March 2017

Soon we'll be in Zimbabwe with different name if we don't change

We can witness noticeable and strong migrations of Umno members to Bersatu in most constituencies in Peninsula Malaysia and unmistakable erosion of Umno support in Sabah, the party’s traditional stronghold since the party’s presence there in October 1990. Hence Sabah will cease to be Umno’s fixed deposit in short due. In actual fact Sabahan do not want Umno to exist in the state any longer and their flavor is now for local parties in control of the state government.

I don’t know for sure whether the migrations of Umno members to Bersatu and other parties can break Umno, but the situation is much worse than it was in the last General Election. In the last GE Umno and its component in the peninsula performed the worst when the coalition won just 133 seats out of which Umno won 89 seats which now have reduced to only 80 seats with the sacking of some of its MPs and resignation of few others who crossed the floor for the opposition bench.

In the coming GE, I am more inclined to believe the findings of some serious political analysts that Umno will maintain only 50 seats while the rest of the BN component in the peninsula will be wiped out clean.

With a bit more workable and doable efforts, Johor will be another state that will cease to be the party’s fixed deposit. Johor and Sabah in recent few GEs was the strong bastion for Umno that keep the party in a marginal control in the Federal Legislature. For Umno to claim Sabah and Johor still as its fixed deposit is a severe error as Umno will be humiliated in Sabah while in Johor the party’s support is assuredly waning. Do remember Sabah and Johor was the savior for Umno and BN in the last few elections and with the current glitches in Sabah and the dwindling support for Umno in Johor the chances of Umno to be in the opposition bench after the GE is seriously promising. 

There are still reasonable numbers who are still in the party at all levels but most of them are merely dormant members and splinters of supporters who stay in the party to see who will lead the party in the forthcoming General Election before they eventually decide which side to support. There are also some splinters of supporters who write in the social media like fb who we should not pay any devotion to these political novices. These inactive Umno members are in reality very vulnerable and tendency for them to sway and turn coats in the ballot boxes in the coming GE is conceivably expected.

At ground level Umno is already trampled psychologically and not many of its members don't even have the courage to wear their party’s t-shirts (the blue Umno t-shirt) and other merchandises in the open to evade being cackled at. The party’s traditional activists are either working against the party in favor for the oppositions or stay as dormant observers because they have lost their confidence with their contemptible party leadership. Umno leaders at the grassroots are in defensive genre and more often than not they are feeling inferior to the relatively more calculable oppositions.

They are in reality not tallying up with the replicated strength of the party. Umno is just left with the few elites who are having the exuberant life with the personal doles they gain being appointed to positions with high social standing together with few noisy cheer-leaders who are oblivious of what Umno is all about but audaciously active in court-jesting themselves wanting to be paid attention at in the social media in particular the fb and some by highly paid bloggers.

However there are some who are still in denial that Umno is fast dwindling in support from the people of all races. Umno itself gives everyone reason not to be supported any longer. Umno has failed to prop up leaders who are incorruptible with high magnanimity and truthfulness. Umno has cultured corruption to an inconceivable level and power has been abused brazenly without hindrances.

Any quarter that is critical towards the government will be ostracized and detested from their positions. Some others were victimized of their livelihood and this is nothing more and nothing less similar to the manner a communist managing its country and people. Every power is centered in the hands of a PM ever since the unabashed raping and disbanding of separation of powers in this faked and distorted democratic nation.

The consequences of scattering the separation of power in managing the country were too injurious to the country and we are now going through perdition beyond any civil mind can compute. What is left in Umno-led Cabinet is just their inane ego and the party is consistently in denial that is in grave danger of infinite loss of power.  

However the only setback that the Bersatu led opposition is that they don’t have serious and viable leader to alternate Najib. The opposition has the similar problem with the current Cabinet lineup. To choose among the present Cabinet lineup to replace Najib is a real effort. For Zahid Hamidi or Hishamuddin to replace Najib is another grave error while choosing one of the main leaders among the Bersatu-led opposition is equally another threatening initiative.

Malaysians on the whole have yet to come out with a serious solution to their soul-searching exercise. The fact remains that we have to restart, reshape and to reorganize this nation anew with new political ambience if we are still in need of a proper and fitting government to govern us and our generation.

Right now we are in the fast lane to be in Zimbabwe with different name. It's frightening!


Mali Bin Muyung said...

Yes bro, changes are blowing steady n strong. Every corners n nooks, Sabahans r talking about Warisan. Umno bigwigs are reported to be frightened with the support. To cap it, even govt. servants are supporting them privately. Mudah2an.Amin Robbilalamin.

Anonymous said...

Assalamuaiakum Mr Aspan

This is a very nice article about today UMNO which seemed as scripted in the novel written by Shahnon Ahmad years ago. Tun Mahathir once ever claimed that UMNO is rotten to the core, absolutely unable to be recycle anymore and the only decision is UMNO must be thrown into the dumping ground not in museum.

Anonymous said...

A senior PAS member I met last week said that now there are many UMNO members joined Bersatu for many reasons. The more UMNO leaders condemn TDM the more will be joining Bersatu . It is not our calture of current ministers condemning TDM where these ministers or Umno leaders were supporters when TDM was the PM. The ministers Kacang Lupakan Kulit have no place in ordinary people. We are very fortunate of having TDM who understand the people problems who is willing to forget the comfort life by listening to the plight of the people.

Anonymous said...

Those who choose to support UMNO are stupid person. Thief of the nation cannot be given power to rule as they will cos hardship to the rakyat. They will not addmit their mistake. Our economy would be ruin sooner than later. Rakyat are experincing high cost of living cos of these bad leaders. They don't have to worry as they have money thru cheat and corruption. Give them the boot...now.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about brain. But seks is ok. Najib should tell jabatan agama to leave us alone until election. Otherwise we can get up just like erection -once every 4 years! (Joke,lah). But seriously when you put a pagar, make sure it is not makan padi type.